Recommend Me a 14th Club

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Here is my current lineup. I am always back and forth on what to include for my 14th club - I’ve experimented with different irons and utility irons, but haven’t found anything to stick.

My home course is fairly short 6050 yards so I’m not really in a position where I have to hit a lot of long fairway shots. There is one par 5 on each side - 548 and 449 respectively.

Open to other options as well.

Including current specs and avg distance.

  1. Driver - Cobra F9 - 250 yards
  2. 3-Wood - Cobra F7 - 220 yards
  3. Hybrid - Callaway Epic - 200 yards
  4. 5 Iron - Callaway Apex CF16 - 175 yards
  5. 6 Iron - Callaway Apex CF16 - 165 yards
  6. 7 Iron - Callaway Apex CF16 - 155 yards
  7. 8 Iron - Callaway Apex CF16 - 145 yards
  8. 9 Iron - Callaway Apex CF16 - 130 yards
  9. PW - Callaway Apex CF16 - 115 yards
  10. 50 Degree - Vokey SM6 - 100 yards
  11. 56 Degree - Vokey SM6 - 75 yards
  12. 60 Degree - Cleveland CBX - Bunker Only
  13. Putter - Scotty Cameron Newport 2
  14. ?


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    Very similar setup and gapping to my setup. Although my wedge lofts are a bit different. I have wedges at 50, 54, 58, and 62 but generally only carry 3 per round. I adjust the 54-62 based on where I’m gonna play. I do also have a graphite shafted 3 utility iron that I play around with as a driving iron but I see that you haven’t really found one that you like. I adjust the 14th club based on the course or conditions or time of year (due to different wedge grinds) sometimes but try to keep it as simple as possible. I think your setup is pretty good honestly. I always seem to score better with fewer options so I don’t try to get cute with shot selection :) I play 13 clubs a lot of times

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    A hybrid to hit 185


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    Left-handed gap wedge (assuming you’re RH).

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    Agreed, any sort of hybrid to handle 185-190. You'll see a lot of par 3s where that will be helpful, even if it's not always on your home course.

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    I agree with the others on a club to hit that 185-190yrd spot. Either a hybrid or an iron with extra help compared to the CF16s. I personally have a 4 hybrid and a more game improvement style 5 iron that I use interchangeably for this spot in my bag depending on how I'm striking the ball.

    When my ball striking is on I usually prefer an iron in this spot because my misses are smaller but it's nice to have the help of a hybrid when I'm not feeling so on with my game.

    If you go the iron route just be sure to check out the lofts to ensure the proper gapping. Some game improvement and super game improvement type irons have stronger lofts so you may need to look at a 4 or 5 iron depending on the model.

    I would also recommend hitting both on a launch monitor and comparing peak height and spin numbers. You are still typically looking to hold a green at this distance so you want to make sure you are getting enough height and spin to have a chance.

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    Bottle of scotch?

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    Thanks. Which game improvement iron are you using?

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    Ball retriever or 4 hybrid.

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    The obvious choice is like a 188 yard club but if you never need that shot... Why spend the money? Other option is like a 64* wedge but that's probably going to get you into trouble more often than not.

    I'd lean toward the 185-190 yard club, probably another hybrid, gives you more flexibility if you play other courses that are longer.

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    Same bag config here, I threw my 4i back in the bag because it works better for me for low punch shots out from the trees lol. I find the hybrid a little tougher to flight down, where the 4i can more easily hit a nice stinger to get outta some trouble. But that suits my game as I find myself in the trees on occasion...

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    I have a Callaway Apex 24 degree utility iron with the Recoil shaft that is one of the ones I’ve tried. I’ve just found that it isn’t particularly useful. It can be useful for longer par 3s, but isn’t long enough to use off the tee on par 4s and it doesn’t react well enough for me to want to use it in the fairway.

