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Zac Blair's custom"The Buck Club" irons - June 2020 Rocket Mortgage

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  • 03trdblack03trdblack Wake Forest, NCClubWRX  2232WRX Points: 406Handicap: 0.1Posts: 2,232 ClubWRX
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    Stamped blanks with a logo? What's the big deal?

  • SUPERGSUPERG Members  558WRX Points: 317Posts: 558 Golden Tee
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    This dudes collection of gear is NUTS


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  • dmbrill719dmbrill719 North CarolinaMembers  373WRX Points: 88Posts: 373 Greens
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    You sure they're not stamped NCW? The cavity looks like one of their head shapes, plus I see something on the sole towards the heel in the 2nd pic that could be DW initials...he sometimes stamps his initials there. Plus, TBC has some sort of connection to Sweeten's...so, that would make these a bit cooler than just stamped blanks :)

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  • brushiebrushie Members  490WRX Points: 86Posts: 490 Greens
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    They are NCW done by Jeff McCoy. Look exactly like mine.

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  • HolmesHolmes Members  6WRX Points: 39Handicap: +1Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    they are NCW irons. look at IG. so the are hand made by Don White, so that is why they are dope as F..

    ZB has a lot of gear from NCW

  • Br1an02;Br1an02; Members  1133WRX Points: 80Posts: 1,133 Platinum Tees
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    Can someone ELI5 what The Buck Club is?

  • asloper6001asloper6001 slope Members  553WRX Points: 101Posts: 553 Golden Tee
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    The Buck Club is the name of the golf course Blair is working on building in Utah. He has created a brand around this.

  • ani5009ani5009 High Bridge, NJMembers  376WRX Points: 85Handicap: .1Posts: 376 Greens
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    Is the # being stamped on the hosel something that's normal for NCW sticks? I've never noticed it before but that's pretty sick

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  • Whiskey_fireWhiskey_fire Members  1092WRX Points: 199Posts: 1,092 Platinum Tees
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    Titleist 818h2,19,  AD DI 105
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    Titleist Vokey 52,56, Project X 
    Taylormade HiToe 60, KBS $taper Black
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  • NixLix26NixLix26 Members  546WRX Points: 228Handicap: 4Posts: 546 Golden Tee
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    Is he gaming these?

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  • asloper6001asloper6001 slope Members  553WRX Points: 101Posts: 553 Golden Tee
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    Field of Dreams got built by Kevin Costner, so anythings possible. People with dreams are what makes this country go round. Some just sit back and criticize people trying to acheive their dreams. I think its a **** cool dream and have respect for him even trying.

  • jdenham15jdenham15 Members  53WRX Points: 60Posts: 53 Bunkers
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    I was listening to the NLU podcast and the guy they had on, Rob Collins, who is a course designer (Sweetens Cove) says that they actually secured a piece of land in NC for The Buck Club. I think Zac just needed a little more investor help and they would begin breaking ground etc.

  • DaltonSTLDaltonSTL St. LouisMembers  1128WRX Points: 125Handicap: 5Posts: 1,128 Platinum Tees
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    Those irons are really sweet. Interesting to see what happens once there is a course with all the gear. Personally I don't like to wear or use anything from a course or event I haven't played or attended. Probably in the minority though based on all the Masters gear I see.

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  • 03trdblack03trdblack Wake Forest, NCClubWRX  2232WRX Points: 406Handicap: 0.1Posts: 2,232 ClubWRX
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  • QuigleyDUQuigleyDU Members, ClubWRX  10876WRX Points: 3,984Handicap: 8Posts: 10,876 ClubWRX
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    The club seems to be a bit of a pipe dream., but there is a bit of a cult following to their limited head covers and other very over priced golf accessories. I think it is a good fall back for when his playing career finally ends.

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  • courcy75courcy75 Members  315WRX Points: 149Posts: 315 Greens
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    Incredible the amount of hate this guy gets. He's building a brand and a golf course or atleast attempting to. You would think this guy is flying a confederate flag around here. What's with all the hate?

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  • the bishopthe bishop Members  4084WRX Points: 1,067Posts: 4,084 Titanium Tees
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  • blink3665blink3665 #TwistFaceExperience Members  6445WRX Points: 544Posts: 6,445 Titanium Tees
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    National Custom Works.

    It's an equipment company started by Jeff McCoy and Don White. Hand ground, one of a kind, irons and wedges (they do putters too).

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  • MMB1500MMB1500 Members  6756WRX Points: 661Handicap: GolfPosts: 6,756 Titanium Tees
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  • Doc420Doc420 Members  2381WRX Points: 151Handicap: lotsPosts: 2,381 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #26

    started by Patrick Boyd

  • mljones99mljones99 Members  1953WRX Points: 158Posts: 1,953 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #27

    I personally love what he is trying to do. I've listened to several podcasts with him as a guest and really hope it materializes for him. As a fellow golf architecture nerd I support him.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • kmck15kmck15 Members  59WRX Points: 48Posts: 59 Bunkers
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    Second this, it seems like he should be incredibly popular on this site of all places.


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  • federerfan23federerfan23 Members  736WRX Points: 108Handicap: 3Posts: 736 Golden Tee
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    ZB is the man. His Instagram account is a must follow. Seems like a genuinely great dude that loves golf equipment and course design. The hate on here for him is hilarious. The headcovers and apparel they release is awesome, especially if you are a sneakehead. I can see how some may not “get” what he does but I personally think it’s pretty cool.

  • cburrows33cburrows33 Members  132WRX Points: 79Posts: 132 Fairways
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    The amount of handwork that goes into these (offset, onset, toe shape, LE work, bounce, camber, Stamping, spec checking etc.) is quite extensive. Mind you that’s all done before any cleanup work, finishing, spec checking again, dry fitting, plating so on and so forth. The player gets exactly what they want and are created by guys who are incredible craftsman with a nice record of major championships to boot, but yeah, they are just stamped blanks.

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  • swgolf12swgolf12 Members  1130WRX Points: 259Posts: 1,130 Platinum Tees
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    Checks out, pretty sure I saw he was at the airport in Charlotte either the same day or the day after he posted a bunch of the boys out exploring the woods for where the course will be.

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