POLL - Ever had a club(s) stolen at a golf course?



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    It's the reason why I use low key and non-matching head covers, actually.
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    Left a custom Vokey on a green, remembered two holes later, group behind me chose to end their round early and had already left. Wedge was no longer on the fringe and the group was gone from the parking lot.
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    Nope, the bag always stays with me. If I go in, the clubs go in and stay in the pro shop. I just don't get those who are comfortable leaving clubs in their car all the time. I'm in an upstairs apartment but I bring them up and down every time I go to play.
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    Left a wedge green side but didn't realize until we finished the next hole. I was walking that round and it would have been tough to try and go get it but luckily flagged down the ranger. I told him where it was and asked if he could grab it. He came back with nothing and said he checked with at least three of the groups behind us. Not technically stolen, but still bad karma/my stupidity.

    After reading some of these, I'll be sure to put the clubs back in the car before heading into the bar. Never really had a second thought about leaving them outside after the round. Not anymore.
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    Yes - 2 summers ago. I was using my 5i as a stance alignment aid on the range, so it was laying down on the ground. Of course, I left it there when our group was called to the 1st tee.

    Somewhere during the round, I had realized I was no longer in possession of my 5i. I wasn't really worried about it because unlike a nice putter or driver or other great "single use" club, who in their right mind would take home a mid 90's era Ram Tour Grind blade 5i? WTF is anybody going to do with that one club? I went to the clubhouse, the cart garage, the maintenance shack - no luck. I went back multiple times during the subsequent week and even called the shop for someone who may have turned it it later. No joy. Sheesh.

    Luckily, I did find a good single iron match on ebay for not too much money (no it wasn't my own club...) - so my set is whole again.

    I hope the fool who took that club home hits 10000 consecutive thin shots, all on a day where it's below zero.
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    I'm noticing a theme about PA area and in particular the Philadelphia area...

    Kidding, kidding! Just pissed about the Bryce Harper news. Carry on.
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    Left a nice Scotty putter on the fringe of a green. Didn't notice it until the next green. Drove back and looked for it and questioned three groups behind us. Nobody "found" it and it never got turned in. Wankers!
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    No, but the bag next to mine got nicked once, some chap strolled in and just took it. Cheeky bugger!

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    It's the reason why I use low key and non-matching head covers, actually.

    +1 exactly what I do. My OEM head covers are mint!
  • bvmagicbvmagic Members  1090WRX Points: 140Posts: 1,090 Platinum Tees
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    Never happened to me, however I have seen it happen to others. For a while now, I always have the rain cover zipped up on my clubs when I have to step away for a bit.
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    Thankfully, I have never had anything stolen but know plenty of people who have. Agree with above, I never use the OEM headcovers.
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    Not yet but a friend of mine had his brand new Bushnell Pro X2 stolen somewhere in the golf course. The carrying case was still attached but nothing inside. I hear a lot of stories playing munis in Los Angeles and always ask my friends to watch my bag if I leave it unattended.

    I found many clubs, cell phones and rangefinders and always return them. The look of relieve from people when I tell them I found it is always priceless.

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  • GhostwedgeGhostwedge Members  702WRX Points: 94Handicap: 8.0Posts: 702 Golden Tee
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    Last year a guy was in the grillroom at a private club in Tulsa, some kid stole his clubs off the rack outside. Next day the guy saw the kid selling them in the Golf Galaxy parking lot. The guy had the kid on the ground with a pistol pointed at his chest. Guy was retired law enforcement. Do not F with a retired guyʻs clubs in Oklahoma.

  • marmadukmarmaduk Members  304WRX Points: 209Posts: 304 Greens
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    I’ve left 6 clubs on the course over the decades and had every last one turned in. One finally made its way back to me 11 weeks after losing it!

    I’ve turned in a dozen or so clubs, 3 sets of keys, 2 lasers, 1 wallet, and 1 watch.

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    It’s a big problem in the uk where I spend half of my time. There’s a public path running behind a tee box on one of the courses I play and it’s notorious for people popping out of the bushes to have a club or 2 out of player’s bags. It’s a par 3 with a raised tee so people leave their bags at the foot of the mound. The thieves are normally accompanied by some unpleasant dogs that they’re allegedly walking. I personally always carry my bag and it comes up the top with me.

