I think drivers are finally “topped out”.

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I’ve hit every new driver that’s been made for the past 10+ years. I have witnessed some leaps in performance through the years, but I’d say since around 2017 we have been “officially” topped out. A lot of drivers now have a combination of optimized ball speed, aerodynamics, low spin, sound, looks, and forgiveness, whereas you used to have to sacrifice something. My Ping G400 outperformed or matched every 2018-2020 offering that has been released, but it seemed like before 2017 you could always find a small improvement here or there every year. The drivers this year are all great but it seems like they’re all so good that they can’t get much better since everything is already optimized, not to mention the new distance report which will ensure they don’t get any longer. Thoughts? Or did you all gain 17 yards this year just like last year?



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    I agree I have tested g410, sim and Mavrik sz on 5-6 occasions with same shaft and had a hard time trying to decide because they have been all been within 3-4 yards of eachother on average everytime. I can’t remember when I’ve ever had that with any other testing usually there is one clear cut option.

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    I gained 5mph ball speed from Srixon z785 to Mavrik SZ.

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    I agree OP. Comes down to getting properly fit to hopefully gain a couple of yards, but it's all about the miss hits. Dispersion is now king with the new offerings.

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    I've never gained 17 yards in one year.

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    Callaway Rogue/Epic depending on my mood

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    Last year I tested my 2014 Cobra BioCell driver against the 2019 offerings and didn't find anything that was appreciably better.

    I'm going to go through that process again this year. At some point I just HAVE to buy a new driver - LOL.

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    I agree, but I think we have only just reached that point this year or maybe last year. Comparing, for example, the ball speeds on a Titleist 917 driver versus a Titleist TS3 driver, the differences are significant, and the 917 is only a couple of years old (one product cycle). But I think starting with the Ping G400 series, the Callaway Rogue/Epic, the TaylorMade M5/M6, we're pretty much at the end of the ball speed road.

    Now it's about looks, shaping, CG preference, shaft combos, and MOI.

    Unfortunately, the marketing hype on new drivers is going to get worse, not better.

    Waiting for TaylorMade to roll out a TRUSS driver next year. 😂

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    Apparently I gained 20 yds when i went to graphite shaft. 10 yds for solid ball. 5 yds for balls with titanium. 5 yds for multicore ball. 5 yds for deeper dimples. 5 yds for hexagonal dimples. 10 yds when metal driver. 10 when bubble shaft. 10 when titanium face. 10 when bigger head. 10 when all titanium head. 10 when all graphite head. 10 when titanium/graphite. 10 when COR grew. Dont start me on aerodynamics and inertia generators.

    Why aren't I on tour?

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    I agree with this. The last big jump I saw was in 2017 with my Epic SZ. I’ve tried every new driver since, and it’s still in the bag. Just can’t find anything that beats it. And I still think it’s one of the best sounding drivers out there.

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    *hardest eye roll humanly possible*

    They maxed out the Chocolate Chip Cookie a million years ago when Nestle got with the Toll House Inn. Now its just marketing. I mean, sprinkles?!? Peanut butter swirls? Turbolators? Come on. Any idiot knows all that marketing is garbage. I walk down the cookie aisle at the store and just get madder and madder. Those scumbags keep trying to trick me, but I ain't biting. I'm going to go post on the internet about it so I get the positive chemical reinforcement of a bunch of other people agreeing with me that the chocolate chip cookie is maxed out.

    What's that? You like sprinkles/turbolators on your cookie? LOL. What a stooge of marketing. Go on and waste your money. I'll be over here, busy being super smart.

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    This image from the recent USGA/R&A distance report (https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2020/distance-insights/DIPR-FINAL-2020-usga.pdf) says a lot about how driver distance has changed for handicap-level players over the past 20 years:

    Even looking the best players (below 6 hdcp) there is no general trend of driver distance increase since around the year 2000. Golf club marketing and advertising BS aside, this is what the data shows. (BTW, with all the hubub this report is getting about how distance is out of control, that can only be concluded as true for the professional and top competitive amateur ranks. The rest of have not really seen any meaningful increase, in general.)

