Famous People you ran into during a round of Golf...



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    I met Hubert Green at a golf course when I was kid and got his autograph.

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    On -, @Bluefan75 said:

    On -, @ronnbee said:

    Biggest pro Jerk- Curtis Strange

    Could you elaborate? Not saying you're right or wrong, but I'm always curious as to why people say this about people.

    I've never met him but he did some really good stuff for Carteret County, where I grew up and where he currently lives, last year after the hurricane. He basically started a food drive on Twitter and all kinds of stuff.

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    John Derr, who was the commentator for the first Masters broadcast with Jones and Roberts, was a member at the club I worked at in Pinehurst. He came often and I got to play 18 hole with him once. Probably not really what this thread meant. I've also played with a number of relatively well-known people in golf architecture circles, but none of them by happenstance. Probably the most "famous" person I've been paired with or randomly spoken to on the course would be the former strength and conditioning coach at NC State...who's so well known I can't even remember his name.

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    OJ...Balboa Golf Course in Encino, CA. Based on his size I understand why tackling him would be hard. Big fricking dude.

    Now imagine trying to tackle him if he had a knife and was frothing at the mouth like a crazy person.

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    Caddied for:
    Several players on 1994 NY Rangers team
    USS Indianapolis Survivor
    Bryant Gumble ( **** )
    Maury Povich ( nice guy)
    Sgt. Slaughter ( camouflage golf bag )

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    On -, @Baitkiller said:


    In 1992 I played in a tournament at Arcola CC in NJ where OJ was a member. After someone pointed out his locker I remember thinking " that's cool, should I take his name plate?"

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    On -, @Janice_rossi said:

    Caddied for:
    USS Indianapolis Survivor

    He must've had some stories to tell.

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    NHL goalie Carey Price.

    Stanley Cup Head Coach Barry Trotz.

    Both were awesome guys.

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    On -, @ThinkingPlus said:


    Marcus Allen at Rancho San Marcos working on his chipping (hands of brick at that time). Complimented my hubby on how well he was chipping.

    Oddly enough Marcus Allen lives in St Louis now and I have seen him at Golf Galaxy. A friend said he hangs out there often and hits clubs to kill time if he's not playing.

    Played behind Tracey Lawrence (country singer) at a little country course near me. He was playing the county fair that night. Him and his group had camo bags and got into an old suburban. Not exactly what I thought he'd be driving.

    Ozzie Smith is a member at the club I play at and lives in the neighborhood. My wife sees him at the post office and I've seen him on the course a few times. He seems to only play with guests and crosses off opens spots if not a foursome so people won't try to jump in with him. I'd say I don't blame him, but I can't imagine there are a ton of old men who are dying to butt into his group and bug him all day. This is baseball country though so maybe he gets bugged a lot.

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    On -, @Jwin323 said:


    Hw was on Wheel of Fortune once. Kept trying to buy an I.

    That is f*****g hilarious 😂

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    A couple of NHL Hall Of Famers, One NFL Hall of Famer, Philadelphia sports announcers and former Philadelphia Eagles players.


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    Oj Simpson. Guy was a sleeze ball. Touching on all of the beverage cart girls. Trying to get them to come back to his hotel room to have an orgy.

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    Ahh, I got one. We (wife, son, myself) used to drive down to San Antonio (from Oklahoma) every Christmas so I can get some golf in at a warmer temperature than I could in Oklahoma and play some nice courses. One of our favorites was the La Cantera courses (Palmer and Resort). I had always asked why did they play the PGA Tour venue at the Resort course when the Palmer was rated as harder course and the answer was spectator availability....was more spectator friendly at the resort course (it also had that very cool drivable par4 from the top of the quarry ledge that overlooked the Six Flags roller coaster behind the green).
    Anyway, we are on the driving range before our round....and I see a San Antonio spurs player also on the range (he had on some spurs outfits, was super tall, young, and I presumed he was who he looked like he as...I didn't know the name as I was never into basketball that much to know anyone outside the headliners). But the guy that intrigued me was a pepper-haired older fellow, also tall, who was on the putting range, back to our left who walked over and talked to the young guy on the driving range and went back to putting. So, I needed to get some putting in, and not to be blunt, I was watching him from the corner of my eye trying to see if he was an older San Antonio player (retired) and who he might be. OK, so I make some putts go towards hit big, leather, golf bag and I notice a big metal embossed emblem with "The Iceman" on it. And I said to myself....oh golly, that name is familiar and I still can't place it. I never acknowledge who he might be (because I still couldn't figure out his name and thought I'd just embarass myself by not knowing), but we passed each other and I smiled and said hi. So later that day, we get back to our hotel room at the Westin Resort and go straight for my laptop and Google "The Iceman" and comes up with George Gervin and his photo.....and showed it to my son who was only around 12-14 at the time and I pointed out the guy on the range and the older gent on the putting green and he says "that's the guy!!".

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    Played three to four holes behind Phil Mickelson at Palmetto Golf Club in 2004. We didn't risk getting closer which would have resulted in being asked to leave. He won his first major championship less than a week later. Played directly behind Dustin Johnson at the former Quail Creek Golf Club (now Hackler Course at Coastal Carolina) in Myrtle Beach in 2006. He couldn't have been nicer to be honest. Very friendly and talkative. Meet Allen Terrell following that round. Terrell gave me an AMF kids set of three clubs, putter and bag when the discussion turned to my first child having just turned one. Still have that set in the garage.

