Brandt Snedeker - WITB 2019

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    Crazy mixed iron set
  • KonkliferKonklifer Thinkin' of a master plan... location, location.Members Posts: 7,813 ✭✭
    That might be the craziest tour bag I've seen in years.
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    Brandt, you ok?
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  • Marks23Marks23 Members Posts: 1,249 ✭✭
    Has he left Bridgestone?
  • GnomesteelGnomesteel Members Posts: 975 ✭✭
    looks like he's testing different irons to replace those J15's to me
  • daleheaddalehead Members Posts: 1,460 ✭✭
    I assume he is trying out clubs. Either that or he feels he needs to carry 2 6 irons, 2 8 irons, 2 9 irons, and 6 wedges.
  • RH82RH82 Members Posts: 1,998 ✭✭
    I’m confused......
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    Good grief guys.
  • BoognishBoognish Members Posts: 716
    No more Bridgestone deal, but he can't quit those J15 CBs. I know the feeling, mine come out a few times a year.
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    Still in love with that 3 deg K grind 60
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  • m5powerm5power Members Posts: 877 ✭✭
    i get that he loves his old putter, but you'd think he'd change the grip once in awhile
  • Strange89Strange89 Members Posts: 105
    What ball is he using? I can’t believe he didn’t stay with Bstone for a ball deal.
  • gator022gator022 Members Posts: 157 ✭✭
    In part 3 of today’s tournament pics you can see a Bridgestone ball on the putting green so apparently that didn’t change as of yet.
  • IvyguyIvyguy Members Posts: 1,443 ✭✭
    Tom Lehman... eat your heart out
  • Gotta love the Rossie. My first odyssey putter was a White Hot Rossie. I still don’t know what happened to it.
  • andrieddleandrieddle Members Posts: 1,798 ✭✭
    P760 and MP 18 SC as possible contenders to replace J15 CB.....someone suggest Z785 to him quick!
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  • mBiden2mBiden2 #15 and counting..... Atlanta, GAMembers Posts: 757 ✭✭
    I wonder why you see the original Fuji pro still being gamed and not too many switching to the pro 2.0 TS?

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  • pcs11pcs11 Members Posts: 1,164 ✭✭
    He will be buried with that Rossie! Still hoping he gets a major one day..
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  • cardia10cardia10 Members Posts: 2,416 ✭✭
    Such a good guy to pull for. Would be a nice Masters winner. Just us that personality that is always friendly.
  • 95124hacker95124hacker Rare putter collection Members Posts: 1,300 ✭✭
    Looks like someone was active on the BST lately...
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  • Ping ZingsPing Zings Members Posts: 833 ✭✭
    Those clubs are beat up.
  • MaineMarinerMaineMariner Members Posts: 327 ✭✭
    Pretty sure Brandt wins the tour competition for "putter that would sell for the cheapest on eBay." I'm not sure I'd pay $15 for that thing.
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  • PowderedToastManPowderedToastMan Members Posts: 3,787 ✭✭

    Pretty sure Brandt wins the tour competition for "putter that would sell for the cheapest on eBay." I'm not sure I'd pay $15 for that thing.

    Only way it has a chance at selling for $15 is if you advertise it as “Brandt Snedeker’s gamer”.
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  • tatertottatertot Members Posts: 4,385 ✭✭
    Strange89 wrote:

    What ball is he using? I can't believe he didn't stay with Bstone for a ball deal.

    If it's like his irons, he has 2 of them he's alternating.
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  • Nixhex524Nixhex524 ClubWRX Posts: 4,006 ClubWRX
    andrieddle wrote:
    P760 and MP 18 SC as possible contenders to replace J15 CB.....someone suggest Z785 to him quick!

    Sneds to Srixon would be awesome!!
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  • JokesJokes Members Posts: 123 ✭✭
    Has anybody seen what he ended up putting in the bag irons wise?
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  • gator022gator022 Members Posts: 157 ✭✭
    Jokes wrote:
    Has anybody seen what he ended up putting in the bag irons wise?

    Couldn’t be 100% but pretty sure via PGA Tour Live he still had the Bridgestone’s.
  • what ball using??
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  • grm24grm24 Western PAMembers Posts: 3,098 ✭✭
    edited Feb 4, 2019 10:46am #30

    Pretty sure Brandt wins the tour competition for "putter that would sell for the cheapest on eBay." I'm not sure I'd pay $15 for that thing.
    Would be a toss up between Brandt and Steve Stricker for that title.
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  • gator022gator022 Members Posts: 157 ✭✭
    rekhakhan wrote:
    what ball using??

    Bridgestone, see above posts. Pics from the week showed this.
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