I drive the ball like a little girl



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    In the OP's defense, conditions are enhanced to insure run out to create the appearance of distance. They do that on other tours as well. Not sure how much fairway enhancement happened, if any, at the Women's British Open. However, stateside, they go so far as to reverse grain on some fairways to ensure down-grain and running and distance measuring holes maybe down-breeze. Maybe a better way to say it would be little girls hit the ball like a little boy. Check out driving stats for the LPGA. It's partly why I don't watch the LPGA. I want to measure myself against those talents that hit it farther than this senior. lol

    At 68 yrs old, last year I played a local LPGA tour stop the week before the event. My driver average is around 240-248 yds + run out. No way I can describe how fast fairways were except to say the run out I was getting was huge and greens were spectacular. On one hole I hit my 2 iron with runout it was measured at 232 yards. Under benign or normal conditions, a good strike nowadays gets 215-220 yards. I loved it, the faster the better.

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    @bscinstnct said:

    @Ferguson said:
    Brasky's kidney stone.

    Braskys golf shafts

    Brasky's lucky ball marker.

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    You can have "skinny" legs and still use the ground well to create power.

    Look at some high jumpers like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Very thin legs. 35+" veritical leaps in their primes.

    Dustin Johnson and Tony Finau. Both good leapers. Not bulky but not surprising that they hit the ball far. Obviously other factors matter as well.

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    Did I ever tell you about the time that Brasky played golf on the moon? He was playing with Alan Shepherd, but Alan had to wear a bulky space suit. Brasky can breath space dust so he has a big advantage. Shepherd was struggling to hit the ball one handed about 200 yards. Brasky's first shot is so hard that the ball escapes the moon's gravitational field. OB. Once he learned to swing it smooth, he was able to play the circumference of the moon in like 7 shots. Well at least we thought it was 7, but we couldn't see him on the dark side.

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    Brasky's food order on the turn.

    Here's to Bill Brasky!!!

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    Just watched her swing, specifically a 150 yard 7-iron. If I used my body that way I would hit my 7-iron 190 yards but only once since it would break my spine.

    Hey chopper, what are you hitting there?

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    After how long does being "out of form" turn into "a bad golfer"?
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    Just saw Anne van Dam on the Scottish golf. Lot of guys would like to have this swing.

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    Not taking anything away from her distance and how she achieves it but rollout on courses does make a huge difference. For us non pros it makes the game so much more enjoyable. Not so much when you hit flush shots. But it helps on those thin shots that on normal conditions would cut your normal shot in half. Here in the Houston area we practically play on a wet sponge daily. Couple that with the new modern courses where 1/4 to 1/3 of the course requires long carries over water, and if your game is not on rounds can be very frustrating. One of the few things I miss about Fort Worth are the golf courses and conditions. Rollout is definitely king.

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    @bscinstnct said:
    Just saw Anne van Dam on the Scottish golf. Lot of guys would like to have this swing.

    110mph, 285 average drive

    I had never heard of Anne van Dam until yesterday. Wow, that woman looks to me like she has the perfect body to hit a golf ball a long way and a swing that is just fabulous. I hope she becomes a major fixture in women's golf for a long time.

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    So OP giving us a golf Ted Talk?

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    @BeerPerHole said:
    Athleticism trumps brute strength in this game. I don't see JT has having string bean legs, either. The kid is quick and very athletic. Would probably have been a very good boxer. I stood by Jon Rahm at Pebble recently. I'm 6', 222 and I think I read somewhere he's listed as 190. Uh, no. He's big. Both those guys built very differently but get it done. One of the things that makes golf so great.

    No way Rahm is 190.
    I'm not listing my stats but I'm bigger than Rahm (listed or perceived) and I hit it like Shibuno. I used to get annoyed, but I've accepted I'm not a long ball hitter off the tee.

    The ball doesn't know how big you are.
    And middle of clubface is way better than high toe.

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    Those ladies on the LPGA Tour are tiny and they can bomb it, with very little effort (270 avg.). The ladies tour has changed dramatically and the quality of play has risen to level that rival the men's tour (IMO). The cute factor has also risen to heights that has never been eyeballed before as well....LOL! Lots of good looking women out there if you pay attention to such things.... (IMO)…..LOL!

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