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I want to quit



  • elpollosuperlocoelpollosuperloco Members  33WRX Points: 27Handicap: 21.4Posts: 33 Bunkers
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    @MelloYello I also think the whole 2-D nature of video doesn't allow people to understand what's happening, and why in-person I feel like you can catch more things. I'm definitely going to try to give Monte a shot here. Some combination of just hitting the ball intuitively, listening to my own advice analysis, and perhaps some external analysis from Monte or something might get me more consistent to where I'm having fun playing again.


    youtube swing

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • sheppy335sheppy335 TMAG Junkie Members  6527WRX Points: 203Handicap: 19Posts: 6,527 Titanium Tees
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    Maybe it is time to step back and go back to recreational golf. I know you must have heard this but golf is really playing your misses. Fun is the no1 thing for playing, yes i want to beat my guy but i will not be angry for more then 30 secs after a shot. I dont know what to tell you, maybe take a hiatus.

    Covid is hard but after no playing for 2 months of not able to after winter was hard but it made me enjoy golf in this whether i can pulls flag, have a noodle in the cup or raking bunker. This is to me better then sitting at home doing nothing.

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    I drop the 2 iron or one of the other UDI's based on course.
  • Nels55Nels55 Members  524WRX Points: 274Handicap: 6.8Posts: 524 Golden Tee
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    Good points. Except for this: "Anyhow, regarding the second point there, everyone is going to tell you that you need to clear your hips and be more open at impact. "

    This is not true as there is and has been for a while teaching that wants the student facing the ball at impact. For instance Larry Rinker's demo of the upper core swing. "Rotate you arms and hands not your hips and shoulders."

    Also "Swing the club head" in various versions tends to want the arms and hands moving with the body supporting or reacting.

    Folks with serious lower back issues do not want to get the hips more open at impact for the most part, check out Jack Kuykendal's various swings for stuff like that.

    There is no right or wrong in general it is simply a matter of what works for the individual.


    Driver Mizuno ST190 9.5* / Paderson Ballistic KG70-D40. Hybrids: 3 and 4 Rogue / Steelfiber HLS980. Irons 5 through Wedge PXG 0311 / Steelfiber i110. Wedges 50*, 56*, 62* MacDaddy 4 / Steelfiber i110.

  • MelloYelloMelloYello Upstate, SCMembers  3934WRX Points: 1,093Handicap: 3.9Posts: 3,934 Titanium Tees
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    I'm not a swing guru. I shouldn't be giving advice quite frankly.

    I have no issues with that video aside from the fact maybe the OP has a little more flexibility and doesn't need to be quite as flippy as the gentleman in the video but that's just my personal (uninformed) first take.

    I would advise folks to look at the what better players and pro's do even more than listening to internet videos. I think a single still-frame image of a top Pro can sometimes be as useful as a slew of internet videos.

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  • Nels55Nels55 Members  524WRX Points: 274Handicap: 6.8Posts: 524 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #96

    Yes and no. And I don't know! Rinker played on tour and had a couple of runner up finishes so his video is of a former tour pro. He is making a living teaching now days though... The main point of the Wright balance stuff is that depending on your body type you may need completely different mechanics. Rinker claims that trying to swing like a typical tour pro hurt his career and he would have been much better off with his current upper core mechanics.

    I wonder if in maybe 100 years this stuff will all be sorted and cut and dried. Right now it is the wild wild west as far as swing instruction goes. All the gurus seem to know the answer but they might be answering the wrong question.


    Driver Mizuno ST190 9.5* / Paderson Ballistic KG70-D40. Hybrids: 3 and 4 Rogue / Steelfiber HLS980. Irons 5 through Wedge PXG 0311 / Steelfiber i110. Wedges 50*, 56*, 62* MacDaddy 4 / Steelfiber i110.

  • nlinneman20nlinneman20 Saint LouisMembers  384WRX Points: 106Handicap: 12Posts: 384 Greens
    Joined:  #97

    Dont wanna beat you down anymore lol but I dont think you shot 88 if 11 tee shots were in the junk or unplayable. Unless your not taking penalties.

