Best shot you have ever hit?



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    For me it was no doubt the double eagle. It's been a couple years. Actually I wasn't even good then, just starting to take golf seriously. Shortish par 5 with about a 90 degree dogleg right. I hit a hard cut off the tee and had 200 left. Landed my 4 hybrid the front edge of the green and it rolled about 40 feet, hit the flag and dropped. I still have the ball.
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    Was in the final round of the tournament and was on a par 5. I hit two iron off the tee blocked it right behind a huge tree and was on the base of the tree. Took a wedge chipped it backwards into the fairway. Had 245 all uphill hit three wood on the green. Opponent hits the green and two, two putts makes birdie. I drain a 15 footer to push the hole.
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    July 9, 2014 NYS Amateur series tournament at The Sagamore resort. I get to the 10th hole and everyone in my group is pulling out 3w or hybrid. I had never played the course before and the hole was a 410 yard straight away par 4 and pulled driver. They all hit their tee shots and seemed to lay well back for a mid length par 4 I figured. so I hit driver and hit a baby draw starting up the middle and bending back towards the left at a line of pines. What I didn't know is at about 295 yards the fairway splits and drops downhill with bunkers left and right. The teeshot hits the crest of the hill and bounds forward out of sight. All my playing partners are telling me im most likely in the bunkers and that that's why they hit a club to lay back. We reach the crest of the hill and see my ball had bounced forward and right off the downslope, missing the bunkers leaving me a 50 yard pitch to the green from the center of the fairway. I was told by the group I was playing with as well as the group on the next tee that, that had been the best teeshot they'd ever witnessed on that hole.

    here's a picture of the slope down to the green.


    another shot from this summer,

    Airway Meadows Golf Club a practice round on a late weekend evening I was finishing my second 18 of the day, got to the par 5 8th hole. this hole is meant to be played as a risk reward dogleg left for your 2nd shot. if played straight away measures about 510 yards but with a properly placed tee shot it cuts off a HUGE chunk.

    the hole is straight away with OB left and a functioning airstrip lining the right hand side also OB. dead smack in the middle of the fairway at about 270 yards is a pine tree with a flower bed around it when if you are to the right of the tree you are blocked out from going for the green in 2. Unfortunately my drive finished to the right of the tree and was forced to hit a short 110 yard layup to put myself in position for my 3rd. My playing partners layed up as well. we got to our balls and I was away. I had about 115 yards and I informed them I had holed one from there about 3 weeks prior, they said "lets see it again then champ", doubting my previous results. I hit a smooth gap wedge that landed just to the right of the flag, hopped once, checked and trickled into the cup for another eagle. The humorous part about it is how the score was reported to the local papers. Driver, sand wedge, gap wedge. still goes down as a "3" on the score card.
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    I'm playing only 5 years now. During my second season, i'm paired up with three fairly good players one day. We're moving along and i'm not holding anyone up. Par 5, i hit my driver to 245yds to the pin. I pull my 3W, hoping to get near the green. Make a good swing and contact, the ball goes up and towards the green, hits and rolls to a foot from the pin.

    One of the guys says, "you've been playing a while!"

    I answered, "i'm playing 2 years!"

    "More like 20 years"' he answeres

    They didn't believe me at all.

    Still the best shot i ever pulled off.
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    I have 2 shots that are the most memorable and probably for that reason alone makes them the best that I can remember after 12 years or so of playing 100+ rounds a year.

    First was 3 years ago when I started to take the game a little more seriously again and was playing in more tournaments and bigger money matches. I was in one of the bigger money matches of the year going into our 12th hole, a shortish (501) par 5 that plays somewhat down wind. I hit one of my best drives of the day leaving myself 186 in. The green is 2 tiered and I could use the slope between the tiers as a backstop on my shot. I hit a high slight cut 7i in to ride the wind as much as possible knowing that I would be somewhat close as soon as I hit it. Hit off the backstop, checked, and rolled in for a 2, basically sealing my match.

    Second was a hole in one during my club championship. For some backstory, one of the guys I was paired with is a guy I regularly play with on men's day and we do things outside of the club together as well. On the 5th fairway he asked me if I was going to stick around after our morning round to have some lunch and a drink to which I replied "Sure, but I'm going to drain it on 8 and we are going to drink all day". We get back to the tee, forced carry of around 158, pin is 164 light L to R wind. Hit a little draw into the wind with my 8i and declared almost immediately "walk off" because that is a running joke with the guys I was playing with. Dropped the club and just walked back to the cart watching the ball bounce once, roll about 6 inches and disappear. Still probably my favorite shot I have ever hit because of the circumstances and who I was with. 2 guys in the group behind that were standing on 7 were also guys that I play with regularly and watched me walk away. Cocky? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. Guy riding with me picked up my club for me, laughing all the way back to the cart and for most of the rest of the round, nobody cared how we played.
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    5 wood, 180 yards into a gale on a 400 yard par 4 on a freezing cold day in Bavaria. Landed 2" from the pin.
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    Mcaesq wrote:

    Probably what happened during my round yesterday. My girlfriend and I were playing a BB match against my parents. The bet is only $5, but the bragging rights are worth far more than that.

