Name favorite 4 putters you played.

theothertwotheothertwo Members Posts: 2,481 ✭✭
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Tough question but let's see.

Ping Anser 3 - 1st putter I bought, played over 10 years, always liked the Anser design

Slighter Seattle - custom made, played since 2010

Yonex ADX 8802 - just love the feel and look of this putter, bright chrome finish distracting on sunny days, the 8802 design works for me

Acushnet Bullseye - so simple and effective, still practice with it
Honma TW 727 455s 10.5* Driver
Honma TW 727 18* 5 Wood
Honma TW 727 22* Hybrid
Miura CB 57 4-PW Irons
Miura Tour 2018 52 and 58 Wedges
Wilson 8802 Milled Putter


  • hendog39hendog39 Members Posts: 109 ✭✭
    Ram zebra

    Scotty Newport

    Odyssey two ball

    Wilson 8802
  • PixlPutterman PixlPutterman Look At My Lefty J33R(hey I can wish) Members Posts: 8,249 ✭✭
    Mizuno TPM 7

    Tear Drop TD42

    Odyssey Metal X 9

    Scotty X7M (current)
    PXG 0811x 9° - HC EvenFlow Black 75x 
    Mizuno MP Fli Hi 18° - C Taper 125
    Mizuno MP Fli Hi 23° - C Taper 120
    Wilson Staff FG62 - S300
    Cobra Tour Trusty 52°/56°/62°- S300
    Mizuno TP Mills TP7 
    RZN Platinum
  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Members Posts: 11,857 ✭✭
    Wilson 8813

    Ping Darby Limited Ti Pxl Serial #

    Scotty X7M and Yes Natalie (TIE)

    Piretti Matera Elite (in sig)
    Ping G400 LST 11* Oban Revenge 65x
    Ping G400 5w 16.5* Oban Kiyoshi White 65s
    Ping G25 7w 20* Fubuki Tour 73x
    Ping G25 4h 23* Diamana White 92s
    Callaway Apex 5h 26* Mitsu KK 80s
    Ping s55 6-PW Fujikura mci 100s
    Vokey sm2 50* 54* 59* 64* DG s400 Onyx
    Piretti Matera Elite (torched)
  • KonkliferKonklifer Thinkin' of a master plan... location, location.Members Posts: 7,813 ✭✭
    Kevin Burns 9306

    Spalding T.P.M. 3

    Ping B60 Scottsdale TR B60

    Whatever I buy next.
    PING G400 Max 10°
    PING G400 16.5°
    PING G400 hybrid 19°
    PING i25 hybrid 22°
    Callaway XHP 5-AW
    PING Glide 2.0 Stealth, 54° SS, 58° ES
    Kevin Burns 9306
    Snell MTB Red Optic Yellow
  • pakpak Members Posts: 134 ✭✭
    Spalding TPM 12

    Cleveland TA Milled 3

    Yes Tracy II

    I've had another 15-20 over the years but never liked any of them for too long.
  • Big LBig L Members Posts: 753 ✭✭
    Ping Redwood Anser

    Odyssey White Hot Pro #9

    Odyssey white hot belly (center shaft)

    Yes Pippi-12 (current gamer)
    Cleveland Launcher HB 9*
    Ping G15 15.5* or Nike Ignite T60 13*
    Cobra F6 Baffler 18*
    Taylormade Tour Preferred 2014 CB 4-AW
    Cleveland CBX 54* & Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 58*
    Scotty Cameron RedX3
  • mn723mn723 Members Posts: 409 ✭✭
    Bettinardi BB25

    Bettinardi Studio Stock #4

    Scotty Cameron Circa #3

    Taylormade Spider Tour Red
    Ping G400 Max driver
    Ping G 5 and 7 woods
    Cobra Fly-Z Pro 4-GW irons
    Cobra King 56* & 60* wedges
    TaylorMade Spider Tour Red
    TaylorMade Tour Preferred X ball
  • artsmart73artsmart73 the art of golf Members Posts: 855
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    Wilson 8813

    Spalding TPM #12

    Anything milled by Bettinardi(AKA old carbon Cameron) Pre2002

    Still searching for #4
    910 D2 9.5*
    910 Fd 15*
    910 H 21*
    712 U 4i
    MP 57 5i-6i
    MP 59 7i-8i
    MP 15 9i
    SM6 47*F08 SM6 52*F12
    SM6 56*M08 SM5 60*K
    AOP NP 2
    Chrome soft
    WITB Link
  • Ripper859Ripper859 Northern Kentucky / CincinnatiMembers Posts: 88 ✭✭
    Odyssey White Ice #7

    Taylormade Spider Tour Red

    Ping Anser

    Odyssey Marksman
  • dlygrissedlygrisse Members Posts: 13,131 ✭✭
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    1. My first "real" putter was a Ping Anser 3.

