Tell us your crazy Par Stories



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    Long par 4.

    Drive goes long and perfect.

    Second shot plugs into the wall of a greenside bunker. Only a dime-sized portion of ball visible.

    I slam down onto the ball for third and it pops out, barely out of bunker and still in greenside rough.

    And I chip it in from there. Won two skins for the effort. And walked off saying wow.....
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    Fresh from last weeks tuesday competition this one, but theres a little back story to it.

    First hole of the day in competition, i nuke a driver over the bunkers on a 500y par 5, so I'm immediately thinking of going for it in two, starting with a birdie yadda yadda. We all saw it land and roll into the left hand side fairway (no danger anywhere near it) but upon arrival we found no golf ball. I suspect someone from a group on the next hole had played it but we didnt see it so unfortunately i had to re-tee and make double (and the walk of shame on what was a perfect tee shot). Spent the rest of the round absolutely striping it, clawed my way from +2 thru 1 to -4 through 17.

    Then of course, the 18th comes up. I flare my 2 iron right into the hazard, so i take a drop and to get it over the water by the green safely, on the angle i would say i have to cut it 40yards from about 180 yards out. I nuke it, but no cut... it clears the hazard by inches, and sits in the deep rough on the side of the hazard, probably 30yards left of the green, pin cut to the left and sloping away towards the water. All the members are watching and all i can think is how i've blown this huge comeback effort by hitting a horrendous tee shot on the last. Anyway, i tried to hit a cutting, spinning flop shot from the rough, land it about 2 inches onto the green and hope it grabs enough to keep it out of the water.... Would you believe it dropped in, and the score was enough to win the competition by a shot. Golf is a strange mistress sometimes
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    My par was on #13 at Harbour Town in 2012. I blocked my second to the green way right onto #14 tee box. Very sheepishly had to go apologise to the guys on the tee. One of the guys there said "If you make the par I'll buy you a beer". I said deal. The pin was kind of in the middle of the front tongue and I hit my third well to the right of the pin from where I was(towards the middle back and a little left if you are facing the green) to about 30ft. Not looking good but I proceeded to sink the putter dead center! Free beer.

    Next hole is a par 3 and on #15 fairway we see the group ahead stopped with the beverage cart. I'm fully expecting the driver to ask who to give the free beer to when the cart comes up to us but no dice. Welcher.
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    Playing in league couple years ago . All square , final hole. Hit my drive way right , in woods. Find my ball , I can punch out and be left with 170 yds to the green. Or I can hit a shot towards the hole through 70 yards of trees through a narrow gap. 9 times out of 10 i would punch out ..but I just felt really confident . Hit a 7 iron through all the trees , unscathed to 30 yds of the green , pitched it to a foot ..par. Win match.
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  • postfoldpostfold oh how I LOVE putting  397Members Posts: 397
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    Par 4. Drive down center of fairway, hits 150 yard barber pole and ricochets away.

    2nd shot hits pin on one hop, ball ricochets off green

    Chip shot rolls up, glances off pin.

    Tap in par. Remembered to pull the pin first.
  • wattagewattage  237Members Posts: 237
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    Match Play semifinals this past weekend:

    2 down thru 4, Medium length par 4 fifth; I go from fwy bunker to LEFT of green--maybe OB but end up in loose mulch with overhanging trees to slightly elevated and bunkered green. Competitor is just short of green in 2 with front pin. Punch a 54* which tries to grab but trickles into green-side rough. Knowing he will get a par I narrowed my focus (staring at 3 down thru 5)....CHIP IN from 35'.

    He semi flubbed chip and missed 5 foot par!