    We tied the front and are just treading water on the back--no offense, just lagging putts for par because we keep hitting it on the wrong side of the green. Then we went to 14. 14 is a short par 4 with tons of fairway bunkers and a very contoured green. Occasionally, they'll move the tees up so it plays about 290 to get to the front of the green. I decide to go for it and pull my driver 40-50 yards left of the green into a really gnarly wooded area. Fortunately, there's standing water, so I take relief. Unfortunately, my pitch is about 40 yards over a tree with a bunker with a flared face guarding a downhill, downgrain flag around 15 feet from the edge. I'm so short sided it's ridiculous. On top of that, the nearest point of relief was still really waterlogged--just no standing water.

    I took my 56 and hit the ball what felt like a little thick. I'm watching it and thinking that I'm going to land on the bunker face and be totally boned. Instead, it lands on top of the flare in the rough, then gently hops on the green and trickles in for eagle. I go apeshit because I couldn't replicate that shot again if you gave me 100,000 balls.

    Nothing happens on 15. 16 is a dog leg right with an elevated green that looks like a peanut. It's around 360, but you can cut the corner, take 40-60 yards off the hole, and get **** close to driving the right side of the green. I've hit it to the base of that green several times but never driven the green. Today, I decide I'm gonna really go after it because there's some wind behind us and my mishit has been a pull, so worst case scenario is that I pull it to the left side of the green and end up with a short chip for eagle. I ROAST my driver. It's barely on the right side of the green. I have a 40 foot putt that's like a quintuple breaker, so I just think screw it, hit the putt straight and hope the slopes cancel each other out. I hit the putt and it slams into the back of the cup (slams is not an exaggeration; if I miss the hole, I have at least a 10 footer coming back).

    My dad just shakes his head and asks me when I got the horseshoe surgically implanted.

    LOVE this one! With the circumstances and everything, it is just beautiful! You da MAN!!
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    I'm an old guy and returned to golf after many years away. Didn't hit the ball long - by Wrx standards I hardly used to get it off the tee.

    So I would take a 5 wood off the tee and carry it 160ish, so if the weather is fine 175 is an OK shot.

    The most memorable shots tend to be approach shots or around the green but in view of the short distance I was hitting 2 shots within a year of returning come to mind.

    1. Hitting the hole with my 3rd 5 wood on our first hole a 540yd par 5 - it didn't drop.

    2. Got to the point on my home course where there was only 1 hole I had never had a par on - 436 par 4. Just put new bunkers on the left about 175 yds so just in range. Hit the usual 5 wood better than normal, 200 yards in the first cut on the right.

    The hole slightly dog legs right and there is a new plantation in front of me so I can't see the green. Had bought a second hand Adams 4 hybrid about a month before thinking it would fill the gap between my 5 iron and 5 wood and was just getting used to it.

    As I was in the first cut thought that this was also why I had bought the hybrid so would give it a go and pop it over the trees.

    Easy swing, ball climbs in the sky dead on line with the green.

    Walk on past the plantation and catch up with my partners taking their second shots. Watch where there shots go, all miss the green.

    Walk on a bit further and see a ball on the green - mine, pin high 20 foot right.