    If you were that would mean you'd be shooting like in the 70's without all the penalties.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • elpollosuperlocoelpollosuperloco Members  33WRX Points: 27Handicap: 21.4Posts: 33 Bunkers
    Joined:  #98

    @nlinneman20 I didn't say I had 11 LBs a round lol I said they were in other fairways, under trees and in brambles and that I had to often punch out. I average a penalty stroke a round and I'm an 11 handicap putter.


    youtube swing

  • caniac6caniac6 Members  3657WRX Points: 1,314Handicap: 4Posts: 3,657 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #99

    I think you need to find a teacher to teach you how to play. Let your athletic ability swing the club, and learn how to play golf rather than golf swing. I think you'll get a lot more enjoyment trying to get from point A to B. Pick a target, and try to hit it. Think less about mechanics. Mabye move up to shorter tees for a bit just to build up some confidence. It's supposed to be fun, but everyone that has ever picked up a club has been through ups and downs.

  • kozubskozubs Members  333WRX Points: 120Handicap: 5Posts: 333 Greens
    Joined:  #100

    Have a look these guys videos. They do a great series on pros vs amateurs. The graphics are really informative. Watch one video. Then practice it.

    One thing you need to understand is the the golf swing if about feelings. 3 different instructors can try to get you to do the same thing 3 different ways. All the same thing but 3 different swing thoughts. You need to find the swing thoughts that work. The irony is once you understand the movement each instruction will click.

    I agree that your swing is decent. I would have guessed you'd be a 15 with that swing. You say your driver is killing you. Get some foot spray and make sure your dispersion isn't from hitting it all over the face.

  • RoejyeRoejye Members  140WRX Points: 64Handicap: 19.4Posts: 140 Fairways
    Joined:  #101

    As someone who's very similar to you, mid 30's, former multi sport athlete, same driving distance with sometimes the same accuracy issues, probably same handicap (too many mullies) also was so annoyed by my play the past couple of weeks that I wasn't going to quit but not play as much. Main difference is I've only had one instructor and one lesson. The thing I did that got me enjoying golf again was just going out and playing a round, not keeping score. I also had a group lesson with a friend of mine and my instructor. The instructor put some things into perspective for me. Even Justin Thomas can shoot an 80 and he has a 62 in him. Stop letting perfect be the enemy of good. I took the teachings, more having the ball farther back in my stance than the mental advice, to the course the next day, and shot very well. I accepted that my driver was going to have a fade and played to it, realizing my course actually caters well to a fade. I don't use arrcos but I do use the golfpad app, and my strokes gained for driving, and irons were much better, short game was roughly the same and putting was worse, but I was on a bit of a tear with the flatstick lately.

    Main thing is, don't let perfect be the enemy of good, just go out and relax. Then once you start enjoying the game again, then work on trying to improve.

  • gazavgazav Members  60WRX Points: 65Posts: 60 Bunkers
    Joined:  #102

    Didn't read all the comments so sorry if this has already been asked or said. And by the looks of it, you've received a ton of great advice.

    Here's my question: Do you get excited to practice and play golf? This will tell you a lot about what you should do next. For me, I loved the "range" from the very beginning. I got and get excite to hit golf balls.

    Seriously, there's a reason we all have day jobs. I added to a post the other day about shooting 42/36. INCONSISTENT Made at least 4 putts between 5-7 feet to save the 42...

    We all battle being inconsistent, it's part of the game and that's what keeps most of us coming back. But if you're not having fun.....

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • HawksBackInBlackHawksBackInBlack Members  5WRX Points: 5Posts: 5 Bunkers
    Joined:  #103

    You are thinking too much. Stop w the lessons for a bit, go to range and practice drivers at 1/4 speed and slowly ramp up the Speed as you feel the club head and path. Only ramp up speed once you’ve hit the “mini driver swings” solid, straight and a little curve). Focus on being an athlete and playing golf versus positions. Proper setup and grip are obviously important but other wise let your natural swing take over. Club path and face should be the focus. How you do it is your natural swing you need to find versus any more instruction at this point in time. My .02

  • mwkbmwmwkbmw Play. Fast. North CarolinaMembers  2500WRX Points: 114Handicap: 7.5Posts: 2,500 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #104

    Mello, you may not be a swing guru, and neither am I, but we can both recognize a reverse pivot. Amazing that none of his instructors can see that.

