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Golfing everyday?



  • Neverfadeaway86Neverfadeaway86  265Posted: Members Posts: 265
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    i am usually good for 2 times a week, if the weather is really good 3

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  • McgeenoMcgeeno  2122Posted: Members Posts: 2,122
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    I am a guy in his 30s and I have a government job with lots of flex time and vacation.

    I also have no kids and my wife is an avid golfer.

    I usually get out 5-6 days per week. I'm teeing off by 3-4 during the week with no trouble.

  • dan360dan360 Paisano  5411Posted: Members Posts: 5,411
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    IUOE journeyman here. When I worked swing/2nd shift I could golf every day in the morning and still have a few hrs before work for other things.

    On day shift, if working 5-8’s can golf in afternoons. Off at 1430. If working 4-10’s it’s a little tougher in the winter with a 1630 off time but can still do 3x/week.

    It’s getting dark up here in the winter between 1630-1730 but 9 holes with a cart is doable.

    OT screws it up a bit but pays for Pebble Beach and Bandon at other times so it’s a wash.

    Daily, or near daily golf, is pretty easy actually. Especially when single with no kids.

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  • llewol007llewol007 4KidsGolfer  3443Posted: ClubWRX Posts: 3,443
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    Im working on being self employed and you can golf everyday if you planned it. After a while though, I would trade in couple of single rounds during the week for a couple of rounds with my buddies. Golf is also about sharing the time with your friends and watching them and your self play some great shots.

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  • csperling3csperling3  17Posted: Members Posts: 17
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    eat golf sleep repeat

  • DrewBallinDrewBallin  95Posted: Members Posts: 95
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    I could easily get out a few times a week with my work schedule. My wife would probably not approve though.

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  • KAndyManKAndyMan JUST GOTTA SEND IT!!! Trident/Lowcountry area 406Posted: Members Posts: 406
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    I “retired” at 31. More of a glorified break from work thats lasted almost 4 years now. Though now im working on getting another business fired up and once its got the right people in the right places with the right systems ill start another one and keep repeating till the day they put me in the dirt. I knew that if i didnt take a break sometime i never would. I didnt have 2 nickles to rub together when i started, i worked 100+hours/week for a few years and when i quit i had aqquired quite a nice collection of heavy equipment. Sold my machines and took my retirement early. Figured why not do it when the kids are babies/young and i can still physically move around at a decent speed. Played golf almost every day and while i got pretty good (down around scratch for a bit) it honestly started getting a bit old. Some of the looks people give you too when they ask the stupid old question “what do you do?” And you answer with “well i wake up when ever i feel like it, fool around for a bit then go golfing”. People tend NOT to like that answer for some reason when you are in your early 30s.

    Though bittersweet my “retirement”/WRX days are nearing an end (least a good slow down) now that im starting to ramp stuff back up. Ill still play 2-3x/week but mostly for business related reasons.

  • DMAICDMAIC  82Posted: Members Posts: 82
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    I typicaly sneak in 9 after work a few days a week and then 18 on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. I can't wait for retirement so I can play everyday.

  • AdExecAdExec Scottsdale, AZ  43Posted: Members Posts: 43
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    After back to back 18 hole rounds I find my swing gets lazier. Could definitely alternate full rounds with short game practice and be a happy camper though.

  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3  1110Posted: Members Posts: 1,110
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    49 retired, play as much as I want. Problem is guys I enjoy golfing with most are not retired.

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  • RichieHuntRichieHunt  3815Posted: Members Posts: 3,815
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    When I lived in Atlanta I started playing with a group of guys that were retired FDNY or NYPD. They get to retire early and they all had wives that made a lot of money. I also played with a bunch of Georgia Power guys that basically retired, but had wives that made a fortune.

    When I lived in Myrtle Beach, there were a lot of cases of Mr. Mom's or guys that didn't work. Essentially, they and their wife had dreamed about living in a place like Myrtle Beach and the wife would find a good job at a bank and the husband couldn't find a job because the job market is not that good. So they decided to move to the area anyway and have the wife as the bread winner while the husband stayed home, cleaned the house, made dinner, etc. That wasn't uncommon.

    Then you have the route of being wealthy or downright suspicious means of living. One friend of mine grew up in money and never worked a day in his life and plays golf every day in season. During the winter time, he skis every day.

