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At what age did you stop carrying?

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Ok. I know. Why stop carrying? The thing is, i am getting older (33 now), i have more responsibility and i am getting less and less in shape. Always carry my bag since i was a teenager. I bought a new hoofer last year and, this year, well the idea of carrying is not as pure as it was. I have a clicgear and was considering changing my bag , again, but i feel bad about the idea of not carrying.


So, at what age or under which circumstances did you stop carrying? I know the hoofer can go on a pushcart... but couldnt help to look at new bag today!


so please, should i feel bad about not wanting to carry my bag anymore???



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I’m 70 and still carrying.

Stopped caring in my early 60s. After 2 titanium hips, it's just better to use a remote controlled cart. Walking 18 is a breeze. Btw... Trust me. 33 ain't even close to getting old!

Probably stopped carrying in my late 50s - early 60s. I had some problems with my shoulder, and started using a Sun Mountain cart. I am now 66, and use an electric trolley. I will still carry for 9 ev

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I was 51. Wish I had done it earlier. Push cart really helped my back. My course has a lot of elevation changes and I didn't know how tired I was getting after walking my evening 9.

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I stopped carrying somewhere in my 50s. I wish I could still carry because I don't like hauling the push cart around and in the winter it is pita to keep it somewhat clean. Much easier on my back with the push cart though and the bag is up higher of the ground which actually does make a difference as far as bending over to get stuff out goes.

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Had more to do with courses being less carry friendly than age. I started playing in college and the local course was very walker friendly. Same when I moved for grad school. The next move after that ended up in an area that almost always charges for carts and minimizes walking to certain times of the day. I'd still walk most of the time, but around here most greens fees require the cart fee so end up just riding majority of rds.

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Age 30. Diagnosed with bi-lateral Spondylolisthesis of the L4-L5. Told to never carry again. Likely carried only half a dozen times since then (9 hole rounds).

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Quit carrying at 37. Wife bought me a Clicgear for my birthday the year our daughter turned two and told me to start playing again.

I never realized just much stress carrying put on your neck and shoulder till I started using a cart.

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After I read that Stanford stopped letting their players carry and made them all use push carts. Stanford's athletic department has been on the cutting edge of training/rehab and I think their reasoning was sound.


Push carts are so much better on your joints, and I noticed a huge difference in fatigue level on the back nine. Plus the convenience factor - I have a clicgear with the attachable cooler, there's a nice pocket for my rangefinder, no more digging around the bag all the time...

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The motorized pushcart is awesome, walking upright without hunching over really reduces back fatigue. Joint stress is a big one. Knee Dr's will tell you the importance of weight reduction for the health of your knees. Knees don't care if it's fat or a bag straining them. Plus the cart allows us to tote extra things without much worry about weight. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of carrying but the cart pros clearly outweigh the cons for me.

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Just turned 60. Three hip replacements in the past 5 years (as well previous back and shoulder surgery) and a move from AZ to the Northeast almost completely stopped my golf game. Recently retired and want to pick it up again. Mostly rode in AZ but bought a ClicGear and enjoyed it on the occasions I used it. My goal is to try walking when play 9 and use the push cart when play 18. When I carry I plan to play a 9 club set in a Sunday bag. Whether or not I can physically do this I’m not sure, but excited to try....

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I like the idea of walking a few holes carrying with a minimalist set of clubs and gear - like I said wouldn’t try carrying for 18. Plan on buying a Jones Player’s bag and if I can’t walk 9 my body will tell me and I’ll put the Jones on the ClicGear. Walking is more important than carrying by far and I have no problem using the push cart but want to give it a go for a quick early morning or late afternoon 9.

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Check out the minimalist golf thread on here and <14 on instagram.

If weight health issue are an issue then stopping carrying is probably a bad thing and could help accelerate the issues.

Try some rounds carrying less clubs and a smaller lighter bag. Take the 2nd, 4th, 6th and may be a wedge out and see how you get on. I play a 14, 9 and a 6 club set depending on my mood / situation. Tend to push the 14 but carry the other two


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I'm 53 and carried some this year during the cooler months. I'll never carry again though. Got the MGI Navigator electric cart and it is a life changer. Its not cheap but I can walk my hilly course 3-4 days in a row with less fatigue than I had after 1 round carrying. Its improved my scores, speed and definitely back pain. Wish I had of done it years ago.

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Right when I turned 34 (about 3 years ago). My appendix burst, I was misdiagnosed and was in two different hospitals over a 3 week span battling an infection. When I finally got the Okay to golf again, i just didn't have the stamina to carry my bag for 18 holes so I got a push cart.

Single best golf investment I ever made. Obviously my fitness levels have returned and then some, but my body feels so much better after walking and pushing a cart vs lugging a bag on my shoulders. I wish I would have gotten the push cart sooner.

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I stopped (for the most part) a few years ago around age 40. Developed a bulging disc at L5-S1 moving some furniture one day and it's been kind of a nagging issue ever since. I had already been a Clicgear user for a year or two before that but the last few summers I'm probably 90% on using the Clicgear for an 18 hole round.

Still like to carry when I'm feeling up to it, but when I do it's typically 10-12 clubs max and in a bag that's less than 4.5lbs to begin with. I love the simplicity but recognize it's tougher on my back, neck and shoulders.

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