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Anyone hitting it 300yd+ using a stiff shaft?

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Weird question I know!! I’ve been getting up to the tee lately and haven’t the slightest clue where my next drive is going. I have always played an X flex with a nice tight draw but this year I seem to be hanging shots to the right(probably my hands or my swing I currently play an F9 with the Atmos in X, it hits bombs but they are useless unless I can control them. I’m normally around 3 Bills off the tee, any chance a Stiff flex would help? My town has zero options for fitting so I come to you guys for help!!! Thanks.



  • animalgolfsanimalgolfs Members  2157WRX Points: 172Handicap: 2.3Posts: 2,157 Platinum Tees
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    No, but I hit my X-flex 220yds right down the middle

    I might carry 2 bills if I catch it just right

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    I can hit a stiff shaft 300 yards and have done so before... I’ve also hit extra stiff shafts that I couldn’t load... I’d worry less about the letter on the shaft and more about the performance on the course.

    you can’t get fit, so what shafts have you tried and liked? Do you have any options to try different things? Any idea what sort of profile you like?

    whats the best feeling shaft you’ve ever hit?

    personally, I’ve always gotten along with aldila shafts... They tend to load well for me.

    plenty of good cheap shafts on eBay and here... I’d suggest tinkering with weight as well. I hit heavier shafts significantly better.


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    Consider a heavier weight if you are having control issues. Stiffer and heavier usually help with control.

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    All else being equal, and assuming a sound swing with some proper technique... a staff that is too stiff should result in a miss to the right (fade or slice), and a staff that is not stiff enough should result in a miss left (draw or hook). Of course, its not that simple - different shaft profiles can match different swing profiles, so if the Atmos is a new shaft it may just not be a fit for your swing. Or as @Jc0 says, the shaft may be too light for you.

    But if you were already playing this shaft, and drawing ball, then I suspect technique or setup is to blame. Of course, without video its hard to determine further than that. And the typical response in these forums (get a lesson or get fit) does apply.

    But to answer your question directly, yes you can hit 300+ yard drives with a stiff shaft. I have 2 different drivers I rotate between (Titleist TS4 9.5 with Hzrdus Smoke Black 60, and Titleist 917D2 10.5 with Aldila Tour Green 65). Both are stiff shafts. I used both on Sunday (the TS4 fades and the 917D2 draws), and went over 300 with each during the round.

    But they fit my swing, transition, release etc. The answer for you may not be as simple as "switch from x flex to stiff" - I really think the concept of shaft profile fitting with swing profile is applicable here.


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    Yes i have hit it into a reputable trackman or other LM multiple times 300+ using a stiff shaft.

    That being said, it is usually an 80G shaft.

    If i wanted to use a 60G shaft i would play X

    My SS is probably around 112 ~ right now

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    never thought of this. is there an inherent hindrance in swing speed vs shaft flex?

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    300 is my absolute limit when it's hot, I hit it perfect and get some good roll. I've hit one pin high on a 296 yard par 4 a few weeks ago and hit one into bunker that was GPS'd at 292 just a couple days ago. Playing a 2016 Cobra Biocell with the stock stiff shaft (Project X 6.0).

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    Not me, but one of the guys in our regular foursome has an incredibly smooth swing and is about 310-330 with a stock stiff hzrdus smoke black TS3

  • ebiblerebibler Members  491WRX Points: 78Posts: 491 Greens
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    I’m sure it’s my swing but I want to tinker to find something that will find some fairways!! I think I swing too hard for Stiff but I did like the comment of Shafts that load different. I really have no clue by judging my swing but maybe a few lower price shafts are in my future. How about the SZ Extreme, could help me out as I see it’s a bit more forgiving!!

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  • Rob G 89Rob G 89 Members  876WRX Points: 87Posts: 876 Golden Tee
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    Yes but I play at altitude and much stronger than Bryson.

  • mxskiermxskier DenverMembers  622WRX Points: 119Posts: 622 Golden Tee
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    Yes. My sea level numbers are about 275-280 carry when hit well. Ping stiff. Though going for a fit in a few weeks.

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    I'm not sure how good torque is to use as a purchase point, but any torque 2.7 to 3.1 is usable in a driver for me. Whether it is stiff or x-stiff doesn't matter to me if the torque is inside those numbers. Generally, the heavier shafts have lower torque.

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  • Leftlove94Leftlove94 Members  76WRX Points: 29Posts: 76 Fairways
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    If I get into one I can hit it 300+. Not as frequently as I used too which is why I’m hitting a Stiff shaft now. Had one drive last week at 305 but it was a touch downhill. Average drive was about 275-280 w/ 5 yards of fade. A draw adds 5-10 for me.

  • Jimjam651Jimjam651 Members  184WRX Points: 130Posts: 184 Fairways
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    I currently play a Speeder Motore 7.1 in stiff, swing speed is measured at 117 mph (gc quad). I like the feel of this shaft but am prone to left and right misses

    I got fit in to a Taylormade Sim Proforce V2 x stiff shaft, I'm not much of a shaft geek, the ball flight certainly seemed more stable & the left / right misses were reduced.

    I'm picking it up tonight so I'll get it on the course this week to test it & compare with the old driver


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    Maybe the summer of 1981.

  • AngryGilmoreAngryGilmore Members  43WRX Points: 39Posts: 43 Bunkers
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    This is Golfwrx. EVERYONE here hits it 350 dead straight with a rifle stiff shaft.

  • net_worthnet_worth Members  68WRX Points: 36Posts: 68 Bunkers
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    Yes, regularly. This is according to Arccos though, not Trackman. Cobra Fly-Z with some stock stiff shaft

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    I'm in the same boat as you. Had a 2016 430 m1 with axivcore green x that I could carry 295+ easy but my dispersion was trash.

