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Why play a split set with blades? And why are we drawn to blades??

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mxskiermxskier Denver 504WRX Points: 72Members Posts: 504
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I play off a 5. Its the type of 5 that when I hit driver in play I can score but I tend to lose my strokes with my driver being in an unplayable (read: can't go after the green) position. I save my score with very rarely 3 putting.

I play Apex Pro 19s. I like them. I really like the look behind the ball. When they're caught right out of the center in the long irons they feel powerful. And the short irons look fantastic at address.

And yet, I want blades. I have played the Apex MBs and they are stunning. Feel like butter, super easy to flight high or low (I don't really do a ton of huge left-right shot shaping yet, still working that into the rotation). And behind the ball they look just as forgiving as the Apex Pro 19s.

But, except at the low end of the bag, we know the blades are not as forgiving. Which begs the question, should I split set? And if so, why?

I sort of just want to buy the blades in 5-PW and then swap out the 5-6 when I'm not feeling great with the Pros. But why? Ugh...

Can someone either talk some sense into me? Or at least just talk me off the ledge here? Really.. the answer I need to make this "logical" is Why play a split set?

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  • smithy23smithy23 UK 62WRX Points: 50Members Posts: 62
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    The split set is a happy compromise and a bit more confidence inspiring.

    I have two sets mizuno jpx 900 tours and Nike vapor pro blades. im an 11 HCP so arguably not low enough to play blades but personal preference whatever etc (another argument that one)

    If you love the way the blades look at address and strike it well get them , and just play your Apex pros in 4/5/6 etc for the known feel distance etc and then your blades in the rest

    its what i do play 6 upwards in blades on the nikes and use cobra utility 4 iron and mizuno 5iron

    when i really start to get off things i go back to full mizzy bag

    split set is a great way to go , why do tour pros do it ?? cos its a good fit

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  • balls_deepballs_deep Wanna earn 14 bucks the hard way? 1793WRX Points: 1,021Members Posts: 1,793
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    So for sure there is no difference in the 8-PW so I'd for sure switch those. I've had a lot of success at the same cap doing that. No unexpectedly long shots and a lot more playability. When you get into 4-7 iron that is when you're going to start to see some drop offs if your swing isn't going well. 7 at your cap should be fine depending on your miss (toe or thin isn't going to be great). I think it's going to be pretty close and won't affect your scores drastically. 4 and 5 iron is more so if you can elevate the ball enough to stop it. I hit the ball very high so I can stop anything down to a 3 iron on a dime (it's a swing fault I'm sure). The other thing to consider is if you need distance help.

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    I am in the same camp as the OP. I currently play Hogan Ft Worth White blades in 7-PW, and play Ft Worth Hi utility irons in 4-6. I do however, have the Ft Worth White blades in 4-6. I play to a 3, and really don’t do anything great, certainly don’t hit it as far as many posters on here, but I don’t make a ton of mistakes (hardly ever double bogey, only a few bogeys per round). I found that there is almost no difference in forgiveness for me with clubs that have enough loft (i.e. 7-PW), but I need slight forgiveness as the irons get longer. My plan is to get my swing in a place where I’ll put the 6 iron blade in the bag for 2020, and maybe the 5 iron blade after that. I might never put the 4 iron in the bag, maybe just for fun. It really looks like a butter knife to me. I like the smaller profile of the blade and find that with the Hogans, I am more precise with good strikes. I just need to work to improve the good strikes on the longer irons.

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    personally I think blades are more accurate and easier to hit consistent distance (obviously others than mishits)... I have more confidence with blades in the short irons. I play to a 6 with the same issues you mentioned. If im in the fairway im going to score well but when I spray the driver at my home course I need to punch out and lose strokes. with all things being equal youre not going to hit a blade randomly 12 yards farther than normal compared to the hollow body distance irons where randomly you hit one with super low spin

    The last 8 years ive played combo with 4-6 cavity backs, and 7-PW blades. I know for a fact im not consistently hitting a 4 iron pure with a blade. Actually just had a fitting Saturday and hit the Ping Blueprints. Those are tiny!! can I play them, yes. can I play the well consistently, no. There are easier to hit blades out there and for me its much more fun hitting blades.


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  • From_Parts_UnknownFrom_Parts_Unknown  1921WRX Points: 276Members Posts: 1,921
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    Can you work a rivet with a stubby sledge? Sure you can but you're better off using a ball peen hammer. Golf clubs, like hammers, are just tools. Use the one you need for each specific job you wish to accomplish.

