best 3 wood in recent years

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Looking for reviews and thoughts on the hottest/ most forgiving 3 wood out there. Playing an R11s and its good off the tee but I wouldn't mind some extra zip from it as a driver back up. I currently play the Cobra king LT D driver from 2016 I think and it is the best driver I have evr played. iheard very good things about the same model 3 wood as well as the newer Taylormade M4. Opinions?



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    As someone who couldn't play a fairway wood for a while, the Callaway Epic Flash Subzero has cured all "yips" that I may or may not have had. So much so that I took a driving iron out of my bag and added a 5 wood recently to compliment my Epic Flash SZ 3 wood. YMMV obviously but I think it's a **** of a clubhead.

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    917 f2 is fantastic and can be had for a song now. I'm not a bad fairway wood player and have bounced around a few trying to replace my v steel. Tried Epic, M1, M2, Ping G and a few others but 917 ticks all the boxes.

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    Feels like we've been in a golden era of FW's the last few years. I won't say its hard to go wrong but its easy to go right if that makes any sense. I haven't done a lot of comparing but I've got a 2016 TM M1 that's a tour issue head that is a really good club. Great driver alternative on shorter/tighter par 4's but plenty long. It doesn't lag for distance.

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    917 f2 is good, I recently switched to a G410 its good too I somehow hit it better from the fairway (probably has to do with the head hight which is shorter?) but I feel I can't work the ball as much as I could with the 917

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    My 2016 M1 is pretty nice. Very solid feel. It kicked my VSteel out of the bag

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    If this is purely for driver back up I'm not sure it's possible to beat the Epic Flash SZ 3+ if you want to go newer. You could maybe save a few bones and use the Rogue but it sounds not so nice and also has a bonded hosel which I'm not personally a fan of. However, usually these "hot" 3w's that are border line drivers tend to be less forgiving due to CG placement. It's sooooort of an oxymoron to ask for a ultra long fairway wood but also expect it to be pretty forgiving. Maaaaybe something like a G410 LST could offer a little bit more foregiveness, but there's only so much MOI you can give to that size of head.

    If you want to save some $$, the Cobra King LTD is pretty long and might offer a touch more forgiveness than the Epic but I'm not sure how much. It also feels a bit different than most heads. I gamed it for the start of 2019 and it was mega long but pretty tough to use off the deck and it has a very unique and interesting sound. I think Lexi Thompson still might use one or if she got rid of it, just got rid of it recently. Super value when it comes to $$/yard compared to new product.

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    It might be easier to list the bad ones vs. all the good ones from the XHP onwards. There has been so many excellent offerings in the last 7ish years it's really hard to go wrong.


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    My biased vote is for the Cobra King LTD 3-wood

    Its been a revolving door of 3W's ever since the 906 F2, but these things seem versatile and are hot as ****.

    I've had no problem from the tee and from the deck, comparing to others seems like a "Mid" profile height, not too deep-faced or shallow.

    A little low-launching, but once I got it dialed in (tried different loft combinations) and settled on the 14.5* its been a solid weapon.

    All-in-all, an easy club to tinker around with, and I've even got the 4/5 Wood to complement it.

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    TaylorMade RAC LT 3-iron (21*) - Stiff
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    The fairway wood has always been my Achilles heal over the years, until I discovered the Ping G25. While I've tried to unseat it with some new model trials, I've returned to it. It is super easy to hit off the deck. I bag both the 16.5* and 20.0* with the Diamana S+ 70 Blue shaft. A close second for me was the Callaway Rogue, which is definitely longer and better off the tee for me, but not as good off the deck where I need it most. Not the sexiest of choices given all the new stuff, but works for me.

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    You can't go too far wrong with any modern FW - I had great results with my old Vapor Fly. Sadly I got very angry with myself during Club Championship last year, and it kind of developed a rattle after bouncing off a tree root, so needed a replacement.

