Name every set of irons you've owned



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    After 44 years there is no way that I can remember all of them. LOL every set was put into play with the intention of lowering my scores. Some raised my scores and I suppose that the end set is better for my scoring then the first set but a lot of sets were no different from the previous. I wonder if anyone has shot lower scores right away or even after some time with a new set?

    Here is what I can remember or I currently have in my garage:

    Some sort of old blade irons when I was a kid.

    Off brand fiber glass shafted irons

    Hogan blades.

    Ralph Maltby blade style with the weight port in the back that I cut my teeth on doing component club assembly.

    Monterey Bay cast cavity back clubs, MICs or something like that I played pretty well with those.

    Wilson Staff blades that I reshafted with TT Light S shafts. LOL those were not good...

    Several different Dyacraft, Maltby and Golfsmith sets

    A set of John Riley irons which were pretty decent.

    A single length set that I made out of some ugly cavity back component clubs. I did a lot heating, bending and grinding on those to get them in spec and they were terrible.

    A set of F2 irons that I reshafted multiple times probably making them worse every time.

    Orlimar irons that I also reshafted a couple of times.

    Jerry Barber Golden Touch shank resistant irons.

    Two sets of Hogan Apex blades.

    A really old set of MacGregor blades.

    The F2s reconfigured to Bryson DeChambeau spec. That was a lot of work and were the only single length set I put together that worked at all. Super ugly though...

    Ping G2s converted to single length doing a lot of heating, bending and grinding. I used the weight ports to weight the longer irons and they were built to spec very nicely at 70 degrees upright and 264 grams and they looked decent. Played like crap no matter what shaft I put in them.

    Callaway Preowned for the next few sets:

    Mizuno JPX 825.

    2 sets of XHot irons.

    CF16s which worked pretty well.

    Currently gaming PXG Gen one irons with Macdaddy wedges all with Steelfiber i110 S shafts. By far the best irons I have every played. My index is still 10 though...


    Driver Mizuno ST190 9.5* / Paderson Ballistic KG70-D40. Hybrids: 3 and 4 Rogue / Steelfiber HLS980. Irons 5 through Wedge PXG 0311 / Steelfiber i110. Wedges 50*, 56*, 62* MacDaddy 4 / Steelfiber i110.

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    Sounder Star TaylorMade Tour Preferred TD

    Ram Tour Grind Axial TaylorMade P790

    Ram Laser fx Forged Callaway Apex

    Ping Eye2 Callaway Apex 19

    Ping Eye2 BeCu Callaway Epic Forged

    Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845s Lynx Parallax made in USA

    Ping i10 Lynx Black Cat

    Yamaha X25 Hal Sutton Grind Wilson Staff Fluid Feel

    Mizuno T Zoid Comp EZ Wilson Staff FG-53 Gooseneck

    Mizuno MX23 Hogan Apex PC

    MacGregor Nicklaus JNP. Hogan Apex Redline

    Hogan Edge Forged. Titleist AP2 710

    Titleist AP1 710 Titleist DCI

    Titleist Tour Blade Maxfli Tour LTD. Forged

    Wilson 1200 Gear Effect Cleveland CG2

    TaylorMade RBladez Tour TaylorMade Burner 1.0

    I think that’s all of them.

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    Tommy Armour 845s

    Cleveland 588p

    Titleist 962

    Ping ISI

    Ping I5

    Ping I20

    Ping I25

    Nike Vapor Pro

    Ping I200

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    PING i10

    TM Tour Burner

    TM Burner

    Mizuno MX 200

    Bridgestone J38 DPC

    PING G25

    Titlest 716 AP2

    Nike Vapor Fly

    Callaway Apex 19

    Cobra Forged Tec


    PING G410 Plus 9* Fujikura Atmos Blue TS 6
    Cobra KING Speedzone FW 14.5* 3W Fujikura Atmos Blue 7
    Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 21* Fujikura Atmos 7 TS Red
    Cobra Forged Tec 5-PW $-Taper Lite
    Cleveland CBX2 48* KBS C-Taper
    Cleveland CBX2 54* KBS C-Taper
    PING Glide 3.0 WS 60* Nippon Z-Z115
    Taylormade Spider X Bronze / Evnroll 1.2 Tour Blade
    2019 Taylormade TP5 ball

