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What Are You "OCD" About?



  • bkloessbkloess St. Louis, MO 78WRX Points: 57Members Posts: 78
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    Have to have a quarter dated 1972 or lower
    Ping G400 LST 9.5 w/ Rogue 125 TX
    Ping G30 13 w/ Tour AD-DI 8x
    Ping S55 (3-P) w/ Tour Issue DG x100 +.5
    Ping Tour Gorge 52/56/60 w/ DG TI S400
    Scotty 009/ Scotty FB+ Circle T
    Titleist Pro V1x
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  • mjfornmjforn  221WRX Points: 47Handicap: 17Members Posts: 221
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    Well I've stated this before, I always clean each club after I use it. Then I put the covers on them, irons and metals. I didn't do that the beginning of the year and was surprised at how bet up the irons got. So I willl from now on.

    I take my glove off after I hit and change it out after 9 or less. I keep all gloves neatly folded in an envelope in the bag, one glove one envelope.

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    Odyssey Works SS #1 Putter


    Callaway Tour Soft

    K Sigs (in the shag bag)

  • Jacob37Jacob37  94WRX Points: 2Handicap: 8Members Posts: 94
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    This is one i haven’t seen, but i can’t stand to ride with someone in cart while they’re holding their club for the next shot. Example, they pitch on the green and go ahead and get their putter out while I’m preparing for my approach shot and then the ride with their putter
  • MelloYelloMelloYello Upstate, SC 3685WRX Points: 914Handicap: 8Members Posts: 3,685
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    I have to be the first one to the next tee....

    ...get the F out of my way!!!!
    Driver: M3 w. Tensei CK Pro Org.
    Fairway: M6 3w
    Hybrid: Tour Edge E8 (19, 22)
    Irons: 716 CB (5-Pw)
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    Putter: Newport 2 Select
  • smashdnsmashdn Let's cut them trees down.  1809WRX Points: 604Members Posts: 1,809
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    I use pink tees. Pink zero friction tees. Nobody bums tees from me.
  • scagnettiscagnetti Haq Attaq  554WRX Points: 64Members Posts: 554
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    smashdn wrote:

    I use pink tees. Pink zero friction tees. Nobody bums tees from me.
    i use pink step up tees

    i feel you bru
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    Callaway Apex UT 21* & 24* UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4
    Adams Idea Black CB2 5-PW KBS Tour 90-S
    Nike VR Pro X3X 52/10 & 58/08  DG S400
    Odyssey TD Black 9
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  • The Real PacmanThe Real Pacman  83WRX Points: 59Handicap: 15Members Posts: 83
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    I'm with you on the clean clubs thing. I like to keep my ball clean as well, and I can't stand big scuff marks on my ball. If it's small, I'll keep it in play, but if its a big one, I throw it in my bag and take it home to my "practice bucket"

  • ballzoballzo Sacramento, CA 646WRX Points: 122Handicap: 5Members Posts: 646
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    Everything unfortunately.

    Tour Edge XCG6 9*
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    Sonartec MD 19* Fujikura Banzai stiff
    Sonartec MD 25* Fujikura Banzai stiff
    MacGregor Pro-C 6-P S300
    Scratch Golf JLM-SND 51*, JLM-SND 55*, JLM-SFU 59*
    Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar

  • KirasdadKirasdad Kirasdad  751WRX Points: 103Members Posts: 751
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    I have an odd one. I want nothing in the trunk of my car except my clubs (cleaned and ready to go) and my shoes (cleaned and ready to go) nothing else. No clothes or extra shoes, spare clubs, or sunscreen or water bottles, no jumper cables or car gear, nothing. Before a round I’ll go out to the car to check and make sure the trunk is in order. It’s weird, and doesn’t show up anywhere else, just the trunk.

    Current bag:
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    PING G10 4 wood 17 degrees
    Sonatec 20 deg. hybrid
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    Ram Watson SW
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  • aenematedaenemated Los Angeles, CA 507WRX Points: 623Members Posts: 507
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    I can't have anything in my pockets not used for the round ... and the things are very specific and belong in specific pockets.

    Front right: Three black tees. If I break one, I have to grab another out of my bag and replace it in the pocket. Ball currently in play goes there from green to next tee.
    Rear right: Scorecard/yardage book
    Rear left: Nothing
    Front left: Red ball mark repairer and one 1 Colon coin from my trip to Costa Rica several years ago, which I use as a mark. Brought back 100 of them and so far have only managed to lose a couple.

