5 handicap and lower (including scratch, plus handicap, and pros) - what irons do you currently use?

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There is a similar thread for irons count of 10 handicappers and above. A very good thread. I am interested to know the irons used by low handicappers, including scratch and those with + handicap. Pros welcome too!

I will start:

Handicap off 1. Callaway X-Forged 2018 4-pw irons with Modus 120s.

*** UPDATE: Tally after first 34 replies ****

Ping 7

Mizuno 7

Titleist 5

Callaway 5

Srixon 3

Miura 2

TaylorMade 1

Cobra 1

Nike 1

Yonex 1

Adams 1

*** Tally after about 85 replies ****

Top iron make and models:

  1. Mizuno MP: 10 appearances
  2. srixon (565-985): 7
  3. Mizuno JPX: 6
  4. (tied) Ping i200/210, Callaway Apex MB, Titleist AP, TaylorMade P790: each has 4 appearances.

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  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and SouthwestMembers  16530WRX Points: 868Handicap: Low-Mid SDPosts: 16,530 Titanium Tees
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    Low 2 but currently 3/4. Titleist 620CB&MBs 3-PW with Steelfiber i110-S plus Titleist 718 T-MB 17* 2 iron with i95-S - Da** I love this game.

    Titleist TS2 9.5, Ventus 5 "S"
    Titleist TS2 16.5*, Ventus 7 "S"
    Titleist 718 T-MB 17* 2i, Steelfiber "S"
    Titleist 620 CB/MB 3i-PW, Steelfiber "S"
    SM6 F-52/8, Steelfiber "S"
    SM6 M-58/8, DG-S200
    SC California Monterey

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  • trex858trex858 Members  2WRX Points: 6Posts: 2 Starters
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    0.7 handicap. Srixon z785 3-pw with UST mamiya prototype 110 f5 X graphite shafts. Best shafts I've ever played, cant begin to rave how much more consistent, lower spin, and stable they feel compared to other steel shafts I've used. Expensive, but well worth it for my game :)

  • ZA206ZA206 Members  748WRX Points: 139Handicap: 4.0Posts: 748 Golden Tee
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    Currently a 4.2

    5-PW Mizuno JPX 919F with DG120 X100's

    TM SIM 9.0 with Fujikura Ventus Blue-Velocore 6X
    TM M5 15 3W  with Fujikura Atmos Blue TS-7X
    TM M3 19 & 22 Rescue Hybrids with Fujikura Atmos Blue TS-8X
    Mizuno JPX 919F (5-PW) with DG 120 X100's
    TM 50, 56 & 60 Hi Toe with S300
    Odyssey stroke lab 10
  • mitchs4mitchs4 Members  10WRX Points: 8Handicap: 4Posts: 10 Bunkers
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    3 HC: Titleist 714 CB DG x100

    This site has poisoned my mind so I've been hunting for blades lol.


    Driver: 9* Cobra F9; Atmos Black 7X

    Fairway: 15* Sub70 Pro 3wood; Project X sub70 Low launch X

    Utility: 18* Srixon Zu85 2 iron; TT X100

    Irons: 4-PW Titleist 714 CB; TT X100

    Wedges: 50*, 54* Titleist SM7; Wedge Flex, 58* sub70 Black wedge; TT x100 ss'd

    Putter: Nike Method Mod 90

    Ball: Srixon Z-star XV

  • NixLix26NixLix26 Members  459WRX Points: 171Handicap: 4Posts: 459 Greens
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    CALLAWAY APEX MB raw finish 4-PW S400 SHAFTS

    Titleist 906F2 -15*
    Apex MB raw -  4-P
    MD3 -52*,60*
    SC Newport The Art of Putting


  • golfkrzy10golfkrzy10 Members  143WRX Points: 114Posts: 143 Fairways
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    Currently a 0.8 HC, Srixon split/ combo set.....Steelfiber i95s in Srixon U65 3 & 4, Steelfiber i110s in Srixon 565-5 & 6, 765-7 & 8, 965-9 & PW.


    10 Club Modern Minimalist Set-Up (trackman gap fitting, 15 yard gaps up top, 25 yard gaps down low)

    Srixon Black Sunday/ Stick bags (looking for the red one still!! PM if you want to sell!)

