9 holes of golf



  • SBH9458SBH9458 Go Army! Beat Navy! Members Posts: 910 ✭✭
    Playing 9 is good under the right circumstance and keeps the balance (time)... most of us enjoy playing a full round, but it just isn’t always feasible.
  • DeeBee30DeeBee30 Members Posts: 332 ✭✭
    Yeah, I get that sometimes it’s nice just to get some holes in, but most times I’d rather get some good practice in if I only have a couple hours to dedicate to golf.

    A focused range session followed by some putting and chipping drills often gives me more pleasure/satisfaction than 9 holes of play.

    Everyone’s different, but that’s my personal experience.
  • phiyaphiya Members Posts: 8 ✭✭
    Tanner25 wrote:

    Anyone prefer to play 9 holes of golf? I have found there are many benefits. Score does not become an obsession, less tired, less cost, less time, more social etc. Some courses make it a bit more expensive than it should be. But, I recently played one course, that just cut the green fee in half, which was nice. It's also a cool idea to drive/explore courses that are 1-2 hours away and play one you wouldn't normally play - in the same about amount of time of playing a local course for 18 holes.

    I don't mind playing 9 every once in a while, but I find that I get a lot more work done, and either fix issues I struggle with, or expose weaknesses that weren't exposed in the front nine after a full round. Consequently, I prefer to play a full round if I can.
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  • Sonja HenieSonja Henie Members Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Nine is about all I can squeeze in these days but it keeps me out of trouble with the wife -- quick and not too expensive.
  • buckrogers71buckrogers71 Members Posts: 278 ✭✭
    While I prefer 18, I coach high school soccer and softball (soccer is summer-fall/ softball early spring/ summer). Once my soccer season is over, daylight savings begins, by that time I have maybe played 5 rounds in 3 months, so I try to get 9 in and I have rediscovered how much walking the course is and just being out there at my own pace. Once softball comes, I'm in the same boat as soccer with rounds, so I enjoy sneaking out after school for a quick 9 and home in time for all the crap I neglected during softball season
  • Rufflyer18Rufflyer18 ClubWRX Posts: 5 ✭✭
    There used to be a couple short 9 hole courses around my area, 15 years ago, that got me started playing golf. One is now development and the other is closed but still there. I really like playing nine holes to work on my game, as others have stated not really worried about score and will often play worst ball to put pressure on.

    My home course is 18, but as a member I often play nine in the evening. Golf league is only nine holes, so it also can prepare one for that.
  • BogeyParBogeyBogeyParBogey Trying to get better... northern ILMembers Posts: 143 ✭✭
    I prefer to walk and 18 holes is a bit much sometimes. 9 holes is about perfect.

  • kthomaskthomas Members Posts: 40 ✭✭
    The wife and I try to play 9 holes at least once a week after her work. We don't keep score, it's a casual round of golf and a few drinks. We quite enjoy it.
  • tehutitehuti tehuti Members Posts: 69 ✭✭
    My regular course has only 9 holes and it’s perfect for me time wise.
  • TerpFangolferTerpFangolfer Members Posts: 579 ✭✭
    I use to do it regularly when I was a member of a club - as most said, late days , etc...I lived ~100 yards from the 7th tee.

    So I could walk out my door, play 7-9, then 1-6 and walk home.

    Or it was even later (not time for full 9) I could go 7,8,6 triangle once or twice...those were the good 'ol days
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  • ThreeBoxersThreeBoxers Members Posts: 94 ✭✭

    I prefer to walk and 18 holes is a bit much sometimes. 9 holes is about perfect.


