Name every set of irons you've owned



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    Trying for chronological order

    McGregor junior set

    Tommy Armour 845s

    Ben Hogan BH-5

    Mizuno MP-52 (These lasted about 7 years I think)

    Nike VR Pro Combo

    Srixon z545

    Mizuno MP-64

    Titleist 716 AP2

    Mizuno MP-25

    Callaway Apex Pro 16

    Adams CMB

    Titleist 718 AP2

    Ping i200

    Callaway X-Forged

    Srixon z785

    Mizuno MP-5/MP-4 combo

    Mizuno MP-18 MMC

    There is some missing I would bet money on it

    Taylormade M5 9* Tour AD-TP 6s | Taylormade M5 14* Rouge Black 110 MSI Tour S | Titleist 818H2 19* Speeder 8.8s | Srixon  z585/z785 4-PW PX LZ 6.0 | Titleist 718 AP2 Black 50* KBS Tour 120s | Nike Engage 56* KBS Tour 120s | Callaway MD2 Slate 60* DG wedge | Lajosi Long Neck DD201 (Coming soon) | Taylormade 19' TP5x
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    Northwestern JC Snead

    Dunlop DDH

    Ping Eye2

    Hogan Apex PC

    Ping Eye2 +

    Ram Laser FX Becu

    Cleveland Classic 485 Becu

    Ping Eye 2 Becu

    Titleist DCI Black

    Titleist DCI-B

    TaylorMade 300

    TaylorMade Rac LT 2005

    TaylorMade Rac LT 2007

    Ping I5

    TaylorMade TP 2005

    Ping I15

    Ping G25

    Ping G400 Max 9 Tour 65 Stiff
    Ping G410 3wd @ 15.5 flat Tensei Orange Stiff
    Ping G410 7wd @ 19.5 flat Tensei Orange Stiff
    Ping G410 22 hybrid @ 21 flat Alta CB Stiff
    Ping G25 5-PW Steelfiber i95
    Cleveland RTX4 Raw 50*, 56* @ 55, 60* Modus 105 Stiff
    Evnroll TR8 33"
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    Wilson 2000 irons ( I think)

    Prima 3

    Bullet Hollow point Irons

    Wilson Progressive irons

    Cobra Norman grind irons (Not the blades

    Cleveland TA3

    Feel golf competitor irons

    Taylormade RAC LT irons

    MacGregor M675 irons.

    Cobra MB pro irons.

    Titleist 681 T

    Mizuno MP5

    Mizuno MP18s

    Cobra King forged Pro CBs.

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    Driver: Taylormade SIM 10.5 KBS TD 70TX
    3 iron Cobra King Utility Aldila Rouge 90 X flex
    4-PW Cobra king forged CB KBS $ Taper 130 X flex
    WEDGES; CLEVELAND RTX4: 49 and 64
    WEDGES: Titleist SM7 54 and 60 KBS tour custom matte black shafts.
    PUTTER; Kronos release long neck
    BALL; 2019 ProV1 yellow/Snell MTB-X yellow
  • mn723mn723 Members  431WRX Points: 87Posts: 431 Greens
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    Precision Plus (Eye 2 knock offs) - 1992 to 1996 - gave away

    Tommy Armour 855's - 1996 to 2001 - gave away

    Ping i3 O-size/Blade combo set - 2001 to 2007 - traded in, should have kept

    Mizuno MP57 - 2007 to 2012 - still have collecting dust

    Adams Idea Pro A12 - 2012 to current, use early in season or when game is off

    Cobra Fly Z Pro - 2015 to current, use when I'm playing well

    Mizuno MP20 HMB/Blade combo set - currently being built

    Ping G400 Max driver
    Mizuno ST200 3-wood
    TaylorMade SIM Max 19* hybrid
    Mizuno MP20 HMB 4 & 5 iron
    Mizuno MP20 6-pw
    Mizuno T20 50*, 55* and 60* wedges
    TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter
    TaylorMade TP5X ball
  • LowHeelToeHookLowHeelToeHook Members  15WRX Points: 19Posts: 15 Bunkers
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    Ping Eye3 Junior Set