    1 down thru 5
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  • kgeisler13kgeisler13  388ClubWRX Posts: 388
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    When I was around 10 or 11, I was playing a local course with my dad. We were on a par 3 along a road. I hit my tee shot across the road OB and my dad proceeded to tell me I have to re tee because my first ball went OB. I teed up again and low and behold I hit that shot in the hole for hole in one par I say. That was before I wore glasses or contacts so I unfortunately didn't see it go in.
  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3  1120Members Posts: 1,120
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    Twice I ve seen tee shots on Par 3s go in a pond followed by hole out pars
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    jaygween wrote:

    Lol like everyone else so far, mine is a par 5 story. This particular par 5 is one you can gamble on if you hit it far enough. There is a big pond directly in front of the tee box that is just over 300 yards to carry. The most common way to play the hole is to hit down the fairway that runs along the left side of the pond. I usually can carry the pond but on this day I didn't catch all of it and dumped it at least 10 yards short in the water. I tee another, hit 3 wood down the left on a rope. I had 200 downwind for my 4th. I flushed a 7 iron to about 6 inches and tapped in for par. When I got back in the cart my buddy just looked at me and said "You make me sick." haha

    Peak WRX

    You forgot to bold the 200 yard 7 iron lol
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    Hooded the **** out of my 2nd shot from the dead center of the fairway from about 160. Ball hit the edge of the cart path and ricocheted back to just off the green. Chipped to within 6 inches and tapped in for par. Had the ball not hit the cart path it would have likely bounded into the woods across the next hole with how dry it was.
  • jwellefson1jwellefson1  221Members Posts: 221
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    I was playing a dogleg right par four and naturally i hooked it into some trees, but I had a clear line to the green and ended to the right of it. I then proceeded to flub my chip, it went all of 18 inches. Then I holed my second chip so I was pretty excited.
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  • King_SlenderKing_Slender  1490Members Posts: 1,490
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    Par 5

    1st shot - OB

    3rd shot - fairway bunker

    4th shot - out to 90 yards

    5th shot - dunked it
  • adam667220adam667220  895Members Posts: 895
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    I once hit a fairway with my drive, then the green with my approach, then two putt for par. That was pretty wild.

    That's the least likely type of par that I make. For some of us that like to "see the whole course" most of our pars are entertaining.
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  • altess27altess27 Northern MN Southpaw  832Members Posts: 832
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    Not a par but a bogey, it also wasn't mine but I have to share. We were in the qualifying match of a recent tournament and we are on 16 and my friend has a decent round going, 16 is a 550 yard par 5. He snap hooks his drive on 16 into a grouping of trees, tries a miraculous shot but hits a tree and goes dead left. He's now lying 2 with about 400 yards to go. He pulls his next shot into the weeds on the right side of the hole just before the water. Now he's lying 3 with about 200 yards to go. He hacks it out of the weeds now lying 4 with about 150 yards to go. I don't know if he pulled the wrong club or what but he sails the green by about 25 yards and is now lying 5 with a very difficult chip for bogey coming up next. He proceeds to knock that shot in the hole and escape with his bogey. The rest of the tournament wasn't so lucky for him but that was surely an interesting hole.
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  • WalterWalter Belgian Golfer  700Members Posts: 700
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    Short par 4 opening hole , small 9 hole course , 270 yards , wind in the back , driver over green in water hazard. Take a drop , flig iT , than hole iT 😆 Lost the hole to My brother's birdie
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    Was playing late after work. Had an awesome round going, even par through 8 holes. The 7th and 8th were played in very dark conditions. By the time I got to par 4 9th, It was pretty much pitch black. Im friends with the course super andnhe doesnt mind if I play late.

    Om the 9th. I hit the tee shot to the right fairway bunker. The only way I knew was through the feel of the shot. I could tell it went right, walked along its line and found it in the bunker. By now, im considering picking up, but the rest of the hole is on the way and Im playing toward the light of the clubhouse so I hit the second shot. Hybrid out of the fw bunker. This one finds the greenide bunker from 220 yards away. Blade that bunker shot over the green like a lazer. Im over this crap by now, but decide to try to just flop one on there and go home. Si I Found my ball again down in some rough on the side of a deep valley the leads up to the green. The green was lit up a bit from the light from the clubhouse. But i was down in the little valley where ai couldbt see much but the shadowy outline of part of the flag. I poped it up and it rolled in quietly. since I was below, I couldnt see this happen. I saunter up to the green with my putter. Looking for my ball, Im like wtf? Thought it rolled off somewhere. Check the cup and there she is, wedged against the flag in the cup. By then I was genuinely confused and generally beat. Took me a minute to realize that i shot even par in near perfect dark.

