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    I have not tried it but want to---- The problem for me is I drive a truck for a living now and subject to random drug tests. Now I talked face to face with a medical review doctor on this. He explained to me that even with the laws and standards that CDB oil can contain a certain amount of THC and be legal for sale. He also told me some off the shelf stuff had been tested here in SC and contained more than the law allowed. Anyhow with all of that being said he told me that the test we take is so sensitive that the least little amount can make you test positive. Under Federal Law there is ZERO tolerance for that or other controlled substances. BTW We do as SOP a 7 panel drug screen as required again by Federal DOT law. So right now I can not afford to risk it

    In my line of work, I am also required to take the same DOT 7 or 9 panel with expanded opiates. I understand the concern and would never buy mine from anywhere that did not provide independent lab results for confirmation of no THC.

    BTW - all DOT testing uses standard cutoff limits. For THC, it is 50 ng/ml. Confirmation testing (performed only if initial sample showed positive/questionable) uses a much lower cutoff at (I believe) 15 ng/ml.

    Another thing is that I do not trust these labs or review officers--- And yes I forgot they expanded it to 9 panels now because of the Opiate Epidemic. A friend of mine who was a driver tested positive for cannabis. He is as straight of an arrow as I know. He went immediately to his personal doctor and had a sample ran. He tested clean. He hired a lawyer and filed suit on the lab. Of course he lost his livelihood driving a truck. Took him 4 years and they finally settled out of court for a substantial amount. Actually he got another job turning wrenches on trucks. They also tested him for that job and he tested clean. He knew the owner of that shop so really he was not unemployed for a long length of time. The lab never acknowledged their mistake but the evidence of 2 passed tests within 30 days and his past of never testing positive the lab's lawyers backed off

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