    I also have a Cobra King Utility 3 iron which is longer off the tee and suitable for par 4s but doesn’t cover the distance gap in my bag as it is too long. It’s almost better suited as a substitute for the Hybrid.

    As some have recommended I probably need to find the right GI iron to fit in the 4 iron spot.

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    You can get good deals on a driving iron like the old TM UDIs or even a P790 4i. Mizuno MCC Fly Hi is another great driving iron.

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    Higher lofted Callaway Epic?

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    I'd actually recommend looking on the opposite end of the bag. Having a 25 yard gap at the top of your bag isn't nearly as bad as having that kind of gap in the wedges. Your yardage gaps are pretty tight with your longer irons, but get much bigger with your short irons / wedges - i.e. 10 yards on the longer shots, and 15 yards on the shorter shots, then a huge jump of 25 yards between the 50 and 56. This means that when your in the scoring zone, you're probably having to hit a lot of partial shots. You state that you don't hit a lot of long fairway shots, which makes sense given the yardage of your course.

    If I were you, I'd look into seeing what sort of loft adjustments you could make on the short irons / wedges and put another wedge in to create smaller and more consistent yardage gaps in the short end of your bag. You currently have five clubs to cover a 70 yard gap, and with the way you currently have things setup, you have a 17 yard average gap in the scoring zone (3 gaps of 15 yards, and another gap of 25 yards). If you threw in a another wedge, you could cut the average gap to more like 11 - 12 yards per club. You'd probably need to get most of them bent to do this, but it would probably help your scoring more.

    I think you'd be better of with something like this to try and move the gaps from 145/135/115/100/75 to more like 145/136/125/112/100/87/75.

    8 iron - Currently 145, 9 iron strengthened a couple of degrees to go 136, PW strengthened to go 125 (probably a stretch), 46 degree SM6 to go 115, 50 degree SM6 100, new 53 degree wedge to go 87, and 56 SM6 to go 75.

    Even if you didn't go that extreme, just adding a 53 degree wedge and not changing anything else would cut the huge gap in the 75 - 100 yard range. That would probably help your scoring a whole lot more than trying to find a 185 - 190 yard club. If you can get comfortable choking up on the hybrid by an inch or so, you can probably fill that gap more easily than trying to finesse a wedge.

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    I game a similar bag as you, and hit relatively similar distances.

    I'd look at a 4/5H that gets you the gap. Its not just the distance but accuracy there too. I game the epic hybrids as well and they are great clubs so if you like your 3H you should love the 4H :)

    Huge fan of my epic versatile. I game a strong hybrid too (and am experimenting with a more forgiving 3H for a 200-210 club which is far less frequently hit for me then the 180-200 rinky-dink that is my Epic 4H.

    If you turn up your 3H and are happy there, maybe a higher lofted fairway to give you a different option for flight or hammering through rough then a hybrid. I know my lower lofted epic while good to hit, is less confidence inspiring out of some fluff then a beefy 5 or 7w.

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    I have your EXACT yardages - it's almost scary.

    I added a 4 Hybrid (23*) which I carry about 185-190. It fills the gap PERFECTLY.

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    Titleist SM6 58.14K
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    This one is easy.....Square Strike wedge

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    You have two clubs covering a 55 yard gap at the bottom of your bag. I’d strongly encourage you to ditch the 50* wedge and replace it with 48* & 52* wedges. Especially if you really don’t find yourself needing to fill that 185-190 yard gap based on the course you play regularly. Honestly, even if you needed a club for that longer shot I still think you’d see the biggest gains by fixing the huge gaps in your wedges. I’d also consider strengthening the lofts of your 9i & PW by 1-2* to help even out your gaps through the bottom of the bag.

  • mootrailmootrail Members  589WRX Points: 111Posts: 589 Golden Tee
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    If you're driving 250, your irons seem awfully short for a strong lofted set. Maybe you launch high and I launch low. Clearly the 190 gap needs to be fill and your wedge setup is perfect (same as mine:)).