    I feel oddly off balance if this isn't right.

    ... golfers. What a weird bunch.


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    Titleist TS2 FW 15°, 18°
    Titleist U500 3I
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  • gsea33gsea33  740WRX Points: 183Handicap: 9Members Posts: 740
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    On -, @Jacob37 said:

    This is one i haven’t seen, but i can’t stand to ride with someone in cart while they’re holding their club for the next shot. Example, they pitch on the green and go ahead and get their putter out while I’m preparing for my approach shot and then the ride with their putter

    You and I will never ride together lol


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    Titleist 975F 14.5
    Titleist 975F 20.5
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • jarheadjarhead  36WRX Points: 67Handicap: 16Members Posts: 36
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    Clubs clean. Shoes clean. Clubs in correct slots in the bag. Three tees in left pocket; Two longs and a short. Extra ball in right back pocket. Three pennies, a dime and ball-mark tool in right front pocket. And of course about 75 other little things that I don't even notice. And that's just while playing golf.

  • Egs57Egs57  39WRX Points: 34Members Posts: 39
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    Clean clubs to start a round. I’ve even cleaned my clubs twice before a round!

  • jonnymc44jonnymc44 Manchester UK 195WRX Points: 123Handicap: 5.6Members Posts: 195
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    Not too many things, but a few that would drive me insane if they weren't all followed...

    • My bag has a 14-way divider, and each club has to go in its own slot, and in ascending loft order. If someone takes a club out and doesn't put it back in the correct slot I can feel my blood boil.
    • I have now perfected my pre-shot routine. Whatever the shot I will always go through the same routine; I will always try to exaggerate my downswing keeping my right elbow in stood a couple of paces behind my ball. I will walk back further and take a line with my club held out vertically in front of me. I'll line once at a distant object and again with a line a couple of feet beyond the ball. At this point I'll address the ball keeping my eye on the line just beyond the ball. At address I will shrug my shoulders a few times to get correct shoulder alignment, relax my complete body then I am ready to hit my shot. If I don't do one part right, or doesn't feel good I'll start again. It takes no longer than 20 seconds.
    • We don't have the same prevalence of golf carts in the UK so I always carry/push my clubs on a trolley, so everything tends to be in my pockets, barring drinks, snacks, extra balls etc. Each pocket has a purpose: Front right - tees, ball marker, pitch mark repairer and club cleaner. Front left- glove when not in use. Back right - card and pencil. Back left - phone.
  • OldFrog75OldFrog75 Fort Worth, Texas 133WRX Points: 48Handicap: Too highMembers Posts: 133
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    New golf balls. Something about them. Perfect little orbs - like pearls. Can't resist them. Always have about 100 more than I need.

  • ctsgolfctsgolf  186WRX Points: 143Handicap: 5Members Posts: 186
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    Club face has to be clean.
    Ball has to be clean on the greens.
    I also take my glove off after every shot.

    Taylormade M1  Speeder 661 Evo
    Ping G  Aldila NV 75s
    Titleist T-MB 20°  DG S400
    Titleist 695CB  DG S300 (4-PW)
    Callaway MD Forged  Recoil 125 F4
    Miura  KM-006  

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  • TIM929TIM929 Los Angeles 1273WRX Points: 729Handicap: 11.1Members Posts: 1,273
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    looking back while walking off the green.... lost a RF putter HC cover once, never again bruh.

    Titleist TS3 10.5* Driver                  HZRDUS SMOKE 6.0       Tour Velvet std 
    Adams Tightlies 2 16*3 Wood        whatevers stock              Tour Velvet std  
    Titleist TS3 19*    Hybrid                 HZRDUS SMOKE 6.0       Tour Velvet std 
    Titleist 716 TMB  4-P                      DG S300                          Tour Velvet Align 2 wraps  
    Titleist SM7 52.12F (bent to 49.09)DG S400                           Tour Velvet plus4 1 wraps
    Titleist SM7 56.10S                         DG S400                          Tour Velvet plus4 1 wraps
    Titleist SM7 60.12D                        DG S400                           Tour Velvet plus4 1 wraps
    Titleist SC Terryllium Fastback 1.5  34" loft 6.5                       Pistolini Plus  
    Titleist PROV1                                 ball
    Kirkland sig                                     glove 
    FJ rain glove                                    glove (rain)  

  • mogc60mogc60  1016WRX Points: 480Members Posts: 1,016
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    On -, @DZClark said:

    I will have a go at this one....

    1) have to have my clubs in their proper spot. I can't have a wedge mixing in with my 5 iron...

