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What ball do you game?

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FungerFunger Members  19WRX Points: 7Posts: 19 Bunkers
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I'm just wondering what makes you play the ball you play. Feel? Price? Looks? I'm currently playing the pro v1 as the pro v1 x feels a little too firm when chipping and putting



  • JtgaviganJtgavigan Members  74WRX Points: 89Handicap: 0-5Posts: 74 Bunkers
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    I have been a Bridgestone guy for a while. I used to play the B330S, but playing the Tour BX now. Great all around ball. Good distance, good feel, and enough spin.

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  • PredsFan02PredsFan02 Members  30WRX Points: 25Posts: 30 Bunkers
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    I game the Vice Pro+ because of the performance I get for the price. Although, I have a tournament coming up and I’m thinking of treating myself to a box of ProV1s.

  • CLH1233CLH1233 Members  3WRX Points: 25Handicap: 10Posts: 3 Starters
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  • braincramp52braincramp52 Freeport, IllinoisMembers  6623WRX Points: 1,916Handicap: 8Posts: 6,623 Titanium Tees
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    Snell MTB or MTB-X. For the money there is no better ball on the market.

    Titleist TS2
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    Titleist 818 H2 23 Hybrid
    Wilson Staff MB's 6-PW
    Ping Glide 3.0 50*
    TM ATV grind 56
    Bettenardi Studio Stock #3 F.I.T.
    Snell MTB 

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  • CelebrosCelebros Vandalia, OHMembers  447WRX Points: 341Handicap: 0.2Posts: 447 Greens
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    Snell MTB Black.

    Cobra F9 Speedback (9*)
    Cobra F8+ (14.5*, 19*)
    Cobra Forged Tour (4-GW)
    Cobra King (56*)
    Cobra King Pur (60*)
    Rife Mr. Beasley (Limited)
    Snell MTB Black
  • DJGolfer001DJGolfer001 Members  51WRX Points: 23Handicap: 11Posts: 51 Bunkers
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    Taylormade TP5 Pix. pretty sweet ball. I would like to have the distance of the TP5X but the spin of TP5, but i cannot seem to find a ball like that.

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  • monks66monks66 Members  982WRX Points: 141Posts: 982 Golden Tee
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    2020 Chrome Soft .....this latest gen, is sweet...i look for low spin off driver and long irons, and love wedge spin....and this version is a tad harder then prev gens, which is why I didnt play previous versions

  • cugolf14cugolf14 Members  95WRX Points: 62Posts: 95 Fairways
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    Hitting the Pro V. Durability is a big reason why I went that route compared to others.

  • 86020818602081 Members  2141WRX Points: 252Handicap: 10Posts: 2,141 Platinum Tees
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    TP5 and Pro V..

  • MobyMoby Members  70WRX Points: 20Posts: 70 Bunkers
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    Srixon ZStar

  • goaliedad30goaliedad30 Members  107WRX Points: 125Handicap: 4Posts: 107 Fairways
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    Titleist Pro V1X Left Dash. I'm exactly in their target launch profile for this relatively unique ball.

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  • purdypurdy Members  133WRX Points: 51Posts: 133 Fairways
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    ProV here as my main, but I seem to find a lot of ProV1x’s and play them til I lose em...

  • Jack PearsallJack Pearsall Members  3548WRX Points: 294Posts: 3,548 Titanium Tees
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    recently Bridgestone tour b rx in yellow. just good around the green but does well in the wind, very long drives.


    m5T 300 series fli hi ztx kgx wh#6

  • NixLix26NixLix26 Members  546WRX Points: 228Handicap: 4Posts: 546 Golden Tee
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    Shamrock truvis balls

    Titleist - 906F2  15*
    Nickent - 17*
    Srixon - ZU85  23*
    Titleist - 712 CB   5-PW
    Bridgestone - 52*, 60*
    Scotty Cameron - TAOP Newport
  • Hougz79Hougz79 Members  530WRX Points: 159Posts: 530 Golden Tee
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    Pro V1X since launch, but switched to PV1 when the "reversed" the flight (I like lower flight). Bridgestone Tour BX is amazing. When I run out of my cache of PV1, I am going to give the new version of the BX a serious try. Also want to try the new Chrome Soft X.

    Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero 9*, GD AD-TP 7X
    Callaway MAVRIK 3w, GD AD-IZ 8X 
    Titleist 818H1 21*, GD AD-IZ 95S
    Ping i210 4-AW, DG 120 S300
    Ping Glide 3.0 54SS, 58SS DG TI S400
    Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Special Select
    Ping Hoofer (2018)

  • PhabsPhabs Members  146WRX Points: 55Handicap: 2Posts: 146 Fairways
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    Long long time prov user I played last weekend with the tour b xs and that's what i'll be playing going forward. They feel amazing off wedges and putters and the distance was on par with the prov's from what I could tell.


    Taylormade M3 9* with Tensei Blue 60g

    Taylormade M3 16*HL with Hzrdus Yellow Smoke 70g

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    Cleveland RTX4 50/54/58 Raw finish

    Cameron Studio Design 2 w Stability Shaft / Cameron Monterey Custom w Stability Shaft

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • sshadow2sshadow2 Members  1330WRX Points: 183Posts: 1,330 Platinum Tees
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    TP5. The green side spin I need with great feel from tee to green.