    2 putt, the last hole to par on and even having improved since then still cannot believe I hit the ball that far with that club.
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    330 yard par 4, have my 5* Krank Rage driver, nailed the straightest drive i've hit, hit the bottom of the pin... still..3 put for par image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />
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    It's still out there, otherwise...why play? image/golfer.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':golfer:' />
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    #11 Shalimar Pointe Golf Course in Shalimar Florida. Short par 3 over water. I dumped the first one in the drink. Hit the second, it bounced twice and...draino. Thanks for the par.
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    On my home course there is a short par 4 (321 from tips). I usually play the blue which is about 300 and can drive the green about 60/70% of the time. The green itself is fairly small but there are a series of steep bunkers in front of the green so the green is slightly elevated. During a tournament playing from the white (280) I decided to high my 3 wood with the pin in the back and a nice breeze going with me. Couldnt have hit a better shot to the middle of the green and rolled up to about 2 feet from the hole. Made the eagle but it would have been amazing to ace it (given it would have been my first hole in 1).
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    Eagled # 14 at TPC Scottsdale from 130 out, straight in no bounces and no damage to the hole, you could see the imprint of the ball dimples on the bottom of the flagstick. The forecaddie said he never seen a ball go straight in from that distance and not damage the hole.
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  • bobbydazzlewazzlerbobbydazzlewazzler Members Posts: 231 ✭✭
    Sunk a 30ft putt to save par on the 18th at St Andrews. Will always remember that one.
  • g0lfProTJg0lfProTJ Members Posts: 107
    I was in a tournament and had 210 left into a par 5 slightly downhill from the fairway over the water. I pulled a 6 iron and hit it to 2 inches for the tap in eagle.
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    Last hole of the club championship this year. Birdie I win, par I go to play off. I pull my drive on a slight dogleg left par four. I have no normal shot to the green. There are super thick trees blocking me and the branches start about five feet above the ground, 144 yards to the pin. I took my 3 iron and hit a shot that went about three feet off the ground rolled and skipped towards the left green side bunker, which has a slope on the green side which guided my ball right towards the center of the green. Two putt par, and I won the playoff for club champion. I still can't believe that shot worked out. I practice a lot of 100 yard and 150 yard knock downs, so I had some skill with it, but still the luck of the bounce was there too. Makes my skin crawls thinking about it.
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    5 iron from fairway bunker with about a 15 yard cut (normally play a draw to add to my degree of difficulty) up and around a massive oak tree uphill to a blind putting surface. Pulled off perfectly as pictured in my head. Left 4 ft for birdie and converted.

    Most satisfying was executing a non standard shot exactly as envisioned.

    The hole before I pulled off a dumb luck hack out 6 iron from within a squirlly tree/bush 20 yards off the green that bounced several times in the rough before hopping up onto the green. Rolled in a 25 foot birdie to steal the hole. Pure luck on that one though. Made for nice back to back birds.
  • Bigrome26Bigrome26 Members Posts: 167
    The best shot I have ever hit happened two days ago while playing a casual round.

    The hole was #4, a 505 yard par 5 that had water coming in to play from the left at 200 yards and another pond 250 yards on the right. The tee box calls for a slight draw (for a right-handed golfer) and my miss with the driver is always right and the 3 wood was not doing so hot, needless to say I went with a 3 iron off the tee. I striped the 3 iron straight up the fairway aiming a tad right of the water on the left and stopped at 256 yards. I had 249 yards left to the center of the green and the pin was sitting roughly 2-3 yards forward of center with two bunkers guarding the front sides of the green with a 10-15 yard opening. I decided to go with another 3 iron and aimed about 5 yards left of the pin as my typical shot is a slight cut with long irons off the deck. As soon as I struck the ball, I felt it was going to be good and actually ended up almost great. The ball cut just how I had hoped and landed about 5 yards in front of the green and rolled to less than a foot in front of the pin. Tapped in for an eagle and commenced to play the single greatest round of golf to date. Day could not have been any better.
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  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX Posts: 24,340 ClubWRX
    5th hole at Cantigny in Wheaton, IL. 370 yard par 4 with a pond on the right. Sliced the tee shot into the pond but the ball was half visible. Took my shoes off and went in. Had 142 to the pin. Was also wearing a white shirt.

    Picked the ball nearly clean out of the pond, no water or mud on my shirt. Hit it to 2 feet.

    Missed the putt. Didn't sniff the hole.

    Second one...

    8th hole at Whistling Straits. Skins game back in the stock option days. 8 skins on the line and my tee shot ends up so far right it is on the shore of Lake Michigan. I saw the ball sitting there as the waves rolled over it. The caddie wasn't allowed to go down the 100 foot descent to the water. I went, waited for waves to go out and hit a 6 iron to 4 feet.

    Made the putt...won serious money.
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    First time playing with the asst pro and two members, first hole is a dogleg left par 5, 300 yd forced carry or the left bunker, lake on the right. I hit a good drive that leaked a little right and started towards the lake. It ends up just inside the hazard line but playable, 225 left to the flag. Pull 4i and give it a slash. FLUSH. 5 yd draw, right at the stick, hits 5ft short and winds up 3 1/2 ft for eagle. Putt made! Members and asst start razzing me about PED's and drug tests. They stopped after I carded a smooth 80 and got my lunch eaten...
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    A four iron from 210 buried in the rough, into the wind on the 9th hole of an All-Ireland Final to 2 feet. I was 2up through 2 but he got it back to level after 8 and had ounf the putting surface here. I nearly fainted that day because I was so sick but managed to pull that shot off in front of 300 people! SIck
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    Hole in one on the foresight at Golfsmith while on the clock... Can't beat that
  • ginger718ginger718 Members Posts: 335 ✭✭
    Got two stories to my previous one. First time playing with our new assiant pro and I set the course record on the front and he is 5 down after shooting even on the front. Wasn't too happy about that.