    Nike Slingshot v2

    Callaway X18

    TaylorMade R9 TP

    Mizuno MP60

    Mizuno MP69

    Titleist 716 AP2

    Ping i500

    Titleist 718 CB

    Miura MC501

    Honma Rose Protos

    Mizuno JPX 919 Tour

    The AP2s had the longest tenure - Rose Protos had the shortest. I've had my eye on the T100's - this list may just grow in the next few months!


    G410 Fwy 16.5
    Sim Max Hy 22
    JPX 919 Tour 4-P
    SM7 50
    SM7 54
    HiToe 58

  • kiw1982kiw1982 Williamsburg, VAMembers  1238WRX Points: 161Handicap: 7Posts: 1,238 Platinum Tees
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    I mean.. how? haha.

    Cobra                    F9 9.0 Driver w/HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.0
    Titleist                   TS2 16.5 Wood w/HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.0
    Ping                       G410 19 Hybrid w/Tensei Blue 80 stiff
    Titleist                   818 H2 23 Hybrid w/Tensei Blue 80 stiff
    Mizuno                  MP-32 5-P Iron set w/DG S300
    Ping                       Glide 2.0 52/56/60 Wedges w/AWT 2.0
    Nike                       EverClear E11 Putter 
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  • NeuroticaNeurotica Rush is a band! Members  844WRX Points: 125Handicap: 10Posts: 844 Golden Tee
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    Ping i3+

    Ping EYE 2

    Callaway X20

    Ping G15*

    Ping G25

    Callaway Apex CF16

    Edel SL-01(SL means short lived lol) and back to the CF16

    Ping i500(also short lived)and back to the CF16

    Callaway Apex CF19 Combo*

    Ping G410 (current gamers)

    *still have these sets but should have kept the CF16s also such a great set

    G400 Max 9* Tour 65 S D2
    G400 3W/5W Alta CB 65 S D2
    G410 4-U +1/2" Green Dot Recoil 110 F4 D2(4-9) D4(W, U)
    Glide 2.0 Stealth ES +1/2" Steel AWT Wedge, 54*, 60* D4
    All above with ZCord / Tour Velvet midsize
    Vault Anser 2 35” Superstroke pistol GT 2.0 Countercore with a Tourlock Pro 100 gram back-weight

    WRX Isoforce Anser F (Ti Pixels with site line) Superstroke pistol GT 2.0 Countercore with a Tourlock Pro 100 gram back-weight, S/N 2112 - 35" (currently benched)

    2015 Pro V1X
    All contained in my Sun Mountain C130S - 2018 USA version bag
    All riding on my Clicgear 3.5+
    Swung with MG Elite XL gloves
    Distances courtesy of my Nikon Rangefinder Coolshot 80V
  • Munich77Munich77 Members  376WRX Points: 111Posts: 376 Greens
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    Ram Junior Set (1986-1989)

    PGA (not sure who made them) ladies set (1989-1992)

    Spalding Cavity back (got returned to the shop (1992-1994)

    Cobra Oversize (1994-2006)

    Ben Hogan Apex Edge (2006-2019)

    Callaway Apex CF19 (2019-...)