    OP, please find an instructor or online videos that address the swing fault that causes so many other issues - the reverse pivot. I speak from experience. Fixing my reverse pivot benefited my swing more than any other fault.

    I stumbled across some videos of an instructor, Mike Malaska, which have done more to free me from, "paralysis by analysis", than anything I have found. In the last 2 months since, I have shot my best round ever, 70 (with a double bogey!), and had only 1 round over 80. Check him out. Golf is fun, again.

    Hang in there!

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  • 1mcozik1mcozik Members  61WRX Points: 31Posts: 61 Bunkers
    Joined:  #105

    For as long as I’ve been played, I’ve come to accept that 1. I’m not a pro so my swing will always be inconsistent and 2. My driver or iron swing will always be on but rarely both.

    I also rather be a great driver of the ball and decent iron player so I try to focus more on my driver swing. Sometimes it’s better to try new things and if it works stick with it. Nothing can be fixed instantly since no band aid fix will ever stick.

  • FuscinatorFuscinator Members  490WRX Points: 304Posts: 490 Greens
    Joined:  #106

    Time for a Costanza reversal. To me, you sound too anal retentive to hit the ball out of your shadow. You need to get trashed and hit 5 or 6 large buckets swinging out of your shoes, several times a week, until you forget how you play now.

  • elpollosuperlocoelpollosuperloco Members  33WRX Points: 27Handicap: 21.4Posts: 33 Bunkers
    Joined:  #107

    @mwkbmw cool I will check that out. I'm definitely at that point in analyzing on video where I just can't SEE anything anymore. I'll look into reverse pivot videos.


    youtube swing

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • Lincoln_ArcadiaLincoln_Arcadia We're supposed to be having fun here...yeah, right. So. Cal.Members  1451WRX Points: 304Handicap: 7.4Posts: 1,451 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #108

    Keep golfing. The better you get the less shots. That’s pretty much it, nothing more or less. Cheers!

  • uitar9uitar9 Members  476WRX Points: 131Handicap: LOLPosts: 476 Greens
    Joined:  #109

    I am older and at it only 9 years. I have hovered between a 20-24 for that time. Got fitted, found an instructor. All helped. I asked a friend who turned me on to a guy who doesn't teach golf swing, just helps with what you have.

    Was reading something by Harvey Pennick...talked about picking targets and shooting at them, with different clubs. He didn't say why. He didn't say how.

    Did that the last two winters. Don't know why I did it.

    I somehow figured out how. Maybe its like another posted...train the hands...

    Another thing I read somewhere...don't follow a bad shot with a stupid shot...Get out of the trouble and back on the short grass. If I want to shoot lower scores, I have to reduce doubles and triples each game, not shoot birdies every 3rd game.

    This year my handicap has dropped to 18. My scores have improved somewhat. I no longer play golf swing.

    Golf is a crazy game which screws with my expectations. I can play baseball and be happy if I hit .300. Thats only 3 out of 10. Going in, baseball has no par. But when I play golf, I want to hit 1.000. Why do I do that to myself. I think its the psychology of par. Even tho I know I have seen pros shoot above par regularly. Why do I think I should?

    I have finally discovered that one particular golf course is my happy place...it gives me my zen moment. Its a par 68. I've managed a 73 there. I've shot even par on the front. I've given myself a place that lets me succeed at the level I like. Now when I go to a par 72 I'll occasionally shoot 90. That's the goal now, to break 90 on a 72. But if I never do, I'll enjoy every moment on the course.

