Anyone made an albatross?



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    I was playing a friendly match with a 16 handicapper. He was feeling pretty good having birdied the 1st. I replied with a low bullet from 220 yards on the par 5 second for an albatross 2. His game never quite recovered after that.
    About 3 weeks later I sank a full 5 wood from 200 yards playing in a County Senior match for an eagle 2.

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    I got one in a Pro-Am. Pull driver left that cuts off a dog leg. Lash at a 7 iron that never leaves the stick. Uphill approach so I never see it drop. And my boss (the pro) picks the ball out of the cup for me... :-/

    Oh and I got a shot on that hole. 2, net 1.

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    Yep, not too many years ago. 3 wood on short par 5. Uphill, into the wind, around 206. Hit a nice little shot and declared to my league partner right after I hit it that it was the best shot I'd hit all year, it felt that good.

    Honestly thought it would be close even though I couldn't see it land and was disappointed when I got to the green and didn't see it and assumed it went over.

    Recounted the tale shortly after it happened in another thread and some j______s took after me for making it all up, so that was just the short version, lol - some people just have too much roughage in their diet I guess.

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    Holed out from 171 with 3 wood for albatross at 17 on my home course. Also would have made one on a 325 yard par 4 (different course) but some mouth breather didn’t replace the pin right. 😂

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    I've been fortunate enough to have 3. The last one was @ Gaylord #10 with a 5WD second shot. I was disappointed when I got to the green and the ball wasn't in sight. I looked long and right and couldn't find it. Finally a marshal came by and asked if I'd looked in the hole. He'd watched the shot and saw it go in. And I have never had a hole in one.

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    Made one yesterday - not sure if it counts. Was playing the ladies tees on a par 5 as it was getting close to sun down and wanted to make sure we made it through all 18. Was about 150 out after smoking my drive and made a 2. Couldn't believe it as we were searching all over the green for it!

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    I've had 2.

    One while playing w my girlfriend (now my wife) in college, holed a 235y shot w a 3 wood.

    Few years later at my dad's home course I holed a 4i from 205 uphill (they have since redone the course and there is now a bunker where I hit the shot from)

    That was about 15 years ago.

    I have made 6 hole in one's since my last double eagle.

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    Personally no. Best friend has had 2. First one was at a course we worked at on a 530 yard par 5. we were playing with a buddy and all reciting the caddy shack bill Murray cinderella story / its in the hole skit before he hit. Hit and I was like "seriously thats going in the hole" and it rolled up and disappeared. More ironic is the kid's profession is stand up comedy. Second one he had was on a short par 4 and I didn't witness that one but believe him seeing as I've driven the green and its feasible.

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    Yes, about 15 years ago, for a par 5 second shot I holed a 4 wood from about 223 yards at the old SCPGA course (Beaumont, California), now I believe named Casino Morongo golf course.

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    Years ago, hit my second over a hill to a blind green. When we approached the green the group finishing up all started pointing at the cup. I was in my twenties and could occasionally hit a par 5 in two. Pretty sure those days are behind me now at 54

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    Number 14 at Sable Oaks golf course in South Portland Maine, dropped an albatross in two shots with a playing partner as witness and a couple of the grounds crew guys. Ping ISI 3 iron. great clubs back in the day.

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    No, but I have witnessed two, one of them by a friend who has three double-eagles. He's the same guy who won two cars in one year as hole-in-one prizes!

    I do have b2b par-4 eagles, though. That was fun. :-)

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    Not quite but almost. Played in a 2 person scramble. Short, severe dog leg left par 5 where the second shot plays downhill. Partner and I hit our tee shots within roughly 5 feet of each other in the fairway. Decided to use his to fulfill the tee shots per side rule since he was having troubles. Only left 220 downhill. I absolutely thinned a 5 iron and gave up watching it I struck it so poor. The twosome we were playing with starting cheering and low and behold the ball rolled into the hole for a 2. So, while not legit, its the closest Ive come.

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    last summer I put one with my 5i to about 2 feet from out of the rough... tap in eagles are cool

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    I've got two turkey vultures. One was on the track I grew up on. Short par 5's and I think it was like 440. I hit driver, wedge and one-hopped it.

    The other one was a bit more legit and actually in a tournament. I had 241 to the hole. Water short, OB long. I was in the last group (Ryder Cup format in college). There was about 20-30 people on the hill behind the green.

    My caddy, Jack, tried to get me to lay up since it was down-wind. Said the shot was impossible and that no one could hold the green.

    I was probably 10 over that day and was pretty ticked considering I just shot 70 in the morning. I told Jack to "kiss my ***" and pulled out my 16 degree Cobra Baffler utility with an X100.

    Hit a nice baby fade around the front bunker. Didn't see it go in but the folks on the hill started going crazy. A guy later told me that it landed about a yard short, rolled and hit the flag like a missile, dropping straight in.

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    I've been playing for 50 years and have never had one. I've holed out for eagles and have had 5 hole in ones but never close on an albatross.

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    I've had everything. Albatross way better than my hole in one. Any golfer of any ability can shoot a hole in one depending upon length of hole. Postage stamp 125 yards, JGE Earth hole 4 at 252.

