2019 Golfing Goals

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I'm playing my first round of 2019 today after work. Its going to be a wet and soggy one but I am super excited to finally get out. It had me thinking about some of the goals I have going into this season. I figured I'd share them and open up the discussion for others to share their goals too. I have three:

1. Better course management - This kind of speaks for itself. I am going to have a plan for each hole and each shot instead of eagerly going up there and hitting the ball to where I think is safe. 

2. Simplify the game (shot and club choices) - This kind of goes in hand with #1. I played some rounds with some seniors last year that easily shoot in the 70s every time. One of the things I picked up from them was how these guys just plain out keep it simple. They take their time. They don't try to kill the ball. They don't try any risky shots. They seem to always stay out of trouble because of this. Makes total sense, ha. So, I am trying to take a similar approach (no pun) this year. I added a driving iron to my bag towards the end of last year. One of the best decisions I ever made as it resulted in more tee shots being in safer play. Not that I am a bad driver, I just don't need to try and bomb a drive on a 340 yard tree-lined par 4. Get me out there safely 220+ yards with a 120- yard approach and I'll take that all day. This also goes for around the green too. Sometimes I'll try to get "cute" with my wedges and it will result in poor shots. Need to clean that up.

3. Walk more - I am now a proud owner of two Jones bags - Utility Stand and The Original. I am fortunate to be in good physical health and I have a lot of great, walk-able courses nearby. Time to get out and enjoy golf the way it was meant to be! The exercise is a plus, too.

Oh, I'm also looking forward to hitting these shiny new Japanese blades for the very first time on a course.
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    I just made a list of goals myself. 

    Outcome goals (what I want to accomplish)

    1. Finish top 10 in my provincial amateur championship and qualify for nationals (different province this year should make this more attainable 😬) 

    2. Top 3 in regionals (military golf)

    3. Top 5 at nationals (military)

    Process goals

    1. Increase Club speed to 120. (I know I have a lot more speed in me as I used to when I was younger, I was close last year and I have been working out in hopes to gain those last few mph)

    2. Less then 1 penalty stroke per round.  (I struggled last year with lost focus that would create poor shots and put me in a lot of trouble) 

    3. Increase make % outside 10ft (I had some flaws in my approach last year that I was able to corner with a coach. Taking in the time on the green will go a long way to accomplish my other goals, low hanging fruit) 

    4. Just enjoy the process (it’s been a while I’ve had the time to put into a sport and I have been enjoying it thus far. I do have a tendency to get overly focused on the outcome and it brings out frustration. I’m looking to avoid that as much as possible) 

    The number in the picture is my balls speed
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    my only goal for the year is to figure out how never to hit a hook again... ever.. 
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    No expectations or goals for 2019.   

    Play more with the kids. 
  • QuigleyDUQuigleyDU Members Posts: 6,204 ✭✭
    Ferguson said:
    No expectations or goals for 2019.   

    Play more with the kids. 
    Why do I have this image of gran torino in my head... 
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    Fairway: NIKE VAPOR 13*
    5-9 IRONS: MP5 DG AMT X100
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    Ferguson said:
    No expectations or goals for 2019.   

    Play more with the kids. 
    100% agree with this one.  I really want to take my son out to play more even if it's just 9 holes.
  • Matt JMatt J Members Posts: 8,666 ✭✭
    Shoot even par or better, break 70.  I've shot a bunch of 73's so this feels like a mental hurdle more than anything.
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    Matt J said:
    Shoot even par or better, break 70.  I've shot a bunch of 73's so this feels like a mental hurdle more than anything.
    I should add that myself.. I shot in the mid 70s a few times towards the end of last year. Would love to shoot par or break it!
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    My goal for this year is more on mental side of things.

    For the longest time, I have been a golfer who easily gets frustrated and gives up when things go bad. My buddy who caddied for me once, said that if I fix that attitude, I would enjoy the game more and would shoot lower scores. So far, all winter long, I have been working on my pre shot routine using a simulator. And on the sim, I have been practicing the mental part as well. When I make mistakes, I make sure that I don't get discouraged and stick to my routine and execute the next shot with the best that I can. So far it seems like it is working. The only thing I need to do now is to do it in real life. :smile:

    I cannot imagine that I have been able to lower my handicap in the last 5 years to single digits with a very weak mental toughness lol 
  • shadymgshadymg Members Posts: 155 ✭✭
    My goals are simple as well:
    1. No more slicing driver
    2. Break 90 (although with my last few rounds being just over 100, maybe that should be my goal first?? but truth be told, for a while there i was consistently in the 90s)
    3. Play more. I get to the range quite a bit, but a lot less on the course, so that's a goal of mine is to just actually play more, practice less
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    At a high level:
    1) Shoot under par
    2) Improve my handicap
    3) Improve my swing
    4) Improve my approach to practicing so I'm more efficient / effective
    5) Play as much golf as possible (all of the above are likely dependent on this)
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    One simple goal:
    Make pure contact on every shot.
    Turn over damnit!
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    Got two for myself:

