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#TheWRX: The EPIC Event at Callaway Golf. 8 Members are treated to TheWRX



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    Brizam wrote:

    Looking way better! 👍
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    Great write-up Sean! I'm happy you were one of the "chosen few" selected for this experience. Seems like it was a great collection of GolfWRX personalities and Callaway certainly put on a first class event all the way around! I'm excited to try the new Epic SZ driver (playing the current SZ now) and will most likely order sight unseen so I have it for a Superbowl week golf trip!
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    Lastly me. This was one of only 3 fairways I missed that day. One of my best driving accuracy days this year, and on a track that needs it.
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    Sean that was a fantastic write up!!!

    I might have to have you write mine next.
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    Looking way better! 👍

    That drive on 1 and a smother hook on 10 were only bad drives. Johnny Miller can confirm I had a heart ok lie though.

    Bram, you could have captured my smoke shows on 4 or 18?!?! Were they too fast for the camera?
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    HipCheck wrote:

    Looking way better! 👍

    That drive on 1 and a smother hook on 10 were only bad drives. Johnny Miller can confirm I had a heart ok lie though.

    Bram, you could have captured my smoke shows on 4 or 18?!?! Were they too fast for the camera?

    Wanted to make you look mortal.
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    Very nice write up Sean! image/clapping.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />
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    Brizam wrote:

    Qmany.... Bombed it but we weren't treated to a twirl this time.

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    QMany wrote:

    Brizam wrote:

    Qmany.... Bombed it but we weren't treated to a twirl this time.


    Hahahahah!! This is awesome! If I'm being critical, you're a little late on the tee pickup.. image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':tongue:' /> image/drinks.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />
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    Matt has a 115+ mph swing speed, shot 70 at Torrey and looks like Michael Fassbender....needless to say we all hated him
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    Lovin the sound of that driver...
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    i agree Tai...a little late in the pickup.

    Q - consider downgrading the hashtag to #toursaucish
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    swanry30 wrote:

    i agree Tai...a little late in the pickup.

    Q - consider downgrading the hashtag to #toursaucish

    The tighter the pants the quicker the pickup needs to be.. Q's pants definitely warranted a pre-apex p/u image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Great showing Gents.. loving the shots and videos. Driver sounds great!
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    Great write ups boys. This thread is wonderful.
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    #TheWRX: Christmas Comes Early at Callaway Golf

    DAY ONE:

    I departed the Kansas City airport at 8:00 PM on Sunday, December 11th. I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I was that morning. During a quick layover in Phoenix, I had a chance to meet gregh729 (Greg). He is a great dude, and we hit it off immediately. After touching down in sunny San Diego, we had a black car service there to take us both away!


    30 minutes up the beautiful California coastline, we arrived at Cape Rey in Carlsbad. It is a beautiful Hilton property right on the ocean.


    At the bar (of course), we met up with MtlJeff (Jeff), Waterboy (Scott), HipCheck (Rob), zakkozuchowski (Zak), and Johnny Rodriguez from Callaway. I could already tell this was a great group of guys and we were going to get along very well! Johnny had already checked us in, gave us our cards, told us to go unload our bags, and then come back for a beer.

    Upon entering the room, we were greeted by this:




    Swag for days!

    After getting back to the bar and getting our beaks wet, we greeted Sean2 (Sean), Brizam (Bram), HotRod71 (Rodney), mackepa (Paul) as they arrived. We had our great crew finally together!


    HipCheck, HotRod71, MtlJeff, mackepa, gregh729, Waterboy, Johnny Rodriguez, Brizam, QMany

    After a few beers and cleaning up, we were shuttled to the Ely Callaway Performance Center for an unbelievable night event. They transformed the range usually used for Tour fittings and made it into an amazing event space. Buffets with sliders, Chinese, quesadillas, mac & cheese, bratwurst, anything you can ever want! And then a full bar with beer, wine, and liquor. It was a great space to meet and mingle with the massive Callaway staff that took time on their Sunday evening to be with us. They are felt genuinely excited and happy for us to be there (a recurring theme).