  • Ping PlayerPing Player Members  170WRX Points: 88Posts: 170 Fairways
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    66 Wilson Staff

    Wilson Staff FG 17

    Ping Eye2

    Maxfli Australian Blade

    TM RAC Combo TP

    Ping i5

    Titleist 660

    TM Rsi TP

    PXG 0311

    Callaway MB

  • bpink21901bpink21901 MDMembers  59WRX Points: 57Posts: 59 Bunkers
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    Since the 70's....

    learned on a par 3 with odd irons bought at Hermans sporting goods

    Wilson Dynapower with the weight port (sold the originals but just picked up a set over the winter to hang on the wall)

    Palmer Standard (still have these)

    Wishon (Golfsmith) Tour Cavity Forged (still have these)

    Mizuno JPX900 Forged (in the bag)


    Ping G410, 9*, Flat position, Proj X Evenflow 75G 6.5 in the club, 6.0 on the shelf
    RBZ 3 wood
    Ping I20 17* & 23*
    Miz JPX 900 Forged, 5-PW Proj X LZ 6.0, 2* flat, -3/8"
    Cleveland 588, Proj X LZ 6.5
    Odyssey Teron with
    Bullseye Wide Flange, Anser, Zing, See More, TPM, etc, in hot standby mode

  • JD3JD3 Members  5064WRX Points: 404Posts: 5,064 Titanium Tees
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    Wilson Sam Sneed super power

    Wilson staff circa 1988

    Ping zing 2

    Nike mixed combo (version 1)

    Mizuno mp 57

    Callaway and 2013 x forged

    Cobra S3 pro

    Callaway Apex 2019

    Cobra SZ 9 Hzrdus Yellow 6.0
    TM M1 2016 3W HL Tensei CK White 70x 
    Ping G410 HB 19 KBS Graphite Tour Hybrid 85s+
    Callaway Apex 2019 4 - AW KBS Tour 120s (hard stepped 1x)
    Yururi Tataki Wedges 52.5 and 60.5 KBS Hi-Rev 2.0x
    Ping Anser 2 Milled
    NDMC Grips (extra wrap lower half to reduce taper)
    Titleist AVX 
    UA Jordan Spieth 2
    Footjoy Tour Glove (optional, often times play without glove)
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  • DB30DB30 Members  21WRX Points: 48Posts: 21 Bunkers
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    Mizuno MP32

    Nike VR Pro

    Mizuno MP59

    Mizuno MP64

    titleist TMB

    MIzuno MP20

  • ValentValent Secret Asian Man Bangkok, ThailandMembers  37WRX Points: 51Posts: 37 Bunkers
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    • Generic junior set got when 8? 10? used until about ‘85
    • Lynx Master Model (86-87)
    • Quantum LW (87-89)
    • Lynx Radius Sole (89-90)
    • Ping Eye 2 Steel Black Dot (90-97)
    • Wilson Staff RM Midsize (97-07)
    • Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II (07-17)
    • TaylorMade rac Forged TP (17-NOW)
    • Mizuno MP-60 (18-NOW)

    Switching back and forth between the rac TP and the MP-60 at the moment depending on the mood of the day.

    Been looking at a set of Titleist 718 CB but can’t seem to pull the trigger on them yet, considering I still have so many sets in inventory.


       MAIN SET
    Driver - TaylorMade 2009 Burner TP 8.5° | Alidila Rogue 125 MSI Tour I/O 60 X Flex
    3-Wood - TaylorMade 2007 Burner TP 14.5° | Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard 73X X Flex
    2-9 Irons - Mizuno MP-60 Cut Muscle | Dynamic Gold SL X100 Flex
    Wedges - Titleist Vokey SM6 50°/08F, 56°/14F, 60°/10S | Dynamic Gold X100 Flex
    Putter - Titleist Scotty Cameron Squareback 1.5 | Golf Pride Tour Tradition Grip
    Balls - Titleist Pro V1x

    Grips - Golf Pride MCC | Black/Grey Plus4 ALIGN Midsize

  • Sexygolfer2020Sexygolfer2020 Members  54WRX Points: 42Posts: 54 Bunkers
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    Taylormade P7TW

    Nike vr pro combo

    Nike vapor pro blades

    PXG gen 1 0311

    PXG gen 2 xf xtreme darkness

    Callaway apex

  • NudgaNudga Members  459WRX Points: 74Posts: 459 Greens
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    Pinseeker Blades

