The No Ace Club - How close did you get this year?



  • jshiplettjshiplett Members Posts: 1
    Since this season is coming to a close...

    I've been playing since I was 5, seriously since middle school (on and off a bit during my 20s), and I'm currently at 5.1 handicap. I've never been within 2 feet, but I've hit a few flags and rolled some over holes.

    This season, I've really only been close once. 110 yards to a peninsula green, hit a 50 degree wedge that lands 3 inches right of the hole, then spins back to the front fringe. Almost a dunk :-/
  • pholwaypholway Members Posts: 441
    **** 7 iron hosel rocket that went left, kicked off the hill, rolled down, slowed up in the fringe and rolled across the hole to inside a foot. Would have been a great ace lol
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  • MNGolfer307MNGolfer307 Members Posts: 25
    When I was 14 (20 Years ago) I hit a 7 iron on a 100 yard down hill par 3. Lipped out. sat about 6 inches from the cup. I was so excited because it was my first ever birdie. Many birdies later I wish I'm a little more disappointed it didn't go in.

    5 or 6 years ago playing a fund raiser scramble. Blind dog leg par 4. I'm told hit it over those trees to cut the corner. I proceed to miss my target line so bad I think it's OB right. Friend says no I think that's pretty good. Get to the green, my buddies dad is the group ahead and he says "here's your ball (2FT). It rolled between my feet while putting and was 2" outside the cup for a hole in 1."

    Last summer at my home course I played 2 rounds on a Sat. 290 yard par 4. Both times scared the cup. Both 2-3' Eagles. ( I don't think I have even hit the green since then. I have now stopped going for it. Iron - Wedge- good chance at birdie- at worst Par.)

    Related one of my biggest irrational fears is while playing casual or sneaking out for just a couple holes, hitting a hole in 1 that isn't really a hole in one. ( this can be debated) But making it on a retee of a par 3, playing solo and playing multiple balls, or just playing 2-3 holes) Or making one with no witness.
  • rich srich s Posts: 502 ✭✭
    played sand valley and hit a PW to one foot left of the pin, pin high. The ball spun right and stopped 1' right of the pin, dead in line with the pitch mark. When I saw it going right, I had half my clothes off before I realized it did not go in. It was a little embarrasing putting my clothes back on.
  • PixlPutterman PixlPutterman Look At My Lefty J33R(hey I can wish) Members Posts: 8,214 ✭✭
    Man, been looking for a support group like this for a while LOL

    Closest this year was a 198 yard par 3, hit a 7 iron that put a divot on the left side of the lip, ball stopped about 6 inches from the cup.

    Closest I have ever been was a 210 yard par 3, 6 iron that went in on the fly, shattered the cup, flag fell over and ball came back out.

    Oddly enough past those two shots I havent been inside a foot on a par 3 image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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  • tomuch23tomuch23 tomuch23 WIMembers Posts: 534 ✭✭
    110yd downhill par 3 which landed about 7ft past. Ball spun back and was heading for the hole but ran out of juice. Never got one yet.
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  • StonewalledStonewalled Members Posts: 1,502 ✭✭
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    Never had an ace, closest was 3 inches a few years ago. [Guy's trip to Scottsdale, another group from our area was in Palm Springs and one of the guy's got an ace the same day, so my shot to 3 inches was never mentioned again]. image/glare.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':glare:' /> lol.

    Recently Played with another single, who is a low handicap, we have played together numerous times over the last 2-3 years. The last time we played he was in no miss mode, every shot went close to where he was aiming, shot 2 under. Me not so good, I did put one to 2 ft on a short par 3 to snag a birdie to his par. Nice to win one hole. We watched the ball land 2 ft directly in front the hole and it ended up 2 ft behind the hole, how it missed the hole I'm not sure. That brief moment of anticipation, is what keeps me coming back.
  • rdangelo1077rdangelo1077 Posts: 133 ✭✭
    142 yrd par 3 to a two tier green, pin in the upper tier about 15 yards deep with a large 3 ft hill. Generally just trying to land anywhere on the green (short=water, left, right and long all protected by deep bunkers. Pull out my 9 and make the best contact I had all day, straight at the pin the whole way. Lands about a yard short and rolls to 6 inches. Of course Im pissed it didn't go in. One of these days...
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  • Matt06Matt06 Members Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Never had an ace. Closest this year was in our clubs 4-ball tournament. 161 yd slightly up hill. The ball never left the stick and rolled just short to 8 inches. I won $100 pro shop credit for closest to hole. The ace would have won the skin worth a couple hundred. That was about the only good shot of the day.
  • Tcann32Tcann32 Members Posts: 3,527
    I honestly didn’t really get close to one this year.. no hole out eagles either. I only played about 10 rounds though (which is about 50 less than usual) so my sample size wasn’t very good. Rattled a couple flags from a good distance out, but that was it.

    Closest I came to an ace this year was probably 5’.
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  • elwhippyelwhippy Members Posts: 3,076 ✭✭
    31 years since my last ace. Last Sunday I pitched an 8 iron 2 inches short of a slam dunk from 138 yards. It hit the flag and finished 25 feet away. C'est la Vie etc etc....
  • Climb&GolfClimb&Golf Members Posts: 72
    This weekend. 115m to a front pin into a one / two club wind. Drop hole 5m or so.