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    Callaway Big Bertha

    Ping ISI

    Adams Idea Pro Forged

    Cleveland TA1

    Cleveland TA3

    Mizuno MP-33 (Still have)

    Taylor Made 300 Forged

    Nike TW Forged Blades

    Callaway X-Forged 2013

    Callaway X-Forged 2015

    Callaway TA Prototype (Still have)

    Ping iBlades (Current gamers)

    Ping G LS Tec 10.5*, Ping Tour 65X, tipped 1", 44.25"
    Ping G 14.5*, Diamana Whiteboard D+ 82X, tipped .5", 42.5"
    Ping G 19*, GD Tour AD-DI 105X
    Ping iBlade 4-P, Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Ping Glide 50*, 54*, 58* with Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 33.25" with Scotty Custom Black Pistolero grip, Ping Karsten TR Zing Tour 32.75", built up blacked out Pingman Grip
    Bridgestone Tour XS (Tiger Edition) and new Pro V1
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    I am not a huge changer when it comes to irons (and don’t feel that old quite yet so I haven’t had the chance to chop and change too much) so my irons would be as follows:-

    Pinseeker - 5, 7 and 9 iron which were blades from a junior set. Over the years, I added to them with individual clubs which were a Ogre Masters 3, 4 and 6 iron and a Ben Sayers 8 iron. I also added in a sand wedge but what brand that was is totally beyond me.

    Dunlop DDH Tour - 3 to SW and that was the first full set that I ever bought. They were supposed to be a Christmas present but I got them a couple of months early and loved them, felt so smart having a full set that matched all the way through.

    Titleist 990B - I was a not bad junior but with the benefit of hindsight, I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. I did play some pretty decent golf with these eventually but the first year I had them, I totally plateaued and made no progress at all.

    Titleist AP2 - The original AP2. I was in need of an upgrade, the biggest difference I noticed with this set was with the long irons being that much easier to hit that the 990B’s. The short irons were also that bit longer.

    Titleist 714 AP2 - The best set of irons that I ever had. They were at least half a club if not a club longer than the original AP2’s that I had and felt great.

    Titleist T100 - I am sure hoping that these do turn out to be the best set of irons that I have ever had. In terms of performance, I must admit that the performance is pretty similar to my 714’s but in an even more pleasing package which is saying something as to my eye, the 714’s were a good looking club.

    Titleist TS3 8.5 Stiff Project X Even Flow T1100 White
    Titleist 915Fd 15 Stiff Rogue Black 
    Titleist 712U 3 Stiff Graphite Design Tour AD DI
    Titleist T100 4-PW Stiff Project X LZ
    Titleist Vokey SM6 50.08 & 54.10
    Titlesist Vokey SM7 60.04
    Scotty Cameron Futura 5S
    ProV1x 2019
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    1. Pro Kennex Graphite Irons
    2. Tommy Armour 845's
    3. Mizuno MP14
    4. Wilson Staff Progressives
    5. Hogan Apex Justin Leonard model not blades
    6. Snake Eyes Smith and Wesson Blades
    7. Ping Zing2
    8. Ping i3
    9. Founders Club Tour Cb's By far my longest played
    10. Wilson Staff V4's
    11. Ping i200 in the bag today

    This list was shorter than I thought it would be.

    PING G30 9.5 Fujikura Speeder Pro XLR8 63 Stiff
    Titleist 917F 16.5 Diamana Blue Stiff
    PING G410 19* Hybrid Mitsubishi CK Pro Blue 80 Stiff
    PING I200 4-PW Red Dot KBS C-Taper R110
    PING Glide 2.0 Stealth Red Dot AWT Wedge Flex
    RTX-3 54 bent to 55 DG Ti Onyx S400
    Wilson Staff PMP 58* DG S200
    Cameron 009 A012056
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    Early 90s - Ben Sayers blades - first set, old blades and persimmon woods

    Mid 90s - Masters Xenon - Package set from American Golf, first set of clubs I bought.

