Justin Rose - WITB January 2020

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  • Mookieb10Mookieb10  224WRX Points: 92Members Posts: 224 Fairways
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    dang. I though the Rosie Protos were sweet. Funny to see him with the C-taper x intead of S+, hasn’t he been S+ forever?

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  • CCTxGolfCCTxGolf Going to the Masters...Someday Corpus Christi 919WRX Points: 209Handicap: 9.3Members Posts: 919 Golden Tee
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    That 4 iron made me get a little anxious just looking at the pictures. Amazing what these guys can do with those slivers of steel.

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  • sbjinxsbjinx Orange County 2530WRX Points: 236Members Posts: 2,530 Titanium Tees
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    Those are beautiful looking irons


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  • ValtielValtiel Konica-Minolta Bizhub  3133WRX Points: 1,280Handicap: 1.7Members Posts: 3,133 Titanium Tees
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    Yeah i'm surprised too, he was using those S+ for awhile. Could be a feel thing or the new irons spinning a little more so he wanted to cut a little bit, similar but reverse of what Fowler did switching away from the S+ to get more spin last year.

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  • JonnyKrasnodarJonnyKrasnodar  1897WRX Points: 176Members Posts: 1,897 Platinum Tees
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    Those irons are halfway between the PING Blueprint blades and the Mizuno 919 Tour shapes. Stunning.

  • bladehunterbladehunter Today was a good day... south carolina 30199WRX Points: 6,555Handicap: NONEMembers Posts: 30,199 Titanium Tees
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    Wow what a lovey profile the short irons have on those. VR pro ish.

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  • chip75chip75  586WRX Points: 130Members Posts: 586 Golden Tee
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    Look great, touch of Srixon and Seven MBs. I thought the Protos would stay in the bag for a while.

  • Redjeep83Redjeep83  5751WRX Points: 471Members Posts: 5,751 Titanium Tees
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    The Rose protos were awesome. I held them a few times at pga superstore and their soles and shape seemed much better than other popular oems.

  • speeder757speeder757  1153WRX Points: 160Members Posts: 1,153 Platinum Tees
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    Interesting move to the Diamama D+ Limited TX Tiger, Koepka, etc shaft in his Driver

  • SUPERGSUPERG  412WRX Points: 235Members Posts: 412 Greens
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    Shape is superb on those irons! Surprised not to see the sonar tour grips?


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  • pcs11pcs11  1258WRX Points: 197Members Posts: 1,258 Platinum Tees
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    Dear Lamkin

    Feel free to bring back those REL 3Gen grips

    Thanks bye

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  • hambone1124hambone1124  244WRX Points: 67Members Posts: 244 Fairways
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    wow - went smaller iron and up to X in C-Tapers - beastly combo

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  • dpmontgomery79dpmontgomery79  304WRX Points: 44Members Posts: 304 Greens
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    Love the KBS C-Tapers.

  • DatSliceDoeDatSliceDoe Camerons & Cobras One fairway over 2436WRX Points: 364Handicap: 9ishMembers Posts: 2,436 Platinum Tees
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    Epic irons!

  • QuigleyDUQuigleyDU  9552WRX Points: 3,038Handicap: 8Members Posts: 9,552 Titanium Tees
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    I agree, I really like how those look. It is a soft blend of modern and classic.

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  • BCC1898BCC1898  320WRX Points: 140Members Posts: 320 Greens
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    Anyone else feel like all of last year’s buzz around Honma is gone? Just kind of fizzled out.

  • andrieddleandrieddle  1834WRX Points: 99Members Posts: 1,834 Platinum Tees
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    Great looking bag, was hoping Honma would splash some money this year and sign Fleetwood....that would be awesome

    Let's go Rosey!

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  • drbonesvtdrbonesvt  8310WRX Points: 316Handicap: WIPClubWRX Posts: 8,310 ClubWRX
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    Long live the D+ limited TX

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  • 1jcwallace1jcwallace  193WRX Points: 67Members Posts: 193 Fairways
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    Honma still cant get him out of the TM 3 and 5 wood. I know he has TM fairways in the bag last year but I figured Honma would be in the bag this year.

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  • dpb5031dpb5031 Jupiter, FL 5789WRX Points: 1,327Members Posts: 5,789 Titanium Tees
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    Gotta agree with most of the comments here; shape of those irons is really nice looking

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  • DTown3011DTown3011 #DTown3011  3622WRX Points: 233ClubWRX Posts: 3,622 ClubWRX
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    The driver reminds me of the old FT3 driver from Callaway

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  • GoldhawkGoldhawk  76WRX Points: 31Members Posts: 76 Fairways
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    Yeah, there are a ton of players with other club deals playing TM fairways

    Must be something to them...

  • 1jcwallace1jcwallace  193WRX Points: 67Members Posts: 193 Fairways
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    I agree. I love my TM woods. It is just strange to me that he can game a Honma Driver but not Fairway. I would assume Honma is throwing everything they have at the wall trying to see what sticks for him.

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  • PBrowne3PBrowne3  554WRX Points: 57Members Posts: 554 Golden Tee
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    There is a pic on Getty Images of Rose today (1/23/20) playing in the 1st round of the Farmers with a Cobra fairway wood.

  • MattM97MattM97  870WRX Points: 373Members Posts: 870 Golden Tee
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    Those Axis1 putters feel awesome, I just wish they made a few in a lefty option. Probably easier for me to just putt right handed honestly.

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