    Its really late and no one is around. Call my gf on the way home, she is the first person I tell this rediculius story. She has no idea what it all means and tells me im nut for playing that late. Get home and realize I left my wedge next to the green. Golf.
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  • PulledabillPulledabill  397Members Posts: 397
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    Just today....154 yard par 3. Toed an 8 a bit and ended uo short right with a uohill shot to a pin about 5 paces on. As i drove my cart down the right side I saw a boy and his well bukit lovely mom sliding down a slip n slide. Not sure how zi got up and down with my tongue dragging and whip lash.
  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-Maryland 2353Members Posts: 2,353
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    Par 5. Duck hook drive into wet, heavy grass; chip out; attempt layup with 5w but ball runs on the green, scattering the guys putting out; sink putt. Birdie. Go on to win tournament. Oh, wait...I guess that wasn't a "par story". Humble brag.
  • JoelsimJoelsim  1347Members Posts: 1,347
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    Earlier this year I needed a par 4 to break 80 for the first time since I started playing again after 20 years. My best score and only round I’d beaten 80 was a 79 in about 1997.

    Short par 4 but from the whites you have to fire the tee shot over 3 tall trees onto a blind fairway. Should you hit it about 180y into the middle of that fairway it leaves about 120y to the pin. The green in slightly raised and has 3 bunkers protecting it, one of those about 25 yards in front of the green, the other two left and right of the green, I hit a poor PW with my second shot into the first bunker. I then hit a poor bunker shot which got out but was still a few yards from the front of the green.

    Then chipped in!

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    I've got 2 that stick out

    Par 4: 1st shot OB. 3rd shot down the middle. Hole out from 130ish

    Par 5: 1st: slice into woods, 2nd: ill-fated punch hits a tree and goes about 10 yards deeper in, 3rd: punch that fails to get fully out but advances a little, 4: punch that rolls to left fringe of green, 5: chip in
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  • chinaskichinaski Dios mio, man.  354Members Posts: 354
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    In my Club Championship 2 years ago I hit a decent drive and left myself an easy 9 iron in. Stuck it to maybe two feet. Birdie putt broke a little so I wanted to hit it firm. I hit it center of the cup. It hits the back of the cup and bounced right back out on to the green from the bottom of the cup. We all stood there for a few seconds before one guys says "I've never seen that in my life". Tapped in for par.
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  • cb24cb24  1715Members Posts: 1,715
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    Well just yesterday morning I duffed one while in the trap so bad it rolled back behind me, then holed out the next shot from the sand.

    But probably my craziest par had a similar ending. It was a par 4 and I hit one into the fairway bunker then hit my next shot into the green side bunker, then hit my next shot into the green side bunker on the opposite side of the green. Then holed out of that bunker for a par. I literally did not play off grass except for on the tee box, it was crazy!
  • Lancj1Lancj1  924Members Posts: 924
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    kozubs wrote:

    Here's a funny par I made one time in my club championships.

    Par 5. I flaired my drive right and it looked like it went OB. I re-teed and washed my provisional in the pond on the left. Oh well, at least I get a drop.

    We find my first just in bounds. Now i'm in deep rough blocked out by huge maples. Instead of punching out sideways I try for a 30 yard cut miracle shot to advance it further. I'm aimed right at the parking lot. The only cut a little. It landed on grass but we lost site of it because it flew over a small hill. I start to walk away and one of my playing partners reminds me that the PL is OB and I should hit another provisional. I try the same shot and this one works, bends around the trees and ends up in the fairway about 200 yards up.

    I start walking to my provisional, and my playing partners find my first shot just inside the OB again by the PL on the left buried in the rough. I'm about 40 yards left and short of the green. I knock it onto the green and two put par. One of my partners asks in disbelief if I just pared which I had.

    I hit two provisionals, 1 ball in the water and was as far left and as far right as I could be and walked away with par. That hole was a big topic of discussion afterwards in the 19th.