  • WristySwingWristySwing  184WRX Points: 83Members Posts: 184
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    As to they why, here it is. Blades are typically easier to shape shots with due to their weight distributions being more neutrally biased as opposed to the extremes of the perimeters. They also typically have higher CoGs, meaning they will flight the ball a bit lower, which is what most better players are after since they create enough height and lift due to their ball speed naturally. Lastly, there is no pro or con to playing a blade if you are good enough (solid, mid-low single digit player at a decent course, not some dinky goat track that you can play with your eyes closed) apart from what i have outlined. I have hit fliers with blades just as well as I have with GI irons; fliers are caused by a significant reduction in spin due to a lack of efficient contact with face and ball. Rarely, if ever, is a flier caused by a "low spin" face...it just means the loft and/or ball aren't fit to you properly.


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  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Tasmania to Canada 13050WRX Points: 1,983Members Posts: 13,050
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    Why do we drive sports cars?


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    Same reason why I drive Sports Speced SUV

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    All clubs are tools for a task, its up to your own ability, as to whether you will succeed

    with them. Be it MB's or cavity back, You will miss shots, if you can not accept misses

    WHY PLAY ?


    Play Golf.....Play Blades......Play Something Else.....Just Go Play.....

    4 HC
  • cardoustiecardoustie haha, we don't play for 5's Tasmania to Canada 13050WRX Points: 1,983Members Posts: 13,050
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    My personal experience is that mid range irons ... 6 and 7 .. are quite a bit longer .. for me that fills gaps nicely

    My iron sets start at 6 fwiw

    I found this to be the case with p790's for sure .. and is also the reason why I used to carry Rapture J spec 5, 6 and 7 irons

    as another poster above said, 8-PW are about the same


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  • ian-500ian-500  1003WRX Points: 259Members Posts: 1,003
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    No talking required.........DO IT!

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  • NRJyzrNRJyzr Minnesota, USA 6849WRX Points: 917Members Posts: 6,849
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    I largely agree, but have to point out that blades don't usually have a higher CG, the comparisons tend to be all over the place. And frequently, the bigger CB clubheads are the ones with a higher CG. Go figure.

    Addressing the OP topic... There are a lot of reasons. Nostalgia, since that's all there was for decades, performance, for some, it's a perceived perception, and so on. As many reasons as there are people playing this game, possibly. LOL

    On performance, there's been testing that shows good hits have considerably better dispersion than what one might see with a CB. That same testing showed a bigger performance drop for blades on mishits. Thentheres the effect of MOI and lateral movement. And, there are also apparent spin and launch considerations; generally speaking, blades seem to spin the ball a bit more than CBs. Emphasis on "generally speaking." ☺️

    Each player has to decide for themselves which works better for them, and in the case of split sets, where to split the set. It can be different for everyone. Blah blah blah

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    For most golfers, once you get above 38* loft or so, the loft and sole make much more difference than any tech they can put in the club. That's generally why, even in SGI clubs, the construction of them starts to shift somewhere around the 8i. Most golfers could play 38-42-46 in just about anything and wouldn't notice much difference.

    34* and below is where you start noticing the difference. That's where a lower CG can improve launch and a faster face can improve ball speed. But this is very much swing dependent. Depending on your delivery and your swing speed, you might launch a 34* 7i just fine, but start to have issues with a 30* 6i. Or a 26* 5i. Even the fastest players reach a loft, where they need some extra help to get the ball flight they want.

    What a split set does is put the transition in your hands. If you're playing TM P790's for instance, Taylor Made has decided that you need the help at 30* but at 35* you don't. For a large percentage of players, that's the case, but what if you can handle 30* of loft with no help? you might find that the 7i in that set flies too high or has too much ball speed to blend with the 8i. Blending the blades lets you decide where the transition should be, or even better allows you to have more than one transition. I truly believe most manufacturers in the future are going to have 3-4 iron sets that are all set up to blend and the majority of people who get custom fit will end up with some sort of blend.

    Even better would be that if they had a second version of the SGI clubs that simply had a different number stamped on the bottom. For instance, you might carry 7-PW of the 919 Tour, a 919 Forged 6i bent 2* weak and then a 4i and 5i in the Hot Metal or Hot Metal Pro. Of course those irons would actually be the 5i and 6i in that set (26* and 23*) just with a different number stamped on the bottom. I don't believe that people will ever be ready to have the loft only on the club. And I think for most people the idea of carrying two 6i's is just going to be too much. But a different stamping probably costs the manufacturer next to nothing.