    2. I picked up a MacGregor Muirfield blade putter our of a barrel for $10, basically a copy of Jacks George Low Wizard. putted great with this for years, had to add lead tape to get it heavy enough though.

    3. Scotty Bullseye Flange-used this for 10 years

    4. Odyssey Pro Black #1-current.

    had a bunch of others through the years but these are the ones that stuck.

    Ping G400
    Callaway Rogue 3w, HW
    Ping G 4 hybrid
    Ping G 4-U
    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54* SS
    Vokey 58 M grind
    Odyssey Pro #1 black
    Jones Utility
    ECCO Biom Hybrid 3
  • MeanmachinemoeMeanmachinemoe Members Posts: 1,324 ✭✭
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    Odyssey 2-Ball Original White Hot

    Odyssey Black Series i #7

    TaylorMade Rossa Itsy Bitsy Spider w/plumber's neck

    Current gamer Odyssey O-Works 7s Black

    Taylormade 2017 M1 460 10.5* Fujikura Pro XLR8 56
    Titleist 818 H2 17* Tensei Blue 70
    Titleist 818 H2 19* Tensei Blue 70
    Ping G400 4-UW,SW AWT 2.0
    Ping Glide 2.0 58 WS AWT 2.0
    Odyssey O-Works 1W B/W/B Superstroke 3.0

  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members Posts: 3,993 ✭✭
    Ping Anser (OG)

    Wilson 8802 (Original)

    Used those two alternatively when one needed time in the corner to contemplate its misdeeds for years. Not a fan of either one these days.

    Haven't found the "one" yet.

    Loved the Ghost for a while but people I was playing with started to comment to me that they've never seen anyone lip out so many putts. When different people that don't know each other make the same observation, it was time to look for something else.

    Had some good times with a Ping Zing 2. And some bad times, too.
  • sdandreasdandrea Steve Members Posts: 2,353 ✭✭
    SC Fastback

    SC Newport

    Odyssey 2ball Steel

    Cobra Max 10.5*
    Cobra Baffler T Rail 19*
    Cobra Baffler 5h
    Maltby Tricept F1 6-GW
    Callaway Sure Out 56*
    Odyssey V-Line
  • roundersmittyroundersmitty Members Posts: 1,108 ✭✭
    At one time or another I've hated every putter I've ever played....but here goes

    SeeMore m5

    Bobby Grace F-18

    Odyssey HWY 101 #7

    Odyssey EXO 7s
    2017 M1 10.5* Kuro Kage 60s
    Exotics 16.5* Exotics Fuji 72s
    Adams XTD ti 20* Red Tie S
    TM P770 4-P Steelfiber i95s
    TM MG 50*,56*,60* Steelfiber i95s
    Odyssey EXO Seven S
  • CDLgolfCDLgolf Members Posts: 835 ✭✭
    Odyssey works #7

    Odyssey #1 wide wbw

    Odyssey 2 ball blade

    Rife 2 bar mallet
    Cobra F8
    Ping G25 3 wood
    Ping G25 20 & 23 hybrid G30 26 hybrid
    Ping i e1 6- uw
    Ping Tour Gorge 56 & 60
  • gripandripgripandrip Members Posts: 980 ✭✭
    SC Newport

    SC Khombi S

    Odysssey White Hot Tour Rossie

    Ping Anser (Berrylium with sound slot)
  • craz-ecraz-e Members Posts: 4,062 ✭✭
    Wilson Staff 8882

    Ping G2 Craz-E

    Yes Abbie Forged

    Taylormade itsy bitsy spider

    Kia Ma putter, can not remember the model!
    Driver = Ping G410 Plus even flow black 6.0
    5 Wood = Taylormade Burner

    Irons = Miura 1957 Baby Blades Project X LZ 6.0 (4-PW)
    Wilson Staff FG59 DG S300's (4-PW)
    Titleist 718 MB Project X LZ 6.0 (4-PW)
    Wedges = Titleist Vokey SM6 52*, 56* and 60*

    = Taylormade 64* Hi-Toe
    Putter = Wilson Staff 8882
    Ball = Titleist AVX
  • theothertwotheothertwo Members Posts: 2,481 ✭✭

    Odyssey 2-Ball Original White Hot

    Odyssey Black Series i #7

    TaylorMade Rossa Itsy Bitsy Spider w/plumber's neck

    Current gamer Odyssey O-Works 7s Black

    That O-Works 7s Black is beautiful, saw it in person at Golf Galaxy and was tempted but I already have the TM Ardmore 3 TP Copper. The size of the 7s is perfect IMO.
    Honma TW 727 455s 10.5* Driver
    Honma TW 727 18* 5 Wood
    Honma TW 727 22* Hybrid
    Miura CB 57 4-PW Irons
    Miura Tour 2018 52 and 58 Wedges
    Wilson 8802 Milled Putter
  • SanzabarSanzabar Members Posts: 1,259 ✭✭
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    Nike Method 001

    Nike Method Origin B1-01

    SeeMore M1 Private Reserve

    SeeMore DB4x
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    Ping G400 Max w/Evolution II 569
    Callaway V-Series Heavenwood
    Nike Vapor Speed 23*
    TaylorMade P790
    Nike Engage 56/60* & Callaway PM Grind 64*
    Nike Method Origin B1-01 Custom

    #Colts #ForTheShoe #COLTure
  • WKYTrooperWKYTrooper Members Posts: 189 ClubWRX
    SC Pro Platinum Newport (should have never got rid of it)

    Odyssey Tour Design 2ball blade (ditto....ugh.)