    After giving us a tour of the facility (no pictures allowed, sorry), they set up different events for us to rotate through. First, they had the practice putting green setup as a 7-hole putting course with the new 2017 putter line to try. Then, they had the indoor fitting studio ready with the new 2017 driver for a long-drive competition. Finally, a putter fitting!


    And of course, a common theme, they had prizes for each and every event! I won the long drive competition (signed PM driver headcover), Paul won the putting contest (signed PM putter headcover), and Bram won straightest drive (signed PM hat).


    The putter fittings were done by Nate Adelman (Retail Marketing Manager and host of Callaway’s Fitting Room podcast) and Nick Arthur (Senior Club Performance Specialist). I had talked to Nate prior and we got along right away. He is a golf nerd like me, and I really enjoyed getting to know him and talking golf. I was excited to see that I was going to be working with him on my putter fitting.

    Putter Fitting:

    The ECPC has an Odyssey studio that has every putter you could imagine. In the corner, bags of gold plated putters from Staff victories. Replicas of Phil’s from the Open Championship, Furyk’s 58, etc.

    For the past year, I have used an Odyssey Versa 1W 35” with SuperStroke Flatso 1.0. They had a replica of that exact putter there so it was easy to get a baseline. I talked with Nate about the state of my putting, my miss, etc. He watched diligently as I rolled 10 footers on the practice green. My miss is a little push, and it was a little evident. Nate would get down on the ground from in front and behind to check my path, the roll, etc. He is very good at what he does and I just put full trust in him. He cycled me through different heads, shafts, and combinations. For me, I like stability for shorter putts. I prefer the double-bend shaft for a face-balanced feel. However, Nate found that I wasn’t getting enough face rotation in my throughstroke. He wanted just a little more toe hang without compromising stability on the shorter putts, so he found an R-Line head in the New 2017 Putter line. It is very reminiscent of the V-Line but a little smaller. He tested for lie and length, and we were off running! Johnny and AJ were both there watching and they would have called me an idiot and beat me up if I chose anything else; I was aiming it perfectly, starting it on my line, and a new insert technology got it rolling quickly!

    They have a SAM unit there and anything else you might want to use, but we didn’t dive into it. I think the SAM is used more to analyze the stroke itself and improve, not as a fitting tool as much (my words, not theirs). This was done more by what compliments your stroke the best, what looks best for to your eye, what helps you align the best, and in the end what putts a straighter and better roll on the ball. The entire process took about 30 minutes.

    New 2017 Putter

    R-Line Head

    Black double-bend shaft from Milled Collection RSX line

    Black GripMaster Cabretta grip with red baseball stitching from Milled Collection RSX line

    70* lie


    We were shuttled back to the hotel and I realized: we had only finished one half-day and there were two more to go! It was already an amazing experience.

    DAY TWO:


    I was in the first group to be fit. Paul and Rob were on both sides of me grinding away. They both have pretty good moves!



    I was fortunate to work with John Degen (ECPC Tour Fitting Manager) and we hit it off right away. John is very talented and works with a lot of Tour staff (Patrick Reed the next day Belen Mozo later this week). Luckily, I was hitting the ball well, so we didn’t waste much time. We started with wedges and worked our way up the bag. ​



    I like to play 3 wedges (or 4, including PW). Usually that means 50-54-60, so that is what we worked off of. First, we went through their 4 grind offerings to determine what fits me best in the 60. For the last two years, I have been playing a Taylormade Tour Preferred:

    hero.jpgWe cycled through the different grinds (S, C, W) and determined that I worked best with the C Grind. The 2017 wedge model has a more aggressive C Grind with straighter leading edge. We took both to the practice green with a greenside bunker to test out of the sand. The C Grind from the previous MD3 line fit me best. For my swing, it provided the best amount of bounce and didn’t dig like I found the new C Grind to do. I happen to like the more rounded leading edge, as well, so the MD3 C Grind was perfect for me.


