VOTE: What's the Best Driver of 2017?



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    Coppy wrote:

    It's not the club head, they're all pretty good. It's the shaft.

    Oban purple for me.

    Awesome shaft company.....but as I recall it, a super high premium,mini-mortgage for the upgrade. I just don't play enough to justify it.
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    I have also Hit nearly all of these drivers. I am biased towards the Callaways, but having sold golf equipment for 13 years now, I saw the biggest technology boost this year in the last couple. Everyone has a different swing and those different clubs will balance better too them. realistically almost any of these drivers could be comparable if they are custom fit properly. I have an EPIC Sub Zero that blew all of these other clubs out of the water when fit. Spin rate is still high, but that is my swing unfortunately. The Sub-Zero was on average 12.2 yards longer than the best fitting M1 I tried. I have also converted 2 of my 3 friends who bought M1s this year to already replace them, the other, the M1 just fit better. If there was one driver that was truelly better than all the others out there, the market would go lopsided and companies would stop making drivers (obviously exaggerated but you catch the point).

    Driver Sound (Feel):

    In all my years of custom fitting, I have always explained to players that sound is feel, and it is also variable. When you swap out shafts in a golf club you essentially re-tune the vibration from impact through a new channel of carbon weaving in the shaft, altering the sound. This is a constant battle for fitting, as you can fit someone to the right shaft, but then they don't like the feel of the club, when in reality their launching specs are spot on. I have also seen it the other way... a gentlemen hit one ball with a driver I gave him, turned around and shook his head; Said he hated the way it sounded. I swapped out the shaft for something that fit him better after a quick analysis on one swing (yeah sometimes that's all you get), and gave him the same driver. He didn't even look at what I gave him, just swung it, loved it, and wanted to buy it on the spot. When I told him it was the same driver he hit the first time, he didn't really have words to explain it, but loved the club and bought it.

    This is why I selected the Callaway EPIC Sub-Zero as my favorite driver. You hit this club with a variety of shafts and while the sound changes it still feels very rock solid and firm at impact. I was worried that this "Players" version would sacrifice forgiveness, but in the short sample size I have so far, it sacrifices nothing over the standard EPIC in forgiveness.


    Go get custom fit, it makes a difference, and try everything!
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    Oh but some drivers you just can't save the sound... Thank you Nike for the Sasquatch, a sound that is not salvageable but we all know!
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    Chose all of the Callaway drivers...

    1/2. EPIC GBB/Sub Zero pushed the envelop in design and materials to produce increased ball speed and gains. For once a driver did what a company said it would do.

    3. Uber forgiving but this started the ability for us mere mortals to get a sub 45 driver (44.5) stock from factory. Callaway listen and carried it over to the EPIC line... bravo!
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    protos F4

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    1- Titleist 910D2

    2- Titleist 910D2

    3- Titleist 910D2

    this will still be your best choice for 2017....
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    swizbeatz wrote:

    is this not a bit daft? Unless you have tested all of the above drivers how can you make an informed choice?

    Surely this should be a poll of the most popular driver rather than the best. WRX will be giving out gold, silver and bronze medals next.

    Yep. Fun little poll but really doesn't mean anything. Better off doing what Wrx has done in the past and giving this poll to professional club fitters.

    I volunteer!
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    Didnt vote for any of them.

    Best of this lot are M1 and Cally Epic I suspect, but I have tried both and they cant "hold a candle" to my Cally V series 9.5 with Speeder 565 stiff for a 95 MPH swing speed.

    My thoughts on the new tech? If Callaway made a proper titanium crown in the first place, they wouldnt get "Crown distortion" at impact and the jailbreak bars would be redundant. Its a case of; fix a weak crown with an otherwise unnecessary feature which probably creates other imbalances!

    Bet you all two bob that this feature will quietly disappear within two club cycles! image/derisive.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':derisive:' />
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    I have tried several of these drivers and so far none of them exceed the distance and accuracy of my TM r7-425. But I liked the feel and shot pattern of the new TM M1 and M2 drivers a lot. I tested both Callaway drivers and the launch was way way way lower and the overall flight characteristics were lousy. Would have needed to go to a 11.5 or even higher degree driver to get even a reasonable distance loss of about 15-20%. And considering i don't hit it that far any way (under 200 usually), that's totally unacceptable.

    Bridgestone drivers all felt tinny. Cobra and titleist just don't have the distance needed. All way less than current.

    I really would switch as soon as I find one that consistently is longer than my current one. I want more than 180 yard average. But todays just don't provide that.
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    Seriously! Season just starting and picking best driver of the year?? Ask it after everyone has used their choices all year.
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    I tested both epics, both new M1 and M2, titleist 917, cobra f7+.... I got the best ball speeds from the taylormade drivers, love the sound of the epics but couldn't get the same ball speeds. The cobra and titleist were just behind the epic for me.

