Your Easiest to hit blades?



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    Oldplayer wrote:

    Macgregor 1025m's are a good call. That flanged sole really helped to launch the long irons.

    Original X proto's were also good, as were the mp32's. The cuts in the muscle in both models helped put the weight where you want it to aid forgiveness.

    One of my favorites for an easier to hit blade were the Snake Eyes 600b.

    Thought the mb2's were pretty good also.

    I always found the Staff fg51's not demanding for an older model.

    KZG ZO's have a slightly longer blade length which seemed to give a sweet spot a bit bigger than some.

    I had better stop there. Starting to sound like confessions of a blade addict. image/bye.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wave:' />
    Perfect, when I started this thread, one of the main reasons was to hear your list of favourites Oldplayer. U had given someone some advise in another thread but didn't list your favourites.

    I was going to ask u in that thread, but figured why not ask everyone.

    Thx for your list Oldplayer. Still think u need to change your handle to "Not so Oldplayer" lol.

    No reason to stop, you could write a blade book and we would be eager to read it. Keeper flown in. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    I’m trying to remeber all of them I’ve had over the years (it’s been way too many, clubs and years!).

    I think my MP 37’s and 690 MB would probably be the two I would choose right now. They almost all seemed easy compared to my first set, Murifield 20th’s.
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    Apex MB 18s
    Driver (9.75):  Titleist TS3 (Tour AD DI 6s)
    3 Wood (15):  PXG 0341X (Tour AD DI 7s)
    Hybrid (19):  PXG  0317X (Tour AD DI 85s)
     Hybrid (22):  PXG  0317X (Tour AD DI 85s)
    Irons (5-P):  PXG 0311T GEN 2 (KBS Tour-V 110S)
    Wedges (50F/54S/58M):  Titleist Vokey SM7 (Jet Black)
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    iBlade or MP18 MB, slight edge to iBlade due to forgiveness.
    Driver: He who shall not be named...
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    5 Wood: Callaway Rogue w/Project X Blue Evenflow 75
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    Wedges: Callaway MD3 50, 54, and Honma TW737 Forged 62
    Putter: Original Odyssey White Hot XG No. 7
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    I'm a big fan of Titleist irons so I'm going with 690mb and ZM
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    Has to be my 965’s. Matched with the 765’s in 5 and 6 iron.
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    Mp 5 and Srixon 9 series

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    My Miura 1957 small blades are hands down the easiest clubs I've ever hit. I bought a second set because of it.
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    TEE CB2 15* 3w, 43" 65g Fujikura Motore F1 S-flex
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    The Cleveland 588 mbs (my gamers) are the easiest blades i have played. The cg is centered and lower than typical blades. The soles are a bit wider and more rounded so they don't dig as much as typical blades. They are on the small side though.
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    Cally Mack Daddy PM grind 60*
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    KZG blades are the easiest I've ever played.
    Welcome to where dumb opinions are better than no opinion. :)

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    Titleist 716MBs are IMHO the easiest to hit blades in recent memory. Going further back, the 99 Hogan Apexes were also easy-to-hit blades
    Old stuff:
    1962 Tommy Armour AT2W Driver
    1953 Macgregor M65W EOM 3 wood
    1978 H&B PowerBilt Citation 4 wood
    1984 Ben Hogan Apex PC 2-E
    1968 Wilson Dual Wedge
    1964 Acushnet O-SET M6S Bullseye Putter

    New stuff
    Cobra ZL 10.5 driver
    Adams 5050 16 fairway wood
    Adams A2P 20* hybrid
    Titleist 716 MB irons 4-PW
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    Time for Forged in Fire on History to step up and go for the butter knives and blades. Kind of a Driver vs. Driver thing.
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    My Scratch DW SB1's and BB&FC DW's. image/air_kiss.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':air_kiss:' />

    Also the Miura MB001's and Golds Factory's image/bye.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wave:' />

    Also MP33's are worth a shout-out image/miz.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':miz:' />
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    Like many have stated on here.. Srixon z945's are very playable blades.. I've had multiple sets of them and foolishly sold them all off. I had a combo set of z765/z965 and there was nothing wrong with those either.. my buddy has those now so I can still get in a few swings with them when I want too..
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    • Taylormade M3 Rescue 22.5°, Tensei Blue 80HYs (40.25" D4 277 CPM's)
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    rtraudt wrote:

    I still have a set of MB 2's sittin' pretty in the shop glaring and begging for me to take em' out
    Tour Exotics E 10 15*
    Srixon 785's w/G P MCC plus 4
    Mizuno T 7 52 MP T7 56 &60
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    Anyone say 690MB? image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    TaylorMade P760 4-AW | True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 S
    TaylorMade Hi-Toe 54, 60 ATV
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    My current set of Apex MB 18's are fairly easy to strike,

    Also found my MP 5's, MP4's, MP 68"s, MP37's, MP33's, and MP29's fairly easy strike contenders

    Agree on the Apex MB, they look great too.