    PING G410 Plus 9* Graphite Design AD XC-6
    Cobra KING Speedzone FW 14.5* 3W Graphite Design AD-DI 6
    Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 21* Fujikura Atmos Red 7 TS
    Cobra KING F9 Hybrid 24* Fujikura Atmos Red 7 TS
    Cobra Forged Tec 6-PW $-Taper Lite
    Cleveland CBX2 48* KBS C-Taper
    Cleveland CBX2 54* KBS C-Taper
    Cleveland RTX 4 60* TT DG S400
    PING Heppler Anser 2
    2019 Taylormade TP5 ball

  • monks66monks66 Members  982WRX Points: 141Posts: 982 Golden Tee
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    2020 chromesoft

  • HyzerFlipDGHyzerFlipDG Members  93WRX Points: 55Posts: 93 Fairways
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    Was using the Top Flite Hammer Control and shot all my PBs od the year with it. Then got some Srixon soft feels at the Cleveland demo day and shot my all time PB with that ball. I assume My swing change is more to blame for that, but I will play the soft feel more to see which one I will use going forward.

    I also will play a matte red Callaway Superhot when I'm playing around for fun as they are just fun to hit!

  • DavidH88DavidH88 Members  74WRX Points: 44Posts: 74 Bunkers
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    so far this year I have played the Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger edition (2019 ed) I have only managed 18 holes (x2 9-Hole rounds) due to my dyspraxia and shot pretty darn good golf. both rounds of 51 bad I know for 9-holes with par being 35. My course however was the last to reopen in England due to the Covid-19 pandemic so round 1 was rust and feel to the new restrictions ie holes upside down and so on. and played again the Tuesday just gone.

    Awesome ball I got through 17 holes with a single ball before my foot slipped and hit it OB Left. kinda beat myself up about it since I had just saved Par on my 7th hole. I managed a 216 yard drive on the second and 236 yard drive on 3rd. Getting much better distance and control is good, very good in damp weather too.


    Driver: Nike Covert 11.5* neutral

    woods/Hybrid Nike Vapor Fly #3 16* Upright, #5 20* Upright, Covert 2.0 Tour 4Hybrid 25* Neutral.

    Irons: Dunlop Tour 18* Driving Iron, Howson Derby - 6,7,8,9

    Wedges: Howson Derby 48*PW & 56* SW, Nike VRpro 52* GW, Progen gun-metal 60*LW

    balls: Bridgestone Tour B-xs Tiger Woods Edition (2019) Nike RZN Tour Platinum and Taylormade TP5.

    Game Golf name: DavidHGolf

  • golfpros1golfpros1 Members  7990WRX Points: 371Handicap: 0.2Posts: 7,990 Titanium Tees
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    Titleist ProV1. I don't think there is another ball on the market that has a more consistent construction and performance.

    All the other balls are fighting for marketshare with high dollar player endorsements and construction / fitting gimmicks.

    But sometimes, one ball might just work better for a player for whatever reason, and having choices and a competitive market makes for better products for everyone.

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    What's In The Bag:
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    3H: Titleist 915H 21 w/ Diamana D+ 90 S
    Irons: 4-W Titleist T100 w/ Project X LZ 6.0
    Wedge: Vokey SM8 54.10S TC w/ Project X LZ 6.0
    Wedge: Vokey SM8 60.04L TC w/ Project X LZ 6.0
    Putter: Ping Anser
    Ball: Titleist ProV1x
    Bag: Titleist
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  • FlyingAceFlyingAce Members  7WRX Points: 11Posts: 7 Bunkers
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    Pro V1 and AVX

  • jonnymc44jonnymc44 Manchester UKMembers  262WRX Points: 174Handicap: 5.3Posts: 262 Greens
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    Bridgestone Tour BX. Played the 2018 XS last year but this year's BX feels better off the putter. I need to go get my gapping sorted I've added a few extra yards with this ball.

  • joliver233joliver233 Members  368WRX Points: 59Posts: 368 Greens
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    Z-Star XV. I've tried a number of other brands and models over the years, and briefly went to Taylormade, but I keep going back to the XV. I love the performance and they regularly have deals on them for $20-$25/Dozen.


    D: 9* G400 LST w/Oban Kiyoshi Purple 05/X
    3W: 14.5* Cobra F8+ w/Even Flow Blue X
    Irons: 716 AP2 3-PW w/KBS C-Taper S+
    Wedges: 50* SM6; 54* S-Grind, 58* X-Grind MD4 w/DG s400
    Putter: Spider Tour Black
    Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV
  • Frisco KidFrisco Kid Members  296WRX Points: 172Posts: 296 Greens
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    Srixon Q Star Tour for the last two seasons.

    Taylormade SIM MAX driver 10.5 Ventus R
    Taylormade SIM MAX 3w 15 Ventus R
    Taylormade SIM MAX 5w 18 Ventus R
    Taylormade SIM MAX 4h 22 Ventus R
    PXG 0211 5-LW
    Taylormade Spider X Chalk
    OUUL Gator cart bag
  • SIBS44SIBS44 Members  9WRX Points: 7Posts: 9 Bunkers
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    ZStar XV

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • ZacR88ZacR88 Members  284WRX Points: 60Handicap: 4.7Posts: 284 Greens
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    Wilson Duo Soft or Srixon Z Star when on Sale

  • ashortgameashortgame Members  176WRX Points: 82Handicap: +2Posts: 176 Fairways
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    I've moved from Bridgestone XS to Bridgestone RX, a split match between them. The RX is the best feeling ball I've ever played.

  • MarkTheSarkMarkTheSark Members  78WRX Points: 37Handicap: WorkPosts: 78 Fairways
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    Driver - Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme

    5 Wood - Taylor Made AeroBurner

    3 Hybrid - Wilson HB5

    4-PW - Hogan BH5

    GW, SW - Titleist Vokey

    Putter - Yes! Eleanor

    Ball - Wilson fifty

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  • ZacR88ZacR88 Members  284WRX Points: 60Handicap: 4.7Posts: 284 Greens
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    Such an underrated ball IMO. I get made fun of at my club all the time for using it since every seems to play a PRO V lol.


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