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    Holy Moses wrote:
    linkerpan wrote:

    A lot of slobs here criticizing the price. Now that Dicks is allowing them to get them at a 25% less, would they put their money on the product?

    A Black Friday sale?

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    People get offended easily and may disagree.

    I just wouldnt consider a Wilson TV driver with a sliding weight system for 400+ bucks. I'd walk right by it unless it: A) Had something different that caught my attention or B) Had a price that would make me look away from Ping/Cally/Titleist/Taylormade.

    Its not trying to insult people or **** off Wilson fans. I assume the majority of golfers would just look elsewhere for that price.

    That club would just never be considered by me unfortunately.
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    It's simple marketing. The product has to differentiate itself from other offerings on the market. One way to do this is with new technology (movable weights, carbon... nope not new), another is price (... nope, same as others), another is create a new market segment like PXG ( nope).

    Good luck trying to carve out market share without a single differentiator (aside from a TV show with dismal viewership).

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