    You’d be amazed how often a pickup will roll up to the parking lot by the clubhouse, 5 or 6 guys jump out and grab as many bags sat outside as possible, Chuck them in the bed and drive off. You even see it with a van where the gang of them are sat in the back doors and jump out to even grab bags on expensive trolleys. Last place I know of getting done approximately 2 weeks ago, they got away with over $60,000 in one hit. On average each bag was topping $3500 when you accounted for $1000 of trolley also.

  • GolfChannelGolfChannel Orlando, FloridaMembers  2487WRX Points: 738Handicap: 0.9Posts: 2,487 Platinum Tees
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    Never. I am just surprised at the number of golfers who never come back for their clubs. My local course has about 75+ clubs at this point no one has ever come back for just from 2018.
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    Never. I am just surprised at the number of golfers who never come back for their clubs. My local course has about 75+ clubs at this point no one has ever come back for just from 2018.

    Maybe they stole something better 🤔
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    I pretty much play same 3 courses and most know me and my bag (bright red), so always someone around who I play with at one of em....so if someone started to walk off with it good chance they wouldn't get far

    Now if I was random playing different tracks all the time be totally different .....

    I used to be let's just say "on other side of tracks" for along time when young......thieves usuallg watch/scout out an area b4 doing the theft....so chances are they been watching you for awhile b4 they take your chit.....

    So pay attn to people who dont "belong" or seem "off"....you can spot em I see em all the time, not gonna be foolproof but definitely raise bar on your chances.....pay attn to what/ who is goin on around you!
  • Boricua GolfBoricua Golf Members  3447WRX Points: 143Handicap: 3.3Posts: 3,447 Titanium Tees
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    I had my entire bag stolen at a municipal course, but I was very good friends with the Head Pro, I normally leave my bag where I can see it or where the cameras can have a view of it. Since the cameras recorded everything the Pro submitted a repot through the course and I got my set replaced with the same brand equipment but with the updated versions since my Callaway stuff was a bit older, lucky me!!!!
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    My Scotty Cameron Mil Spec that I had new since I was 13 got stolen from my bag from a college teammate. He got cut and the same day my putter was gone. I never got it back and I lost my confidence putting for 5 years after that.
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  • averysdadaverysdad Members  1388WRX Points: 253Posts: 1,388 Platinum Tees
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    Never had anything stolen but have had many towels, headcover, gloves...even a wedding band (on my 1 year wedding anniversary; wife was actually cool) fall off the cart and nobody ever turned in.
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  • ToothpasteToothpaste Members  15WRX Points: 18Posts: 15 Bunkers
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    When I play by myself I always check-in before I get my clubs out of my car then go back and get them. It’s a little extra walking time but I got my clubs stolen when I was in high school and have been paranoid ever since. Some real golfing horror stories in this thread. Looks like my paranoia is not going away anytime soon.
  • uwhockey14uwhockey14 Madison WIUnregistered  305WRX Points: 79Posts: 305 Greens
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    they weren't stollen at the course, they were stolen from my garage but I saw the idiot who stole them playing at my home course with them a couple months later.... I was walking into the pro shop and saw my golf bag standing there with my Scotty Cameron C.L.N. putter just banging around in the bag with no headcover down by the wedges.... I let the guy tee off with them, called the cops and then grabbed a cart and caught up with him on the 2nd hole, grabbed the clubs, put them on my cart and drove off...... the guy got away lucky because I was close to tossing him in the **** lake. Worked out well because I got my insurance money and my clubs back......
  • Rambler1277Rambler1277 HoustonMembers  70WRX Points: 59Posts: 70 Bunkers
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    Nope. I was playing Steele Canyon in San Diego back to back last summer and on the second day I realized I'd left my much loved SM6 56 degree wedge somewhere the day before. Called the pro shop and they drove it out to the third hole for me. Good people, great course.
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  • mcasella08mcasella08 Members  89WRX Points: 19Handicap: 10Posts: 89 Fairways
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    Left a Superspeed Swing club and someone kept that but that's it so far!

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