    Srixon I302 2-PW - First proper set, £300 new. Paired with some tour issue TM RAC box groove wedges. Still have as backups.

    TM Tour Preferred CB - eBay experiment to see if I was missing out on newer technology, promptly traded in for

    Srixon Z785, 3-PW with TM Hi-Toe 52 & 58.

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    Northwesterns, JN Golden Bears and Muirfields, 845 knock offs.

    Wishon 550 C's & M's (like 3 times),

    Titleist: 690.CB's, 695CB's, 660s, 712CB.

    Callaway: XHP, Protos, 07 X forged, 09 X forged.

    Adams: A12 Pros, CB1, CB2, MB2, A Tours Red.

    Ping: Eye2's, S57's, I20s, G25s.

    TM: 300 Forged, '05 TP CB, TP MB, R9 TP B's, 770/750.

    Mizuno: MP 33, 30, 60, 32, 67.

    Nike: OG Blades, CCI Forged.

    Wilson: FG Tours, FG 59 and 17's.

    Cleveland CG1 BP's, CG Tours.

    I'm sure I'm missing here and there, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head in the past 18ish years.


    Ugly Yellow Ping Hoofer:
    Driver - Ping G400 9* w/ Diamana B 70X
    Woods - TEE E8 Beta 16.5* w/ 86X V2
    Hybrids - Adams Super LSP 20* w/ RIP Beta 80S
    Irons - Ping iBlade 4-W w/ DG TI S400
    Wedges - Cleveland 588 RTG 50/54/58 w/ DG TI S400
    Putter - Yes! Abbie Forged 33"

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    2008 Slazenger something, beginner set

    2009-2010 Srixon i701 Tours

    2011 Callaway Prototype, might have traded them in for Cobra

    2011 Cobra something, I don't think I ever hit them, traded in for MP67

    2011-2012 Mizuno MP67 (bag stolen out of my trunk January 2013)

    Sometime in 2012 Wishon something, maybe 555c (returned them after 1 round)

    Only 20 rounds in 2013, no idea what irons or clubs I used

    2014-2016 Mizuno MP64

    2016-2018 Srixon Z965

    2019 Srixon Z785

    2020 Srixon ZFORGED

    Srixon Z 785 9.5 Atmos Tour Spec Black 60X
    Srixon Z F85 15 Atmos Tour Spec Black 60X
    Srixon Z FORGED 3-4 Oban CT-115 X
    Srixon Z FORGED 5-PW Modus3 120 X
    Cleveland RTX4 Forged 50 DG 120 X
    Cleveland RTX4 54, 58 DG 120 X
    Bettinardi Queen B6
    Srixon Yellow ZStar XV
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    My first set, when I took up golf on my 30th birthday was the Callaway x18R. Then I moved into Mizuno a couple years later. Oh boy. JPX 800 Pro, then MP-59, then MP-25, then MP-18SC, and now the MP-20MMC.

    DR: Mavrik SZ - Tour AD XC 7S
    5W: Mavrik SZ - Tour AD XC 8S
    3H: Titleist 816 H2 - Speeder 8.8X
    Irons (4-P): Mizuno MP-20 MMC - KBS $ X
    Wedges (50,54,58): Mizuno T20 Raw - KBS $ X
    Putter: Newport 2.5 Special Select
    Ball: Chrome Soft Truvis
    Glove: Titleist Players
    Shoes: Nike Air Max 1
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    •Started with a Top Flite Box set

    •Wilson Reflex

    •Mizuno MP-H4 ( current)

    Callaway Xr speed 10.5 
    Adams Tightlies 16*
    Maltby Sti2 4-Gw
    Maltby Tour Grind 56*
    Ping Anser 33” Superstroke 3.0
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    Hogan Radial junior set

