Which ball do you use?



  • ByeBye Members Posts: 1,307 ✭✭
    I’ve used the Pro v1 ever since Callaway stopped making the Rule 35.

    The trouble is after using it for such a long time ever other ball just feels weird.
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  • chippa13chippa13 Members Posts: 2,248 ✭✭
    I tend to bounce around with my ball choice but the XV is getting the most play of the premium offerings these days.
  • Lagavulin62Lagavulin62 Members Posts: 1,976 ClubWRX
    I like the ProV1 but that's mainly because I just got back into playing this summer and it’s really all I have played. Admittedly I’m mostly a Titliest loyalist but I don’t need the “top ball”. Just whatever seems to work best for me. I am just now starting the experiments so will let you know.
  • Geaux GatorsGeaux Gators GEAUX GATORS Members Posts: 3,771 ✭✭
    I have always looked for a different ball to play than "the norm"

    I have played old Prov1x's but never was "in love" with any of them... they were fine, but never really blew my skirt up

    I really liked the Srixon Zstar XV for many years, and before that I played the Bridgestone B330RX and before that is was a Top Flite Gamer... I never cared what label was on it, just what did it do for me off the tee and around the green....

    About a year ago, I found the OnCore Elixr. it has the Softness of the Zstar but with the distance of the Zstar XV. It comes in yellow, but I have since changed back to a white ball (love seeing the yellow in the air, but couldn't find them on the ground) It spins as much if not more than the Zstar as well. And for 30 bucks a dozen, it can't be beat. I don't care for the Logo being as big as it is.. but i always know what ball is mine. as I am usually the only one playing it.. well I was until I gave a sleeve away... now I am seeing more an more in my groups...

    If you haven't tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it...
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  • KylemckKylemck Members Posts: 154 ✭✭
    Right now I’m going through some Kirkland’s and some cut blues along with my usual Callaway chrome softs. The cuts seem very very soft
  • GSDriverGSDriver Members Posts: 580 ✭✭
    Chrome Soft X 2018 model, when it gets cold, Chrome Soft - both in yellow.
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  • NJpatbeeNJpatbee Members Posts: 1,485 ✭✭
    Since Dicks stopped producing the Gamer Soft my go to ball has been the DT Trusoft with the Maxfli Softfli my few extra yards ball. I tried the Ksig 4 piece and Wilson Duo U this season and did not care for the either of them primarily because of feel.
  • Tanner25Tanner25 Members Posts: 6,178 ✭✭
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    NJpatbee wrote:

    Since Dicks stopped producing the Gamer Soft my go to ball has been the DT Trusoft with the Maxfli Softfli my few extra yards ball. I tried the Ksig 4 piece and Wilson Duo U this season and did not care for the either of them primarily because of feel.

    We have similar preferences. While it still warm, you may want to try D2 Feel. It has a nice feel and great yellow color too. It does run like a rat on the greens though. In the colder weather, it was a bit firm for me. If the GS are gone, I need to find a softer feeling yellow ball for the winter. No Matte colors for me!
  • the bishopthe bishop Members Posts: 3,199 ✭✭
    Maxfli UFli Speed
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  • KAndyManKAndyMan JUST GOTTA SEND IT!!! Members Posts: 321 ✭✭
    When just knocking it around twilight hours- what ever ball i find or test new varieties

    Rounds that matter- Vice Pro neon Red.
  • ProjectXProjectX I can a hit lob wedge 150...but only from a greenside bunker Members Posts: 1,231 ✭✭
    Been playing the ProV1x for 12 years, but recently set out to test every urethane ball on the market. I just started this past weekend with the Snell Black and have to say it was a good ball but not good enough to replace old faithful. I thought it felt harder off the putter and came off the putter hotter so I couldn't be as aggressive with the putter as I normally am. Going to play the Vice Pro Soft this weekend. Going to take me 27 rounds to get through them all, but it should be **** fun.
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    Titleist Vokey SM7 Raw 46F, 50F, 54F & 60D KBS Tour C-Taper X
    Evnroll ER5 Hatchback
    Titleist Pro V1x...but testing every urethane ball on the market
  • GolfiNutGolfiNut GolfiNut Members Posts: 244
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    AVX that a buddy gave me out of a test sleeve...It feels great off the face and oh lord the bounce when FW's are a bit firm. It gets me about 10 xtra when I tattoo it and on my home track that often translates to catching the slope down for another 10-15 roll-out.

    I just got some Kirkland 3 piece balls yesterday and will compare it to the AVX today. It should be interesting to say the least...
  • JY VPIJY VPI Lefty Playing Righty Members Posts: 119 ✭✭
    ProV1 with the high numbers. But the TP5/TP5x are awesome and occasionally I’ll throw a few in.
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  • monks66monks66 Members Posts: 587 ✭✭
    AVX for me! GET 5A's at $31 like new
  • BB28403BB28403 Members Posts: 3,187 ✭✭
    Melt down some plastic bottles , bit of rubber, some nerf material. Slap it all together in a mold. Bam, 5 cent ball. Jk
  • Gorris317Gorris317 Members Posts: 53
    I was playing the Chrome Soft for most of the season and just switched over to the Z Star. Found my new go to ball.
  • NRJyzrNRJyzr Allez Allez Allez Allez Minnesota, USAMembers Posts: 6,199 ✭✭
    Srixon ZStar and Wilson Staff FG Tour or Duo Urethane are my choices of late. When fall golf kicks in, the 50 Elite will come out. Have a single dozen left of the ZStar, but prefer the Wilson stuff. Have come to really like the softer feel.