    Sure, any individual among us may have benefitted much more with some clubs they've been fit (or stumbled) into, but the data says there has been no overall increase in distance for us regular players (as a group) in any recent years.

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    Instead of distance, it would be interesting to look at this same graph measuring dispersion or FIR hit as I believe this is where the improvements have been the past several years.

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    Play Golf.....Play Blades......Play Something Else.....Just Go Play.....

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    I made a significant gain when I moved to the EPIC SZ (original) from my older driver. But I have seen little improvement in all the next generations. I agree it would be interesting to see a dispersion or forgiveness comparison. Average distance may improving, but may be due to a better forgiveness in the average distances (better ballspeeds on off center hits)

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    This figure is interesting!

    I'm like handicap ~20, my driver goes 260yd. I don't think I will need much progression on driver distance anymore.


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    Ball speed of the center has been maxed out for a long time. Almost all the companies now have at 3 different models to optimize launch and spin for almost every kind of player. The final hurdle was keeping ball speed constant across the face, which pretty much has been conquered (though this is slightly more recent).

    The only thing left to do is try to optimize MOI while keeping the spin low. I think with the all the makers having multiple models they've probably nearly achieved this for all but the most outlier of golfers.

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    Because, like the rest of us, you got 20 years older. And most of us don't work out - much - if at all.

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    The whole USGA/R&A argument is BS. The big issue is that the Tour Players are now athletes and are bigger, stronger and fully capitalizing on the science on hitting it correctly.

    I'd love to see them take 20 of the top Tour Players and give them a week with a Titleist Balata ball from 1995 (of course brand new) and I'd bet they would hit it just as far with their equipment. Especially their irons. But they won't do that because it would crush their argument about the ball going too far.

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    It is possible for an individual to see a significant gain vhen when there is no average gain over all golfers. A single individual might benefit by finding a specific driver that works better for him, but that is all it is.


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    Yep... topped out least as far as the USGA & RA are concerned. Yet, powers to be claim there's a distance issue. Gota wonder who's poking the powers to be under the table?

    Might one topic be related or a motivating factor for the other topic. And don't OEM company's need to keep producing equipment? As it stands, they've all but hit a wall with certain clubs. Shaft improvement is still viable, though. Aside from loft, shaft is said to be the engine behind distance, right?

    I enjoy some yardage gain when I switched from 917 to TS2 driver and 4-wood, but mostly lowered dispersion. Both TS2 heads are fairway finders. Also both Ventus shafts appear to have contributed some yardage gain too. How much varies, depending on my bones, conditions and the ball.

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    Fact. The record for the longest average drive distance on the PGA Tour is set by Hank Kuehne at 321.4 yards....in 2003 with his R510 TP

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    Then why haven't we seen similar gains with LPGA driving distance? You're saying only the men have been training and taking advantage of track man?

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    All I can tell you is that I have not come close to reaching the ‘max’ performance on what my current driver. I need lessons to gains ‘17’ yards not another driver.

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    Yeah, me too, but I lost all that when I got old......................Now I'm looking for golf courses that have kids tees!

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    No man will ever break the 4 minute mile.

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    Londonor has gained about 130 yds, not counting rollout. He must have THE worst short game ever.

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    I'd take that.

    Keep in mind that with today's technology the club and ball are an ecosystem. Club advances drive changes in the ball, and vice versa.

    Balata balls struck at high speeds had a much narrower margin for error on quality of strike and how much they spun. Current balls are more forgiving off of the driver.

    Somewhere I heard that once you get to around 150mph club speed, current ball technology beings to show similar behavior.

    But I agree with your main point... today's pros are much better athletes with more tools available to them to take advantage of modern equipment. If you took Jack or Arnie in their primes and gave them today's gear, I think they could hang with current pro, but after that things would drop off pretty fast.


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