    Tried a couple, but long story short, the 917 F3 is an absolute weapon - I gained 20 yards on the Nike instantly. It was also 10 yards longer then the TS3 I initially had in mind.

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    TI 2016 M2 for all around, Cally Rogue for pure distance and forgiveness. Very curious about the new Maverick. I looked at like 20 different retail heads to find a Rogue that sat well to my eye, best 3 wood I have ever had. Then my dad sky marked it and I foolishly traded it in. Should have sent it to Continental...

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    PXG 0311X 3-5 Project X HC Even Flow Blue 6.0
    Bridgestone Tour B X-CB 6-PW KBS Tour 120
    Vokey SM6 50F, 54S, 60S
    Ping Scottsdale Anser Antique Finish Tungsten Weights to 350G
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    Adams speedline fast 12. Go pick one up used for 30$ and never look back.

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    Lot of 917F2's. I bought the 4 wood. Great tee or fairway.Yes replaced tm200/vsteel/TEE . Currently a cheap club !!

    2020  31st May all Well🙂

    Ping Rapture 2006 10.5
    Cleveland Launcher FL 3wd
    with 60gram PLPlatinum
    Titleist 904F 7wd steelshaft

    MP100=33  pw 98765

    54 SM Vokey 2006
    60 RTX2

    17May back at Range
    re learning to hit a ball again
    rusty but accurate.

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    I've had 25 3 woods of every model in the last 4-5 years. Titleist TS2 is the best and its not even close. Launches high, spins mid to low, and stupid forgiving when you miss the center. Carry it about 265 off a tee and 255 off the deck.

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    • Titleist TS2 13.5* - Tensei Pro White 70TX
    • Ping G410 19* H - GD AD IZ 95X
    • Adams Idea Pro Tour Prototype 23* - Aldila Proto By You 80X
    • Adams CMB/MB2 5-p - PX LZ 6.5 
    • Wilson FG Tour V4 50* - PX LZ 6.5 
    • Mizuno T7 55.09  - PX LZ 6.5
    • Titleist Vokey Japan TVD 60M - DG TI Onyx S400
    • Odyssey Tour Only Jailbird plumbers neck - WHP insert - Stability Shaft
    • Bridgestone Tour B XS

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    I will say the ts2 is very very good.

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    Titleist TS2 (tour issue)15 Aldila Blue NV 70 42.75”
    Honma BeZeal 535 Tour Ad f-75 18
    Mizuno Jpx 919 Hot Metal Nippon Modus3 Pro 105 4-pw 
    Cleveland RTX4 Modus3 tour 120 stiff (50,56)
    Honma tw-w4 Modus3 tour 120 60
    Evnroll Er10 Outback 33.75 superstroke 1.0p
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    I will say it again. Titleist TS2 is far and away the best fairway I have ever hit. A distant second would be the old Nike sq2 Japan spec.

    Titleist TS3, 9.5, KKDC 60
    Titleist TS2, 15, AD DI 8
    Titleist 818h2,19,  AD DI 105
     Titleist AP2 4-pw, Project X 
    Titleist Vokey 52,56, Project X 
    Taylormade HiToe 60, KBS $taper Black
    Scotty Cameron Studio Style GSS Newport 2
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    The TS2 is definitely a killer club and i'm looking to put it up against my FD's to see how it performs. I think the last 3 Titleist fairway lines have been home runs and i'm excited to see what they come out with next, but I can see the TS2 being like 915FD in that it still pops up in pros bags several product cycles later.

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    Callaway X-Forged UT 20* Kuro Kage XT 100TX Hybrid
    Callaway X-Forged UT 23* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Bridgestone J40 DPC 5i-7i 27*- 35* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Bridgestone J40 CB 8i-PW 39*- 48* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Vokey Mild Raw 8620 54* Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Vokey SM6 58* Oil Can Low Bounce K-Grind Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Vokey Special 61* Black Oxide V-Grind Brunswick Precision Rifle FCM 7.0
    Scotty Cameron Newport Tour Red Dot

    WITB Thread
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    I totally agree! My epic flash sz has totally changed my mind when it comes to 3 woods. I can hit it low and run it out to 260 and also hit it 240 in the air. My only miss is a slight hook with it and it's super forgiving. It's the best 3 wood I have ever had and I have been through them all.

