Tiger Woods - WITB January 2020

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  • hurley999shurley999s  625WRX Points: 297Members Posts: 625 Golden Tee
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    There she is...the Scotty that is.

    What’s the “12” on the SIM he’s testing? Just an ID to keep track of which one he’s testing or 12 degrees?

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  • DFS PFDDFS PFD  1458WRX Points: 661Handicap: 1.8Members Posts: 1,458 Platinum Tees
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    Tiger finally starts striping the driver and is inclined to switch. Dang-it

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  • kmbeankmbean  1033WRX Points: 167Members Posts: 1,033 Platinum Tees
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    Sim max 3 wood hmmmmmmm

  • OldboyOldboy  2493WRX Points: 238Members Posts: 2,493 Platinum Tees
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    I doubt tiger has to do anything TM says.. even if they ask nicely

  • BirdieBobBirdieBob Member of the 400 yard Club!  4441WRX Points: 435Members Posts: 4,441 Titanium Tees
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    Where's the SIM MAX Hybrid?


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  • LanglandsLanglands Scotland 1997WRX Points: 203Members Posts: 1,997 Platinum Tees
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    Putter is looking very beat up. Impressive wear mark on the sweet spot.

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  • sbjinxsbjinx Orange County 2530WRX Points: 236Members Posts: 2,530 Titanium Tees
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    It’s crazy how beat up the Scotty is. I know there is a lot magic in that stick but I don’t know if I can game something that beat up.


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  • scooterhd2scooterhd2  668WRX Points: 186Handicap: 9Members Posts: 668 Golden Tee
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    maybe a new driver and new ball in play this week?

  • fpyle3fpyle3 Pennsylvania 187WRX Points: 112Handicap: +0.6Members Posts: 187 Fairways
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    There's some wear on the Sim driver and Sim Max 3 wood, he's obviously been putting them through their paces. I'd be surprised if he games them in competition this week, but if he does that says a lot about this line. That M3 5 wood does not look like it's going anywhere.

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  • TheMoneyShotTheMoneyShot ***FIGJAM/Twirl of Doom***  31958WRX Points: 1,704Members Posts: 31,958 Titanium Tees
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    I wonder if the SIM driver/fwy will make the bag on Thursday?

  • dave s 316dave s 316  878WRX Points: 62Members Posts: 878 Golden Tee
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    Also would love an answer on the “12” decal on the SIM, and the “14” decal on the fairway shaft.

    I doubt the 12 is true loft of a 9.0 degree head in the standard position

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  • ParanormlParanorml chill bro  686WRX Points: 89Members Posts: 686 Golden Tee
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    Probably measured 12 degrees. His old VR Tour 8.5 was 11.25 degrees with a 3.5 degree open face — effectively playing closer to stated loft.

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  • br61br61 3x Hackin' Hall of Shame SW Missouri 2721WRX Points: 189Handicap: +0.8Members Posts: 2,721 Titanium Tees
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    That M5 driver has some very impressive teemarks along that sole channel.

    Thanks for the pictures, your work is very much appreciated.

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  • SigmaKyle31987SigmaKyle31987 TW's #1 Fan!  123WRX Points: 90Handicap: 9.8Members Posts: 123 Fairways
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    Very Surprised he’s potentially going with SIM Max for the 3W instead of SIM Ti & wonder if TM will ever be able to get that M3 5W out of his bag?

  • alecfeltmanalecfeltman AMF  1677WRX Points: 153Handicap: 7Members Posts: 1,677 Platinum Tees
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    12 may mean it was the 12th head he tried out of X. He can feel every tiny minor difference in everything.

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  • j-danielj-daniel  462WRX Points: 65Members Posts: 462 Greens
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    We need to see some face wear on these be awesome to see the wear spots on tigers clubs! Especially that 5 wood he hits alot and had for a while

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  • MitchellGolfingMitchellGolfing  1410WRX Points: 188Members Posts: 1,410 Platinum Tees
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    I wonder how many putts it takes to put a wear mark on a putter like that.

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  • Whiskey_fireWhiskey_fire  1062WRX Points: 179Members Posts: 1,062 Platinum Tees
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    250,000 or so putts lol

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  • MakersMarsh3MakersMarsh3 TX/CA 1561WRX Points: 257Members Posts: 1,561 Platinum Tees
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    5 wood ain’t going nowhere!!!

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  • illum1na71illum1na71  323WRX Points: 103Members Posts: 323 Greens
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    That tee mark down the center of the M5 weight track is pretty baller.

  • JakeW13JakeW13  94WRX Points: 112Handicap: 4.1Members Posts: 94 Fairways
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    Will we see TW wedge grind come to market this year?

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  • livigolfslivigolfs  82WRX Points: 24Members Posts: 82 Fairways
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    anyone know what shafts he uses in his irons? Pictures don’t show.

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  • born4golf77born4golf77  1395WRX Points: 146Members Posts: 1,395 Platinum Tees
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  • tigercolt77tigercolt77 Acworth, Georgia 987WRX Points: 113Handicap: 6.4Members Posts: 987 Golden Tee
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    The putter face and the sliding weight track on the driver.. love seeing his bag. I would be willing to bet we never see a hybrid in his bag.

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  • Scotty1140Scotty1140  4788WRX Points: 458Members Posts: 4,788 Titanium Tees
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    That putter sweet spot

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  • mBiden2mBiden2 #15 and counting..... Atlanta, GA 1043WRX Points: 267Handicap: 10.2Members Posts: 1,043 Platinum Tees
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  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_Japan 5980WRX Points: 1,156Handicap: meMembers Posts: 5,980 Titanium Tees
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    50* PW? Then 56* SW...still keeping it old-school.

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  • MOABMOAB  77WRX Points: 51Members Posts: 77 Fairways
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    12* driver opened 3*? What’s the benefit in that?

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  • MOABMOAB  77WRX Points: 51Members Posts: 77 Fairways
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    Woodland also has the tw grind mg2 wedge in his WITB. Bet we’ll see them in the market soon.


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