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  • Lincoln_ArcadiaLincoln_Arcadia We're supposed to be having fun here...yeah, right. So. Cal.Members  1451WRX Points: 304Handicap: 7.4Posts: 1,451 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #110

    Nearly all instructors know it’s there, they just don’t know how to fix it. Even the best ones take quite a few lessons from frustrated students to fix.

    More talented players can eliminate it right away. For most of us, years. I’ve known one player who finally got rid of it after a decade. He was quite elated, in fact. Big smiles all around.

  • glkglk send it in jerome Kodak, Tn/Chucktown, Sc via Chicago & BurghMembers  4272WRX Points: 782Posts: 4,272 Titanium Tees
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    Definitely see Monte. He offers online live lessons - use table/phone and facetime/zoom - can do it from your living room (actually I did one from my garage in May - hit paper wads wrapped in duct tape) or at the range - Monte can video and replay swing, demo issue, drills, etc - pretty much like an in person lesson except he can't physically help you.

    Looked at video. You have learned that swing out to right field pretty well. Setup looks decent - don't like having the elbow pressed so close together. But issues exist in your hips/knees - you bring that left knee way too much inward when it should be working out toward the your toes - and the right knee does straighten a bit but only a bit (like 5-10*). Takeaway arms are okay. Lack of body tilts in backswing - too flat shoulder/hips (ends up with too long of a swing) - fixing hips/knees should help. Then you load onto the right side without shifting laterally during the backswing so your downswing has no pressure shift move to the left side and you end up having rotation dominate your transition/downswing. You then drop the right shoulder and left shoulders start to go up (this is how you are swing out to right field) - the left shoulder in transition has to stay down and actually get a little lower, it doesn't start going up until around shaft parallel in downswing - given length of swing and this movement you begin to lose your wrist angles - 1) you don't start flexing the left wrist, ie start closing the face, in the end of backswing/transition 2) you lose what extension you had in the right wrist before impact - results is you have a flexed right wrist at impact - you scoop - and with the open face and swinging out the right you flip - bottom line is you can add loft, and close face rapidly at impact so ball can go anywhere and longer club really bring this out - you do a better job with iron swings but driver really brings out the flaws.

    Here is impact with an iron to show the scoop/flip.

    So by all means, see Monte and he will get you going in a much better direction. You've been working hard but unfortunately not on the issues that need attention - I don't see any reason why with Monte's help and your continued work effort that you won't be flying it 250 and playing to single digits - just lots of slo motion swings, and partial swings, with feedback - if you can't do the motion slowly and with a swing where the arms never get more than parallel in the backswing then you certainly won't do it on a full swing at speed - baby steps and 1% better every day. Good luck.


    Enjoy every sandwich.

  • wagolfer7wagolfer7 Members  284WRX Points: 188Handicap: +2Posts: 284 Greens
    Joined:  #112

    @elpollosuperloco - sorry you've had a frustrating time with the game. We've all been there. I play with a variety of different skilled level golfers and over the years have picked up a few things on helping higher handicappers. Here are few tips, take em or leave em. Hopefully they might help you or someone else.

    Focus on easy things first. Take the low hanging fruit to start with. Don't over complicate it.

    The Grip - your grip is most likely not correct. No way to tell in video, but I doubt you are gripping the club in your fingers. This is key. Any good golfer has a grip in the fingers. It can be weak, neutral, strong, 10 fingered, overlap, interlock, etc.....But it must be in the fingers. Please watch the video below. The red line shows your right hand is too far under the club, you don't want either V outside of the right shoulder. The yellow mark shows where your hands should start at address. They need to be inside of your lead thigh. This helps keep the hands ahead of the ball - you simply "start" them there. Yes with a driver and the ball starting off your lead foot - then your hands will be more equal and not ahead of the ball. But the key is that hands always start inside lead thigh. Try not to overlook the grip. It's not a knock on your game. It's fact. I've rarely seen a 18+ handicapper with a good grip. And golf is much harder when your only connection to the club is not in the correct spot.

    1) Grip in your fingers

    2) Hands must work together. V's Parallel! If they are fighting against each other, it's hard to get it square.