    Rife Aussie blade limited edition (loved that putter)

    Odyssey XG 7CS (current stick and I've never true rolled anything better)
    PING G400 9* Alta X
    PING G25 15* Matrix Ozik Black Tie X
    PING G25 20* Matrix Ozik Red TIe X
    PING i20 4-PW green dot
    Titleist Vokey 51*, 56*, 60*
    Odyssey 7CS XG
  • SetTheBarrHighSetTheBarrHigh DallasClubWRX Posts: 3,922 ClubWRX
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    I think if I remember correctly, these are the ones I putted best with:

    Ping BeCu B60

    Titleist Tei3 Newport Longneck

    Titleist Futura (OG)

    Titleist Pro Platinum Mid Sur
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    Instagram @SetTheBarrHigh

    What's In The Bag

    Ping G410 Plus 9°
    Titleist TS2 16.5°
    Mizuno CLK 19°
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 4-P
    Mizuno T7 52°, Titleist SM7 58°
    Titleist Studio Stainless Mid Sur
  • A_G GolfA_G Golf Members Posts: 91 ✭✭
    No particular order

    1) Bettinardi BB1F (SummerLovin) - you can see pics of my putter in the "what putter did you just buy" topic

    2) Edel Torque

    3) David Musty Masters Putter

    4) Bettinardi BB20
    Driver: Ping G400 LST, Hzurdus Yellow
    3- Wood: Cobra F8+, Hzurdus Black
    Irons: Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 3-PW, KBS Tour C-Taper X 130
    Wedges: Titiliest SM6 50* and 60*, Taylormade Spin Milled 56*
    Putter: Bettinardi BB1 (SummerLovin)
  • JAMH03JAMH03 Members Posts: 460 ✭✭
    1. Yonex Tour forged
    2. 8802
    3. Cleveland designed by Crewnshaw
    4. Ping G2 H Craz-e

    Comparisons are odious.

  • MattMoMattMo Members Posts: 2,375 ✭✭
    Here’s my 4 OTR putters:

    MgBr sound slot Anser : first putter owned and used for 13 years

    BeNi Scottsdale Anser: better feel than BeCu IMO

    Redwood Anser

    SC Newport Gun Blue
    Ping G400 Max 10.5* w/ Rogue Black
    Ping G25 4W w/ TFC
    Ping G25 20* Hybrid w/ TFC
    Ping ie1 4-U w/ CFS
    Ping Glide 54* WS
    Ping Glide Stealth 58* ES
    Ping BeNi Scottsdale Anser
  • Scotty1140Scotty1140 Members Posts: 4,444 ✭✭
    Evnroll ER5

    Byron Morgan DH89

    Byron Morgan 615

    Ping BeCu Anser 2
  • m_schroedsm_schroeds Members Posts: 469
    Ping Redwood Anser

    Odyssey White Hot XG 2.0 #7

    Scotty Mil-Spec Newport (340g)

    Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2 (340g)

    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Taylormade 2016 M1 @ 11.25[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Exotics E8 Beta 4W 16.5[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Exotics XCG7 Beta 3H 19[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]PING i5 4i-PW (46)[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Vokey SM7 50.8 F, SM6 55.11 S & 59.9 S[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2 (340)[/font]
  • dmac4gdmac4g Members Posts: 1,259 ✭✭
    Ping My Day MgBr

    Ping Anser 2

    Ping Oslo

    #4 Currently Conducting Auditions!
  • hendog39hendog39 Members Posts: 109 ✭✭

    Two ball

    Scotty Newport 2

    Odyssey tank 1
  • backhillbackhill Members Posts: 102 ✭✭
    In order

    TaylorMade Ghost 72 mallet

    Scotty Cameron Newport 2 - my basement putter

    2018 Scotty Cameron Futura 6M - current gamer

    TaylorMade Spider

  • pre0024pre0024 Members Posts: 269 ✭✭
    Byron Morgan 007

    Byron Morgan Bombora

    Bettinardi BB28 raw

    Bettinardi Signature 7
    WITB<br />PING G400 Max 10.5° Fuji Pro tour spec 73x<br />3i i500 tourspx vts silver 100x, 4i i200, 6, 8, 9, P iBlade Nippon Modus 130x<br />PING Glide 2.0 50ss, 54ss Nippon Modus 130x<br />Byron 007
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