    Then I was playing a round with an old pro who was famous for his teaching and junior program so we're on 18 and i pull it down the left side behind a tree. I'm about 120 yards out by the base of a tree but have a window if I get it up quick and hook it where I can put it on the green. I tell him my plan he tells me I'm crazy. I pull my 50 and I hit the shot put it to three feet. He then tells me that he taught his juniors to well and has no idea how I hit that shot.
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    7 iron from 160 out to a foot. made the tap in birdie. I don't make many birdies
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  • TheFinnsterTheFinnster Members Posts: 35
    Par 5, in match day. Hooked tee shot to wrong fairway. Hooked 3w to fairway left of that. Now I'm left of a tee box 2 full fairways away from the green. Blind shot, guessed it was 160 yards and just hoped not to hook a 7 iron off the clubhouse. Hit the green, 20 foot bird, opponent still hates me. (Side note... that day the opponent happened to be my Brother!)
  • BuckeyePaul01BuckeyePaul01 Members Posts: 210
    I'd have to say this one because this is the only ball I have saved and mounted................


    I have 12 par4 deuces with a 228yd hole-out being the longest, but none of them were "mount worthy" in my opinion.
  • TLUBulldogGolfTLUBulldogGolf Sasquatch Houston, TXMembers Posts: 2,419 ✭✭
    I have one for long game and one for short game.

    The best long shot I have hit was on #11 at Callaway Gardens Mountain View course. I hit a good drive down the right side and had 235 to the middle, a little less to the pin. This was in the winter and the course wasn't overseeded, so it was a very bare lie on a slight downslope to a slightly raised green. I hit the most pure 3 iron I have ever hit in my life to about 15 feet. Didn't cash it in but the feeling was unreal.

    The best short shot was at a course just west of San Antonio. I buried my third shot on a par 5 under the lip of a bunker and had absolutely nothing to work with. Over the green was long grass and the face was steep, I thought I had no chance. I decided to just hammer it into the bank and try to pop it out. It came out perfect, hit the bank and popped up on the green to about 3 feet where I made the putt.
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    ehardman wrote:

    Mid 1980's playing in the Royal Navy Championships at Blackmoor GC. I was doing alright as I reached the 8th, which is a par 5 dogleg right with huge Beech trees overhanging most of the right half of the fairway. Hit an awful low cut under the trees. I have about 230 yards to the green and have to move the ball 50 yards right without letting it rise more than 10 feet in the air. In desperation I try to hit a 1 iron off the back foot. The ball goes off like a banana shaped rocket and rolls the last 100 yards to 3 feet for an eagle! I finish with a 71 which gets me into the top 10 after 2 rounds.

    Next day, same tee shot, same spot under the trees - out comes the 1 iron. I shank the ball straight out of bounds Finished waaay down the field.

    Close second - 4 iron off the beach at Nairn for a birdie. Wrecked my 4 iron doing it as the ball stopped short of the sea sitting against a small pebble.

    Third - Hole in one at my home course. 152 yard par 3 uphill with a strong R to L crosswind and the flag on the right. Hit a cut 5 iron which held up beautifully in to the wind. Landed 2 feet short and dropped in. Our fourball that day had a 1, 2 2's and a 3 on that hole!

    Just remembered the best.

    Aged 16 I sank a 30 foot putt across the 18th green for a birdie and a half. Nothing special? Not unless you're playing for money and you haven't a cent to your name image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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  • Forged4everForged4ever To See A Man’s True Character, Play Golf With Him The Burgh/Hdcp: My gene poolClubWRX Posts: 15,685 ClubWRX
    DavePelz4 wrote:

    8th hole at Whistling Straits. Skins game back in the stock option days. 8 skins on the line and my tee shot ends up so far right it is on the shore of Lake Michigan. I saw the ball sitting there as the waves rolled over it. The caddie wasn't allowed to go down the 100 foot descent to the water. I went, waited for waves to go out and hit a 6 iron to 4 feet.

    Made the putt...won serious money.
    Now THIS is a shot!

    Serious money on the line and You throw a dart!!

    And of course the putt, lol

    Very Well Played!!

    Fairways & Greens My Friend,

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    220 yard 3 hybrid uphill to a pin I couldn't see. Holed it for the double eagle and did it in a tournament. Best shot in my life easily. On my longest hole out besides a 56 degree wedge. And won the tournament to. It was a good day.
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