    LH Cobra Speedzone 9 deg Hzrdus Smoke yellow small batch 60 tx
    LH Callaway Epic Flash SZ 13.5 3+  Kuro Kage XD x stiff tipped 1/2 in
    LH PXG 0317x 19 3h project x hzrdus black handcrafted 6.5
    LH Miura CB no paintfill 4-PW project x catalyst 6.5
    LH 50, vokey sm7 bronze hand hammered, stamped and parts refinished to raw
    LH Cobra TrustyRusty 53 hand hammered, stamped and paintfilled
    LH Taylormade HiToe 58 removed some finish to raw, stamped and paintfilled
    LH Scotty Cameron Phantom x 7 35 in.   on the bench: Handmade Cushman Custom, Edel custom 642 carbon
    Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Maple Leaf
    Cru desinged custom headcovers
    Custom Ping Hoofer 14
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    3 wood has always been the toughest club in the bag for me to find the right one. I had experimented with so many over the years, and it always seems like I found the right one, only to have that feeling wear off after a few rounds. However, my current gamer is an XR Pro, and it has been in the bag the longest of any recent one I've tried. I've tried most of the newer stuff, and feel like you can't really go wrong with anything out now, it all seems to be good, but nothing has really stood out and separated itself, for me anyway. The XR just seems so much hotter to me than anything newer, and still forgiving enough.

  • kiw1982kiw1982 Williamsburg, VAMembers  1238WRX Points: 161Handicap: 7Posts: 1,238 Platinum Tees
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    original xr pro if that is recent enough to you.

    Cobra                    F9 9.0 Driver w/HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.0
    Titleist                   TS2 16.5 Wood w/HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.0
    Ping                       G410 19 Hybrid w/Tensei Blue 80 stiff
    Titleist                   818 H2 23 Hybrid w/Tensei Blue 80 stiff
    Mizuno                  MP-32 5-P Iron set w/DG S300
    Ping                       Glide 2.0 52/56/60 Wedges w/AWT 2.0
    Nike                       EverClear E11 Putter 
  • SurfDaddySurfDaddy Members  75WRX Points: 39Posts: 75 Fairways
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    Stick with what you love -- the Cobra LTD 3-4 and 4-5 are bombs!

    My suggestion, by both and if you don't have room for 2 fairway woods switch them out depending on the course. I own both and change accordingly. I've also swapped the shafts between them. In current wet conditions I'm using the 3-4 shaft in the 4-5 for distance + height. I paid a total of $120 including shipping for both on eBay and they still had the stickers.

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  • HackDaddy360HackDaddy360 VP of Dadding Members  129WRX Points: 83Posts: 129 Fairways
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    Fully agreed.

    when I updated my bag this year I hit a bunch of 3 woods. TS2 won all in for me. It’s a great evolution of Titleist’s long line of excellent fairway woods.

  • iNeedMoreGolfiNeedMoreGolf RiMembers  344WRX Points: 159Handicap: 14Posts: 344 Greens
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    I have 2. Reg rogue. Sounds great feels great looks great consistent controllable. All i can ask for. Before that i bought a steelhead xr 3 wood. Does the same as the rogue just doesnt sound as great and maybe a tad harsher feel. Im quiet lucky to have 2 that work so well for me that i like.

  • Young MoneyYoung Money Members  613WRX Points: 80Handicap: 11.6Posts: 613 Golden Tee
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    My vote would go to the g410. I've always struggled missing left with 3 woods and I hit this one so much better.