    Frank Beamer and Lanto Griffin play my home club on occasion given both are from the area. Oak Hill basketball coach Steve Smith is a member. Not really unusual to see them.

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    I've run into Paul Warfield several times when I've visited Mission Hills.

    May not be a big deal for any of you, but it has been a huge deal for me. Great gentleman, great Buckeye. And one **** of a wide receiver in his day.

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    Caddied for Joe Theismann, Rick Patino (played 54 holes in one day), Vinny Testaverde, Mark Russell, and Stone Phillips (in a Pro-Am with Andy North and Tom Watson). Caddied in the same group as Graeme McDowell, Adam Oates, and Jon Gruden. A year in between corporate jobs that I'll never forget!

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    Ray Allen
    James Blake
    Rich Vos
    Kevin Ollie

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    On -, @MaxBuck said:

    I've run into Paul Warfield several times when I've visited Mission Hills.

    May not be a big deal for any of you, but it has been a huge deal for me. Great gentleman, great Buckeye. And one **** of a wide receiver in his day.

    Good old #42. Great Brown and Fin!

  • RichieHuntRichieHunt Members  4055WRX Points: 748Posts: 4,055 Titanium Tees
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    One of the greatest catchers of all time, Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez.


  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm Members  3034WRX Points: 1,284Posts: 3,034 Titanium Tees
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    Saw Conor Moore at the range this morning. Didn't bug him.


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    I used to go to a driving range in Studio City when I still lived in Hollywood and Jon Lovitz was there every single time I went. Dude's a very solid ballstriker.


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    Tom and Curt Byrum in a foursome at a charity golf event in Sioux Falls SD

    George Strait, his wife, his manager, and some other big guy let our group play through at Coeur d’Alene. Other than the big dude they were all really nice. I think he was a bodyguard.

    (then) Polaris CEO Tom Tiller (T squared!) and KTM CEO Stefan Pierer at a club near Medina MN I can’t remember the name of. Neither one were any good and Pierer was vocally disinterested in golf. “This is a waste of time.” Me and another nobody were the lucky real golfers who got the luxury of their company for 5 hours. Tiller was cool and so was Pierer in his own way but you cut the tension between the two of them with a knife—even a blind man could have seen this golf outing was strictly for press release.

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    Brett Favre at one of the courses at Disneyworld.

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    Greg Maddux a couple of times at Spanish Trails in Las Vegas. At the time he lived there so it makes sense.

    Peter Jacobsen and PJ Carlesimo were in a foursome ahead of mine at Turberry. He was warming up for the Open which was at Royal Lytham in 96. Windy rainy day and I shot 86 and was pleased while playing at a 6 back home. I asked Peter what he shot after the round and he said nonchalantly 68. Really hit home how good they are.

  • ZantorZantor Members  12WRX Points: 9Posts: 12 Bunkers
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    Once I met Michael Phelps, it was very unexpected, I asked him for an autograph.

  • ShaunPJourdanShaunPJourdan Members  42WRX Points: 13Posts: 42 Bunkers
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    Willie Tullis, DB for the Saints in the 80's.

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  • CaddiesFaultCaddiesFault Golf Professional Members  867WRX Points: 144Handicap: -Posts: 867 Golden Tee
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    Random occurrences:
    Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson & Andre Roberts
    Dan Quayle
    Gary Mccord
    Tony Kornheiser(my personal fave) We argued about Trey Burke and John Wall for a couple minutes. It was great.
    Lynn Swann
    Tito Francona with Kluber & a couple other guys
    Aaron Rodgers with Tauscher & Kuhn
    Anthony Anderson
    Carson Palmer with his family at a driving range

    At random tournaments & charity events where I knew they would be there:
    Bill Lambeer(irons are +2 inches!) with rick mahorn at a celeb tourney
    Brian Urlacher
    Steve Stricker
    Steve Mariucci
    Marshall Faulk

    A dozen or more tour pros/once tour pros as well due to a skins game in Scottsdale I used to play in.
    Hale Irwin

  • johnnyprojohnnypro Lynbrook, nyMembers  1910WRX Points: 157Handicap: 14.5Posts: 1,910 Platinum Tees
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    The "Monster" up at the old Concord Hotel in the Catskills was a good place to run into celebrities. My buddies and I used to make 3 - 4 day trips up there every year. I'd leave my house on Long Island around 4am, meet them around 6 for breakfast at the Miss Monticello diner, play 36 and then drive home. Over the years, we saw Ali, Joe Louis, Jimmy Ellis, Gerry Cooney and about half the Montreal Canadiens team, including Guy Lafleur, Larry Robinson, Yvon Lambert, Serge Savard and Steve Shutt. One day J. C. Snead played the back nine right in front of us. Big hitter.
    How I miss those days!!!
    Also ran into Dr. J and Ray Romano (not together) on Bethpage Black.

  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Members  9595WRX Points: 1,586Posts: 9,595 Titanium Tees
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    Didn't meet but saw Jason Gore playing a round on the fairway next to me a few months ago.

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  • michaelskivinismichaelskivinis 1 iron fanatic western australiaMembers  280WRX Points: 30Handicap: 4.9Posts: 280 Greens
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    played golf behind bill clinton at burswood park golf course in western australia...never seen so many golf carts with suited men and no golf clubs...wondered what was in their coolers on the back of the carts????

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