  • Double DodgerDouble Dodger Members  132WRX Points: 53Posts: 132 Fairways
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    Makes me laugh......but maybe you’ve got something here.

  • bogeyprobogeypro The Original Bogeypro ALClubWRX  3493WRX Points: 402Handicap: +1Posts: 3,493 ClubWRX
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    ball retriever? LOL just kidding... I only play 13 clubs. If your gaps are covered, don't worry about it.

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    Scotty Cameron putter 
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    I have a really similar problem, top of my irons is 185 and my 3 wood is about 220. I also have 2 long par 3s on my course right at 200 so have the choice of really trying to nut a 4i or try to half hit a 3 wood and risk being in the backside bunkers or worse, the parking lot right behind the green. I tried to fix it already by buying an EF 5 wood but trackman has me carrying that 220+ also so I'm still stuck. Probably going to try to get a 3 UT iron as I'm just not a hybrid hitter.

    I personally don't like full switching lob/sand wedges to get that 50-80yd range. I'd rather take a little off a sand or gap so I think your wedges are fine and should learn how to 3/4 hit pw down, maybe even 9i and down.

  • I_HATE_SNOWI_HATE_SNOW Members  3436WRX Points: 227Posts: 3,436 Titanium Tees
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    Right handed? Left handed 6 hybrid.

  • gwelfgulfergwelfgulfer OnteribleMembers  431WRX Points: 272Handicap: 5-25Posts: 431 Greens
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    Go the other way and build a minimalist bag. Why waste money on a club that you don't even feel you need in your current set up.


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    I game Titleist 716 AP2s in 5-P and have a 718 AP1 5 iron or 818 H1 23 degree hybrid to fill this spot.

    The 716 AP2 4 iron and 718 AP1 5 iron are both 24 degrees which is why I went with a 5 iron in the 718 AP1s. When my ball striking is on I feel more comfortable with the AP1 5 iron as my misses with a hybrid can get pretty big at times.

    When I'm not striking the ball well I get a lot more (height and distance) out of the hybrid on mishits so that one goes in the bag. Typically early in the season and periodically when I feel like things are falling apart with my game.

    Both my 5 irons are the same length though so my first thought was to have the AP1 5 extended 0.5" to get the standard length gapping but then I realized that the swingweight would go up without the ability to truely bring it back to even with the set. You can counterbalance in the grip end but I'm not so sure that really helps for me. I decided to keep it standard length for the set to keep my swingweights in line.

    What I am trying to get at with that info is that if you do go with a game improvement type iron to fill that spot be sure to consider loft and length so it fits comfortably in the spot and gets you the results you are looking for.

    The new Mavrik 5 iron is at 21 degrees and 38.25" length compared to the Apex CF16 4 iron at 21.5 degrees and 38.5" length standard.

    You could probably hit the new Mavrik 5 iron at one of your local shops to see how it fits for you.

  • JoelsimJoelsim Members  1419WRX Points: 522Handicap: 12Posts: 1,419 Platinum Tees
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    My bag and yardages, as well as course length are pretty similar to yours.

    I actually have more clubs than you, but my experience of those extra clubs is as follows:

    Had an extra hybrid, so two in my bag - pointless

    Have a 3-Wood, and just like the 3-Wood I had before it, and sold, it hardly ever gets used, so is typically the one I don’t carry. 5-Wood is a much better club.

    64* wedge - love this club, but only use when I have to, certainly don’t use it willy-nilly, perhaps 2 or 3 shots per round. Capable of utter magic, but also capable of tragic.

    Just bought a #3 utility iron. Will probably go the same distance as my 21* hybrid, but will be a totally different club, ball flight, usage etc.

    Anyway, in a few weeks’ time, I’ll know how I’m hitting the utility and I’ll know whether it’s a goer, first round with it tmw as it happens. My sense is that the two clubs that are most in danger of missing out, on my shorter courses, are the woods.

