Rollercoaster rounds. Whats your story?



  • grewgrew Members Posts: 212 ✭✭
    I've shot two separate 77s (which is my lowest score)

    tripled 17 and bogeyed 18 on one

    double 17 and double 18 on the other.

    Ping G400 LST Kyoshi Black 05
    Cobra F7 3 Wood HZRDUS Yellow
    Srixon z745 Nippon Modus Tour 105 (x)
    52/58 Ping Forged Wedges
    Ping Vault ZB
  • Mikey5eMikey5e Members Posts: 724 ✭✭
    I'm a 15 hc who enjoys playing hc tournaments. In a particular tournament I was 17 over par after 13 holes, but I'm not the type to give up easily. The last 5 holes I was 2 under and ended up placing 4th in my division. I went from not being able to do anything right to getting into the zone that quickly.
  • JedaigekiJedaigeki Members Posts: 264 ✭✭
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    Last week I precedded to have the following front 9

    Double, Birdie, Bogey, Par, Double, Birdie, Birdie, Triple, Birdie, Bogey.

    By that point my emotions were spent and I went into the bar to contemplate my existance over a drink.
  • rusty380rusty380 Members Posts: 81 ✭✭
    I have a photo of the handicap card as evidence somewhere but my biggest ever rollercoaster round was:

    12 over on the front 9

    -1 on the back 9

    I didn't even have one particular hole with a high score, I just couldn't stop double bogeying or bogeying almost every hole on the front 9 with exception of a birdie on the first hole.

    I'd been out of golf for about 3 years, returned and played a few practice rounds and got in a lot of practice with a coach, on this particular day I was pull hooking EVERYTHING out of nowhere. I got inside my head and just destroyed myself and kept playing the same shot over and over. I think I had given up by the 9th couldn't care less and everything just fell back into place as I wasn't in my own head.

    Bizarre round.
  • driveandputtmachinedriveandputtmachine 4 wedges or 2 iron? That is the question! Posts: 1,149 ✭✭
    74 with 5 pars - NC Amateur

    Par, Birdie, Par, Birdie, Birdie, Par, Birdie, Birdie, Double - 33

    Double, Birdie, Bogey, Quad, Birdie, par, Birdie, Bogey, Par - 41
    Driver - Ping 400 MAX on UST Mamiya Green Proto
    Fairway - Cobra 3-4 LTD on UST Axivcore Black
    Hybrid - TM UDI 2 iron on Nippon 130 or Ping G400 17* on UST Hybrid black
    Irons - (4-A) Taylormade 790's on KBS Tour
    Wedges - Cleveland Rotex 3.0 55*, Rotex 4.0 60* on NIppon 130
    Putter - Mannkrafted MA/66 or Taylormade Spider
    Ball - TM TP5x or Srixon Z Star XV
  • RichieHuntRichieHunt Members Posts: 3,610 ✭✭
    The worst for me was 88-64. Yes, a 24-stroke turnaround in a tournament nonetheless.

    I also once shot 44-32 and missed the cut by 1-stroke (or at least the playoff for the cut).

    I will never cop to being a 'consistent golfer', but I'm more consistent now. The 88-64 I was dreadful on the range and for 17 holes for the 88. Then on the 18th hole I figured out what I was doing wrong and instantly had confidence

    The same thing happened with the 44-32 round as well...but I remember being way more nervous and that killing me on the front 9. In fact, we started on the 10th hole and it's about 300 yards to carry the bunker. I had never come close to carrying the bunker and I had so much adrenaline going that I felt like I swung so easy and the ball carried the bunker with ease. It was a great tee shot, but I couldn't believe how far it went. After that, I had such an overflow of adrenaline that it worked against me on the front nine. I didn't calm down until my 11th hole and that's when I went on a streak.

  • Me and one of my friends once we're playing and I went 40 on the front and he went 30 and I went 30 on the back and he went 40. Pretty crazy round overall both tied with 2 under 70.
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