Coolest moment on a golf course?



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    TLDR: My dad chipped in from a very unlikely spot in a tournament.

    I've been tremendously fortunate to have been able to play a lot of golf pre-kids (4 years of college golf #humblebrag) and have hit some pretty good shots in my lifetime, but my favorite moment has to be a shot my dad hit in a when we played together in our home club's Member/Member tournament.

    This particular day of the tournament was alternate shot and I put him in no-man's land hitting it left of the par 4 10th hole. Left of the green on that hole is dead no matter where the flag is and of course that day the pin was cut about 5 feet off the left side of the green so he had no room to work with...maybe 8 feet or so.

    For those few of you who want a little more detail, there's a SEVERE dropoff (got to be at least 10 feet) on the left side of the green and the "rough" in that area is in a shaded spot, which means it's a little grass, but mostly it's hardpan dirt. To make matters worse, the green runs away from the hole severely and is also down grain running away from the hole. The bank is usually shaved pretty close, so anything that doesn't make it up the hill, comes rolling back down to your feet. So to summarize...he has about a 25 foot pitch shot where he has to get the ball up quickly to an elevated green, hitting off dirt, to a pin with no room and a green with a severe slope that runs away from him and all the green is down grain. As I said...DEAD. An average shot, probably ends up with a 30 footer for par. A good shot leaves with you with a 20 amazing shot might be ten feet, so in my mind, we were playing for bogey at best.

    I started to go over to him to suggest trying to bump it into the bank and hope for a lucky break. Before I got to him, he just smiled at me and winked and said, "Don't worry I got this."

    I can only describe what happened next as a freaking miracle. Somehow, Dad managed to pick the ball perfectly off the dirt, land it short of the pin (probably about 3 feet from the hole). It still had speed and would have gone at least 10 feet by, but it clanged off the pin and dropped into the hole for the most unlikely birdie in the history of ever. It was so cool to see his reaction and get to celebrate that one with him. I don't remember exactly where we finished in that tournament. I'm pretty sure we cashed in a little bit, but I'll never forget that shot.

    He could have dropped 100 balls in the same spot and may have gotten 2 or 3 inside 8 feet. Of course, this is the same guy who also had a double eagle and a hole in one in the same round. I didn't get to see that one, so that's off topic (but worthy of mentioning). I miss him so much.
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    Schley wrote:

    I just had a very cool moment. I've been recovering from serious injury, serious enough to question whether I'd ever be able to play again. I've been rehabbing myself to exhaustion, but I've lost a lot of muscle and with it a lot of coordination. A rare nice day afforded me the opportunity to hit the range for the first time in months. My swing is still there. Very cool!

    Well since your swing is still there I'm happy it was one you wanted to keep! For me I'd gladly trade mine is for a new one, so don't mind losing it. image/stink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':stink:' />

    Ha! My swing is the product of years and years of effort. I couldn't imagine starting over.
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    Coolest or coldest? Coolest was walking inside the ropes with Corey, Kite, Duval and Leonard before 1997 Open. Rules guy is a local guy so we walked a few holes with him. Awesome.

    Coldest Old Course in March. Three thermals and a Goretex jacket. 40mph. 18th was nailed driver and nailed 4 iron. We went to a coffee shop instead of a bar.
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    Hole 10 at one of my home courses. Uphill par 5. My 3rd year golfing. The wind comes roaring out of the canyon strong in the morning. I hit a driver, then a 3 wood, and still 140 yds out. I felt the wind and guessed a couple clubs extra and took out my buddies jack Nicholas 7 wood that he swears by. I hit it at a back left tucked pin location and I saw it go right at it and it hit the bump right before the hole around the green. We got up to the hole and I searched off the back of the green for 10 min until I jokingly checked the hole. In it was. One of the greatest shots of my life because I wasn’t that good and I hit a full 7 wood right at a green with a cliff behind it. It was awesome!
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    Waiting with my buddies on the tee of a 200 yd par 3 when we hear approaching police sirens.

    Shortly thereafter a motorcycle followed by 2 patrol cars giving chase tear across the fairway, race through the rough and over the neighboring fairway before turning onto an access road leading off of the course.

    Everyone including the 4 ball on the green just looked at each other in silence for the longest time before busting out laughing.

    It was very cool.

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    My first par, Dads first eagle
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    Caddying for a pro in a tournament, he made an ace in front of a large gallery, I’ll never forget it!
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    Every year for the past 10 or so, on the 4th of July I go up to the small town my mom grew up in to play in the two-man scramble with my cousin the 9 hole course puts on every year.