    - Get much better at my short game. I get killed on my score from this
    - Better course management

    Other than that, I want to get out more, and continue to remember that I ultimately golf for fun. 
  • fowlerscousinfowlerscousin Members Posts: 792 ✭✭
    -shoot more scores in the 70's
    -win more than 3 events
    -do a ton of short game practice
    -keep improving ball striking
  • Danm2501Danm2501 Posts: 258 ✭✭
    - Break 80 in a medal
    - Get handicap down to 10 or less
    - Win a tournament
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    • Manage the course better. There's a time and a place for the driver, and it's not on every par 4 or 5.
    • Stay in the game mentally. Don't check out after a bad hole or rough patch.
    • Score like I know I'm capable of. Basically have the confidence to play up to my ability.
    • Win a tournament
  • tcutshaw1723tcutshaw1723 ClubWRX Posts: 78 ClubWRX

    My goal is to lower my handicap at or below a 3 (currently 4.8). I'm going to do this by using my limited practice time more effectively (I work 60+ hrs a week). I'm going to really focus on my short game during practice sessions because I seem to be so hot and cold in that area. My course management needs improvement as well. I don't play enough to take on those risk-reward shots that I always seem to mess up at least once a round. I'm not the kind of guy to get too frustrated but I need to focus more while playing.

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  • I like to say:
    Shoot in the 70's (currently a 6 handicap),
    lower said handicap
    walk the course more
    Make better decisions.
    Honestly just have fun with the game. The past few seasons I've gotten caught up in stats etc etc etc and it made things worse. I've played 2 "real" rounds and just kept score and I've shot 77 and 79. Fill in the blanks later.

  • clp34vmpclp34vmp Cancel that mead Posts: 230 ✭✭

    Good thread - enjoyed reading how others are approaching the impending season, though I guess for those in warmer climates there's no such thing as a "season."

    In the Fall of '17 I played some of my best golf ever, and at the start of last season I really felt filled with confidence and ready to go. I started off well enough, but after about a month or two of playing fine my game unexpectedly took a real turn for the worse. It took me several months to pull out of that rut and there were a number of really abysmal rounds sprinkled in between some mediocre ones.

    With that fresh in my memory, I'm approaching this year with more of a cautiously optimistic frame of mind than I was going into last year. I've kind of accepted the type of player I am at this point and hope I can do better at enjoying just being out there playing the game and not so wrapped up in whether I'm playing well or not.

  • jholzjholz Members Posts: 1,296 ✭✭

    Over the past few years, I've been methodically focusing my goals and practice on improving particular areas of my game. So far, I've strengthened play off the tee with practice and better course management. My putting and chipping have improved, as well as my wedge play.
    This year, I'm attacking the weakest part of my game - irons. I've been reading and asking questions on the forum for the past few months to devise a strategy and approach. To start, I'm going to be pulling more club and hitting punch shots on every approach through the early season.

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  • brkuckbrkuck Members Posts: 1,618 ✭✭
    • Break 70
    • Play more than 20 rounds all summer (including outings)
    • Walk more and don't forget to have fun
  • staylor1634staylor1634 Members Posts: 8 ✭✭

    1) Practice with a purpose
    2) Strive for more consistency
    3) Play and practice more with my wife who's swing I would kill for

  • LaznastyLaznasty Valparaiso, IndianaMembers Posts: 676 ✭✭
    1. Start keeping track of scores to figure out my handicap and lower it. I usually shoot in the mid 80's and I'd like to get to the point where I'm breaking 80 or at least giving myself a chance to break 80 more often.
    2. I'd love to get closer to 110-115mph swingspeed. Currently around 103 and I'm using the superspeed golf training system and working out regularly to get into better shape.
    3. Concentrate on my own game and take more time. I'm a pretty fast player, but I always feel like I can do more to speed up play and my game usually suffers.
    4. Play more courses that I haven't played before.
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  • Acesn8ightsAcesn8ights Members Posts: 2

    I like all 3 in the OP. #3 is one I'm trying for the first time this year. I pretty much have only used a cart my whole life. I got a push cart last year as a gift for being at my company for 10 years. Planning on getting some use out of it this year. I'm too lazy to carry, but think I can manage with the push cart.

  • StanksStanks Everything I post is confrontational Members Posts: 1,155 ✭✭
    • shorten back swing
    • Handicap lower to 13
  • Boricua GolfBoricua Golf Members Posts: 3,380 ✭✭

    I just want to play, currently in Afghanistan, so I went home for Christmas and vacationed at Disney, played the Magnolia (love that course), going home again in May, hope to get out a few times, we'll see...but yes just to play would just fine for me...

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  • Get rid of the blow up holes. No more 7s or 8s on the card. I would like to break 90 and and consistently shoot in the 80s. I got real close late last year.

  • ScottJNScottJN Members Posts: 23 ✭✭

    I’d like to break 80. Scoring often in the low 80s would be great.

    In order for those to happen I need to straighten out my driver off the tee and I need to work on my scrambling around the green.

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