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Name every set of irons you've owned

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I refuse to type them all, as my wife may actually come across a Google search. It was a lot. I had a serious ho'ing issue and it almost cost me my marriage. Don't do it kids.

Here's my list, to the best of my memory, dating back to the late 70's.: Hogan 1+ - forged blade Dunlop Black Max - cast cavity Hogan Apex PC - forged blade MacGregor - Tourney - cast cavity MacGregor

I could BUT, since I've owned over 320 sets of irons since 1965, it would be somewhat labor intensive to do so.

Started with a hand-me-down Golden Bear set from my brother when I was in high school, never really played more than once a year or got into the game until about summer of 2017. First purchased a set of Cleveland CG4's (I actually really miss this set sometimes, soft & not terribly large for a GI iron), moved into Nike Vapor Fly's by the end of the year. Those lasted until spring of 18 when I decided I wanted new, so I traded them in for TM Rbladez. Honestly, although I liked the Rbladez, poor decision on my part, I think this was really about the only time so far that after a week or two I was kicking myself for not staying with what I had. Rbladez stayed with me until late last summer when I switched to P790's and (knock on wood) I am hoping this will be my longest lasting set.

Driver - Taylormade M2 2017 10.5*

3W - Taylormade M2 2016 15*

3H - Taylormade GAPR Mid 18*

Irons - Taylormade P790 4-PW

GW - Taylormade Milled Grind 50/9

SW - Taylormade Milled Grind 54/11

LW - Taylormade Milled Grind 58/11

Putter - Taylormade Spider Tour Black

Grips - MMC +4 Black/Red | Ball - Project A

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Founders Clubs - Top Flight Gamers - T-Zoids II - Pro Combos - AP2 712

^Started playing when I was 12 --- a little over 20 years ago.

Ping G25 9.5*
Nike SQII 15*
Adams A7 18* & 23*
Titleist AP2 712 5-PW
Vokey 52* SM2 56* BV Custom 60*
Scotty Midslant 33"

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some generic beginner set I don’t know the name of king cobra 2 mizuno TP-9 titleist 731 pmcallaway tour authentic x-prototypecallaway apex pro (2013)titleist 716 AP2

Callaway Rogue, AD-TP 6S
Callaway Epic Flash 3W        
Titleist U500, Tensei White 90 S
Miura Y Grind, Nippon Modus3 120S
Vokey SM7 52, 56 Callaway PM 60
Artisan 0217, Customer #62

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Lady's Triumphs

Cleveland TA3's (still have)

Ping ISI

Mizuno MP 29

Nike forged blades (should have kept these)

Mizuno MP 30

Mizuno MP 32 x2 (still have one set)

Bridgestone J33 CB's

Cobra Pro MB's

Titleist 710 MB's

Titlest 712 AP2's

Titliest 712 CB's x2 (still have both)

Nike VR pro combo forged (still have)

Callaway Xforged (2013) (still have)

Srixon 785 & Z forged combo (still have)

Callaway Apex raw MB's (2018) (still have)

Mizuno MP 5 (in the bag)


This helps me remember it's the Indian not the arrow. I don't think my scores have changed at all in the last 20 years.


Taylor Made - M4  8.5*
Srixon H45 - 16*

Callaway Xforged 3 iron TI S400

Callaway Apex MB raw 4-PW TI S400 

Bridgestone 52*, 60*
Ping Anser 3 


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Tommy Armour 845u

Mizuno MP-32

Mizuno MP-33 (2 sets)

Bridgestone J33cb - still own

Srixon i-302 (2 sets) - still own

Tourstage X-Blades - still own

Mizuno Hot Metal - still own

Nike Forged Blades - still own

Titleist 714 AP1 - still own

Cobra Forged SS - still own

Callaway Fusion Hzrdus Yellow
Callaway Epic SZ tour issue Diamana D+
Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3 Iron S400 
Tourstage X-Blade 4-PW Modus3 120x 
Nike Engage 52sq, 57ts,62ds
Nike Origin B1
Bridgestone Tour BX

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nike slingshot

TaylorMade RBZ


Mizuno JPX 850 forged

Titliest AP1 712

Taylormade RSI 1

Titleist AP2 714


Titleist ap3 718

mizuno JPX 919 Forged


Srixon 585/785 combo

TS3 8.5 Ventus Black 7x

Ping G410 17 degree Hybrid Atmos Black 9x

Mizuno CLK 22 degree hybrid Tensei Pro Blue 80TX

T100S 1 degree weak 4-PW Project X 7.0

SM7 50, 54 Project X 6.5 

Taylormade Hi-Toe 60 Project X 6.5

Piretti Cottonwood II

Srixon XV 

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1) Random stuff my dad had in the garage.