    2) when I hit the green and walk to the green with my putter (assuming i am riding), my putter headcover has to be on top of my alignment stick. To just lay it across the top or put it on the ground, guarantees a 3 putt...trust me, this is true

    3) Finally, I have to have 2 tees, both black, 2 coins (one large one small) and a ball mark tool in my pocket on the tee...failure to do this guarantees a snap hook or if there is water or OB right, a high ugly slice....trust me, this is true

    Other than that...I don't care.

    Brother? Is that you? I can’t believe it’s you...
    We might be twins! No 2 not so much but 1 and 3 are exactly what I am.


    CALLAWAY EPIC FLASH SZ 9 EV BLACK 75 6.5 44 1/4”

  • JoelsimJoelsim  1352WRX Points: 483Handicap: 12Members Posts: 1,352
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    Got to clean my club after each shot, they never go back into my bag dirty.

    And as per others, sticky labels are removed as soon as new clubs are delivered.

    Driver: Ping G400 10.5 Reg Ping Alta 44.5”
    Fairway: Cobra King Ltd Black 5 Wood Aldila Rogue Stiff
    Hybrid: Titleist 818 H1 23 Hybrid Regular Tensei Blue
    Irons: Ping G400 4-UW (#4 at power spec loft)
    Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws 60W Low and Mack Daddy 4 64S, Cleveland CBX 2 54 Rotex 
    Putters: Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 (Jumbo Lamkin), Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 Slotback (Winn Dri-Tac), Bettinardi Queen Bee #9 (Winn Dri-Tac), Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab Palm Beach (Winn Dri-Tac),  Cleveland Huntington Beach #10 (Winn Dri-Tac), Piretti Forza (Piretti Fat Grip), Piretti Matera Elite (Piretti Fat Grip), Piretti Cottonwood II (Piretti Fat Grip).
  • Big BenBig Ben  9280WRX Points: 464Handicap: 5Members Posts: 9,280
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    The fit and finish of my “tools”. Gotta be spotless and in the best working condition possible. Never going to find mud and debris on my equipment. BB

    Irons: 19' Cobra CB's
    Drivers: Titleist TS3 & Cobra F9
    Fairway: Titleist 917F2
    Hybrid: A-Grind
    2 iron: Ping Rapture
    Wedges: Ping Gorge 2.0 Stealth's
    Putter: Evnroll 9.1
    Balls: ProV1
  • jimb6golfjimb6golf  1685WRX Points: 174Members Posts: 1,685
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    Noticed this weekend just how much it bothers me when someone, whether it be in my group or an adjacent group, makes a noise or hits a ball while I am attempting to tee off. Much more than it should. This weekend I sent some balls off to the nether worlds when someone made a noise, even a slight one. While another guy in my group can have someone talking to him while he's teeing off. And with clubs, they have to be in the same slot in the bag and the headcover cannot fall on the ground while hitting the club. Now that I think about it I have quite a few quirks in the game.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • lonscicleslonscicles  85WRX Points: 61Members Posts: 85
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    On -, @Sean2 said:

    For me it is keeping my equipment pristine. I wipe down my club after every shot, and after the round I thoroughly clean them.

    Depending on the weather I clean my grips weekly, as well as wash my golf gloves. When a glove gets to be a bit worn, I use that for practice and the new glove for play.

    I also look for golf balls once a week after I complete a round of golf. I don't need any golf balls (I have about 50 dozen), and I also don't need to be fighting with briars, poison ivy and mosquitos. Yet I am compelled to search.

    I also clean/polish my shoes regularly.

    What are you OCD about...or should I say anal retentive? :-)

    I used to be just like OP. As time has progressed, so has my acceptance of the game and my time for what it’s worth. My clubs are cleaned at the end of the round. I would say the two things I still remain OCD about is hardcovers staying on clubs (I just don’t understand people who don’t use them on woods or putters), and clubs being in the right place. I think the vast majority of my obsessive nature with the specifics of my bag were imparted by my dad growing up. We’ve both since then, been a bit more passive with cleaning them after every round. Although I just say, it’s pretty **** therapuetic washing and cleaning clubs and grips once in a blue moon.

  • SnapHooker_605SnapHooker_605 Rapid City, SD 873WRX Points: 159Handicap: 14.5Members Posts: 873
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    I have to use a broken tee on a par 3. I absolutely cannot even use a full shorter tee.