    Maxfli Australian Blade

    Rogue USA (CB)

    Lynx Parallax Tour Carbon

    Macgregor VIP 1025c

    Mizuno MX20

    Cleveland CG Red

    Titleist 712 MB

    Mizuno MP-58

    Wilson Staff FGF5 Tour

    Post edited by Nudga on
    Cobra Fly Z+ Driver  @ 11*
    Cobra BioCell Fairway  @ 13.5*
    Callaway Steelhead Xr 4+ 
    Titleist 909h 
    Titleist 816 H1  / Ping S57 4 Iron
    Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 5-PW
    Eidolon v Sole 52
    Eidolon v Sole 56
    Cleveland Huntington Beach # 4
  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan Members  1166WRX Points: 784Handicap: 12Posts: 1,166 Platinum Tees
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    Primary Sets

    Hogan Radial

    Cougar Champion II

    Callaway X-22 knockoffs

    Taylormade Burner Plus

    Hogan Apex '88

    Hogan Apex '99

    Hogan Apex Edge Pro

    Hogan Apex '03

    Other sets: Hogan Apex PC, Spalding RTJ stainless, Wilson Staff fluid feel tour blades

    Golfing in Finland!
    Taylormade R15
    W/S Fybrid 3W
    W/S Fybrid 5W
    Hogan Apex 2003 (3-E)
    Mizuno 56
    Maxfli Revolution 60
    Macgregor Jackie Pung Putter #10

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  • MaineMarinerMaineMariner Members  801WRX Points: 509Posts: 801 Golden Tee
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    Golfsmith Counterpoint (mid/late-90's to 2016) - I know virtually nothing about these, but I believe my dad had them assembled for me by a local guy in Maine who went by the name of the "Golf Doctor" or some such. I played them from childhood until I started getting serious about the game a few years ago.

    Taylormade M2 (2016/2017) - These were the first "real" clubs that I bought when I started to get back into golf. Bought off the sale rack at DSG. Regular flex shafts because I didn't know any better. I hit these laughably far and kind of hated them.

    Mizuno JPX 850 Forged (2017/2018) - Wanted to try something with a stiff flex shaft and found these on CPO. Excellent.

    Srixon 565 (2019-present) - Wanted to try a heavier and lower launching shaft. I see no reason to move on from these as they seem to fit my game well enough. Love 'em.

    Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver
    Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 3 wood
    Srixon Z H45 3 & 4 hybrids
    Srixon Z 565 irons, 5 - AW
    Callaway MD3 S Grind 54 deg.
    Callaway MD4 W Grind 60 deg.
    Ping Heppler ZB3
  • HappyGilmore22HappyGilmore22 Members  714WRX Points: 221Handicap: 3Posts: 714 Golden Tee
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    Not sure what I started playing up to age 14 when I got my first real set, but had a knockoff cheap set that was my first full set that I used for a summer in junior high school

    -TItleist DCI 822 os (played heavily for 5 years 8th-12th grade, played nearly every day in the summer 18-36 holes, still have in my garage and looking at them now I could never play with these shovels but at the time I played to nearly scratch with them

    -Titleist DCI 762 (used set off ebay played 7 years during undergrad and grad school which was maybe twice a year if that)

    -Titleist AP2 714 (used set off ebay, played for one season)

    -Titleist AP2 716 (first fitted set which was terrible from golf tec since I didn't know much of what I was doing, played 1 summer and started with c-taper 125 s+, never liked these irons at all look or performance)

    -Titleist AP2 718 (better fitted set but still went through 3 sets swapping out different shafts of c-taper 130x, DG X7, X100 hs, liked the irons but they were spin machines)

    -Mizuno JPX 919 Tour (played these for about 2 months last summer to try something else out that wasn't Titleist)

    -Titleist T100 (played these since September and finally found a great combination with these and PX 6.5s so will have these for another 1.5+ years until the new T100 comes out)