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    For the low loft irons, pretty obvious why people don't play blades. I don't really think there's really much question there.

    For the scoring irons, for me it all boils down to confidence. When I'm holding an 8 or 9 iron, I want to stick the pin. I don't want any question in my mind of whether I'm going to be able to make good contact or if the ball is going to be a flier. In my mind, I'm just figuring out exactly how hard I'm going to hit the club and in what direction so that I stick the pin. There should be no thoughts of mechanics.

    Over the years I've found a players cavity back does that for me the best. I can hit a high lofted blade just fine, but I find that I need to concentrate more on contact and mechanics otherwise I could hit a disastrous shot. SGI clubs are problematic too for me in that I have to think distance quite a bit and I often feel like I hit it pure but then the ball ends up nowhere near the hole.

    YMMV but that's what I look for in the scoring clubs. CB, blade or shovel, it just has to be about the shot and not mechanics from scoring position.

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  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and Southwest 16158WRX Points: 604Members Posts: 16,158
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    Can't help save the OP from himself. LOL Just share my experience.

    Since taking up golf I have owned two (2) sets of split style irons, including my new 620 CB & MB irons. Titleist had a good idea when they made 735CM irons. However, they were not exactly a split set but blended PW-2 iron set. I like the idea so I bought 2-PW 735CM. I didn't need then and still don't need much forgiveness but a bit of help never hurts, right? As it turned out though, that blended set is different in that it goes from blade to full sized CB in long irons.

    The transitional mid 6-7 irons were solid and workable as was the short iron blades. Unfortunately, the long-CB irons 2i-5i and I didn't get along. I now see why a split set is more practical than blended set. The deeply pronounced 735CM long-iron cavity's made them a bit challenging to work. Not that I couldn't work them. It just took too much attention to detail over the ball to move them right or left, leaving the planned shot a cra* shoot. Hitting them straight was really easy.

    Since taking up the game I have always taken joy hitting good long iron shots so there was a looming disappointment that lead to me selling the set. It's not my job to adjust to accommodate the irons; irons adjust to my style of play.

    I've had my current 620 CB & MB's for two weeks now. Some range time and one round of golf. The 3i-6i 620 cavity backs are somewhat shallow and not too pronounced with the toe and heal portions contributing to a muscle style look. To make a split set easy to configure, CB overall head size, specs and soles are nearly the same as MB, making them easily workable. The 620 MB's (7-PW) are simple, traditional MB blades. When compared to Titleist 718 & 716 MB's, 620 MB's IMO are somewhat less forgiving. I suspect that has to do with COG placement and the progressive heal to toe length from short head PW to longest head 3 iron. Fortunately, what limited forgiveness found in the long-irons is plenty for me. This set of irons is as near perfect as a set can be for my game. Yes, they are beautiful to look at, but they are really exciting to hit.

    During my one round of golf I was able to experience a number of different shot trajectories. But the one that sticks in my mind is after an errant right tee shot on the edge of the fairway I had 210yd uphill shot between two trees that required a low trajectory that climbed and then landed short of the green, got up and down to save par. It was so pretty my friends were as excited and asked what iron I hit. I can't wait to play again.

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  • juststevejuststeve  4947WRX Points: 396Members Posts: 4,947
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    Just a note to say that even on Tour most of the blade players have something more forgiving at the top of the set.


  • GolfMinimalistGolfMinimalist  86WRX Points: 28Members Posts: 86
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    I like the split set idea. I play a bigger 4I and sometimes a small cavity 5 and 6 if I feel the need.

  • Ri_RedneckRi_Redneck Leather for Life!!  5623WRX Points: 281Members Posts: 5,623
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    Personally, I like very little offset and a not overly large head. If I come across a cavity with those characteristics, I have no problem playing it. I really liked the old Snake Eyes TC01 back in the day and still have them. Bridgestone, Mizuno and some others have made cavity heads that I like. I don't really care if the head is a blade or cavity to be honest.


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    I think its because we know subconsciously that a blade is what a iron should look like and were alsk told so. Then you hand some of us what we need to play well and its big with too much offset. You think ok well ill just give a blade a whack. When you see the difference you say ok well thats just not forgiving enough. Good news is game improvment irons are getting nicer and smaller but best of all forgiving enough to play and be happy with the looks we want. Most pga players arent playing straight blades anymore why should we less golfers? Give me a shovel... jk.

  • KgglonghornKgglonghorn  111WRX Points: 31ClubWRX Posts: 111
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    blades are the supermodels of golf clubs. They are beautiful, **** and feel oh so good. There is no substitute.

