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    My home course doesn't have a lot of water, but the wild grass that's thigh high and just ten feet from the fairway is a golf ball vacuum.

    Add a few "target golf" holes and it's a recipe for disaster.

    I averaged 1.75 balls lost a round last year.

    Deposited about 7 dozen into the wasteland.
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    I'll buy 5 dozen tops (Vice for one) if I can get a deal on a ball I like playing. I still have, should say found in my little ex-ClubHo warehouse:

    4 dz TM TP Red LDP

    4 dz Hex Tour iZ

    2 dz Hex Tour iS

    2 dz Hex Chrome +

    So even most of those I won't play anymore, proves buying tons of balls when you don't lose a sleeve or more a round doesn't pay off. I'll give some of these to friends who don't play as often, or when kids play with me, and always good for scramble tourneys
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    monks66 wrote:

    I have 6 dozen AVX's...shocked i only have one brand of ball, but love the AVX!

    Just picked up 7 dozen from the bay - just need to lose the rest of these pro vs!

    Also I tend to shred a ball over 18 holes - rarely does one make it through a round without scuffing up from wedges (or cart paths).
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    reider69 wrote:

    I have 7 or 8 dozen TP5, ProV1(x), Kirkland, vice pro, AVX etc. The problem is that my home course is a tourist destination for many and is pretty pricey so premium balls are laying everywhere. I can find a dozen ProV1s every round with a few minutes of work. I end up playing a ball I found that looks brand new and my stash goes unused. I want to start using the AVX exclusively but need to burn through my other balls first.

    Same here although my course is 3 stars at best BUT I have dozens of ProVs thanks to the locals.
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    Well I was in Florida last week 4 rounds, 19 balls. Saw one gator, didn't loss a ball on tht hole. image/beach.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':beach:' />

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    Next to me right now I have 12-15 dozen balls of various balls. I was testing a lot of balls last year so bought a lot especially on good deals, I also have extra balls because my friends often forget and I either give them a dozen of something cheap or charge them like $20CAD for a dozen.

    I'm also gonna pick up 6 dozen Vice Pro+ because the deal cannot be beat now and hey balls last forever.

    For what I go through in a round can be 1 or 2 balls can't be 6-9 or more depends on what I'm doing. Fun rounds with friends or practice rounds I'm taking more risky/dumber shots cause it's the time to do it and just having fun.
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    I'm done stockpiling. It's fun to play with different balls. New ones every year, and hard to buy new when I've got dozens.
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