    Walter Hagen blade hand me down set

    Eye 2 - First set purchased for me

    Eye 2 BeCu (still have)


    I3 O/S Blade combo set



    X-14 pro series


    Epic (current)

    CG2 Tour

    Armour Evo Forged

    Apex 2 (still have)

    MacGregor 1025 CM - I loved these and regret selling them

    Nike first gen Pro Combo

    Nike Vapor Fly (still have)

    Comp EZ


    Ti Bubble 2 irons

    300 Forged

    some other Ti Face Taylormade iron

    Burner Plus


    There is definitely more from Cleveland, Callaway, Ping and possibly Cobra that I can’t remember exactly what they were. Possibly other brands as well.

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    1. Cheap Redhawk irons
    2. Some Scotland irons that I can't remember the name
    3. Japanese S-Yard TX-V Irons
    4. Titleist T200 (current)
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    Northwestern junior set, 5-7-9 irons

    Powerbuilt Citation Women's set, 3-PW

    Powerbuilt Citation Men's set, 3-PW

    Hogan Apex PCs, 2-PW

    Ping Eye2, 1-PW

    Lynx Parallax, 2-PW

    MacGregor Pro-C & Pro-M Blended set, 4-6 in Pro-C and 7-PW in Pro-M

    Mizuno MP20 MMC, 4-PW


    Adams 9015d: 9.5*, Prolaunch Red X, 45"
    Titleist 915Fd: 15*, Aldila Rogue Silver 110 X, 42.5"
    Titliest 816 H1: 19*, Speeder Tour 8.8 X, 40.5"
    Mizuno MP-20 MMC 4-P; Project X 6.0; Std Lofts and Lies
    Cleveland 588: 51*, 55*, 59*, DG S-400
    Ping Anser 3: 35" with Winn Midsize Pistol grip
    Winn Excel Wrap midsize grips
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    Lynx Parallax - beginner years.

    Ping ISI - first proper set. Started out as blue dots, got bent to white.

    Ping EYE 2 - failed experiment.

    Mizuno TPZ - another failed experiment.

    MacGregor MT Pro - two different sets. Played them exclusively from 2009 to 2018.

    Bridgestone J33 - kept as backups, nice clubs that never really got the chance.

    Titleist AP2 710 - currently in the bag, sporting the Nippon shafts from one of the MacGregor sets.

    Current inventory is the AP2s plus bits and pieces from the MacGregor sets.

    Hey chopper, what are you hitting there?

    Titleist 910 8.5°
    TM SLDR S 17°
    Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 21° and 24°
    Titleist AP2 710 5-pw
    Wilson FG Tour PMP 52, 56, 60­°
    Rife 460 Tour Blade

    After how long does being "out of form" turn into "a bad golfer"?
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    1/2 set has a 10 year old, no clue what they were

    Northwestern Tom Shaw

    Ping Eye 2

    Callaway Big Bertha

    Ping G30

    716 AP2


    Not a lot but I had long gaps of no golf in my career.

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    OK I'm old, here you go:

    San Snead Blue Ridge - Northwestern I think

    Wilson Staff Dynapower "Fluid Feel" - wish I still had those

    Hagen Haig Ultra

    Hogan Apex

    2008 AP2

    Taylormade Firesole Tour

    712 AP!

    714 AP2

    JPX 919 Forged

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    Currently playing the Ping Blueprints, with the Cobra MB and PXG 0311T sets in the closet.

    In no particular order:


    Eye 2


    Zing 2









    DCI Black



    Rac MP TP



    XR Pro

    Big Bertha


    T-Zoid Pro II





    King Cobra 2

    Amp Cell Pro

    King Forged MB




    Idea Pro A12


    A Tour Prototypes


    588 Copper Irons


    Baby Blades

    Wilson Staff


    FG Tour


    0311T Dark


    Z 745




    Fh 1000


    Golden Ram Tour

    FX Pro



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    Precision Made Ping Eye 2 copy

    Taylormade Tour Preferred

    Titleist 990

    Mizuno TP11

    Kane Golf blades

    Callaway x16 pro

    Ping Eye 2+

    Ping S55

    Taylormade P790

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    My 1st set was a put-down set my grandfather made for me in ~'74. Don't remember the name

    1st clubs purchased were Ram Gene Littler from Austad when I was in HS (~'78/79).