    Same here. Bonus for me is that there's a dumpy 9 hole course nearby that's $7 to walk after 5pm.
  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,437 ClubWRX
    Winter weather here and the temps drop fast, so nine is it for now. I hope to play Sat, not sure.
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  • llewol007llewol007 4KidsGolfer ClubWRX Posts: 3,357 ClubWRX
    I do it often now because of time constraints. My local course offers free golf an hour after twilight but I just pay the 20 bucks to the off earlier. Well worth it. Sometime the course is dead and I play practice shots from different yardages.
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  • mds5062mds5062 Members Posts: 78 ✭✭
    have been in a 9 hole league after work from April to October the past two years. Great thing to look forward to during the day and when you're playing well, you can keep going or just take satisfaction in shooting your score. When its going to ****, you can write it off and not have to worry about the back 9 and losing more balls
  • kp6622kp6622 Members Posts: 31
    I used to play 9 all the time. Living in the city a lot of the nearby courses are 3 hour 9’s, which isn’t my favorite. At that point I prefer to drive a bit, and if I’m going to spend 45+ mins in the car each way I prefer to make a day of it and play 18. I do miss being able to sneak in a quick 9 whenever I wanted.
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  • averysdadaverysdad Members Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    I live 3 miles from my club and dang sure don’t play enough...I’m turning that around in 2019 and playing as much as I can. I love 9 hole twilight rounds in the summer. Some of my fav rounds to cap off with a beer and maybe a steak on the grill.
  • crp709crp709 Members Posts: 49 ✭✭
    I enjoy walking nine holes usually 2-4 times per week. Unfortunately a lot of the course are around here are resort courses so walking is not allowed. Luckily I can play at a decent local military course for $5 per nine. Rather spend $5 actually playing than $5 on a bucket of range balls.
  • naval2006naval2006 ArgentinaMembers Posts: 966 ✭✭
    9 holes once or twice a week in summer is like gold for me. Especially if I can play on the Thursday 9 hole league. We even have a very popular 12 hole league every summer Saturdays which gives you time to play and spend time with family at the pool or grilling at night. On weekdays when I play 9 I never feel like something is misssing, it’s more like a gift on a busy day.
  • Jwink1586Jwink1586 Members Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Sometimes I try to get in a quick 9 before playing the real 18.
  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,437 ClubWRX
    edited Feb 6, 2019 8:14pm #111
    I am having a hard time with 18 lately, just feel exhausted. Plus my shoulders really complain after 18. I am seriously thinking of limiting golf to just nine holes to ease up on the body. Maybe the warmer weather coming up can help with that.
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  • tehutitehuti tehuti Members Posts: 69 ✭✭
    I don’t necessarily prefer playing 9 holes, but if we didn’t have a nice 9 hole course nearby I would play a lot less golf. Convenient, shorter rounds and in the spring and summer I can play after work during the week occasionally.
  • sford31sford31 Members Posts: 31 ✭✭
    I never seem tone able to stop at just nine...feel like I’m finally warmed up and gettin in the groove at about hole 7.
  • Crazy_BikerdudeCrazy_Bikerdude Members Posts: 23 ✭✭
    18 holes would be great to play, but 9 is where I get my time. With 2 young kids at home getting out for 18 does not happen often. 9 gives me a chance to warm up, work on chipping then hit the links and be home for dinner.
  • HertsjoatmonHertsjoatmon HertfordshireMembers Posts: 190 ✭✭
    Golf buggies aren't as popular here in the UK so I'm normally pretty tired by the time I get to the 15th pushing my cart around. I love a 9 hole session and now even more so with my 7 club minimalist set (4w, 5, 7, 9, AW, LW, Putter). Depending on what time we get out on a Friday, a few of us at work will play either a par3 or a front or back 9 at a local course.

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  • three-putt-petethree-putt-pete Members Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Naptime wrote:

    Not really. It would be like bowling 5 frames.

    Except that you can post a 9 hole score with the GHIN/USGA.
  • sheppy335sheppy335 TMAG Junkie Members Posts: 6,343 ✭✭
    If i dont have time for 18 i will not hesitate to play 9. To me it is golf.
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    I drop the 2 iron or one of the other UDI's based on course.
  • Johnny_FairwayJohnny_Fairway South Jersey (Philly Burbs)Members Posts: 550 ✭✭
    naval2006 wrote:

    We even have a very popular 12 hole league every summer.

    I've always thought twelve holes is just about right. I usually play 9, which leaves me wanting some more. But we have a three hole loop that I'll sometimes play twice to stretch 9 holes out to 12, which is just about the perfect amount of golf for me.
  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3 Members Posts: 924 ✭✭
    I had previously posted here that I was finding 9 holes of on course play ,better practice than the range. I am also finding I have a much greater tolerance for slow play at 9 holes
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  • BarfolomewBarfolomew #worstWRXer Members Posts: 1,248 ✭✭
    After work 9 holes fits the bill quite nicely....
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  • hdgolf44hdgolf44 Members Posts: 341 ✭✭
    Don't know if it's because it's a more casual atmosphere, but the post-workday 9 hole seems to be where I tend to score better than usual

    There have been many times (in league, meeting my buddy after pro shop closes, after diiner, etc) where I've posted good scores for 9 holes. Can never flip the switch and get that same feeling for a full 18 though
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