    As a pair we had never won the championship flight. We had gotten second a half dozen times or so. Two years ago we paired with our competition and they were one shot up on us going into the last hole which was the 1 handicap hole number 8 that plays about 400 yards downhill and then steeply uphill to a turtle shell green. OB left and all sorts of tree trouble right. My cousin hit a very useable drive, but I hit one to 105 yds out down the middle. I then hit a 54 degree to about 18" for a tap in for birdie and the win.

    This wouldn't have been so special to me if my grandma - who taught me how to play golf - hadn't passed away the winter before. It was where she grew up and lived her entire life and she was with me in spirit on that hole that day.
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    Playing with my Dad at Bay Hill in 2007. He aced the 2nd hole. Arnold Palmer signed his ball and my hat at the turn. Such a gentleman. Made us feel like he really cared. Also playing with my brother when he got his hole in one. Still searching for my first.
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    Don't know if this was the coolest moment but it is one that me and my cousin talk about every time we play golf. We were celebrating his 30th birthday with a round of golf and got up to a par 5 and see a huge bird flying towards us. It turns out to be an Osprey with a pretty decent size bass in his talons flying around like he was showing off his catch. The bass was facing forward and looked sort of like a torpedo waiting to be dropped. We all just stopped and watched him in all his splendor as he flew around. Also one of cousin's friends made a hole in one which was his 4th at age 30!
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    Both the kids were playing in HS golf teams and we would go out for late twilight rounds and on course practice.
  • Sleeping during our coaches pre-tournament pep talk/hype video. Getting yelled at for sleeping during the pep talk/video. 4 1/2 hours later, myself (freshman) and our team are state qualifiers. It’s funny looking back now.
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    On the third hole of a course my father and I played all the time I hit a drive that hit his ball in the fairway. It was one of those “wow, I will never see that happen again” moments. Then we had to go get his ball out of the trees
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    Playing with my dad, brother and the owner of a golf course on a short dog-leg left par four. Watching my brother drive the green. Hearing the golf course owner say he was going to dig a pond in front of the green so my brother could not drive it anymore. Knowing that the pond in front of a green on a golf course was installed because your brother drove the green one day.
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    I’ve experienced a bunch of these, probably more than my fair share in the grand scheme of things. Tom Watson knelt down and had a very kind, friendly conversation with my daughter, who was only 7 or 8 at the time, near the practice putting greens at the Masters one year. He didn’t just say Hi. He chatted with her for a minute or so. I was way over on the other side just keeping an eye on her and her older brother. It was neat for her, as she still remembers it to this day.

    One year at one of the WGC events, my son and I were following Tiger’sgroup. We were on one of the last few holes and there was a pretty good crowd but it was only one or two deep around the tee. It was early in the week.

    My son was probably 9 or 10 and is a little bothered by people standing right next to him so he had walked over to a spot where I could see him but was sort of away from the crowd a little.

    Tiger tees up and hit just an awful **** of a drive pulled and hooking left. He slammed the driver into he ground pretty hard but then walked back a bit, then walked over across the tee and stood directly beside my son next to the ropes.

    My son has a little bit of high functioning autism, but he had been to some pro tournaments so he knows how to behave. But his quirkiness sometimes led him to be a little impolitely blunt with adults. I was deathly afraid that he was going to look at Tiger and say “that sucked” because he has been along with me for many rounds where I’ve looked at him when I’ve hit a bad shot and said with a laugh that “ that sucked”.

    But he didn’t say a word. He just kind of stood there with Tiger right next him on the other side of the rope. They both just stood there until the other two players hit, then Tiger walked back over across the tee where his caddie was and put the driver in the bag and walked ahead.

    He said “Tiger sweats like you do”. True dat.
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    32 degrees F on the 18th hole.
    Livin' proof that Lefties are not naturally talented.

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    Playing St Andrews Old Course with my father years ago and we spot Sean Connery walking through the course with a newspaper under his arm. My dad was a huge Bond fan and Sean was very accomptating and stopped to chat to use for several minutes (we let the group behind through).

