Golf New Years Resolution- This time next year this is what I want improved...



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    Although I originally learned how to play golf back when I was a teenager, I really only started playing regularly in late summer 2014. Prior to my wife buying me a set of clubs for my 40th birthday, I'd play once or twice a year. I've since played 210 rounds over the past 4+ years.

    I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to improve but went through my stats on the TheGrint to put some actual numbers to them. Here's what stood out:

    First, the good stuff:

    -- Since 2014, I've improved my HCP each year. I finished 2014 at a 23.1 and as of now I'm down to the lowest I've ever been at 15.5

    -- My average score has dropped each year from 99.0 -> 97.9 -> 96.7 -> 96.2 -> 93.2.

    -- I picked up a full GIR from last year to this year, improving from 4.1 to 5.1

    -- I've improved my par-3 GIR percentage to over 30% for the first time

    Now for the improvement opportunities:

    -- Putting, putting, putting. I average 35-36 putts per round. Where I really need to improve is the percentage of time I 3-putt (or worse). In 2018 I had 3+ putts a whopping 18.2% of the time. I only played Kapalua Plantation once so I can't blame it all on that. If I could cut that in half, I'd drop 1.5 strokes. For 2018, my goal is cutting my 3-putt % down to 12.6% which would drop a stroke.

    -- Par-3 GIR% is 31.5%. Yes, it's over 30% for the first time ever but 31.5% is not good. My goal here is 44%, an increase of 0.5 per round.

    -- Fairway % is 37.4%, 5.2 per round. Increasing by 1 per round would be 44.5% so that's my goal for 2019.

    Decreasing the 3-putt % is goal #1.
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    Get in the golf business so I can enjoy what I do.
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    I've had my best tee ball game this season on short par 4s, but it exposed how bad i am with a wedge with anything less than 80yds to the pin. Even worse when I'm left with short sided on the fringe. Also, try to get to course at least half hour before tee time.
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    Putting for sure.

    I play in two separate 'leagues', the Men's league at my home course and a casual league with buddies where we play 3 weekend days each month. I realized that my putting game did not travel well. And unfortunately, I lost my touch at my home course too. I tried everything. Changing my grip, moving from putting with my hands to putting with my shoulders. I even fought the yips for awhile.

    I used to be a 'feel' putter. I really need to go to a more deliberate method of pacing putts, knowing my putting distance by the length of backstroke and being able to adjust to different course conditions.
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    For me, to become less of a putter ho and not have the desire to change the flat stick so quickly. To not look for a “quick fix” so hastily and put in more hours work.
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    Got down to 9 this year.. My short game saves me most of the time..

    I want get down to 5, which means I need to be more consistent with my long game..

    also need to get in better shape.. just Golf doesn't seem to help..
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    Rosco1216 wrote:

    Get in the golf business so I can enjoy what I do.

    Wait ........ what?
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    Lose 25 pounds and end the year with the same clubs I start the year with. Neither will be EZ for a club ho who enjoys food............................a lot.
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    Would like to shoot under par in 2019. Had a few subpar 9hole scores but time to string two good nines together!

    Had hoped to shoot par by my birthday (March) but since that came unexpectedly early it’s time to tweak the new year’s goal...
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    Make it through a local qualifier for a State or regional tournament. I've been having 2 to 3 blow up holes that have derailed any chances the past 2 years
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  • 3 Jack Par3 Jack Par I only answer to "Ace" now Members, ClubWRX Posts: 6,079 ClubWRX
    My main goal is a bit hard to quantify, but it’s to play more freely and without fear of what might happen if I don’t pull off a shot. I’ve gotten better over the past couple of years of not giving up after a bad hole or two, and have gotten better about putting up decent scores after a bad start, and this is the next step in the evolution of my mental game.

    In the same vein, but somewhat opposing to the aggressive mindset, I also want to improve my decision making on approach shots. I basically aim at the flag all the time. I want to force myself to take an extra 5 seconds to look at the shot and if it’s a sucker pin or a shot that doesn’t fit my eye, aim more conservatively, and make a committed swing at that target.

    For measurable goals, I want to drop about 35 lbs, and get my handicap, which last year ranged from 0.3-1.4 down into plus territory for an extended period. You wouldn’t think it, but these two things are also somewhat opposed. I’ve played some of my best golf while around my current weight, and have seen my handicap go up when I’ve gotten around my target weight. I think that’s more coincidence than anything, and for the longevity of my ability to hit the ball a long way and my longevity period with a history of heart disease in my family, fitness needs to be a huge priority.
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    Golf fitness.

    I'm in decent enough shape for a guy in his early 30's, but I'm in pretty mediocre golf shape. I am not really flexible and I end up with a sore back and shoulders far too frequently.

    A couple weeks ago I did the diagnostic tests in Joey Diovisalvi's "Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing" and failed miserably. I am simply NOT flexible or balanced enough and it causes me to compensate in other ways with my swing. I started doing the workouts in that book and have already felt the difference in my swing in a couple weeks. Of course it's winter and I can't see how that translates to the course, but I'm excited to really give it a go.
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    llewol007 wrote:

    Probably a higher GIR and definitely more birdie putts within my 10 foot circle.

