Who likes the 19th hole?



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    I definitely drink my fair share of beer but generally not while playing. I'm not good enough to put myself at more of a disadvantage right off the whack. As for sticking around after, generally no I don't. I play early morning weekdays and I usually have stuff to do after I finish. Either report to work or help around the house when I'm finished. We have a young child so if my wife is home, I'm happy to have the time to get out and play. Not going to push my luck with a "stayed for beers and lunch!" text. That would go over like a **** in church.

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    Really interesting reading some of these responses.
    I'm all the way down in South Africa and Saturdays are usually our club comp days, 95% of the time everyone stays afterwards for some banter, beer and prize giving. We'll get to the club early, have a breakfast if we're off in the afternoon, watch sport, practice a bit before we play and then tee off. Unless we have a function after golf we will stay and have a good time.

    Basically our Saturdays are for the 19th with a bit of golf thrown in.

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    I like to relax in the clubhouse after and have a bite. Sometimes I drink, sometimes not. But considering how serious DUIs are I don't drink much at the course unless I dont have to drive.

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    I’m getting so sick of having to go to the 19th hole and buy drinks after my holes-in-one. I cherish the days I can go straight home.

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    I dont get time to golf much so when I do, I take advantage of it. Make it into a party and have plenty of beer.

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    I'm a member at a private and for the last couple of years was voluntold that I was going to be an officer on the board. Typical round of golf at my club is about 3 hours for a foursome (though I can do it in just about two dead when playing alone), always end up with a pitcher of beer in front of us in the grille room after the round so that we can pay out/get paid...and so that the rest of the guys can complain about trees that they find problematic to their game and want removed by our superintendent post haste. Sorry boys, wrong board member ;)

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