    Mack Daddy 3

    50* S Grind (DG X100 TI +1/4”)

    54* S Grind (DG S400 TI +1/4”)

    60* C Grind (DG S400 TI +1/4”)

    Standard lofts & lies



    I have been playing the Taylormade Tour Preferred irons for 3 full seasons now (MB PW-8i, MC 7i-4i). I love the shape and size. I have played KBS Tour X since I picked up the game almost six years ago. I feel comfortable with them.

    John focused on the Apex Pro. I love the shape; I wouldn’t want anything smaller or bigger. Just perfect to my eye and similar to the Tour Preferred profile. From there, we wanted to determine what shaft provided suitable spin and limited my misses.

    After getting a baseline with my 6i, I tested the Apex Pro with: KBS Tour X, new KBS prototype, PX 6.5, two Modus shafts I didn’t jot down, and finally X100. My launch and spin with the KBS Tour were in the right window, but the dispersion wasn’t great. The new KBS prototype was too low/low, and I just didn’t jive with PX or Modus. The trusty X100 turned out to be perfect. It seemed to hit the same window, with similar launch as my KBS Tour X, a little less spin, and the dispersion was halved. It seemed like the last half of the flight just maintained its line instead of that last little bit of curve.

    John wanted to get the lie perfect. We went into the Tour Build shop to test my gamer and the new shaft for SW, length, and lie. My gamer was about 1.5* up (63.5) compared to stock (62.0). Just to double-check, he put me on their hand-to-floor ruler to confirm I needed +1/2”.


    On the course, I found them fractionally longer with a tighter dispersion. 5 yard draws instead of sweeping draws and better flight in the wind.

    Apex Pro (4i-PW)

    DG X100 TI +1/2”

    Standard lofts & lies



    I would trade off between a Titleist 915 (Diamana White 90X) and a TEE CB ProH 3i (KBS Tour X) depending on course, conditions, etc. We started with the UT and I just wasn’t hitting it well. It felt hollow and clanky with my swing. I didn’t expect to get fit into a Hybird, but that was the case. We tested different shafts until determining the same Diamana White 90X was the best fit for me. Then it came down to the head. Again to take out the left miss, he suggested the XR Pro from the previous year, not the newer Apex Pro. He found it had more fade bias than the newer Apex Pro and would be best for my dispersion. The 20* fills the 235-240 gap between 3W and 4i.

    XR Pro 20* Hybrid

    Diamana White 90 X

    No tipping


    This is the only club that didn't feel right on Sunday. I don't know why, but the build felt heavy, stiff, and I kept missing it right. Beat-on pushes. I need to get it figured out if it wants to stay in the bag.

    3 Wood:

    I went in with an open mind regarding the 3W. I have played the SLDR Mini (Matrix White Tie 7X3) for the last two years and love it. The deeper face allows me to tee it a little higher and is confidence-inspiring.

    At my swing speeds and skill level, John told me he was going to fit me like he does Tour staff. It wasn’t necessarily about chasing numbers but instead minimizing misses. The first thing he wanted to do was get me in an 80-gram 3W shaft. The weight & stability would tighten my dispersion.

    My numbers were almost identical with the 2017 3W and 2017 low-spin 3W, so it came down to personal preference. I found I liked the shape of the low-spin model better. To my eye, it seemed shorter heel to toe and that make it look a little deeper, which I prefer. I don’t care for really shallow 3W profiles.

    Again, we went through a multitude of shafts (White Tie, AD DI, Blueboard, Kuro Kage, etc.). The trusty Blueboard prevailed. I wasn't surprised, as I've always liked a Mid-Mid profile. While the spin numbers were all within range with all the shafts I tried, it felt the best and in turn provided the best dispersion. Then John remembered he had the new Diamana Tensei CK Pro Blue and popped it in. Pretty much identical numbers and feel to the Blueboard. So I say, “well if they are the same to you, can I get the cooler and newer shaft?”

    image/rofl.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rofl:' />

    New 2017 Low-Spin 3W

    Diamana Tensei CK Pro Blue 80X

    1.5” tip




    After all of that, we hadn’t got to the best part: the New 2017 Driver! That is the reason we were there, right?