    Srixon 565 9.5 (goes in both bags) and a Yeti full of bourbon & Ice (split/ combo set-up- forgiveness where I need it and playability where I want it)

    Evens (even day): Titleist 915 F 15*- Titleist 818 H2 19*- Srixon u65 4-23*- Srixon 565 6-31*- Srixon 765 8-38*- Srixon 965 PW-46*

    Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 52, 60, Cleveland TA Milled 2

    Odds (odd day): Titleist 915 F 13.5*- Titleist 818 H2 17*- Srixon u65 3-20*- Srixon 565 5-27*- Srixon 765 7-34*- Srixon 965 9-42*

    Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 50, 60, Cleveland TA Milled 2

    Glove/ Ball: Srixon Red Z/ Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow

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  • chisagchisag Chicago SuburbsMembers  3281WRX Points: 615Handicap: +0.3Posts: 3,281 Titanium Tees
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    ... +0.3 and playing 2019 P790's after playing 2017 P790's for 2 years.

    Cobra Xtreme 9* Tour Length ... Tensei Orange 65s
    Cobra F9 15.5* ... Atmos Blue TS 75s
    Cobra SZ 17* ... Even Flow Blue 75s
    TaylorMade GAPR Mid ... KBS 80Hys
    TaylorMade UDi 18* TP 2 iron... Kuro Kage Black 90Hys
    4-pw TaylorMade P790/760 ... Steelfiber 95's/Recoil Prototype 95's
    SM6 52* F Grind /SM8 M Grind 58* ... Recoil 110s
    Bobby Grace 6330 ... 33.5"
  • minteqminteq Members  2857WRX Points: 135Handicap: 5.0Posts: 2,857 Titanium Tees
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    5 handicap. Nike VPC irons

    Callaway Epic Flash SZ Hzrdus T800
    Titleist TS2 16.5 Hzrdus Smoke 70s
    Nike VPC 4-Aw
    Callaway PM 56/60
    Nike 006 Proto
    Callaway Chrome Soft
  • CachauloCachaulo Members  182WRX Points: 82Posts: 182 Fairways
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    What shafts and what is your wedge setup? Did you change lofts at all?

  • golfer55082golfer55082 Members  392WRX Points: 72Posts: 392 Greens
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    What is the iron split for the three Srixon models? Mobile users cannot see signatures, only main text.

  • TigerInTheWoodsTigerInTheWoods Members  2327WRX Points: 1,485Handicap: 5Posts: 2,327 Platinum Tees
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    5 trending down

    Main set: Srixon 945 5-PW + 785 4 iron TI X100 ssx1

    Second set: Srixon 745 4-PW Nippon SPB X

    Testing: Ping Blueprint though I don’t know how it’s going to go. They’re TINY and no idea what to combo as the 4.

    interested in: Miura MC501 but worried about offset.

    disclaimer: I a HO


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  • GSDriverGSDriver Members  840WRX Points: 163Handicap: 4Posts: 840 Golden Tee
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    Apex Pro 2014 with Recoil 110s F4, still in the bag for going on 6th year now.

    Epic Flash SZ Tensei AV Blue 65
    Rogue 4 Wood Evenflow 75 Blue
    Epic Hybrids 3/4/5
    Apex Pro 6-P Recoil 110 F4
    MD Slate Forged 52
    PM Grind 2.0 Slate 58/64
    Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Mini
    All grips except putter are Iomic Sticky 2.3
  • Yanki01Yanki01 TEXASMembers  6459WRX Points: 579Handicap: 4.4Posts: 6,459 Titanium Tees
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    Handicap: flip-flop 4-6 right now.

    Irons: still rocking the old Titleist 714 AP2's - love them. in the process of swapping out the shafts from Nippon Modus3 105x to 120s. want a little more weight in them.

    915D2 Rogue Silver 60S
    915F Rogue Black 80S
    915H Rogue Black 85S
    712u 4i Recoil F4 110
    714 AP2 5-PW Nippon Modus3 Tour 105x
    SM6 51.08F | 56.08M | 60.10S
    Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec 33/350G
    WITB || Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec
  • High Draws Low FadesHigh Draws Low Fades Members  88WRX Points: 41Handicap: 0.6Posts: 88 Fairways
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    Ping i210 4-U with DG 120 S300. I'm not the greatest ballstriker and these are perfect for me.