    Sim 10.5* Graphite Design AD TP 6X
    Ping G410 3 Wood Graphite Design MAD Pro 7X
    Ping G410 5 Wood Graphite Design MAD Pro 7X
    Ping G410 5 Hybrid Tour AD 105X
    Ping i210 6-UW Modus 105X
    James Patrick 56/60
    My Spider X
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    If you like the LTD and are interested in a similar 3-wood, I believe the new Cobra Speedzone Big Tour (actually not as big as it sounds, like 173cc) might be an option. I have not hit this yet, but so far it looks like the most promising and only really interesting fairway wood being released this year. Its actually slightly smaller than all the new TM SIM models.

  • nev adamsnev adams Members  40WRX Points: 34Posts: 40 Bunkers
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    I watched a you tube video from Rick Sheils on the Cobra Ltd. it was 17 yards shorter than the driver. So that really has me interested and with all the TS2 love here I have to look deeply into that one. Good suggestions!

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  • j.a.j.a. Members  1750WRX Points: 194Posts: 1,750 Platinum Tees
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    I do have 3 x woods in my bag, all from different models. I hit them quite good. 3 wood is a TEE XCG5, absolutely fantastic, best club in my bag. The 5 wood is a Callaway X-Hot 2 and the 7W is a Callaway Rogue, both very forgiving and easy to hit. I have tried to standardise to a single brand/model but not that easy on clubs not available anymore.

  • BigHook25BigHook25 Members  2339WRX Points: 132Posts: 2,339 Platinum Tees
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    The LTD fairway wood is great, I played it for awhile, and I don't have any trouble launching 3-woods in general; but the LTD even with a mid launch shaft launches low. It didn't fly low, just started low. Others have said similar, so just take that into consideration. I believe when I finally got on trackman it was launching about 2-3 degrees lower than other 3-woods I tried.

  • Club GuruClub Guru Members  121WRX Points: 73Posts: 121 Fairways
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    3-wood has taken the longest of any in my bag to find and establish a love relationship with. See explanation and comparison below.

    For me it’s an M6 15 degree with a Tour AD DI 8x playing at 42.75” with a D3 swing weight. I max out at 270 yards on my simulator but probably 260ish in San Francisco. Plenty of people can argue this but I truly believe the twist face significantly reduces dispursion. I love this club which I can’t say about any other 3 Wood I have played for the last 18 years (I’m 38).

    Other 3 woods I have and why the setup above is better:

    1. M2 tour 15 degree (steel fiber 80 gram x flex) - not as good off the turf and harder to work shots with. I also can’t feel the ball location on the face at impact nearly as well as with the M6.
    2. M3 15 degree (tour ad iz 80 gram) - bomber of a club but I can’t control it nearly as well as the M6 (or M5). I believe it’s due to the not having twist face.
    3. M5 rocket 14 degree (tour ad iz 80 gram) - longest 3 wood I own. I can knock it over 270 on my simulator and it’s longer than my M6. I like hitting a lot of 3 woods off the tee and the larger M6 head provides more confidence.

    I also have a Callaway Epic, Nike Vapor Pro, and Sonartec that are all good clubs but don’t perform nearly as well as the M6.

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  • Jnardelean19Jnardelean19 Members  93WRX Points: 25Handicap: 1Posts: 93 Fairways
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    Awesome info everyone! I am finally getting a full bag fitting and I am most excited for finally getting a 3 wood that I can hit a distance that is useful


    WITB - 2020

    Driver: Taylormade Sim - 8° - Tensei Pro White 60TX tipped 1/2 inch

    Fariway/Strong Hybrid: 2020 Mizuno CLK - 16° turned to 14* - Tensei Pro White 90TX

    Hybrid: Ping G410 - 19° - Tour 85 X-stiff

    Irons: Ping Blueprint - 4i to 9i Project X 6.5 4-5 iron Green dot 6-7 Blue Dot 8-9 Black dot

    Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8 RAW 45° and 50* Callaway MD4 RAW 54 and 58

    Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5x playing at 31.25inches

    Balls: Left Dash ProV1X

    Bag: Ogio College program bag


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