    Yep. Getting got more GIR is the goal. That’ll take more fairways off the tee and sharpening up the iron play. Want to get to 9 hdcp
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    ...for now
  • honestveekhonestveek Members Posts: 36
    Break 80

    Be less fat

    Stop being a headcase when things go wrong
  • Showtime9Showtime9 MonsterHeel Members Posts: 160 ✭✭
    SubaruWRX wrote:

    I want to stop golfing with my wife and her friends. Sure it doesn't happen often, but it really should never happen. I need to have more integrity than I did in 2018.

    So essentially its a "death wish" you have for a resolution?
  • 80sFredriksson80sFredriksson Members Posts: 461 ✭✭
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    Get below 10 from 13 improved eating drinking during the rounds and practice short game more is probably fastest route
  • Birdie MacBirdie Mac Members Posts: 492 ✭✭
    1)) Focus on course management. Too often I tee up without knowing or planning where to miss, yardage to hazards, etc.

    2) Learn to relax, focus only on the present shot, and forget about the last horrible or amazing shot.

    3) Get rid of my hook and hit more fairways off the tee.
  • mds5062mds5062 Members Posts: 78 ✭✭
    More consistent mental game and improving physical fitness. Not the most flexible guy and when I don't concentrate on making a full turn with my hips on the back swing and proper weight transfer, it all goes to ****. Happens more so on the bad days and when I focus on it, take some practice swings, it works. Too often I get the yardage, pull the club, little waggle and swing and wonder why it didn't go as planned.
  • Fourpar18Fourpar18 Members Posts: 2,514 ✭✭
    I am currently a 5 that is trending in the right direction...

    I am working on my driver game, its been holding me back the past year. I finally went back to a driver and shaft that I have confidence in. My ONLY goal this year is to win my club championship and be the oldest player on the All Navy Golf Team!

    Taylormade M3 GD IZ

    Good luck everyone!
  • aiyyeraiyyer Members Posts: 1,468 ✭✭
    Play more than once a week.

  • onelochevyonelochevy Members Posts: 188 ✭✭
    My resolution is to play more. My dad was always my golfing parter and he passed away last March. I havent been on a course since. Few trips to the range with my 4 year old son but no actual rounds. I need to change that this year.
  • shoot4parshoot4par Life's A Course 412ClubWRX Posts: 142 ClubWRX
    Find joy in the game and the process of getting better again. My father became diagnosed with a serious illness and most things I enjoyed prior to that seem to have become a detestable luxury under the circumstances. Other than that try to hit the long irons more consistently which is hard to do when you've played 2 full rounds and four other times at a local muni.
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  • nichhonichho Members Posts: 1,919 ✭✭
    Improve driving, hit more fairways.

    I had a fairly stellar year last year, predominantly because I scrambled so well but that will only take you so far.

    I played Silloth in September in supposedly 20 mph winds (think 124 yd 6 iron and 178 yd PW) it destroyed me and showed up my driving for what it is. Since then I have been working on flattening the plane and getting it inside on the way through more consistently, hopefully eliminating the over the top move and thus eliminating my stock pull.

    There is still work to do and I have 3 months left to do it, I'm confident that I will.
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    Rosco1216 wrote:

    Get in the golf business so I can enjoy what I do.

    Wait ........ what?

    Yet another one who has succumb to having any good sense cloaked by fantasy.
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    My goal this year is to to shoot in the 70’s more frequently. This year my goal was to break 80 and I did maybe 10 times. I finally got a handicap and I’m at 8.6. I have 1-2 blow up holes a round and 3 puts kill me. The last round I played I had 4-5 3 putts and 2 double boogies and shot 85. I missed a 3-4 foot putt for birdie. It didn’t do much I just pushed it. Putting is killing me more than anything else. Any putting tips to help????
  • SnapHooker_605SnapHooker_605 Members Posts: 749 ✭✭
    For the love of God, some consistency would be nice. Last July I shot a 78 in a tournament, no double bogey's, played great. About a month later I shot a 109 at a different tournament. As part of my resolution for this, I did pull the trigger on a couple new shafts for my driver and 3 wood that are much shorter to help. Hopefully it works.
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  • I need to find my's taken 38 yrs now and i'm getting fed up! I know it's out there and I will keep looking!
  • GSDriverGSDriver Members Posts: 597 ✭✭
    Keep golf in perspective, it's a game and therefore should be fun first and foremost.

    Keep my Club-Ho 'dark passenger' in check, I made it through 2018, and other than an Epic Flash driver, don't plan on buying any new sticks.

    Break 70 again, it's been a couple of years since last done so.
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  • nmpete11nmpete11 Members Posts: 82 ✭✭
    Only resolution is to get out and play more!
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  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,432 ClubWRX
    I had one good round last year, an 81. The others were 85 to 91 on average. This year I am very optimistic as I just picked up some CF16 irons. My driving is very good, my strong point, short game has been disastrous as I struggle with the putter and wedges. The CF 16 wedges are very good, and I hope it continues. I am at 17 right now and want 12 real bad. The weather was a problem last year, and this year is starting out just as bad. I need less rain here, and the grass to grow without the mud underneath. If the short game keeps improving then I can expect a better year than last. The physical side gets worse, but what can you do about that. Turned 62 last month, and need to eat better for sure. Goals; improve short game, ball striking, mental side, set up routine, and learn to smile more when playing.
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