Brooks sounding off again

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for me, i think Koepka is a drama queen and he does things just to draw a reaction......comparing golf to hockey is just idiotic.....he is a walking contradiction IMO.

as a golf fan, i just want him to play golf and compete for majors......Brooks the player, awesome.....Brooks the SJW, not so much



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    Just an observation:

    Much the same could be said comparing golf to football, talk about a contraction.

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    For a guy who's made a lot of it, he has a surprising lack of understanding how money works.

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    If Brooks thinks he can shake up the golf world by wearing off white and zip ties. Like...haha you showed all those old white dudes. You got ‘em! With your zip ties.

    Hes an unbelievable golfer. He made double at 12 then got it right back with eagle at 13 on Sunday at Augusta. That was outstanding and not many golfers could have done it.

    Everything else he says makes me think that he thinks he’s too cool for school. And nobody likes that person. He’s also remarkably privileged.

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    Slapshot is a much better movie than Caddyshack.

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    Where does Brooks spend his own down time? Medalist? Jupiter Hills? I don’t know, and I’m not here to out him on his home club. But wherever it is, if I show up in an untucked t-shirt and a hat on backwards and say that I’d just like to kick back for some relaxed golf with Brooks, it won’t work.

    In all honesty this ought to be a non-story. There isn’t a whiff of news in this. But I wanted to comment on the fact that media really do love to have a clickbait item like this. The GQ audience loves a good “golf is too uptight” story.

    I hasten to add that this kind of story is the first cousin to all of the “USGA are elitists” stories.

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    He's got enough money that he can buy his own golf course and institute whatever rules he wants. Plus, he's complaining about people who generally support the game of golf. Why are they the problem? People have the right to make their own choices. If they have the means, and they want to join a private club... that's great for them. I would think that they're getting something out of that experience that they can't get playing on public golf courses. But I don't see how that experience ruins golf for the rest of us who play public golf courses. If you want the experience that Brooks is suggesting, there are plenty of places to go play and get it.

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    He said this while being interviewed in the private bar above the restaurant, where he is part owner. Ironic.

    ‘You're not allowed in here unless you're a member—or unless the member's here.’ Really? I just never really liked the country club atmosphere. I know that drives a lot of people away from liking me. But just 'cause this golf club has such prestige and the members are all famous and have a lot of money…like, why can't I show up and just go play the golf course? Why do I have to sit in my car and wait for the member?

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    It's really just a guess, but to me, he sounds like someone who is not very comfortable outside his own social circle.

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    Golf shouldn't appeal to the masses.

    What is "stuffy" to one person is just "decent behavior" to another.

    Some people just don't belong...

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    Meh. His antics don't bother me. He's not wrong, he just isn't smart about how he goes about saying it. Plus he's boring.

    Most country club golf is stuffy. That's the way their members want it or they'd change their rules. We now allow music and pets on course at our club. But we still have collared shirts required on the course and no hats in the clubhouse and other dumb rules. They will change eventually.

    What's dumb on his part is he's essentially advocating for public golf but rather than doing that, he bashes country clubs. Brooks - it's out there. Upper end daily fee tracks. Munis. Par 3 courses in the sticks. You don't have to bash country club lifestyle (and the people that pretty much pay your salary) to get your point across. Just encourage more public golf. Anyone can roll up and plunk down whatever to play, get a case of beer at the bar, wear a T-shirt, and enjoy themselves for a rather cheap amount. It's like he's ignoring this entire faction of golf exists.

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    I like Brooks. He's an outsider who wasn't a superstar at a young age like Tiger or Rory. He developed late, thus he probably feels like an outsider in the game. I appreciate his comments.

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    A lot of what he says may be right, I just think his whole "too cool for golf" schtick he's pushing is extremely off-putting and he's trying WAY too hard.

    And by the way, I like Foreplay.

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    Personally to me Brooks Koepka is a turn off of the sport. His arrogant attitude, including how he struts around like he is a better than everyone else (not referring to golf), is a bigger turn off to the sport than the country club atmosphere, which is not the only place one can go play to enjoy the game. For someone who constantly talks about how his stature in the game, maybe he should spend less time talking negatively about the game and take action to see some change that he would like to see that would improve the game. Lately he seems like some attention hungry celebrity who can't get his way into the spotlight based on performance. Maybe he should stop talking so much about other players, or how the game is going in a negative direction and worry about his own game that doesn't seem to hot right now.

    And it's not like the local country club is the only place to play or get started in the game. Public courses, top golf, indoor simulators, and local driving ranges are all places anyone can go to get started in the game and continue to play in an atmosphere that fits them.

    I think the bigger issue relating to the topic of growing the game is the cost of the sport, which is probably a way bigger factor in being a turnoff of the sport than anything else. I'm sure Brooks doesn't have any issue with cashing enormously large checks every other weekend, or signing some lucrative endorsement deal, or playing at these expensive courses which many are in his words stuffy country clubs. Well that money just doesn't fall from the sky. It's all generated from the bottom starting with consumers.

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    I'm a barstool listener and typically a big fan of BK and his antics, but in this case he is wrong IMO. Coming across like a total hypocrite when I bet he only belongs to private clubs and likely hasn't played at a public track outside of tournaments in over a decade. HIs whole "wait for the member" story is absurd as well. He's a 4 time major champion, he could get playing privileges just about anywhere. I'm guessing he would also probably not be too thrilled if he was playing a round at his home club and some chop in cargo shorts came in off the street and tried to join him on the first tee (assuming they could get past the armed security at the gate)

    In reality private clubs continue to close/shrink and represent lower and lower percentages of the total golfing population. They certainly have their stigmas/issues but they are not the reason why golf doesn't grow

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    Opinions are my own and are never to be taken seriously.
    and for God's sake, if you're going to whine about Jim Nantz, have the respect to spell his name correctly.
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    I love that he is bemoaning private clubs and their "stuffiness" while being a member of ultra private clubs. Sounds like he just does not like the rules to me.

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    "if you see me on tv that's when I play golf"

    That is not something a role model for the youth or person who wants to grow the game would say or do. Basically he is saying he doesn't work towards his goals, he is just naturally god given greatness. Just another arrogant comment.

    And how exactly is he helping grow the game when he basically points out that he only plays for the fame and money and status that goes along with winning professional events. Does he even enjoy the game? Doesn't seem like it.


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