    If I message you my telephone number, any chance you could ring me and describe all your rounds to me each week ? That would be fantastic.... image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • MoonlightgrmMoonlightgrm Massachusetts 996Members Posts: 996
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    Is a crazy birdie story acceptable? Many years ago (sometime in the 1980s) I am carrying for our club pro in a Connecticut Sectional PGA event. He's A little guy with blacksmith arms and has a volatile temper, to say the least. The 13th hole is a 410-yard dogleg left par 4. He planned on drawing his driver around the corner leaving him a short approach to the green. Instead, he hits a pull hook and the ball caroms off of a tree into the thick woods on the left. He smacks his bag with his driver and unfortunately the sound we hear is the wristwatch he's placed in his bag. He smashed the crystal. Now he's truly steaming. We get to his ball and he has no shot. He's 300 yards from the green with a wall of maple trees in front of him. He asks for his 1-iron and I know better than to question his decision. He proceeds to hit a bullet that blasts through the tree canopy and comes to rest in the fairway about 60-yards short of the green. The green is protected by a bunker in front and the pin is tucked right behind this bunker. He opens up his sand wedge and hits the most beautiful little lob over that bunker. We hear the pin rattle as his playing companions acknowledge his perfectly played shot. He never uttered a word until the next tee box when he started to giggle and proclaim how stupid this game can make you feel. This might be the most amazing birdie I have witnessed and certainly the greatest 1-iron shot. He finished third with a 2-under par 70. Scarey guy, at times. I never carried his bag again, but he left me with a great memory.
  • HehatemeHehateme  553Members Posts: 553
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    Long par 5 dogleg right, decided to hit it over the dogleg, drive hit the trees and went into the water. Took a drop, went for the green 256 out and knocked it in the water in front of the green. Took my drop at about 90 yards and knocked it in for par! boom!! Happened Friday
  • sdandreasdandrea Steve  2468Members Posts: 2,468
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    Best par I ever made was holing my 4th shot after driving it behind a tree, chipping out to the fairway, and then topping the 3rd to 140 out.
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  • Gilmore-HappyGilmore-Happy  99Members Posts: 99
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    Stodds12 wrote:

    jaygween wrote:

    Lol like everyone else so far, mine is a par 5 story. This particular par 5 is one you can gamble on if you hit it far enough. There is a big pond directly in front of the tee box that is just over 300 yards to carry. The most common way to play the hole is to hit down the fairway that runs along the left side of the pond. I usually can carry the pond but on this day I didn't catch all of it and dumped it at least 10 yards short in the water. I tee another, hit 3 wood down the left on a rope. I had 200 downwind for my 4th. I flushed a 7 iron to about 6 inches and tapped in for par. When I got back in the cart my buddy just looked at me and said "You make me sick." haha

    Peak WRX

    You forgot to bold the 200 yard 7 iron lol

    Lol Yeah I'm not sure why he left that out either. I haven't been here long but I have been a lurker for a long time. I know all about the typical "WRXer long drive tour pro" members. I'll be the first to tell you I SUCK. I just happen to swing the club fast and get lucky sometimes. BTW that 7 iron was hard downwind too. image/derisive.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':derisive:' />
  • slocagolferslocagolfer  512Members Posts: 512
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    Par 4. I hit my tee shot off the heel into a bunker on the previous hole. Blast out about 10 yards (creek from the bunker to the fairway) . Hit something up the hill to about 120. Yep, canned the approach.
  • StrömsborgStrömsborg Stockholm 568Members Posts: 568
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    My friend made a high odds birdie last week. He hooked his drive to an adjacent fairway and then needed to manufacture a similar hook around a stand of trees to get back in play. He then went for the green on this short par 5 but pushed his long iron into a lone tree 50 yards in front of the green and his boll fell into the front bunker, from where he holed his fourth shot. Easy.
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  • KnightPSKnightPS  290Members Posts: 290
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    Drop kicked my tee shot dead left on a par 5. The ball hit the top of a dead tree in a hazard that runs down the left and landed a foot inside the red line. Had to stand in the hazard, gripping the shaft of my hybrid to advance the ball down the fairway. Long iron into the green, 2 putts. Easy.
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