What item(s) do you refuse to buy on the BST?



  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview TexasMembers Posts: 519 ✭✭
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    Any type of clothing or shoes. Especially if they have been worn by someone.
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  • AUGolfer32AUGolfer32 Members Posts: 1,479 ✭✭
    Any used clothing or shoes. Anything with initials stamped on it.
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  • Smooth spin scottSmooth spin scott Members Posts: 1,174 ✭✭
    I always wonder how clubs with initials stamped in them sell... I guess a wedge you can live with but a putter with someone else initials would definitely get in my kitchen.
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  • chickenpotpiechickenpotpie #TeamJetSpeed Members Posts: 8,538 ✭✭
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    Tyson Lamb pop tops

    Anything with a sob story attached
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  • Ironhorse723Ironhorse723 Members Posts: 809 ✭✭
    Would never buy used sunglasses or used hats. For one you can't capture lens scratches well in pics and two I've never been found of head lice.
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  • ZAPZAP ClubWRX Posts: 1,584 ClubWRX
    I'm going to have to agree with those that said used clothing.
  • pingeyepingeye Members Posts: 1,238 ✭✭
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    Used shoes, clothes, hats, sock, etc
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  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX Posts: 14,671 ClubWRX

    Would never buy used sunglasses or used hats. For one you can't capture lens scratches well in pics and two I've never been found of head lice.

    Those lice would play **** trying to find a place to hide on my head! But I agree on the hats, I would have to say yuck to a used one. If the seller had stellar feedback and said the sunglasses were scratch free I might be willing to take a chance.
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  • vietnameehvietnameeh HIT BALL FAR NOT BALL STRAIGHT Members Posts: 1,898 ✭✭
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  • browne11browne11 I'm a hockey player, playing golf today Members Posts: 1,621 ✭✭
    Used Wedges. Feel the grooves are done once they have been used for a season. I try not to use my green side wedges at the range to save the grooves a bit but I’m sure some pound range balls with them.
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