    However, my 2016 M1 produced exactly the same ball speed as this years M1. (160). The spin rate on the 2017 averaged about -10 rpm and sounds noticeably better but I couldn't justify replacing my gamer at $500 for -10 and better sound.
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    I wanted to vote but I didn't see the Taylor Made R7. I would have voted for 3 different models, since I have 3 different models.
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    Wilson triton with 10 votes huh? Looks like all the Wilson office staff was forced to vote on lunch this week. Haha

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    Since I HAD to pick 3.

    1. Mizuno JPX 900

    2. Mizuno JPX 900

    3. Mizuno JPX 900

    image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />

    But I couldn't do that so I picked:

    1. Mizuno JPX 900

    2. M1 460

    3. M1 440

    The M1 sounds better and is basically the same length for me (250ish total). The Mizuno has the edge in looks and forgiveness.

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    I voted for the F7, Z565 and M2-D. The reason I did is because they are the 3 I will test my R15/Accra F150 M3 against. Nothing last year beat it bad enough to buy a new one so, I'll see if these three can. I may also give the Epic a try but, it seems all drivers now have some internal something or other so, I'll see how the jailbreak does against my current driver.
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    TM M2.
  • dcorundcorun Members  371WRX Points: 60Handicap: 13Posts: 371 Greens
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    shame no love for the Srixon 565
    I feel the same way. If Srixon would get into the US market more, I feel golfers would find out what outstanding golf clubs they make.
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    M1 460 gave me the best results. Was able to increase launch without much added spin with the T slide weight. Feel is good and felt forgiving, dispersion results backing that up.

    Epic SZ is solid, but feels harsher and was not as forgiving or optimized.

    M2 feels great, can hit it all over the face, was not able to dial in as well as the M1, feels light.
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    I hit m1 460 and sub zero almost identical. I thought the m1 looks nicer while the sub zero has a slightly better feel. After hitting both drivers over hundreds of shots, I could not decide so I win with the one that looked better - m1 460.

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    Ping g lst as it is in the bag. It has been as long as my old driver but I'm playing in winter conditions.

    As others mention though it is a shaft that you hold and I like holding the Alta 55 stiff. No idea who makes it but it works great for me.
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    Ping G hands down. Great distance and the most forgiving.

    What has the Epic done for Phil's accuracy or for that matter any Cally Staffer ?

    I would never vote for a TM product since in six months they will bring out another "Me Too" driver and DE-Value the one you just bought.
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    . I am not sure that I would consider this a 2017 Driver, but my vote went to the Ping G LS tec. The fact that my G is still holding its own against the latest 2017 releases has me very excited to see what Ping will release later this year. I was excited to demo the Callaway Epic, it not only looks very appealing, but it does perform very well. It is the first driver since the G30 from a manufacture other than Ping that I felt offered a full combination of distance and forgiveness. The reason I ranked my Ping G over the Callaway epic was the epic was equal but not better, so the tie goes to the reigning champ.
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    The M1/M2 drivers have really raised the mark for everyone else to follow. My friend seen how well I hit the 16 M2 and he picked up a 17 M1. That club is something else. He was already hard to beat....

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    The order from pre-season testing us mizuno jpx 900 then Epic then ping g from last year.

    Jpx goes straight, best real deal shaft and is long and very adjustable.
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    Ping LST .... #1.
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    I have hit three 2017 drivers on indoor launchmonitors: the Epic, the new M1 and the new M2...none of them are better than the best ones produced between 2015 and 2016.

    Helluva first post Jon and welcome to WRX
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    MWB wrote:

    I voted for the Epic Sub Zero - Titleist 917 D3 - Taylormade M1. Long time Titleist user and always loved the D3 head. It would be nice to compare all drivers to the same 45" spec & same shaft to see how each perform. It seemed that the TM & SZ were too long for me to hit consistantly
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    I have both. Cut the epic down to 45 and using the tensai pro blue in both. The 917 is typically 10 yards shorter but sounds and feels better. I haven talked decided which I willl game this year as 10 yards is easily made up with my iron game.
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    Tried them all and for me EPIC was the one. Fastest ball speed lowest spin and tightest dispersion.
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    I haven't found a driver to oust my 913 d2 until this year.

    It boiled down to the Epic and the M1.

    Both gave me better numbers than my 913.


    Felt great, looked great, numbers were basically 99.9% optimized for my swing.


    Much of the same from above. Optimal spin, launch, smash factor...

    I ended up going with the M1. It gave me a slightly tighter dispersion, and I liked looking down at it slightly more.

    That being said, I gave 1 vote to each for this poll.
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    M1 440 best driver I've had ever.
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    Titleist 915 F - Tour AD-DI 7X
    Adams Pro Mini 18* - Aldila Green Tour X
    Tileist 716 T-MB 3-P - Project X 6.5
    Vokey SM6 53*, 58* - Project X 6.0
    Futura X5 35"

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