2) Knight box set from Dick's Sporting Goods.

3) Accuron Titanium face irons (short-lived company in late-90s)

4) Cleveland TA-3 Form Forged

5) Cobra King Forged Tour

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Cobra F9 (9)

Cobra F8+ (14.5, 19)

Cobra Forged Tour (4-PW)

Cobra King Black (50, 54, 58)

Rife Mr. Beasley (Limited First Run)

Snell MTB Black


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1) Adams Tight Lies GT 2 years -First set

2) Callaway Big Bertha 2 1/2 years -2nd set

3) Mizuno MP59 1 year 3rd set

4) Mizuno JPX 800 pro 1 1/2 years

5) Mizuno MP67 5 years -4th set -still have

6) Titelst AP2 716 6 months 5th set

7) Titleist 716 MB 1 year 6th set

8)Hogan Apex 98 1 year -biggest regret selling!

9) Mizuno JPX900 Tours 1 year -still have

10) Mizuno JPX919 Tours 1 year -still have in bag

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Ping G400LST 8.5 TPT 14 LKP LT LW Proto
Ping G400 14.5 Tensei Pro Orange 80 TX
Mizuno JPX919 Forged 4i SuperPeening Blue X
Mizuno JPX 919 Tours5-PW Super Peening Blue X
Vokey SM7 raw 52, 56, 60 DGTI-s400
Byron Morgan Proto DH89
Pro V1
Jones Utility Trouper-Carry
Ogio Silencer Alphard E-wheels

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Oh lord I tried this once .. gotta be over 50

will start a list and come back

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Ping G400 Max 10.5* Fubuki K 60x : Ping G400 5w 16.5* Blueboard 63x
Ping G400 7w 19.5* Blueboard 73x : Callaway Apex '16 4h 23* Fubuki 82x

Callaway Apex CF16 5i AD DI 85x  :  6i - PW Recoil Prototype 95 f4
Vokey SM2 50*  Vokey SM2 TVD 54*m & 59*m DG s400 Onyx

Callaway ‘19 PM Grind 64* DG s400 Onyx ~~ Piretti Matera Elite


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Man the memories!!

First set: Box set of Northwestern Pro bilt from Kmart

Powerbilt Grand Slam irons

Mizuno Mp 52’s

Mizuno Mp 53’s

Mizuno Mp 32’s

Mp 25’s

Mp 18sc

Callaway x18

Callaway x20 pro

Callaway 07 x forged

Callaway Apex

Titleist T-mb

Ping I-blade

Adams A4 forged

Adams cb2

Adams A12 pro

Pxg 0311t Gen 1

Taylormade P790

Taylormade P770

Srixon z565

Srixon z765


and I may have missed a couple???


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Driver: 9* Callaway Rogue sub zero w/ hzrdus yellow 6.5
3w: 15* Callaway epic w/ aldila rogue 110 s flex
Hybrid: 19* Mizuno Jpx 900 w/ fujikura s flex
DI:  Adams dhy 21* w/ aldilla green S flex
Irons: Mizuno mp 18 sc 5-pw w/ Nippon modus 3 120x
Wedges: Vokey sm7 raw 50 F, 55 S, 60 M w/ dynamic gold black s400
Putter: Scotty Cameron newport 3 w/ super stroke

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Power Built TPS

Mizuno T-Zoid

Titleist 690 CB

Callaway X-20 Tour

Callaway X Forged

Mizuno MP-62

Titleist 712 AP2

Titleist 716 AP2

Callaway Apex Pro

Callaway Apex Combo

Ping i200

Mizuno MP-18 MMC

Titleist 718 AP2

Ping i210

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TaylorMade SIM 10.5*, HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g 6.5
TaylorMade SIM Max 3W 15*, HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g 6.5
Titleist 818H1 21*, Tensei Pro White 90S
Taylormade P770 4-PW, KBS Tour 120 S
Titleist Vokey SM8 50F, 54S, 58M

