VJ Singh - WITB 2020 The Honda Classic

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  • budcangolfbudcangolf Members  507WRX Points: 170Posts: 507 Golden Tee
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    Would love to see playing position views of irons, especially these being bent super weak.

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  • forrester_fireforrester_fire Members  174WRX Points: 105Handicap: 11Posts: 174 Fairways
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    Wonder if he bends his weak for bounce purposes or offset purposes.

  • Puttersaurus RexPuttersaurus Rex one swing at a time Members  899WRX Points: 255Posts: 899 Golden Tee
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    Always an interesting bag.

    Have fun - ready golf - repair/replace divots & ball marks - FORE! as needed
  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic Members  3640WRX Points: 568Handicap: 3.0Posts: 3,640 Titanium Tees
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    Vijay always delivers in the club making aspects.

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  • chip75chip75 Members  616WRX Points: 139Posts: 616 Golden Tee
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    Did Vijay game Wilson wedges back in the day (or were they Cleveland wedges?)? Kind of amusing if he didn't.

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  • KC13KC13 31st StateMembers  512WRX Points: 209Handicap: Newborn BabyPosts: 512 Golden Tee
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    Think he played some Hopkin's wedges prior to the Wilson's. Hopkin's brand was created by the old CEO of Cleveland, Greg Hopkins.

    Always love seeing whats in VJ's bag!

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  • NokeNoke Unregistered  2239WRX Points: 295Posts: 2,239 Platinum Tees
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    TM face welds drive me nuts. That M2 looks like it could crack at any moment.

    Fun seeing Vijay bag W/S gear. Reminds me of the old days. Maybe he'll go back to rocking some Transitions lenses as well?

  • jdubya13jdubya13 New EnglandMembers  336WRX Points: 146Handicap: 8Posts: 336 Greens
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    He does it for offset purposes, as he prefers to play a fade.

    You mean waaaayyyyy back in the day? Great question, could have been a Harmonized Wilson (😆)or 588’s

    WITB?  Who the **** knows these days...
  • pdl16pdl16 Unregistered  79WRX Points: 30Posts: 79 Fairways
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    Now that's a nice mixed bag of sticks to complinent the fairway magician's mixed bag of tricks (shots)

  • forrester_fireforrester_fire Members  174WRX Points: 105Handicap: 11Posts: 174 Fairways
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    Surely he could just get Yoro to build him sets with exacting offset parameters.

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  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Tasmania to CanadaMembers  13510WRX Points: 2,375Handicap: 1.6Posts: 13,510 Titanium Tees
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    I miss the 9w bent to 7w


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  • grm24grm24 Western PAMembers  4284WRX Points: 1,397Posts: 4,284 Titanium Tees
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    When VJ was early in his PGA Tour career he was sponsored by Wilson.

    Here is an old WITB fron VJ from 1999.

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  • IvyguyIvyguy Members  1615WRX Points: 271Posts: 1,615 Platinum Tees
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    Is it me, or does this bag look too plain Jane for Mr. Singh?

  • MattyO1984MattyO1984 Members  5934WRX Points: 1,399Handicap: 3Posts: 5,934 Titanium Tees
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    In the history of 5 woods, do you think there are many that have been hit more than Vijay’s?

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  • Jack_HJack_H Today was a good day... south carolinaMembers  30796WRX Points: 7,070Handicap: NONEPosts: 30,796 Titanium Tees
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    Those Wilson wedges are easily the most underrated wedges ever built. You can buy true raw versions for $89 or less in places with a kbs shaft. And they offer a lot of grind options. And they spin more than anything I’ve hit.

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  • dmeeksDCdmeeksDC ClubWRX  2841WRX Points: 403Handicap: 8Posts: 2,841 ClubWRX
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    I like his choice to stick with the MP18 MMC Fli-Hi with the MP20 MB. I like those Fli-Hi’s more than the HMB head that replaced them.

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    Mavrik head cover with Epic Flash driver. Nice one

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  • TJMizzyTJMizzy Members  2WRX Points: 63Posts: 2 Starters
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    Someone want to tell Vijay his 5 wood is cracked?

  • vgpearvgpear Members  1WRX Points: 5Posts: 1 Starters
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    Thank you! Great post!

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  • ThreeBoxersThreeBoxers Members  150WRX Points: 44Posts: 150 Fairways
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    Uhh hold up. I thought Fleetwood's WITB was an early birthday present...

    Mixed mizuno irons, beat to **** OG M2 fairway, in a triple-black bag? This is an outlaw's setup and I love it.

  • Ben BerubeBen Berube Benny B Members  3103WRX Points: 451Handicap: 5Posts: 3,103 Titanium Tees
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    The story I heard was back in the 2000’s he had the hooks so bad he purposely flattenned everything. Like so flat there is no way the ball would go left.

    Could this go with why he delofted these irons?

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  • texcellence86texcellence86 Funky Town, TXMembers  169WRX Points: 69Handicap: 10Posts: 169 Fairways
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    50g TX ATMOS is killer

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  • ForTourUseOnlyForTourUseOnly Circle T Members  1189WRX Points: 200Posts: 1,189 Platinum Tees
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    Must be close to zero or even onset on those irons

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  • mrlongballmrlongball Members  766WRX Points: 101Posts: 766 Golden Tee
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    The driver shaft is 5TX (so 50g) looks ATMOS Black and then hops right to 80g in the fairways....interesting

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  • tdubayouutdubayouu Members  5WRX Points: 10Posts: 5 Bunkers
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    Nice bag, interesting wedges

  • Vanderslam9Vanderslam9 Members  130WRX Points: 23Posts: 130 Fairways
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    All over the place with his bag, wish more pros were like this. Surprised he hasnt one yet on Champions Tour!

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  • grm24grm24 Western PAMembers  4284WRX Points: 1,397Posts: 4,284 Titanium Tees
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    VJ is a 4 time winner on the Champions Tour. Had 3 wins in 2018 including a senior major.

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  • NudgaNudga Members  445WRX Points: 71Posts: 445 Greens
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    Wonder if VJ's caddy ever gets confused, hand me the 9 iron... Which one 😂?

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