  • collje26collje26  638WRX Points: 90Members Posts: 638
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    Honestly OP check out TXG’s video on cavity backs vs blades. Depending on your home course and how often you hit your long irons I’d say bag all the blades, it’s not that much of a difference and I actually feel like I center blades more so than any other club.

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    I just threw in am order for a new set of sticks. Mp 20’s. I went to the hmb 7 on down, which is a lot sooner than I used to. If I ordered these a year ago, maybe would hbe went hmb 5iron and down, but I just feel that extra help leads me to put a nice smooth swing on the ball. 8&9 iron I’m in the mmc.

  • mahoniemahonie England 2683WRX Points: 372Members Posts: 2,683
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    Played one of the original blended sets, Wilson Staff Progressives, for 12 years. 2-7 iron players CB, 8-SW blade...great clubs. After a break and a lot of new technology on the market, I played around with a couple of sets of players CBs but my scores were a couple of shots worse. On a whim I went full MB with MP4s and scores improved immediately. I don’t find much of a drop off in the longer irons tbh and just feel so much more confident with my 4-iron in my hand than a hybrid.

    Give it a go and I’m guessing you won’t find much difference at all.

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  • billybaroobillybaroo Cold and snowy Massachusetts 1232WRX Points: 138Members Posts: 1,232
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    Because they perform better in nearly every measurable way than an econobox, blades do not have that proven benefit. They are a choice based on preference, but not based in performance.

  • bvanlieubvanlieu  51WRX Points: 24Members Posts: 51
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    OP, to me its about your goal: lowest score, or having fun score being secondary.

    I blended my 5/6 this year and the few times per round I need them on my home course they perform. I still hit my stock 5/6 at range at times, but the forgiveness is what I want when scoring. They are P790s and a bit clicky but when I meh the strike and go to the green and see its on the fringe vs. 5-7y short, I simply say 'I love my technology'.

    Sports car analogy applies. To get to my job its 50mi drive. The most efficient way to go is my diesel highway bomber. However a few times per year a back road WOT, 18 mpg Cayman journey is therapy.

    That's how I feel about blades.

    • b
  • MelloYelloMelloYello Upstate, SC 3668WRX Points: 903Members Posts: 3,668
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    Golf doesn't test long-iron play very much relative to other things so I think the impact of one type versus another is fairly inconsequential.

    If your entire golf game hinged on how well you hit a 4-iron I'd say it was probably just better to master a hybrid and be done with it. Heck, a person only need watch 1 round of LPGA coverage to see that user-friendly equipment is NOT a hindrance. Those ladies use lofted fairways, hybrid and cavities of all sorts and are way better than scratch. As others have said, it's way more important that a handicap golfer put the ball in play off the tee and be able to chip and putt well.

    That said, I favor full sets. I never liked the idea of splitting up two sets and combining them. I've tried it but ultimately it seems obsessive because of what I said above. It kind of signals maybe you're worried too much above equipment and not enough about other more important things. The consistency in balance and feel that comes with a full set of matching clubs seems like it ought to be the #1 thing anyhow.

    As far as why blades are so alluring, c'mon. They look cool and they're a status symbol. If they were ugly as sin, the feel would quickly be forgotten. I've hit blades that don't even feel particularly great (i.e. Titleist's stuff). Yet many consumers are dying to go out and get those. It's proven. If you make something that looks incredible, people will find a reason to buy it. You see it in every hobby.

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    I’ve just helped my dad rework his bag a bit because he struggles to get height. He’s 62 but you’d never know it - looks better than most guys in their 40s. He’s quite powerful but his swing needs a lot of work. I got a 7 wood and a 4 hybrid in the bag for him and he can break 90 from the tips at most muni courses we play. His game from 180-220 has improved massively since dropping the 4 iron. His driving is his weakness (big out to in swing so either massive slice or big pull) so having long clubs that are effective is a massive help.

    He is going to play my z785 from 5-PW and I guarantee there will be no difference in score between those and his current AP1. We were playing a tough par 3 the other day which is 195 over water from the tips. After we hit our shots (me 5i him 4hyb) we walk forward to the whites and I hand him my 6i with X100. He hits his best iron shot of the day to the middle of the green from 155 and it stops quick. When I’ve had blades in the bag he’s done the same thing. He can hit them fine. Could he hit my MP20 4 iron effectively? I’d say no. Combo sets are the way forward. MC has access to just about every Titleist staffer and he says it is extraordinarily rare to see a full set in someone’s bag - they’re all doing a combo.

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