TaylorMade Spider X
SM 4.5LS 14 Way

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TaylorMade Burner Plus

Cobra AMP

Callaway XHot Pro

Callaway Razr X MB/ '13 XForged Combo

Srixon Z745

Srixon Z945/Z745 Combo

Titleist 716MB/T-MB Combo

Wilson Staff FG Tour 100

Miura Small Blades

Taylormade 2011 MC Onset

Bridgestone J15CB

Miura CB57

Titleist 680

Yonex CB-301

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Callaway Mavrik 10.5° w/ Aldila Rogue White 70 130MSI X
Titleist U510 1 Iron 16° w/ Fuji Atmos Black Tour Spec 9X
Titleist U510 2 Iron 18° w/ PX 6.0
Titleist 680 MB 3-PW w/ DG X100
TaylorMade MG2 TW 56°, 60° w/ DGS400
Odyssey White Hot Tour 7H 33"

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I could BUT, since I've owned over 320 sets of irons since 1965, it would be somewhat labor intensive to do so.

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Cobra F9 10.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 F2
Taylor Made M5 15* 3-wood, MC CK Orange R
Sonartec SS 2.5 19*, Fujikura Vista Pro 60 S
Tour Edge Bazooka  350 24*, Stock Graphite, A Flex
TXG Custom, Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal 6-pw, "B" heads, 2* up, + 1/2", UST Recoil ESX 460 R Soft Stepped Once
Mizuno S18 50/07, KBS Tour 110 R
Ping Glide 1.0 55*, Accra 90i R
Callaway MD4 58*, DG Tour Issue 115
Taylor Made TP Red Chaska, 35"
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Since '93

Lynx Parallax - learned to play w/ these, bought used from Carolina Custom Golf, who at one point had 7 or 8 retail stores in the Carolinas (Continental Golf is the same owners)

Ram FX Pro Set Tour Grind

Titleist 962 - first brand new, custom fit irons

Titleist 990

Hogan Apex Pro - first forged iron

Macgregor PMB - wish I still had

Titleist 690 MB - still have

Callaway '07 X-Forged (I might've worked for Callaway for about a decade)

Callaway FT Tour

Callaway ''09 X-Forged

Callaway RAZR X Forged

Callaway '13 Forged

Callaway '16 Apex

Callaway '16 Apex/Apex Pro Combo

Mizuno JPX 900 Tour (first set w/ heavy graphites, doubt I'll go back to steel)


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G400 Max Rogue Silver 70

Exotics CBX T3 16.5 Rogue Silver 80

Exotics CBX 20* RIP Alpha 105

T-MB 4, 5 Recoil 110

JPX 900 Tour 6-P Recoil 125

Bettinardi HLX 3.0 50, 56 Recoil Wedge Proto

RM-22 60 Black Onyx S400

Spider FCG L-Neck

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Spaulding Tour Edition irons

Ping Eye 2 BeCu blue dots (loved the look, hated the feel)

Hogan Edge forged irons (LOVED these - stolen...)

Mizuno MX-20 forged irons (LOVED these - still in the garage)

Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (butter)

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Hogan Presidentials

Karsten III's

PING Eye 2 BC's (stolen)

PING Eye 2 +no+

Hogan Radials (stolen)

PING i-3+ Blade

Bridgestone J33 Blade

Mizuno MP-60 (won and sold)

Miura Tournament Blade x 2

Bridgestone J40 CB

Miura CB57 x 3



I know I'm forgetting something.


I knew it, Srixon 745/945 combo



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JBeam Bullet 10* Ventus Black 6X
Exotics CBX 119 13.5* 3WD & 18* 5WD Accra TourZ 382 M5
Exotics CB2  21* 7WD Accra TZ5 85 M5  
PING S55 5-9 Mitsubishi MMT-125TX
Miura Tour Milled Wedge 48, 52, 56, 60 Fuji MCI 125 Solid

Bettinardi Innovai Tour DASS Flowneck Prototype

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