Need a Great Bunker Club From Firm Sand



  • gmacgolfer78gmacgolfer78 Members Posts: 37 ✭✭

    the Vokey 60M for me is amazing from the sand. I try not to hit it from anywhere else but it's magic from firm sand. I'll use the 56S for more fluffy stuff

  • buckeyeflbuckeyefl Members Posts: 5,641 ✭✭

    @kb24ismvp said:
    the best wedge for these shots is called the foot wedge - xd
    but if you are sadistical, there really is no wedge better than the vokey K grind - retail got that grind starting with SM 5. its literally the only wedge that is good for shallow or super steep swingers. any wedge that is comparable is just a replica of the k grind. the high toe is really nice as well, but for full, 3/4 shots, the toe is too wide imo.

    I have a 54 and 58 TVD K-GRIND and hit them from everywhere. I wish I had ordered another because I don't think they have anything similar in the lineup as far as bounce these days.

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