    Cobra King F8 Driver  Aldila NV-2KXV Green 65 Stiff (9 degree setting, Draw Weight Placement, -3/4")
    Cobra King F8 3-4 Wood Aldila NV-2KXV Blue 70 Stiff (15.5 degree setting, -1/2")
    Cobra King F7 3-4 Hybrid (19 degree setting)
    Mizuno JPX-900 Forged 4 Iron Thru G Wedge - KBS Regular Flex Steel Shafts
    Titleist Spin Milled SM 5 54/10 degree and 58/8 Degree - Stock Steel Shafts
    Scotty Cameron Red X3 (34")
  • DeliSliceDeliSlice  18WRX Points: 18Members Posts: 18
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    When it comes to golf it's only one thing I do. I always put my ball in my pocket before every drive. It used to be routine for cleaning my ball after every hole but now its obsessive.


    Taylormade M5 Tour 430cc 9* Hazardous Smoke
    Titleist 917F2 13.5* Diamana 80 S
    Titleist 818H1 19* Fujikura Atmos S
    Titleist 4-GW 718 AP2
    Titleist Vokey SM7 54* 58* M Grind
    Rife Barbados Sunburst 32 in.

    Callaway Chrome Soft

  • ldchristopherldchristopher  1053WRX Points: 230Handicap: 2.5Members Posts: 1,053
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    I have a lot of OCD quirks. I don’t mark my score on my card if it’s a par. When I make a bogie or birdie, then I go back and fill in my score for that hole and every previous par. My clubs have to be in the correct slot in my bag, I always keep two balls, three tees, and a repair tool in my front right pocket, and I keep my scorecard holder in my back left pocket. There’s other stuff (new grips every 80 rounds, keep clubs clean, etc.) but that legitimately improves performance and/or comfort.

    Driver: Titleist 917 D2 10.5° w/ Aldila Rogue Max 65 stiff
    3 Wood: Titleist 917 F2 13.5° w/ Aldila Rogue Black 80 stiff
    5 Wood: Titleist 917 F2 18˚ w/ Aldila Rogue Black 80 stiff
    Hybrid: Titleist 816H 21˚ w/ Aldila Rogue Max 85 stiff
    Irons: Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (4-5 iron) and Tour (6-PW) w/ KBS C-Taper Lite 110 stiff
    Wedges: Titleist Vokey Cold Forged 52°/8° 58°/10°
    Putter: Lajosi Sensor 303SS w/ oil can finish 
  • Bob CatBob Cat Golfopath  1888WRX Points: 624Handicap: ~9Members Posts: 1,888
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    Wet towel.

    Didn't realize it was such a big deal until I rode off without wetting it last week and HAD to wet it in a man-made water feature on the #2 tee.


    "I challenge, transform, and instill confidence in young men through the life lessons learned from the game of golf."

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    Sun Mountain Four 5
    Clicgear 3.5+
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  • bermudabermuda  823WRX Points: 118Members Posts: 823
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    After seeing the "do pros use broken tees on par-3s" thread on tour talk, it reminded me that I greatly prefer to use a found broken tee on any hole I'm not hitting driver than an unbroken one from my pocket. I'll scan for one for 5-10 seconds before pulling out a whole tee.

  • slocagolferslocagolfer  531WRX Points: 116Handicap: 8.0Members Posts: 531
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    Gotta have the teeing ground around my ball clear of debris: broken tee bits, leaves, grass, etc. Fixing ball marks on the green. I'll fix all in my path. Also, picking up divots in the fairway and finding divot holes to put them back into.
    I supposed there's hit-then-curse part of my game which happens a lot lately but that's not really OCD.

  • North ButteNorth Butte  11741WRX Points: 1,540Members Posts: 11,741
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    On -, @slocagolfer said:

    I supposed there's hit-then-curse part of my game which happens a lot lately but that's not really OCD.

    When you start cursing first, then hitting, it probably rises to the level of a "disorder".

    “1lb beefstak, with
    1pt bitter beer
    every 6 hours.
    1 ten-mile walk every morning.
    1 bed at 11 sharp every night.
    And don't stuff your head with things you don't understand.” 
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  • TServosTServos  478WRX Points: 147Members Posts: 478
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    On -, @OldFrog75 said:

    New golf balls. Something about them. Perfect little orbs - like pearls. Can't resist them. Always have about 100 more than I need.

    I like buying new balls. I am hesitant to play new balls. And because my course is easy, I rarely lose balls. I have sleeves of new balls stacked like cordwood on the shelf. And about 10,000 tees because I can never pass up an unbroken tee on the driving range.


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