    Then 1st "real set" Wilson staff irons & persimmon woods (still have the 3 woods) in ~82/83.

    Next Titleist Box Blades...used for ~10 years in 80s to 90s

    Bought TM Tour Preferred irons around the time got my 1st Burner metalwood (maybe 95/96?)

    Titleist DCI from early 2000s...played 10-12 years

    Mizuno MP-64s...2015-18. Just couldn't get feel for them. Gave to brother

    Back to Titleist, AP3s in 2018

    TM R1
    TM Rbz Stage2 3w (15) & 3 hyb (19)
    Mizuno MP-64 4-Pw
    Mizuno MP-T5 50-7
    Titleist Vokey SM-4 54-8 & 58-12
    Ping TR 1966 Anser2
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    1. Generic beginner set
    2. Mitsushiba Verdict
    3. 20 years without playing
    4. Ping Karsten 2014 model
    5. Ping G400
    6. Ping G410

    Driver: Ping G400 10.5 Reg Ping Alta 44.5”
    Fairways: Cobra King Ltd Black 5 Wood Aldila Rogue Stiff and TaylorMade M6 3 Wood
    Utility: Wilson Staff Model Utility #3 Regular KBS
    Hybrid: Titleist TS2 21* Hybrid Regular Tensei Blue
    Irons: Ping G410 5-PW (#5 at power spec loft)
    Wedges: Callaway MD5 Jaws 60W Low and Mack Daddy 4 64S, Cleveland CBX 2 50, 54 and 58
    Putters: Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 (Jumbo Lamkin), Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 Slotback (Winn Dri-Tac), Bettinardi Queen Bee #9 (Winn Dri-Tac), Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab Palm Beach (Winn Dri-Tac), Piretti Matera Elite (Piretti Fat Grip), Piretti Cottonwood II (Piretti Fat Grip).
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    I've only been playing for 11 or 12 years and I'm too frugal to ho...

    Taylormade R7

    Mizuno MP-57

    Mizuno JPX-850 Forged (current)

    Mizuno MP-20???

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    I think the first ones I ever used were a set of Ram irons with Tom Watson's signature on them -- they were a hand-me-down set with just the 3-5-7-9 irons

    Some Northwestern full set that was my first ever new set of clubs

    Powerbilt TPS

    Cleveland TA5

    Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro

    Ping S58

    Ping S56

    Scratch SB-1

    Ben Hogan Apex Grind (classic used set I occasionally use on a par 3 course, but that's it)

    I've been playing for about 33 years, so that's not a huge list, honestly.

    Post edited by 3_Jack_Par on
    Ping G410 LST 9* (set to -1.5*), 44.5", Graphite Design Tour AD XC 7X
    Ping G410 LST 14.5* (set to 13*) Aldila Rogue Silver 80TX
    Tour Edge CBX Iron-Wood 17* (Black Pearl) HZRDUS Black 85X (or Srixon Z u45 18* Nippon Modus3 120x or Tour Issue TaylorMade M2 Tour 18*, Fujikura Rombax P95x)
    Scratch SB-1 3-PW, Nippon Modus3 120x
    Corey Paul 52*/Titleist Vokey Forged 58* K-Grind, Nippon Modus3 125 Blue Wedge shafts,  Titleist Vokey SM6 62* M-Grind DG S200 (sometimes)
    Byron Morgan long pipe neck B-17, Brushed Mystic finish, 34"
    WITB Link
  • Puttersaurus RexPuttersaurus Rex one swing at a time Members  915WRX Points: 270Posts: 915 Golden Tee
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    Random blades from the 70's to swing in the back field

    Jimmy Ballard starter set

    Taylormade Burner Oversized

    Taylormade Rocketbladez

    Srixon 565

    Adams XTD Forged (for a day)

    Yamaha Inpres X

    Cleveland CG2 (for the shafts)

    Srixon 565 (second set)

    Have fun - ready golf - repair/replace divots & ball marks - FORE! as needed
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    Howson Enforcer - Beginners Set, Alloy heads and graphite shafts that were hardly the pinnacle of technology.

