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Lower body starts downswing: How To Feel This



  • TIM929TIM929 Los Angeles 1183WRX Points: 666Members Posts: 1,183
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    OP, have you made progress?

    curious because a lot of info was shared.
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  • juliette91juliette91  1514WRX Points: 155Members Posts: 1,514
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    Timbo929 wrote:

    OP, have you made progress?

    curious because a lot of info was shared.

    Thanks for asking. I have made considerable progress and here are the highlights:

    1. Through all these posts I figured out that I had to find a "feel" that fit me, and what I mean by that is a "feel" that fit my character as opposed to my body type or anything else. For example, I'd been fairly successful with the Henrik Stenson takeaway, which I gravitated toward because it automatically helped me shift weight to my rear foot. But that slow takeaway and pause, which I actually could do fairly well, didn't fit my style which is much more of a quick, uptempo, "anxious", probably "nervous" too, more of a type "B+" person. I'm not a laid back, easy going person so a languid swing with a pause didn't fit me.

    What fit me was a fairly quick action/reaction/action move where the "action" was a forward press with my lower body (not much in the hands), a "reaction" to the forward press of my lower body by pushing back to my rear foot, and then "action" again as I quickly shifted my weight forward while transitioning and down swinging. It happens quickly and feels like a dance move, engaging my feet and my core.

    2. When you don't have a certain move or haven't achieved a certain position--and want to do so--the "feel" is as if you are completely exaggerating things to the point where you wonder how awkward this might look. Turns out that what you "feel" is an exaggeration is hardly noticeable to others. So when I start to pull/hook the ball I exaggerate that action/reaction/action dance and my lower body beats my hands/arms to the ball--and I don't pull it.

    Summary: Figure out your own character and work within that to find this key move. When you do find it, understand that it will feel as though you are way overdoing it--but more likely than not, you're not.
  • evoviiiyouevoviiiyou evoviiiyou  2013WRX Points: 163Members Posts: 2,013
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    Larry Cheung Golf on YouTube. Thats a good start and one of my gotos


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  • dapdap  2611WRX Points: 176Members Posts: 2,611
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    I suppose if good golf swings were measured the swing does start from the ground up but the intention to do so is not for everyone. A lot are going to stand up, spin out the hips or lateral slide too much. In my opinion the better way to start the transition is feeling like you compress your chest down towards the ground. The lower body will respond naturally. Players with greater flexibility will have their hips more open than players with limited flexibility.

    It's quite common for good players to describe the feeling at impact of the chest covering the ball or the ground behind the ball. This stops or decreases early extension. Here is one of the best videos I have seen on covering the ball.

  • Tanner25Tanner25  6467WRX Points: 248Members Posts: 6,467
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    evoviiiyou wrote:

    Larry Cheung Golf on YouTube. Thats a good start and one of my gotos


    Larry is great. His building a swing series is a must see for beginners and everyone. I guess this push off is the modern swing? Is the hip bump and swing from the ground up dead?
  • juliette91juliette91  1514WRX Points: 155Members Posts: 1,514
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    evoviiiyou wrote:

    Larry Cheung Golf on YouTube. Thats a good start and one of my gotos


    Yes, this is an excellent video and Cheung actually makes what looks like a solid strike while exaggerating this knee flex move in slow motion. And he looks to be really exaggerating this--but watching many pro videos, women and men alike, it's easy to see that this knee flex is always there.

    Always be wary of one move advice because the swing is sequentially dynamic. If you're not in the right position at the place in the swing you want to put into play a new instructional move it's unlikely to be helpful.

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