    Also had dinner with Colin Montgommery once in a pub on the Tueday of Open Week in 1999. He was sitting alone and we were sat at the table next to him. The pub was very quite and we started to talk to him (figured why not) and he invited my dad and I to join him.
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    Anytime on golf trips with buddies and my hole in one.
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    For me it was when my parents were living in Memphis and I was there for the summer. I was 19 at the time and played golf every day at a local club. The St. Jude Classic rolled around and Pros were all over town. I was seeing courtesy cars with "St. Jude Classic" on them at gas stations and other stores, and when Pros are in town they tend to get out and play other courses in the area for fun. One morning when I was on the range warming up, Chad Campbell and his caddie came on the grounds looking to play. I saw them go to the first tee, and I immediately got in my cart to play behind them.

    You see, I had a plan: I knew the course always got slow at the Par 3 8th, regardless of how many players were on the course at the time. It was just one of those choke points. My goal was to keep up pace of play behind him and see if he would invite me to join him at the 8th when we were both waiting. Hey... I was 19 at the time, I could dream, right? Worst case scenario I would play 18 right behind a Pro and get front row seats to his game.

    I watched him for 7 holes poke it around the course. He played very well, and very consistent. By the Par 3 8th, like I suspected, he got backed up and I pulled up in my cart right behind him. I actually picked up my ball on the green of the 7th when he was out of sight to ensure I'd pop up right on his tail, oops! He saw me pull up and--without hesitation--hopped out of his cart and asked me if I'd like to join him. I couldn't say 'yes' quick enough.

    We played 8, 9, 10, and 11 before a pop-up thunderstorm rolled in and we had to leave the course. Chad was a nice dude the whole time, asked me about myself, talked openly about himself and his game. TBH I didn't know much about him at the time, and was asking him questions like I would just any other person. Perhaps he appreciated that. 

    Best part of all, I kept up with him and matched his score hole-by-hole for the next 4 holes. Par, Par, Birdie, Par. 

    I will always remember that time getting to play alongside him and watch him first-hand. To this day I'll search a scoreboard at an event for his name and check up on how he's doing. I know he doesn't remember that time at all, but man I sure will. 
    “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same
    time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented."
    - Arnold Palmer
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    Running into Michael Jordan on the range in Santa Barbara.

  • 3jacker3jacker Members Posts: 1,004 ✭✭

    Laura N. on the 10th hole at 1AM, Shalimar Pointe CC, circa 1990. Or possibly Jessica M. at the 9th on the Lake Course at BW Bay, around the same time. Do activities at the golf course pool count? If so it's gonna be a lot more work figuring out...

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    I was a wee lad (10) living in Ohio at the time. My parents took me to the The Memorial Tournament @ Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio. I was just starting to really get into the game. After a long day of walking the grounds, we finally nestled down pretty much on the 18th green. I still cant believe how close we were sitting then, felt like I could touch the fringe. As a youngster, all i wanted was a ball from one of the pros. Finally, after watching multiple players come through, Bob Tway, who just so happened to win the tournament that year (89' I believe), rolled the ball over to me after picking it up out of the cup. Since then, Bob Tway will always be my favorite golfer! And now, his son Kevin is one I always look for on the leaderboard.

    Forward 15-20 years or so. My father was the head ranger at a local golf course (Hampton Golf Village) where I currently reside. The Atlanta Braves held their annual golf tournament at Hampton that year. Somewhere around 2002, 2003. The night before, my dad asked if i wanted to ride along with him and check it out as he ranger'd. Uh, yea!!!! I drove to the mall that night and got a retro braves hat in hopes of getting some autographs. I was able to get Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddux, who were just coming off the 14th, green to sign the bill of the hat. It was awesome and also bittersweet as I'm an Indians fan. 95' world Series still burns, as does the 16' World Series. The tourney was pretty much over and I was returning a cart that was left in the parking lot. As I got closer to the cart return, someone yells, "Hey do you work here? I need a ride back to my car." Turned around and **** if it wasn't Brian Jordan!! I don't remember if he was already a Dodger by then but I dropped him off at his black early 2000 model Hummer H2 with Cali tags. He was extremely nice and signed a ball he had in his backseat. I now enjoy listening to him during the Braves telecast. It was a pretty awesome day just seeing some of the old Braves. Dale Murphy, Ron, Gant, Jeff Blauser, Chipper, Bobby, Cox, Rockin' Leo, and many more.

    Last March my father and I took a golf/March Madness trip down to Orlando to Reunion Resort for 4 days. Played the Watson, Palmer, and Nicklaus courses. Ended up bumping into John Schuerholz in the elevator of the resort. I assume he still has some duties with the Bravos during spring training. Very nice fella. Talked to us for several minutes at the rooftop bar sipping is vodka/cran. Oh yea, he also recommended the salmon.

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