    PW high tiny cut and it goes straight in the hole... And then bounces 5m or so in the air! Comes to rest a good 20ft from the pin with a fast downhill putt. At least I made the par...

    With the wind and the drop to the hole that ball must have just been coming down dead vertically. Not a pitch mark to be seen.
  • bok006bok006 Sundazed marooned duffer Posts: 79 ✭✭
    It was fun while it lasted, but now I have to leave the NAC....

    Yes, it finally happened. After 23 years in the game, I finally got one.

    9-iron for 151 yards, landed 6 feet short and rolled straight in. Good strike, no luck, all skill image/rofl.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rofl:' />

    Good luck to all. Don't give up hope!
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  • Brewmaster23Brewmaster23 Members Posts: 16 ✭✭
    This past Monday I missed by one inch. Funny thing was that the ball tracked as straight as could be towards the pin (134 yards) and ended up one inch directly behind the hole. We figured there was a good chance it lipped out to end up where it did.
  • ArchitexArchitex Members Posts: 9
    In back to back days hit it to 12 and 18 inches on a 165 yard hole. Closest I got and haven’t been that close since.
  • Well, add close call #3 for me this year. Yesterday I landed one to the right of the green on a very difficult par 3 (188yd with 130ft vertical drop, 15mph right to left wind). Got a good kick to the left and it rolled within an inch or two of the hole and finished a few feet past.
  • dubbelbogeydubbelbogey Posts: 375 ✭✭
    This year 6 inches. Nothing else remotely close to that.

    Closest all time was a lip out where we could see the ball tracking to the hole and take a distinct jog to the left (elevated tee box, only 140-ish yards). That was over a decade ago.

    I've holed out for eagle a few times in 18 years of playing, but never an ace.
  • ksher84ksher84 Members Posts: 8
    Most recent close call from this summer. Par 3 from up on a hill. Had a pretty good roll. Looked much closer from the tee box.
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  • scagnettiscagnetti Haq Attaq Members Posts: 549 ✭✭
    yeah.... its been a while, but this was at the Par 3 8th hole at Club Filipino de Cebu in Danao, Philippines.

    185 yard 5 iron. the tee box can be seen in the upper left hand corner...

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  • KMeloneyKMeloney Members Posts: 4,728 ✭✭
    Two weekends ago I was playing with my mom in her group's annual 9-hole mixed event. On the 3rd hole I hit my 160-yard tee shot short and right of the pin, watched it roll left and forward as it's known to do from that part of the green, and stop 3" from going in. Oh well -- at least I won "closest to the hole" (and didn't have to buy drinks or play another 9 holes in the dark to legitimize the HIO).

    I DID have a double-eagle this summer on our par-5 7th hole. Hit a hybrid in to the green from 220 out. I struck it really well, and put it on the front right of the green where everything rolls left toward the pin. After watching it roll left toward the general area of the pin (I had no idea if it was deep enough or not) for 15' or so, the ball disappeared -- but I was convinced that it had rolled into the valley in the greens where the view of the ball there is always obscured. I also considered that it rolled behind a mound and off the back left of the green. When we got up there and didn't see it anywhere, my buddy insisted, "It's because it's in the hole. I'm telling you." He got out of the cart in the pouring rain, ran up to the hole, and started pointing widely into the cup.

    THAT was pretty cool -- and I'm told they're much more rare than HIOs.

    ...But HIOs get all the glory. Maybe next year...
  • JoelsimJoelsim Posts: 693 ✭✭
    Within a foot is my closest of the year.
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  • dparkdpark Members Posts: 2,506 ✭✭
    I hit several within a foot this year. 40+ years golfing with no aces. More eagles from the fairway (par 4s and 5s) than I can count, but never off of a tee. Stopped thinking about it, when it happens it happens.
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  • Popeye64Popeye64 Posts: 872 ✭✭
    This close today on the fly. 24a3dae4c48d252211bbed21b3fef79e.jpg
  • Showtime9Showtime9 MonsterHeel Members Posts: 160 ✭✭
    Our 9th hole is a par 3 that plays about 200 but the pin was playing about 195. Struck a 8-iron (Very hot day out back in June) that lipped out of the cup. image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

    20 years playing this game and yet to have one. One day it will come...... One Day
  • macedanmacedan Posts: 207 ✭✭
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  • DowntimeDowntime Posts: 98 ✭✭
    Nowhere near close to an ace this year for me. Yet. I've had a couple come close for eagle at 100+ out. Maybe the Ace will come sooner rather than later!
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  • scagnettiscagnetti Haq Attaq Members Posts: 549 ✭✭
    macedan wrote:

    nice looking course, I'll be in the Kansas City after the holidays, perhaps we can trade some 18s in the spring...
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  • the bishopthe bishop Members Posts: 3,199 ✭✭
    This is my closest this year. From this last Sunday.

    par3.jpg 134.7K
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  • bigcountry1219bigcountry1219 Posts: 92
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    3 feet on a 300 yard par 4. Closer than any par 3 I played. image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />

    Also came up 4" short for an albatross from 174 out. That would have meant way more to me than an ace.
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