    Lynx Parralax Blades - Thought I was a tour pro at 15

    Cleveland Ta3 - A little more forgiving

    Mizuno Pro 2 - First brand new set and custom fitted for my needs at the time

    Hogan Apex - Combo set pre FtX - Loved those

    Titleist 804.os - Complete opposite to the former but worked

    Titleist 755 - Went a little smaller than the shovels

    Cobra Carbon CB - Underrated but heavy (raw finish helped a little)

    Ping i10 - Felt like crap, played well with them

    Callaway Razr Forged - Good All Round Iron

    Titleist 714 AP2 - Still Using

    Pending Sets:

    X Forged 07 - Awaiting Chrome Removal

    Ping i25 - Awaiting Shafts

    Driver: M1 2016
    Fairway: Jet Speed Tour
    Hybrid: Adams Tour Proto 19˚
    DI: Mizuno FliHi 18º
    Irons: 714 AP2 4-PW
    Wedges: Callaway Tour Grind 52˚ & 58˚
    Putter: Spider CS Original
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  • jar59jar59 Members  409WRX Points: 81Handicap: 0.7Posts: 409 Greens
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    Started playing in 1957 with random clubs bought individually for several years. Here are the actual sets:

    Haig Ultra 1965

    Spalding Elite 1972

    Dunlop Maxpower 1973

    Wilson X-31 1974

    Spalding Elite Centurion 1975

    MacGregor Tourney Custom 985 1976 (Don White)?

    Wilson Staff 1982?

    Mac Gregor VIP 25th Anniv. 1991

    Mizuno MP29 1996

    Mizuno MP60 2005

    Mizuno MP63 2011

    Mizuno MP25 2017

  • Man_O_WarMan_O_War Members  3645WRX Points: 617Posts: 3,645 Titanium Tees
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    Wilson Blades 1970 era

    Maruman Conductor Ex31

    Maruman Conductor Curtis Strange

    Cobra Greg Norman Blades

    Cobra Greg Normal Cavity Blades

    Swilken Blades

    (Lots of uneven sets in between)

    Mizuno TN87

    Mizuno MP32

    Mizuno MP33

    Mizuno MP37

    Nike Original Blades.

    Nike VR PRO IIs

    Srixon Z945

    Srixon Z965

    Srixon Z-forged

    Mizuno MP20 HMBs

    Back to Nike Original Blades

    Next Mizuno MP69.

    Looking back.... this is scary lol

    Ping G400 8.5 LST Ozik F6M2/EVO III FUJI
    Cobra LTD PRO Ozik TP6HD

    Cobra F9 Avalanche 3/4 Atmos 7
    Cobra F9 Avalanche 5/6 Atmos 7
    TM Mid_Rescue TP 22*
    Ping iBlade 3-pw DG XP S300/Original Nike Blades 3-PW s300
    RTX 3.0 50, 54, 58 Modus 120
    TM Spider DJ Sightline Black Tour Spider 
    2020 TOUR B XS
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    I think this is everything.

    Mizuno MX-23

    Taylormade Rac TP

    Mizuno MP-59

    Titleist 714 MB

    Ping iBlade

    Taylormade P760

    Wilson Staff FG Tour V6

    Driver: Titleist 913 D2 w/ Graphite Design Tour AD BB 7S

    5 Wood: TC Callaway XR 16 w/ PX HZDUS Black 85 6.5

    Irons: Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 w/ True Temper DG X100
    Wedges: Callaway Jaws MD5 w/ True Temper DG S400

    Putter: Evnroll ER6
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    nope. I doubt I could accurately name all the ones hidden on , around , and on top of my workbench and tool boxes.


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