    But the alby. The rarest of birds. 😎

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    I made one. It went like this:

    Hit a bad drive, got a little frustrated by the way I hit it... but result was ok.

    Hit an iron shot pretty well but thought I left it hanging out to the right... which funneled way way from the green into a collecition area... got more frustrated thinking I'd put myself in a bad spot.

    Walked up to the collection area couldn't find the ball. Walked in front and behind the hole and couldn't find the ball. Starting to get a little upset here... this hole isn't going my way.

    Family member who was trying to be a smart alec said "why don't you check the hole" with a smirk on his face.

    Check the hole and its in... happiness ensues. I'll never forget it!

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    No, but had two tap in eagles in the same round.

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    Never an ace in 30+ years playing but at 13 I was playing from the forward/junior tees (400ish yards) on my home 9 hole and I hit a 5 wood approach into the par 5. Normally I would be left with a 20y or so pitch and putt.

    Few guys on green started yelling. As I approached they told me it hit, bounced, and rolled in while they were putting.

    I graduated from the junior tees shortly there after as I grew :D

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    Never had a hole in one, but yesterday, I got an albatross! Playing in our regular men's club Sunday morning. Hole 4 at the Champions Course, Tukwet Canyon, Beaumont, CA. It only plays 458 from the white tees we were playing, but I still had 190 in after my drive. Hit my new-to-me $45 TEE XCG 16* hybrid. Nice high fade. We saw it bounce once, roll and disappear. I thought it went over the green, but we searched all around, and my buddy said "might as well check the hole." There it was! Almost made up for the quad I had made on the previous hole!

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    been close but never made one..never seen one made, other than on tv. I remember a sweet one by Freddy many years ago. Big high power draw of a 2 iron. ..roll roll plunk

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    Hole in one on a par4 counts ;)

    I have one. Not the greatest story: short par4, driver of the tee. Couldn't find ball near the green. Was in the hole. Done. :P

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    I've managed two, both fairly interesting (?) ... I started playing golf at 4 years old at Masserene GC in N Ireland - The 13th in those days was a short Par 5 just under 500y - My father used to rib me about the first time I played the hole - It took me 17 shots to reach the green & 11 putts to get in the hole! - When I was in my 20's I was playing the hole with my brother & hit driver 6 iron into the hole for my first albatross!

    A couple of years later I played in a Pro-Am at Effingham GC in England - The 8th hole is a Par 5 about 550y - The tee shot is slightly downhill, but from there there is a considerable drop down to the green - I hit a good drive which left me about 240y from the green - I decided to land a 7 iron 70 or 80y short and let it run down to the green - As I was putting my club away I heard a shout from the green & realised my ball had rolled into the hole for another albatross!

    Both the above were over 30 years ago & I haven't been close to another one since! - I've managed 4 holes in one, and the only thing left on my "bucket list" is an ace on a Par 4 - I've come very close a couple of times, but the search continues ....


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    Well it was 8 years ago on a Sunday. The second hole on a course in Georgia, right on the SC border. The course named all the holes, strange I know. This one was called Pink Dogwood or something close to that. The wind was at my back about 5mph so I took my 4 iron just planning to get it to the green and let it run out. Well it did and kept tracking toward the hole and eventually dropped into the bottom of the cup. Shot a 69 that day.

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    I hit a drive on a par 4 and the group in front was getting into their carts....the ball chased onto the green and I saw everyone jump out the carts screaming. I went down there ready to buy drinks for everyone. I get there and my ball is sitting about two inches from the cup and they were all laughing. "we thought it was going in but then it didn't and we just wanted to punish you for hitting into us a little early" was what they told me. Pretty I do it every time someone hits into me while I'm on the green.


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  • hammersiahammersia Members  6WRX Points: 20Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    It became a legendary event at our club, one of our worst players, short hitting Big Dave, holed his second on the 480 yard 17th - little bit downhill and runs a lot if it’s very dry, but it’s still tight, slight dogleg, two great hits. By some way, that was his golf career highlight, he’s dined out on it for years.

  • PappyVanWinkle53PappyVanWinkle53 Members  451WRX Points: 218Handicap: 2.9Posts: 451 Greens
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    Played at a course in Georgia back in 2005. 2nd shot on a par 5, using a 4-iron from 210 out.....ended up thinning it and followed up the shot with a few colorful 4-letter words. Ball landed 10-15 yards in front of the green, but chased right on and ran straight into the cup........just the way I meant to play it!! Ha!!

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    I have one. It was on the 4th hole of Diamond Bar golf course in California. It's the longest par-5 there. I hit a good drive, then a nicely fading 3-wood towards the green. I have poor vision, so I didn't see it land. My friend who was there with me too was texting/fiddling on his phone. When we went up there, we looked around for about 5 minutes, until my friend looked in the hole. Still have the ball. However, I would trade that for a hole-in-one.


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    i got one -- i hit a callaway heavenwood from 230-somethin out...didn't see it go in - assumed it went behind the green into holly bushes. the newlywed couple i was playing with played the hole out and found my ball in the hole. boom. 2.


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