    I have had my PING G30 for two years now, and I was fit for the Alta X shaft from the new G line while I was at the PING HQ last spring. I feel really comfortable with it and love its forgiveness. It is plenty long for me, I just like hitting fairways. I am a very low spin player, and once he saw some balls in the 1800-2000 range with my G30 and new 2017 driver, we didn’t even try the new low-spin version.

    The New 2017 Driver may not be the best looking club to some, but crown didn’t bother me at all. It provides a muted but solid sound that is addicting.

    As explained earlier, John’s #1 priority with me was dispersion. If I picked up a few yards, cool. He would rather tighten my dispersion by 50%. Like the 3W, it started by going to a heavier shaft. We tested everything in the 70X range (AD DI, Kuro Kage, Tensei White, etc.) After a few with those, we went back to his first hunch, the same Diamana Tensei CK Pro Blue in my 3W but in 70X. It was money!

    At one point, I hit a perfect ball with my PING and then immediately grabbed the New 2017 Driver with the Tensei CK Pro Blue and hit another perfect ball on the same flight. Probably my two best swings of the day, back to back. The PING playing at 45.75” had a 169 ball speed while the new 2017 driver at stock 45” was 171. Carry was about 4-5 yards longer.

    A note on club head speed and smash factor: John doesn’t even have smash factor displayed normally when he’s working with Trackman. As he explained, how Trackman measures club head speed, as a blob moving in space, it isn’t exact. Readings can be different between heads. Ball speed is measured exactly. At his level of fittings, he usually only concerns himself with ball speeds. To the best of my recollection, I was seeing ball speeds 1-2 MPH faster with new 2017 driver despite a heavier and shorter shaft.

    EDIT: My Trackman Report shows ball speeds were +0.5-3.3 MPH with the New 2017 Driver in every configuration despite a heavier and shorter shaft.

    New 2017 Driver

    Diamana Tensei Pro Blue

    1” tip





    After our group was finished fitting, we flip-flopped with the other group and participated in a Tech Fair to learn the ins-and-outs of the technologies on the new driver line, new putter line, and old iron lines. I will share more information once allowed, but they are doing some really cool and innovative stuff.

    The last part of that session was a little lesson with the one and only Roger Cleveland. He had us hitting some balls and walked the line giving tips. It was amazing. He taught me how to hit a high soft pitch (almost flop) off of any lie and explained the differences between the new wedge line and previous MD3 line, as well as differences in bounce configurations.



    I had a picture of my Taylormade Tour Preferred and a Cleveland RTX3 MG I recently bought. I had to ask him about the differences in the two clubs and the results I was observing. He threw on his glasses, zoomed in on my phone, and was explaining the differences in amount of bounce and location of bounce and how that affects playability. It was just surreal to hear from the man himself.


    After the other group finished their fittings, we had a presentation with KBS and Mitsubishi Rayon to discuss their new lines before being shuttled to the Callaway HQ for lunch, a factory tour including witnessing our clubs being built in the Tour Department, and a roundtable with Callaway executives such as Chip Brewer, Harry Arnett, Sean Toulon, Alan Hocknell, Jason Findley, and more. I hope to share more information as soon as possible.

    That proved to be an exhausting day. After a great dinner at Chandlers at our hotel, we had a few beers and broke for bed early. We had one more amazing day ahead of us!


    Torrey Pines!

    What else can I say? You can imagine the excitement as we boarded the shuttle and headed to that infamous property. We also knew we would be meeting our recently built beauties, and the excitement was palpable.

    As we pulled up, there they were, lined up in all their glory next to the putting green. I was so excited I lost my shoes and gloves! We were all on cloud nine.



    So let me lay the stage…

    Torrey Pines. The South Course. Home of Tiger’s last major and that famous putt. Home of the 2021 US Open. And now home of #TheWRX showdown where we play for a one-year supply of Callaway golf balls! It was lit!