    I play MP-5 and definititely forgiving for a blade, dont need sweet spot 100% of the time. You definitely know when it is not a good hit but the performance loss is not too bad. MP-4, ugh, did not find that easy at all. For me if it was not pured it did not end up well. looks crazy good from address, it ended there for me.
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    Anyone say 690MB? image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

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    In my limited time with playing blades, turf interaction seemed to be an essential part of their easiness to play.
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    What is the lowest calorie brand of fast food??? This whole thread makes me chuckle!!!!
    OB and water hazards you flunkies
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    NRJyzr wrote:

    MacGregor Vfoil 1025m.

    Seriously...they are so easy to hit...and gorgeous... and worth it.

    I regret selling mine.


    Get thee behind me Satan!

    I am saved by the faith in Single Length!!!!

    Stop being an enabler.

    Would've been funny if this post had been included on the front page Thread of the Day post. LOL
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    Many know me for my MB2 passion. I have had 11 sets..... and probably heading into my 12th set after reading this. LOL

    Adams really had something going. The added weights help get the ball up and IMO enlarge the sweet spot. They do have a bit to much offset but that can also help in many ways. Especially for someone just getting into blades.

    The only other blade easier than MB2's are United SBB Tours / Pro blades. Longer heel to toe they are SO easy to play. I have a full set if anyone is interested... image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    WITB (for this week =)
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    Any thing Srixon has made in the last 6 years or so have been fabulous with their VT soul. The blades are a touch larger than most other brand which lend themselves to be "easier" to hit or more forgiving if you dare use forgiving when describing a blade. Side note if you get a chance to try them hit the Exotics CBX blade, these really surprised me.
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    easiest question that can go much pointless, most likely ending up with the answers on 'what i like the most'.

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    If' you're a good ball striker with irons, then it's really splitting hairs and the choice is going to come down to what looks and feels best to the individual. Any blade is going to require repeatable and relatively sound swing fundamentals. As for "easy" that's different for different folks who I have just described. For me, I always get on well with Titleist MB's, my favorite of that lot probably being the 716 MB's that I played before shifting over the JPX 900 Tours. I found the 716 MB to be aesthetically pleasing behind the ball, and I was very confident that I would be able to hit the shot that I needed or envisioned assuming I did my part. By contrast, for some reason or another, I just haven't been able to get on with a Mizuno blade other than the MP-37. This year, I'm anticipating a move back to a blade and am head to head between the Taylormade P730 and Titleist 718 MB. The times that I've demoed them (several since November), I swing them quite well and consistently. The same occasions that I've demoed the P730 and 718 MB, I've also demoed the MP18 to lesser degree of success. Something about the way that the club looks behind the ball doesn't give me quite the same confidence as the other two. That's what blade selection really comes down to. If you're looking at blades (even as part of a combo set), odds are you have fairly sound and repeatable fundamentals. Moral of the story, find something that looks good behind the ball, feels good on solid strikes and that makes you feel confident that you can shape the shot as needed.
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    Kingcat990 wrote:

    Buzzkill wrote:

    I've read that the Fourteen FH1000 play easy but I haven't tried them.
    I have read the reviews on the 1000's from back in 2015?? or so. Always wanted a set but never had the pleasure. Love the satin look of those. I have some TC-910 CB's that feel fantastic, I would bet my right n-t that those 1000's are heavenly.

    They're not. They're pretty dead feeling no matter the shaft. Aesthetically, one of the most beautiful, performance wise they were very underwhelming.

    I would try a Maltby TS1 head paired with a reliable shaft. Has a fairly high MPF rating for an MB type iron.

    Snow will melt soon Stone!
    Good thing I'M not a betting man, ouch. Kinda figures something so pretty is not all it's cracked up to be. 3 dressed up as a 9. Those TS1's are worth a look. Thx KC.

    Let's flipping hope so, -39.8 C was too dang cold, -16 today, that feels like spring. Not... it will be a few months yet unfortunately.

    I'd have to disagree with this. I've played the FH1000's for most of last year and they are very forgiving for a blade and felt good to me. Are they the best feeling blade I've ever hit? No, but not a dead feeling. I was playing the newest version of it though. I know they had several ones including one that was cast.

    Another good one is the Cobra Fly Z Pro's. For some reason the King MB's didn't feel as good and weren't as forgiving as the Fly Z's. Wish I had never sold mine.
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    TM High Toe 64 KBS Hi Rev 115 Stiff

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    Cobra Fly Z Pro for me
  • rsh0308rsh0308 Members Posts: 327 ✭✭
    ups wrote:

    Cobra Fly Z Pro for me

    Another one here.

    Used to play 990Bs, have blended cm 735s, MP32. I had a set of Fly-Z Pros and traded them in online last year. Just before I boxed them up, I went out and shot 77, best round since college like 13 years ago.

    I immediately started checking eBay for another set.
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    Shawn Paul wrote:

    I really liked the MP-33's (still play em once in a while) and the MP-5's. I can never hit a Titleist iron it's my kryptonite, no idea why. I also really really really like the Bridgestone J15MB but I don't know if those are really considered blades.

    Bridgestone J15 MBs, had them for awhile and thought they were quite forgiving for that blade design. Even the long irons got up in the air quickly. I think part of it mostly is having the right shafts.
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