    Ping G400 LST 8.5
    Callaway GBB Epic 15
    Titleist 818 H2 21 
    Ping i210 4-U
    Cleveland RTX 4 54, 58
    Scotty Cameron T22 Newport
  • SNIPERBBBSNIPERBBB Hit Ball Hard SE OhioMembers  3180WRX Points: 790Handicap: 2.9Posts: 3,180 Titanium Tees
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    Mizuno jpx 900 hot metals

    2016 M1 9.5 tuned to 7.5
    TM r15 3 wood
    Adams Idea Pro 2h/4h
    Mizuno JPX 900 HM 5-PW
    Vokey SM7 48* F Grind
    Vokey SM7 54* F Grind
    Vokey SM7 58* M Grind
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  • Pete O'TubePete O'Tube Members  392WRX Points: 122Handicap: 6Posts: 392 Greens
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    When I bought them I was playing off 5! Moved to a really tough links course and now off 8.


    Mizuno MP 18 MMC 3-6 MP18 SC 7-W with Recoil F3 95g

    53/56/60 Vokey SM5

    Mizuno ST 190 9.5 Fujikura Atmos Blue 6R
    Mizuno ST190 TS 3W Fujikura Atmos Red 6R
    Ping G10 18 deg Hybrid Reg
    3 - 6 Mizuno MP18 MMC FliHi Recoil F3 95g Reg
    7 -W Mizuno MP18 SC Recoil F3 95g Reg
    53.08 Vokey SM5
    56.08 Vokey SM5
    Ping Anser 

  • chisagchisag Chicago SuburbsMembers  3281WRX Points: 615Handicap: +0.3Posts: 3,281 Titanium Tees
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    ... 52* - 58* wedges with Recoil 110's. My irons are a standard loft 4 iron but 5-pw are bent 1* weak. I just installed some Steelfiber 95's r-flex after playing Recoil 95 s-flex in my previous set. I have a feeling I will be gong back to Recoils but remain hopeful the i95's in r-flex are a better fit than the s-flex which just didn't not work for my swing.

    Cobra Xtreme 9* Tour Length ... Tensei Orange 65s
    Cobra F9 15.5* ... Atmos Blue TS 75s
    Cobra SZ 17* ... Even Flow Blue 75s
    TaylorMade GAPR Mid ... KBS 80Hys
    TaylorMade UDi 18* TP 2 iron... Kuro Kage Black 90Hys
    4-pw TaylorMade P790/760 ... Steelfiber 95's/Recoil Prototype 95's
    SM6 52* F Grind /SM8 M Grind 58* ... Recoil 110s
    Bobby Grace 6330 ... 33.5"
  • Stinger83Stinger83 Members, Paid BST  126WRX Points: 73Handicap: 2Posts: 126 Fairways
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    2 cap : blueprint project x lz 6.5


    Driver: PING g410 plus 9* with even flow black 75x

    Fairway: PING g410 16.5* Tensei orange 70x

    Hybrid: PING g410 19* Tensei blue 85x

    2iron: Titleist TMB Project xi 6.5

    4iron: PING i500 (retro spec) Project x lz 6.5

    5-PW : PING blueprint Project X lz 6.5

    Wedges: PING glide forged 50/54/58 Project x lz 6.0

    Putter: Odyssey stroke lab

    Ball: Bridgestone XS

  • mbbrewermbbrewer Members  1061WRX Points: 166Posts: 1,061 Platinum Tees
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    0.5 Srixon Z785 4-9 KBS Tour V 130 X tour spec

  • BuzzkillBuzzkill Marshals  7097WRX Points: 532Handicap: 3Posts: 7,097 Marshals
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    3 handicap, MacCobra irons.