    3) Hands start at inside lead thigh

    The last thing I'd say is this. I think you keep the club face too shut on the takeaway. I know many will disagree with me on this. But the takeaway you have - it would be very difficult for me to get that consistently square at impact. You said an instructor mentioned you have a closed club face - in my opinion you are starting with it closed right away. I'd try to get the leading edge more in line with the yellow line as opposed to the red. This will help get some flex in the right wrist at top too, with your right hand staying on top the whole time, in my opinion puts you in hard position to be consistent with right now getting it back to square. Again this will not be agreed upon with everyone - there are PGA players that are more shut at this position, but in my opinion I think it's a more difficult to position to play from. You'll find plenty of PGA players at the yellow mark position as well. Again this is just my thoughts - not saying it's the only way to get better. Simply suggestions from another player that's been through the grind himself and with others. I think if you just fixed your grip and got the club more open in takeaway - you would see results fairly quickly. It's not something that should take weeks or months at your level to get improvement. Good luck.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • golflife19golflife19 Members  3WRX Points: 7Posts: 3 Starters
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    I bet every person in the world wishes their game was better. I personally am a terrible golfer. I have done numerous things in effort to improve my game, but I still struggle tremendously. 95% of the guys I regularly play with are much better than me. Since we both are athletes it is tough not being able to be competitive with our peers. Nobody likes to lose.

    Ultimately, I think you may have forgotten the core principle of sports.... to have FUN! I personally know each time I get on the course I will be outplayed. I have accepted that. I still continue to try and improve and make decrease the gap in skill amongst my friends. For me I find great joy spending time in the sun with a few buddies and beers. If you have lost all the joys golf has to offer then maybe you should consider taking a break from the game.

  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX  2108WRX Points: 314Handicap: 17Posts: 2,108 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #114

    Please tell me that you have tried a shorter driver, preferably 43 1/2 inches? It can make a huge difference in your confidence. Work on different shafts and see what happens. Do not be concerned about the club being shorter, as it may be a real game changer for your confidence. Please give it a try. I put the driver away for years until I got better, playing a three wood, but you can do better with a shorter driver. I had a Cleveland 400 cut to 43 1/2" and it was a true blue fairway finder.


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    Clubs this week

  • ofortunaofortuna Members  463WRX Points: 59Handicap: 8.4Posts: 463 Greens
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    It sounds like you have two completely separate issues.

    1) You have difficulty enjoying golf

    2) You are struggling to improve

    I would suggest the first thing you do is try to disassociate these two. If your capacity to enjoy playing golf hinges solely on how well you perform on a given day, you will never be happy. I play with 30 handicaps that enjoy golf like a 6 year old at Disneyland and low singles that slam clubs after every mediocre shot. The mindset that you will enjoy golf later after you''re better is a fallacy that will never end.

    I won't jump on the bandwagon of trying to help you get better mechanics in this thread because this entire forum is full of resources for that.

  • 80sFredriksson80sFredriksson Members  521WRX Points: 102Handicap: -Posts: 521 Golden Tee
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  • Cpr3584Cpr3584 Members  391WRX Points: 139Handicap: 4Posts: 391 Greens
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    If you are a 30 year old multi-sport athlete only driving the ball 200 yards, I would blame the instructors. There has to be something seriously wrong. how about some video?

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  • milesgilesmilesgiles milesgiles Members  680WRX Points: 258Handicap: 2.3Posts: 680 Golden Tee
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    If you want to be good.. properly good.

    treat it as a job. A job you love. That means digging it out of the dirt. I think you’ve had way too many hours of instruction and way too little actual time on the range applying what you’ve learnt and getting it right.

    given your results so far, I think we can say you aren’t massively gifted, which means you’ll have to work harder. Imo at the very least 90 mins a day focused practise. I would even forget about playing for a few months, that’s time wasted in the state you’re in.

    if you can’t enjoy the process though, I’d leave it. I think almost every good player has a natural curiosity and drive to improve their swing, and love the journey as much or more than the destination


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