    I have played in some big state amateur events, and I have never been as nervous as I was on that first tee with everyone watching! And I was in the third group; I don’t know how Greg even hit the ball.


    ProTracer video on #1 from Bram: http://www.golfwrx.c...0#entry14656990

    I was hitting the ball pretty well and my caddie, Grant, was awesome. On the infamous #3:




    Unfortunately, that ball sailed over the green into the hazard. It is not Grant’s fault, I just hit it too pure. image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />

    My group was amazing! I played with Johnny Rodriguez, Tyler Shean, and Robert Julian (Senior VP and CFO). Because of the odd number of GolfWRX guys, I was the only one who played with all Callaway guys. The rest of the groups were 2 & 2. Johnny, Tyler, and Robert were amazing to play with. I felt like we were best friends by the first green.




    The match was Net 2 Best Balls. Our team was victorious at -13. But most of all, we had a blast! These are some great dudes, and I was lucky to play alongside them.

    At one point, after missing 4-5 makeable birdie putts, I told Johnny we needed to get one to drop because I needed that one-year supply of golf balls. Robert pulled out his business card and yelled I was getting a lifetime supply of balls! I don't know if that is an enforceable contract or not...

    image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />


    Fireball up, Patron on deck...






    I had two bogeys (3 & 12) and four birdies (9, 15, 16, 17). 16 was your everyday 2 Net 3!

    I hit a bomb up the right side of 18 that hit cart path and only left me 8i in. The pin was back left; I left it front right in the bowl about 40 feet below the hole. My personal best is 68 at my home club, so I was a little jacked up especially, with Amanda Balionis and a photographer perched next to the green watching. I slammed the first putt 8 feet by and then completely misread the comebacker. An anticlimactic 3-putt par on 18 for a tidy 70. But good enough for a post-round interview!

    As I mentioned earlier, my caddie Grant was amazing. He made the incredible experience even better. It was awesome to hear he lurks on GolfWRX. I hope we keep in touch.


    At the end of the round, they had a private space set up right next to the 18 green with drinks and appetizers. It was an incredible finish to an incredible day.


    Tyler Shean, Nate Adelman, QMany, HashtagChad Coleman

    As mentioned over and over, the Callaway guys seem to love what they do, love the game, and love talking to people about the game. I never got the sense that they were working and burdened having us out there. They felt like friends and seemed genuinely happy to be there with us.


    To finish, I just want to thank Callaway and GolfWRX. This was an experience I’ll never forget, I’ll I’m eternally grateful. I hope we all stay in touch as we continue playing this crazy game.
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    QMany wrote:

    Brizam wrote:

    Qmany.... Bombed it but we weren't treated to a twirl this time.


    Do you practice that 'two step' before picking up your tee? a la Tiger!! image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />
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    QMany wrote:

    Brizam wrote:

    Qmany.... Bombed it but we weren't treated to a twirl this time.


    Like the rapper Future says, "That's too much sauce..." image/pimp.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':pimp:' />
    Never forget that the luxury of being
    wrong is not enough to make you right.
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    Jealous doesn't begin to describe what I feel inside. Well played guys!
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    Hey Q. That write up was amazing. The 70 with brand new clubs is image/pimp.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':pimp:' />
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    VNutz wrote:
    pfw19 wrote:

    VNutz wrote:

    Can anybody else not pull this thread up with the phone and WRX app? I'm forced to read more on the Triton debacle...

    I can't pull it up on the app either.

    I just liked your post. Go to your notifications and follow that like to the thread, should work.

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    Great review Q. Man I need to try a new driver and 3 wood with the tensei blue.
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    Great write-ups, Q stellar job and glad they all hated you. But you won all the prizes because Pure and I didn't get the invite image/ohmy.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' /> image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    dpb5031 wrote:

    Sean2 wrote:

    Where do I start? Well I guess when I received the notification that I was selected. I was shocked. Truly. I didn't think someone in their 60s would get the nod. However, our group ended up being very eclectic age wise: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60.




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    great write up. Being another over 60 player I found your comments and in sites very interesting
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