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    Wedges: Callaway MD5 Jaws 60W Low and Mack Daddy 4 64S, Cleveland CBX 2 50, 54 and 58
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    Put a 5 wood in the bag you won't regret it.

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  • Dirt farmerDirt farmer Members  56WRX Points: 45Handicap: 11.2Posts: 56 Bunkers
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    If anything, perhaps a 185-190 club to fill in that gap in your bag.

    My yardages are very similar to yours, but I figured out that I was getting too cute with the lob wedge and it would get me into trouble more frequently than my 56* wedge, so the bottom of my bag is PW/50/56. If I need the extra loft, I just open the 56 a touch. Plus that configuration gave me the option of adding another Hybrid which is my 185-190 club and doubles as my 'old man wedge' from just off the green 😊

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    Titleist 915 H 24* w/UST VTS Silver 6R
    Mizuno JPX900 HM 5-PW, Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 105 shafts
    Bridgestone J15 wedges (50* /56*) 
    TM TP xFT ZTP wedge 60* (in the doghouse right now) 
    Cure RX2 Putter 35"
  • MJBGolfMJBGolf Members  22WRX Points: 19Handicap: 1,3Posts: 22 Bunkers
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    Hi there,

    As a former Fitting technician at Titleist I would recommend the following without having seen you hit a single shot, taking your given info. into consideration. First of all “You Drive for fun and you Putt for dough” amateurs no matter how low their handicap is, are not in possession of the same versatility when it comes to using their wedges, as Tour Players. The worst Tour players will still beat the best Amateurs especially when you add a little bit of pressure on yourself, just before you’re due to make a swing.

    With your given numbers for each club, assuming they are correct averages out of 10-20 shots with each club and good numbers besides length. My attention gets to the gap in length you have between you PW 115y and your 56 degree SW 75 yards. Keep in mind, average amateur use their wedges and putter for more than 50% of all their shots throughout a 18 hole round of golf. The more precise you can be in your gapping of your wedges after your PW, using your regular Swing, the more you can gain out on the course. If I were you, I would book an Custom Fitting appointment for wedge fitting bringing all your wedges incl. your PW to the fitting. You might end up with: 48, 52, 56 and 60? or even 46, 50, 54 and 58? It all depends on your skills. You might have to adjust to some of the current numbers in your bag, but no other change than that and you’ll end up with more versatility in the scoring zone. :-D

    You use your Driver a maximum of 14 times every round, assuming you’re not Henrik Stenson using your 3 wood all the time. Unless that’s the case, you’ll use your clubs between Driver and 5 iron less times considering your Driving length and the length of the golf course you play the most. If you haven’t been properly fit for your putter!? By far the most used and most important in the bag, put that up on your next “To Do” list! :-)

    Good Luck and keep enjoying the game of golf! ;-)


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    Titleist 718 T-MB i4 and i5 Nippon Modus3 130S

    Titleist 716CB i6 - i9 Nippon Modus3 130S

    Vokey SM6 46.08F, 52.12F, 58.10S Nippon Modus3 130S

    Evnroll ER8 370g 33,5" (Cleaned Out - No Paint) White IOMIC Midsize grip

    Titleist Pro V1x (2019)

    Footjoy Pure Touch M/L

    Footjoy Myjoys ICON or Footjoy Pro SL

    Grips:: Woods: MCC Align Irons: MCC White

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    Agree here - the gap after your 8i could be addressed. I would focus on the game inside 130 rather than 180+. A tad stronger 9i and PW, and a wedge setup something like this: 48, 52, 56, 60.


    WHS Index: ~3
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    Cleveland RTX 4; 50-mid, 54-mid, 58-mid w/ KBS C Taper 125 S+
    Ping Sigma G KUSHIN w/ lots of lead tape
    Bridgestone Tour B X
    Winn Dri Tac - MIDSIZE


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