    Minimalist Bag!
    Location:  Colorado Springs, CO
    Handicap:  3

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • golfer55082golfer55082 Members  392WRX Points: 72Posts: 392 Greens
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  • NICKYzNICKYz SwedenMembers  26WRX Points: 46Handicap: 1Posts: 26 Bunkers
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    1hcp gaming Miura CB57 4-Pw Steelfiber i95 S HSx2

  • DcmuschDcmusch dcmusch13 Members  124WRX Points: 52Handicap: 1.9Posts: 124 Fairways
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    HC - 1.9, Ping i210, DG 120 - X100

  • fpyle3fpyle3 PennsylvaniaMembers  189WRX Points: 112Handicap: +0.6Posts: 189 Fairways
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    HC: +0.6. Currently playing Miura CB57 4-9 with KBS C-Taper Lite X, HSx1.

    Post edited by fpyle3 on
    Driver: TM SIM 9*, Fuji Ventus Black 6X
    Fairway Wood: TM SIM 14*, Fuji Ventus Blue 7X
    Hybrid: TM SIM Max 19*, Tensei Pro White 90S
    4-9 iron: Miura CB57, KBS C-Taper Lite X 
    PW, GW: Titleist SM8, KBS C-Taper Lite X
    Sand, Lob: Titleist SM8, Dynamic Gold 120 S400 Tour Issue
    Putter: Toulon Las Vegas, Stroke Lab 
    Ball: Titleist ProV1, Titleist AVX
  • cmporto10cmporto10 Members  189WRX Points: 72Posts: 189 Fairways
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    4 handicap

    ping i200 modus 130

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  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic Members  3640WRX Points: 568Handicap: 3.0Posts: 3,640 Titanium Tees
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    3 handicap.

    Yonex CB-301 3-9

    Callaway Mavrik 10.5° w/ Aldila Rogue White 70 130MSI X
    TaylorMade M2 DF 16.5° w/ Mitsu Diamana W 80X
    TaylorMade Sim Max Rescue 19° w/ HZRDUS Red 105 6.5
    Yonex Ezone CB-301 3-9 w/ Nippon Modus 125X
    Cleveland RTX4 Raw 48°,53°,58° w/ DG S400 Tour Issue
    TaylorMade Spider Mini Copper

  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user FloridaMembers  6770WRX Points: 1,158Handicap: 7.7Posts: 6,770 Titanium Tees
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    Normally a touch under 5 (recovering from a severe health issue.

    2012 Ping G20s DGS300

    Callaway Epic 10.5 Project X Hzrdus Yellow 63 gr, 6.0
    Adams A12 Pro hybrids, 16*, Aldila VS Proto Stiff
    Ping G400 19* hybrid Stiff 70 Stock shaft

    Ping G20, 5-PW, DGS300
    Ping Glide Forged 48*, 52* 56*, 60* DGS300
    Taylormade Spider-X Copper (Today - always subject to change LOL)
    Titleist AVX

  • Hit em goodHit em good Hit em good Members  2132WRX Points: 142Handicap: LowPosts: 2,132 Platinum Tees
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    2 - 4 cap depending on season

    5 - pw Mizuno MP 64

    3 & 4 iron Mizuno MP Fli Hi (2010 model) in 3

    Hit em good

    Driver: Ping G25
    4 wood: Ping G25
    7 wood: Ping G25
    3i & 4i:  Mizuno MP Fli Hi (2010 model)
    5i - pw:  Mizuno MP 64 
    Wedges:  Vokey SM4  54°.14 / 58°.09
    Putter: Odyssey Two-Ball 
    Ball: Titleist Pro v1x / Pro v1
    Bag: Mizuno Stand Bag
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  • thigosthigos El Paso, TXClubWRX  298WRX Points: 100Handicap: 3.7Posts: 298 ClubWRX
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    Currently 3.7

    MP20 MMC 5-W, HMB 4i - PX LZ 6.0

    G400 Max 10.5* - Ventus Blue 6x
    M4 16.5* - Tour AD-IZ 7s
    F6 Baffler 19*- HZRDUS Red 6.0
    MP20 HMB 4i - LZ 6.0
    MP20 MMC (5-P) LZ 6.0
    Mizuno S18 - 52 & 58
    Vokey SM6 - 62* M
    StrokeLab Double Wide F - 35"
    Srixon Z Star XV


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