    Another friend of mine's parents own a chain of liquor stores and gave him a few stores to run. He plays golf in the morning and then hooks up his XBox behind the counter and plays most of the day during 'work.' I also knew a guy in Atlanta that made a fortune off some type of software and retired at 38 years old and played golf almost every day. And one of my best friends growing up playing junior golf used to have his parents pay for virtually anything he wanted and payed for him to play AJGA events cross the country. Nobody ever knew what his parents did for a living and he has never worked a day in his life and we have no idea where he's getting the money. He plays golf every day in the summer in NY and then moves to Florida during the winter and plays golf every day. I'll just say that he's Italian and leave it at that. But seriously, I've known him since I was 12 years old and nobody knows what his parents or himself do for money.


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  • MychMych  2027Posted: Members Posts: 2,027
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    I have two buddies who play almost every day for most of the year and still have jobs. One owns an insurance company. He doesn't play during the open enrollment time of year, but can play almost every day from mid-January until mid-November. The other is a self employed accountant who only has a few relatively routine and longstanding clients. There are about 3-4 days that he can't play around the end of each quarter or fiscal year. Then he doesn't play very much in March, April, or October (tax day for extension filers). Other than that, he's always playing.

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  • Santiago GolfSantiago Golf I Strive to make you Better  5073Posted: Members Posts: 5,073
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    I teach golf and ill go on stretches where i will play holes (never full 18, hardly more than 9) for 3-6 weeks straight everyday. Though i will go on 3-6 week stretches where i will play less 18 holes total. Its all bout balance

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  • bladesoshanterbladesoshanter CT 52Posted: Members Posts: 52
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    The only thing stopping me from playing 365 days a year is the body barking. I've got what I imagine are common injuries for guys my age (56), but still am out there hoofing it 4-5-6 days a week anyway. I'd do 36-45 a dy if I could. No kids or major responsibilities helps. Golf is a way of life to some. Not so for others. I chased my business down the drain and had a bad injury so was sidelined for a long stretch, but rebounded last year and will play my way into a coffin before I stop (humor). It helps to work for yourself.


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  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-Maryland 2293Posted: Members Posts: 2,293
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    Retired, and my wife wants me out of the house. Course is across the street. I get in at least 9 most days. The only thing that prevents me from playing more is my aging body.

  • jak77jak77  83Posted: Members Posts: 83
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    I dont think I could play every day. There was a time where I would practice almost every day and then play on the weekends. I felt that that was too much. I found that I played much better with only one and at most two range sessions followed by weekend rounds.

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  • dannethmpsdannethmps  5Posted: Members Posts: 5
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    If I get to play once a week I'm happy

  • Signman150Signman150  76Posted: Members Posts: 76
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    Playing everyday would be too much of a good thing for me!

  • LeftDaddyLeftDaddy  808Posted: Members Posts: 808
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    I used to wonder the same thing, and still do about a couple of guys at my club. But I’ve learned that people have all manner of interesting professions and/or ways to get out on the golf course yet still make a living.

    I work as a GM of a business that involves a lot of client work. I work from home but travel about two weeks a month. When I’m at home and when my schedule is light, I can get out for 9 or even 18 in the DST time period. I do have a wife and kids, and so that cuts into my golf a bit (a good tradeoff though). But I play maybe 1 18 hole round a week plus one or two 9 hole rounds and / or range sessions. Not everyday, but certainly more than most.

    A young guy in our club is a wealth advisor that uses golf as a way to build clients. I always find it funny, though, to have a 30 year old advise a 50 year old on money. And I’d bet this 30 year old spends more than he makes. But anyway, he has a wife and young kids but plays almost every day.

    A buddy I grew up with was born super wealthy and he’s now inherited a large part of the family fortune. He did work for a few years after college, but only as a means to learn how to manage the inheritance. To his credit, he’s reasonably smart with the money he’s been given. He has houses in several places, and spends his time between “home” and the beach and he plays golf any time he wants.

    Several guys in our club either own businesses that run themselves or used to own a business but sold it and have plenty of money to live out their days playing golf and traveling.

    There are all kind of ways to make this work...

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  • Jkasm88Jkasm88  78Posted: Members Posts: 78
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    I wish i could play everyday haha but by the time i get home m-f it's already dark. Wish they had more lit up courses in my area. I know someone who works marketing for a golf company and all they do is check out different course all over the U.S. pretty sweet gig.

  • briansIIbriansII  68Posted: Members Posts: 68
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    I'm retired. I play between 3 to 7 times a week. Golf is my physical therapy. I have spinal issues, and being out on the course keeps me relatively loose. If I'm too sedentary, I'm visiting the chiropractor multiple times a week. If I golf 5-6 times a week, I may not see the doc for a couple weeks.

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  • PulledabillPulledabill  387Posted: Members Posts: 387
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    Im off at work at 2pm so I cznand have played most everyday. Injuries orwvent it at this tim so 4 or 5 daus a week is plenty.

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