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Early Morning or Late Afternoon Rounds?

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PNB_GolfPNB_Golf  32WRX Points: 20Members Posts: 32
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In the summer do you prefer early morning or late afternoon rounds and why? For me I prefer late afternoon rounds because it gives me something to look forward to after work and there's nothing better than finishing your day off with a sunset on the course.
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  • BrianMcGBrianMcG  2376WRX Points: 657Members Posts: 2,376
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    Walter: Tell me Bobby, why do you play this game?
    Bobby: I play because I love it.
    Walter: Well I play for the money. I have to win. That is why every time we face each other I will always beat you.
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  • whiteout73whiteout73  1045WRX Points: 145Members Posts: 1,045
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    Late afternoon. Like, really late. From March through October, I go walk nine holes after work, usually finishing in the dark. Love it, very relaxing.
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  • Matt JMatt J  8735WRX Points: 336Members Posts: 8,735
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  • Lefty96Lefty96  243WRX Points: 173Members Posts: 243
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    Depends on how busy it is in the afternoons. Some places near big cities get packed in the afternoon because everyone is trying to play after work. I dont like 5 hour rounds. Actually I play pretty fast and would prefer to finish around 3 hours or less. So if they course is empty in the afternoon, then I prefer that, if not the early morning round is hard to beat.
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  • bcsquarebcsquare  294WRX Points: 46Members Posts: 294
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    Later afternoon here too.

    It's the only way to fit it in my work schedule as I'm usually in the office before sun up. Playing a quick 9 after work helps decompress after a long day. One the local courses I play at has a summer league in the afternoons so I might join that this year too.
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  • jholzjholz  1611WRX Points: 415Members Posts: 1,611
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    I'm happy to go out whenever, but there is something special about the late afternoon/evening round.

    For me, if I'm playing golf at that time of the day, it's because I have absolutely no other responsibilities to attend to. If I play in the morning, I always have to do something later in the day.

    After I'm done with an evening round, all I have to look forward to is a nice dinner, a few beers, and a ball game on TV. Doesn't get much better than that, as they say
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  • dave williedave willie  833WRX Points: 104Members Posts: 833
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    It's tough to beat a dawn patrol round with clear skies watching the sun come over the horizon on about the third hole. I'm okay with afternoon rounds, too, but it isn't nearly as peaceful. Here on the California Central Coast, the wind tends to blow strongly starting in the early to mid-afternoon, so you better have your knockdown game working!
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  • WooPigWooPig Arkansas 433WRX Points: 18Members Posts: 433
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    I’m a dawn patrol guy, I like it because I get to play and I’m still able to spend most of the day with the wife and little girl.
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  • jwhite86jwhite86  699WRX Points: 221ClubWRX Posts: 699
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    I like early morning... usually nobody on the course and I feel like i own the place
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  • NJpatbeeNJpatbee Ocean County, NJ 1573WRX Points: 170Members Posts: 1,573
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    Circumstances have made me an afternoon golfer and I enjoy the last few holes as the the sun lowers and the breezes (usually) subside. I work part-time, maybe an hour or two in the morning. Usually leaves time for a relaxed breakfast/brunch with my wife and plenty of time to warm up at a leisurely pace. I used to show up cold early in the morning and start to play decently after the 7th hole. Being semi-retired does have some perks.
  • brkuckbrkuck  1619WRX Points: 132Members Posts: 1,619
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    Love both. Mornings so I can have the rest of the day with family, but nothing comes close to playing until dark.
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  • Pooh_BearPooh_Bear  99WRX Points: 3Members Posts: 99
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    I prefer early if it's a tourney. Noon tee times are the absolute worst. There is something to be said finishing up the final hole in the dark though. That's probably as close to heaven as it gets for me.
  • FairwindsgolferFairwindsgolfer  627WRX Points: 50Members Posts: 627
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    jholz wrote:

    I'm happy to go out whenever, but there is something special about the late afternoon/evening round.

    For me, if I'm playing golf at that time of the day, it's because I have absolutely no other responsibilities to attend to. If I play in the morning, I always have to do something later in the day.

    After I'm done with an evening round, all I have to look forward to is a nice dinner, a few beers, and a ball game on TV. Doesn't get much better than that, as they say

    Honestly, that's very well said regarding the late afternoon round. It is kind of a buzzkill when you know you have things to attend to after playing the morning round.