    Titleist TS3 8.5 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana DF 70 TX
    Titleist TS3 14.25 deg - Project X Even Flow T1100 White 85 6.5
    Titleist 816 H2 19 deg - Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 90 X
    Titleist T200 4-5, T100 6-PW - Project X 6.5
    Titleist Vokey SM8 50.12 F, 54.14F, 58.10 S - PX 6.5
    Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2
  • RobotDoctorRobotDoctor Senior Hacker ClubWRX  5446WRX Points: 1,151Posts: 5,446 ClubWRX
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    TaylorMade M3 440cc 9.5* driver, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S
    TaylorMade M4 15* (small), Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S
    TaylorMade SLDR 2I Hybrid, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8S
    Ben Hogan Icon 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
    Scratch Golf 50* GW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
    Scratch Golf 54* SW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
    Scratch Golf 58* LW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff
    Byron Morgan custom Epic Day putter

  • bosgolferbosgolfer Members  125WRX Points: 85Handicap: 2Posts: 125 Fairways
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    Sure I missed a couple but here goes- quite a sickness!

    Adams A12 Pro

    Bridgestone J40 Cavity Back

    Bridgestone J15 CB

    Hogan Apex

    Hogan Director

    Vega VDC-01

    Callaway X Forged

    Callaway Apex Pro 16

    Callaway Razr X Forged

    Callaway Diablo Forged

    Taylormade R7TP

    Taylormade 2014 Tour Preferred MC

    Taylormade P760

    Taylormade P750

    Wilson Sam Snead Blue Ridge

    Wilson Staff Tour Blade

    Ram FX Pro Set

    Epon AF-302

    Miura MC 101

    Miura MC-501

    Wood Brothers Kook Kat 

    Cleveland 585 CB

    Cleveland VAS

    Srixon Z 745

    Tommy Armour Silver Scot

    Yonex ADX Tour

    Honma TW 737V

    Fourteen - not sure model

    PXG 0311P Gen 2





    DCI Black

    DCI Gold

    716 CB

    718 CB

    716 AP2

    718 AP2


    Acushnet AC108











    MP18 MB

    MP18 SC

    JPX 919 Forged

    JPX 919 Tour



    Anser Forged

    Karsten II

    Eye 2

    Eye 2 Beryllium Copper


    Zing Beryllium Copper









  • misterkyemisterkye ClubWRX  131WRX Points: 72Handicap: 7Posts: 131 Fairways
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    Titleist 962b 2-pw

    Titleist 710cb 2-pw

    Taylormade p790 (1st gen) 2, 4-pw

    Miura CB1008 4-pw (though I switch back and forth between the p790’s)

    Taylormade SIM 8*, Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft
    Titleist TS3 18*, Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft
    Taylormade P790 UDI 2-iron 
    Taylormade P790 4i-PW, Oban CT-115 S shafts
    Miura Tour Wedge HB 48*, Miura K Grind 2.0 54* & 60*, Oban Ct-115 wedge shafts
    Scotty Cameron Red X center shafted putter
    Taylormade TP5
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  • bosgolferbosgolfer Members  125WRX Points: 85Handicap: 2Posts: 125 Fairways
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  • lefty1978lefty1978 Charlotte, NCMembers  653WRX Points: 389Handicap: 8.7Posts: 653 Golden Tee
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    No name box store set?

