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    ago33 wrote:

    TollBros wrote:
    KennyP wrote:

    Is that actually a Vizard shaft, or something else painted over?

    It's a Honma made shaft that copies the profile of a shaft he has played off and on for some time. They cloned his preferred profile.

    How hard is it to copy bend points? If it just adding or subtracting material in certain places or do they use different materials etc.

    For example the KK has the TiNi in the tip etc

    Many shafts are near clones of one another just with different materials. For example, Speeder 757 and Diamana Blueboard original are essentially the same shaft. Companies won't copy the construction, but rather the actual balance and bend profile.

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    I would like the whole set. Looks simply amazing.

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    Small thing, but it seems that most OEMs that have "special" ferrules for their irons like Honma as soon as you see them in a tour players bag they are usually the all black kind (most/all of Rose's irons here).

    Honma's flat top ferrules are interesting, can't help but notice when you pick an iron up.
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    pretty pure looking
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    I find It odd Honma has not upgraded their website. It's a bit confusing with no real info on their equipment. They sign Rose and mention a mid March release for the irons and then no updates. Seems like a missed opportunity.

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    Very good looking blades

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    Did anyone notice JR using a TM driver in yesterday's round at the PGA Championship? I wasn't paying attention but my buddy said he swore he saw him using a M3 or some sore of TM driver.

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