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True Spec #1 Golf Club Custom Fitters By. KIM JONG-UN

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Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa WHOAAAA !!!!!


Little rant from a Golfer and better yet a CLUB HO’

I love golf equipment and better yet, I love getting fit for a club that I don’t need. So if we cant trust publications from who we think are golf leaders in this vertical, who can we trust ?

I received this while I was on a mini golf vacation in Florida trying to escape the Midwest weather. After reading the letter below I was shocked, but was I really shocked ?

I’m bringing this to this platform because I know that this site and this group of knowledgeable members would understand that this is why golf is slowly dying. WHY LIE , WHY LEVERAGE THE PLATFORM you have by voting one of your company owned brands to be #1 and not let anyone know that in fact your THE OWNER of the so called “Best fitter” COMPLETE BS.


I’m at the airport and will read the comments and this total BS. GOLF.COM has some serious credibility issues VOTING THEIR OWN COMPANY #1




8AM Golf has a transparency problem

Link above for more action !!!!!



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Something JDM
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Somebody skipped over their ethics and compliance training lol

is this guy their marketing director?

Transparency!! That’s what should have done and that’s what shareholders would have wanted in the first place.    

Golf.com & Golf Mag has made some ugly moves lately. Awarded a Jack Nicklaus course some sort of design award without disclosing that they are owned by the same parent company. And now just did the same thing with a clubfitter award. I also heard they had plagiarized an architecture article from another website. Would love to know who’s running the ship over there.

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Can't say I'm surprised, but again, wow.

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While I agree that it has a bit of a stink, let me play devil's advocate. Where should they have ranked True Spec? What ranking could they have given them that wouldn't have upset people? If True Spec does good work then why wouldn't they deserve a spot on the list? (I don't know if they do, I'm playing devil's advocate)

Also, if you're one of the head honchos at Golf Magazine, do you see yourself doing it differently? Would your board members/stock holders be pleased with you if you chose not to rank True Spec at all?

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Agreed, they should disclose that information. But I suspect even if they did disclose it and ranked them #1, people would still be upset.

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Ranking them #1 but plainly stating they are both owned by the same company is perfectly fine, and lets readers draw their own conclusions; but at least absolves GOLF of being shady. They didnt' and given their past history not just with this clubfitter article, shows just how nonchalant they are about promo'ing their sister companies within their structure at any cost. Essentially, losing all credibility.

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No question they should have disclosed their ownership. Their credibility, assuming they had any to begin with, is gone now. They really pooched it. I'll continue to stay with GolfWRX and similar sites for information.

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They're just growing the game ...... for themselves!

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Aim asking WHY? how can they be so stupid? risking their own reputation like this? was that really needed to sell that magazine? i dont think so, and if i was a shareholder of that company i would be p... off big time, its simply not how it should be done. It cost lots of time and money to build a good reputation, but it dont take much of a fool to ruin it all.

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Nobody reads magazines/newspapers anymore. I think I get Golf Digest and Golf Mag for free from buying from Globalgolf.com and I chuck 'em in the trash every month. I get all my info right here on GolfWRX.com. I only buy used equipment from ebay, used sites, and BST here.


What is your reference to Kim Jong-Ung for? This thread will be closed soon.

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I always took these rankings with a huge grain of salt anyways (back when I actually read golf magazines -- like 10 years ago).

As if Butch Harmon is actually the best teacher in America every year. As if they actually have a reliable way of making that determination.

The rankings are obviously more of a marketing/political game than a scientific ranking.

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It looks like they addressed it on the web site. Did that happen due to people questioning it....I am not sure.


The top 5 fitters on this list performed exceptionally well across the board in GOLF’s evaluations, checking nearly all criteria boxes deemed important by the panel. That said, all of the fitters who made the top 50 come with our recommendation.

Why did True Spec, which is owned by GOLF’s parent company, 8AM Golf, earn the No. 1 fitter status? With 30 locations worldwide, True Spec has worked with LPGA and PGA Tour players, major winners and standouts in every major sport. It has indoor and outdoor fitting capabilities to help fitters evaluate the entire scope of a golfer’s game, including ballflight and turf interaction. True Spec also has a vast staff of trained clubfitters, and not only does it use Club Conex, it owns it, helping to control custom builds in-house without outsourcing (as does approximately 70 percent of the fitters on the list who rely on the technology). True Spec is brand agnostic and offers options from nearly every club and shaft manufacturer. Additionally, True Spec is involved in thorough club research, including both player testing and robot testing; it’s one of only two companies on the list that conducts robot testing for further analysis and equipment comparisons — and one of the main reasons why GOLF partnered with True Spec to produce this year’s ClubTest.

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The only dumb thing they did was attempt to rank them. Like if they had just left the top 5 or whatever as the “top tier,” nobody would have had an issue with True Spec’s inclusion. By placing them at the top, they brought it on themselves. Pure greed...

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