    American Golf Design Bi-Metal

    Callaway Big Bertha

    Ping Eye 2

    Taylormade RSI2

    Mizuno MP32

    Mizuno MP54

    Mizuno MP20

    Nike VR Pro Blades

    Cobra Fly-z pro forged

    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged

    Mizuno ST190 9.5° w/ Fujikura Atmos Black TS 6s
    Mizuno ST190 15° w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s
    Mizuno MP-20 SEL HMB 3-4 iron w/ DG 120 S300
    Mizuno MP-20 SEL MB 5-PW w/ DG 120 S300
    Titleist Vokey SM5 52°/12° F Grind 
    Titleist Vokey SM5 58°/11° K Grind
    Titleist Vokey SM5 62°/8° T Grind
    Scotty Cameron California Del Mar Putter
    Titleist Pro V1 golf balls
  • jbrunkjbrunk Central IllinoisMembers  707WRX Points: 173Handicap: 11Posts: 707 Golden Tee
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    MacGregor Golden Bear

    Nicklaus GB-9

    Wilson Staff Ci9

    Ping S56 (twice)

    Mizuno MP-H5/MP-15 combo

    Srixon Z745

    Mizuno JPX 850 Forged

    Titleist 712 AP2

    *Callaway 2018 X-Forged/Apex MB combo

    **Ben Hogan PTx/FW15 combo

    **Mizuno MP-54

    **Ping i200

    **short set: AP2 3i, MP-15 6i & 9i

    +Cobra RF rev33

    * in the bag

    ** in the closet

    +projected 2021


    Ping G400 1W Alta CB 55

    Ping G400 3W Alta CB 65

    Ping G400 3Hy & 4Hy NV Green 85H

    Ping i200 4i-UW AWT 2.0

    Glide 2.0 50 54 58 AWT 2.0

    iNOVAi 3.0 CS

  • Tanner25Tanner25 Members  6649WRX Points: 303Posts: 6,649 Titanium Tees
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    Powerbuilt TPS, Nickent Gray Hawk-GH Plus, Cleveland XLI, Cleveland HB3 is current

  • justasgoodjustasgood Without Tempo, you are just a hacker. Members  3161WRX Points: 760Handicap: I.Q.Posts: 3,161 Titanium Tees
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    Not enough bandwidth, gingko or time

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  • jwadds19jwadds19 Members  96WRX Points: 39Posts: 96 Fairways
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    718 CBs/712 AP2 combo

    Adams CMB


    MP20/HMB combo


    919 Tour/Forged Combo

  • mrp2washmrp2wash Members  20WRX Points: 60Posts: 20 Bunkers
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    Tour Model II (cut down into Jr set)

    GTX (No name)

    TaylorMade LCG

    Ping i3 Blade

    Bridgestone J40

    Titleist T100

  • RdriverRdriver Members  41WRX Points: 73Posts: 41 Bunkers
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    King cobra oversize

    Ram FX pro set. Split set MB/cb

    Tommy Armour 845’s (first new set)

    Taylormade burner 2.0

    Titleist Ap2 710

    Mcgregor VIP 2010

    Titleist Ap2 712

    Ping i500

    Cobra F8

    PXG 0211

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  • flip_romeflip_rome Members  245WRX Points: 94Posts: 245 Fairways
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    Top Flite Box Set

    Taylormade 200s

    Callaway Big Bertha

    Cleveland TA5 Gun Metal

    Ping G5

    Taylormade R11

    Callaway X16

    Callaway X18

    Callaway Xhot

    Ping G20

    Ping I20

    Ping G25

    Ping G30

    Ping G

    Mizuno MP30

    Mizuno JPX 850

    Titleist 714 AP1

    Titleist 718 AP1

    Callaway XR Pro

    Callaway APEX CF 16

    Mizuno JPX 919 HM

    PXG 0211

    Srixon z545

    Christ this is bad!

    Driver:  Taylormade Sim Driver
    3 Wood:  Taylormade Sim
    Hybrid:  Taylormade Sim Max 3h
    Irons:  Srixon z565 5-A
    Wedges:  Cleveland RTX 4 52* and Cleveland CBX Full Face 56*
    Putter: Scotty Cameron Special Select Fastback 1.5
    Bag: Vessel 2.0 Stand Bag (Black) & Vessel Lite Stand Bag (White)
    Ball: Searching for one hopefully find one in 2020

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