    I am a morning golfer personally, but that's only because of family obligations and the like, but it must be a wonderful feeling knowing that the only thing you have to worry about is having a nice dinner and watching some TV after the round

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  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank  14805WRX Points: 730ClubWRX Posts: 14,805
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    Afternoons for me.
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  • onelochevyonelochevy  189WRX Points: 92Members Posts: 189
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    I prefer mornings. That way I get up, get to the course and get it in. If I waited until later in the day, I know i'd end up getting into something with the kids and wind up not going.
  • elwhippyelwhippy  3325WRX Points: 299Members Posts: 3,325
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    Depends on the heat. If it is going to bake then I prefer a 730am tee off with freshly mowed greens. If less hot and humid I am not that fussed.
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  • fowlerscousinfowlerscousin  796WRX Points: 78Members Posts: 796
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  • tips09tips09  318WRX Points: 110Members Posts: 318
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    Early morning for me. I get up for work at 230am 5 days a week so getting up for a 630 tee time is like a sleep in for me. Plus in my area late afternoon rounds are super slow and packed with people looking for cheap tee times due to twilight rates.
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  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-Maryland 2445WRX Points: 1,044Members Posts: 2,445
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    Used to be early morning, now it's late afternoon. There's generally a hole in the schedule an hour or two before twilight rates kick in. That's when I usually play.
  • GolfnuckGolfnuck  634WRX Points: 104Members Posts: 634
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    Matt J wrote:


    This !!!!!!


    Nice early round.


    Time in Jacuzzi or watch a bit of golf in the lounge.

    Nice afternoon round.


    Repeat for Sunday.

    While we have very short days in the winter this is greatly offset by the 18 hours of daylight in the summer.
  • MattM97MattM97  689WRX Points: 301Members Posts: 689
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    Depends on the day, I like those post work afternoon rounds. I plan to play a lot this year as my new work area there are a ton of courses just have to figure out how to take my bag and cart with me.

    But those early morning rounds are nice on the weekend with friends, those day off early morning rounds are great too.

    Then again when is it a bad time for golf?
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  • Loomis13Loomis13  204WRX Points: 68Members Posts: 204
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    My course tends to be busier early afternoon and early mornings. So I like getting there while it's still busy, but then on the back 9 everything clears out and playing the last few holes in the twilight. I'm not big on the dew that we have to deal with in the early morning.
  • Bonneville85308Bonneville85308  1780WRX Points: 202Members Posts: 1,780
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    I prefer early morning if I am playing with other people (or would expect to be paired with others), evening if I am solo.
  • GSDriverGSDriver  742WRX Points: 133Members Posts: 742
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    We're lucky enough to have 3rd off the box every Sunday morning, been doing that for 15 years or more. Doesn't matter, summer or winter, we play early so we can play fast.

    I will go out late, like half hour or more post super twilight rates in summer, usually alone, try to be last off, play 2 or 3 balls a whole...that's how I 'practice'
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  • FergusonFerguson  5467WRX Points: 2,498Members Posts: 5,467
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    I prefer early morning for golf.

    Afternoons are reserved for sitz baths.
  • alexulanalexulan  3WRX Points: 17Members Posts: 3
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    Morning for so many reasons.

    Greens less bumpy, Less Wind, Faster Rounds.

    Cons: Depending on what time of the year it might 50 or 40 Deg out.
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  • cwglumcwglum  1588WRX Points: 160Members Posts: 1,588
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    Afternoon preference for me, like dry grass and fairways that release.
  • CAT GOLFERCAT GOLFER  977WRX Points: 126Members Posts: 977
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    I find the opposite near me, most people get out early and the course is less packed in the afternoon. {weekends}
  • CHuntsmanCHuntsman  882WRX Points: 205Members Posts: 882
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    I'm a dew sweeper. Easier to convince the wife that ill be home at 12:30 on the weekend rather than gone all afternoon and into the evening. That way I get golf time in the morning and family time with the wife/kids the rest of the day. Or gives her time to go do her thing while I stay home with the kids. I may get a few looks when I crack a beer on the second tee box, but i couldnt care less!
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  • nyrican52884nyrican52884  97WRX Points: 13Members Posts: 97
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    Late afternoon. Usually it's quieter and I get more time to practice on my own. Early rounds can be quiet for a few holes, but gets full pretty quick. Also, not much time to warm up before dawn.

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