New Titleist TS drivers



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    Welp, Titleist, you got me.

    I tried as hard as I could to hate your TS3 and fit into something like the F9, F8+, M3, or even older/cheaper but this thing is a goddam cannon with the Smoke shaft in it and it just dumped on everything else I swung today.

    Take your filthy money. Well-played.

    @AmazinBlue said:
    Bubbtubbs wrote:

    Dunno what people are on about with lacking "cutting edge technology" - it's a stick you use to smash a ball with and it's been at the limits of regulation for a while now. Any "technology" they implement is mostly marketing mumbo jumbo. Really the only advantage of a driver newer than 12+ years now is if you hit it all over the face so you don't lose distance on mishits.

    Blasphemous! Every year the newest model of each company's driver is 17 yards longer than the last and is a "fairway finder". Most would benefit more by finding a head they like the shape and sound of (even if it's a couple of years old) and then getting fitted for the perfect shaft and spend their $$ on that part instead of the latest and greatest. UNless of course they get on an LM and test against their current gamer and find some significant statistical increase that's worth the $$.

    That's exactly what happened to me. My worst shots with the TS3 (once I got it dialed in) were as good as some of my best with the R15. Granted, the other manufacturers are probably just as good if you find the CoG all the time, but nearly every hit with the TS3 was around centre or slightly towards high toe. For some reason the feel and weighting was nearly perfect right from the get go, and I loves me some traditional head shapes.

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