    Will occasionally put into play wound balls I have lying around. HT-100s and Elite 90s are all that's left of my wound ball stash.
    The Ever Changing Bag!

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    1 iron: Maxfli Revolution, DGS400
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    SW: Ram Tour Grind Feel Matched 58*, DGS
    Putter: Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34.5", PP58 midsize grip
    (Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 35" -or- Mizuno TPM-2, 35" as backups)
    Balls: in no particular order... Wilson Staff FG Tour, Duo Urethane, or 50 Elite, Srixon ZStar/ZStar XV, Snell MTB Black... will trot out Maxfli HT-100 or Elite 90 from time to time
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  • X_UsaFX_UsaF please use a less inappropriate avatar Members Posts: 53
    I used to play the Maxfli softfli or Gamer soft but I tried the Chrome soft Truvis and I'm sold. It was chipping where I really noticed the difference

    I'm still never going to pay 45 bucks but mint used are only 22 a doz.
  • deepreddeepred Members Posts: 221 ✭✭
    MG C4, Tour ball performance, squeaker pricing.

    In the winter I prefer yellow so I hope it returns in yellow, although I found a great deal on the ZStar XV in yellow at Hurricane Golf.
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  • RobotDoctorRobotDoctor Senior Hacker ClubWRX Posts: 4,426 ClubWRX
    I game the 2016 Taylormade Tour Preferred ball. I like the performance of this ball over the TP5 and TP5x.
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  • playaplaya Members Posts: 8,714 ✭✭
    Interesting votes. Surprised for all the love for cs but none for csx. X is a much better ball off the driver, but I get too much spirit of off driver so csx may just be a better fit for me.
  • BB28403BB28403 Members Posts: 3,187 ✭✭
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    I game the 2016 Taylormade Tour Preferred ball. I like the performance of this ball over the TP5 and TP5x.

    Can you go into detail please good sir, as to why?
  • ShakesterShakester Members Posts: 429 ✭✭
    I'm torn between the Pro V1x and the TP5 so I just keep them both in my bag, but I do find myself using the Pro V1x more. Gonna pick up a dozen of the AVX and see how they are. I hear they're a happy medium between the two.
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    Taylormade TP5 Golf balls
  • rstlnerstlne AEIOU and sometimes Y West CoastClubWRX Posts: 204 ✭✭
    Srixon Z-Star XV, Bridgestone B330, OG KSIG and MG C4. I'll play whatever feels good on the putting greens that day and lately for the month of August it has been 60/40 XV to B330. I've tried a few sleeves of Tour B X and Tour B XS and hoping to see them hit that magic $25/dozen price point for me. Current model XVs are pretty awesome though, price, feel and performance wise.
  • 357MAGNOLE357MAGNOLE Members Posts: 31
    Srixon Soft Feel's

    I wish I was consistent enough to really determine which ball is best for me, but for now I rely on what feels the best with my scoring clubs. I think I might give up some distance, but I feel comfortable around the green with it.
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  • BullskierBullskier Members Posts: 34 ✭✭
    Snell MTB Black. Best ball. Best price
  • Joe V.Joe V. Members Posts: 252 ✭✭
    Z Stars heading into the mix now that I'm down to my final few K-sigs.
  • JagpilotohioJagpilotohio 45+ inch drivers are evil. Columbus, OHMembers Posts: 7,167 ✭✭
    Z Star XV for 2 years now. $20 a dozen last year on introductory 6 packs, $20 a dozen early this year on sale. Excellent ball. One of the Best deals in Golf. I Bought 12 dozen each time.

    I’d might quit golf before I’d pay $4 dollars for a Titleist.
    9.5* Cobra LTD, Old school Grafalloy Blue, 43.5"
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    16* Cally 815 alpha fuji 665 X, 41.5" (set to 17*)
    19* Titleist 816 H2 fuji 8.8X TS 40.0"
    4-7 2016 Hogan PTx, KBS Tour V, 120X.  
    Ping i210 8 & 9 Proto 125 F5 hardstepped 1x.
    Ping glide 2 46-12, 50-12, 54-14 (at 55) stealth, Vokey SM6 60M (61). Wedges Recoil Proto 125 F5
    33.5" Ghost spider slant neck.
    Srixon Z-star XV
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  • PulledabillPulledabill Members Posts: 325 ✭✭
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    Need to change mine to the AVX. Played a ton of balla this summer and always went back to ProV1...until I found a couoke AVXs.Best ball Ive ever gamed. Fits my game but your mikesge may vary.
  • kess13kess13 So I just put the ball in the hole... Members Posts: 1,278 ✭✭
    ZStar XV. A great ball that does everything I want and is firm off the putter. Tried various online only balls and each was good in some or most ways I find the XV to suit me in all ways.
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    F6 baffler
    T7/eye2XG Lob
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