    Bought a g400 with tensei blue and it has been a life saver. 280ish carry but my dispersion is wayyyyyyyy better. I can miss the ball on the toe or heel and the ball still finds the fairway. Brutal miss hits with the 430 m2

    It's hard to score when you're in the trees. Ask me how I know lol


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    You mention hitting a baby draw. Was that WITH the F9 last year ?

    I got decent distance with the F9 but played the Army way (left, right, left, right). Little control with it and certainly not my attempted baby draw.

    So if you hit it the way you wanted to last year, you need to figure out what's changed. Surely something small. Maybe your grip has gotten a bit weak ? A stiffer and/or heavier head I would think might tend to straighten the ball out, not help turn it over. But then everybody's different.

    Anywho, I have tried the SZ Extreme and it is definitely more forgiving and easier for me to control than the F9 was. And not a whole lot higher spin rate than the "regular" SZ. Still not quite directionally great (for me) but definitely better. FWIW I believe Rickie is using the Extreme, not the "regular" SZ.

    I tried all of the drivers last year and the Epic Flash Sub Zero and the Honma that Rose was using were the "finalists". I chose the EFSZ with a Hzrdus Yellow as it was a bit more consistent for me. Great flight, baby draw and very consistent. And surprisingly I find it a very forgiving head as well.

    Good luck.


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  • PowderedToastManPowderedToastMan Members  4372WRX Points: 1,637Posts: 4,372 Titanium Tees
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    Is it because you are a tree and have seen first hand many shots?

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  • double_ddouble_d Members  459WRX Points: 175Posts: 459 Greens
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    There are people who can hit it 300 yards with a whippy tempomaster.

    Shaft flex can be important but, it can also be overrated,

    It really depends on the individual, their transition, and how they load the shaft.

  • Hougz79Hougz79 Members  480WRX Points: 144Posts: 480 Greens
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    I've gamed S Flex shafts in the past with good results. As others mentioned, it really comes down to the shaft. Stout Aldila and Fuji tend to work in S for me. PX Evenflow White in 6.0 has also worked. Currently game Tour AD-IZ 7X or Tour AD-TP 7X. My SS hovers in the 110-113 range. I was having control issues earlier in the year, but it turned out to be an address / alignment issue that ever so slowly crept into my swing. I since corrected it and back to high baby draws. I think Atmos generally play pretty true to flex. Is is a Blue or Black? What's the weight? I gamed a G400 with an Atmos 6X Blue a couple years ago and it was very similar in performance to other mid launch /low-mid spin shafts I've played in the past. It's a stable and tight shaft IMO.

    I know it's not the WRX answer, but maybe try to get a lesson or a tune up. Swing errors can slowly creep in. If you used to hit it fine, it's probably more on you than the shaft.

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  • JtgaviganJtgavigan Members  27WRX Points: 51Handicap: 0-5Posts: 27 Bunkers
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    I would go for a fitting. I have been in that 280+ range with numerous 300+ drives in a round for a long time. When I started playing with equipment years ago, I was fortunate that I won a set of TT/Grafalloy shafts in a silent auction. I could pick 14 of whatever I wanted. This was probably 05 or 06 and I played around with PL Red, PL Blue, Blue, that Blue one they came out with that had some kind of nanotubes or something in it. I got some X and some S. I had always hit S in the past. I found that X flex, low launch, low torque, tip stiff shafts are my things. I tend to get too aggressive and quick with my tempo and these seem to help. I am 49 now and experimented with an S flex PL Red earlier this year and hated it. Too spinny and didn't like how it loaded.

    I am sure in the next few years I may have to change that, but X flex still keeps me in play and I am still getting it out there. Has been a while since my SS was checked, but I would guess between 105 and 110 most of the time with the driver. I am sure I have lost a few.

    As others have said, it really depends on how you load the shaft and what feel you like. If you can do a driver fitting somewhere and hit a bunch of shafts, I bet you will dial in to a certain type of shaft that fits. I am playing an Xcalibur TS6+ TS at 44" right now on a Maltby STW 10 degree head that I added several pieces of lead tape too. So, I am sure this plays slightly more flexible than if at 45" with no lead tape. It works for me and the launch looks great. You have to experiment to find what works.

  • Ri_RedneckRi_Redneck Leather for Life!! Members  5925WRX Points: 458Handicap: 8Posts: 5,925 Titanium Tees
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    Lots of great answers already. Not a weird question at all. At your CHS, you will need a shaft that performs AND feels right. The rule of thumb has always been to play the most flexible shaft you feel you can control. I no longer swing that fast, but did only a decade or so ago. I personally like shafts with a mid to high bend point, but frequency around 265-270 and a torque rating less than 3*. One of my all time favorite shafts is the Proforce V2 75 in S. The new one is just as good as the old one IMHO. I have one in my LTD Pro and was flying the end of the range (265y) here in Boston last week. Nice tight shaft that will take anything you throw at it. Best thing is, they can be had brand spankin' new for a fraction of what most other shafts go for today.



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  • LaymanMLaymanM Cincinnati, OHMembers  2246WRX Points: 322Handicap: 7Posts: 2,246 Platinum Tees
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    I’ve hit it 329 yards with regular flex. Courtesy of a hill. Most are 283-287 yards on gps. I’m 564’ over sea level here in Ohio.

    Regardless, flex is meaningless. Weight, bend profile and kick point are what matter. Flex has very little affect on performance on a robot. Flex can change your feel which can affect how you swing the club though

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    It's all about swing mechanics and technology. Mind you, I am way north of 60yrs old and still hitting biggies now-and-again, thanks to Ventus Red 5 (59g) stiff mid-high bend shaft and ProV1 ball technology.

    A few weeks back I hit a Biggy from an elevated long Par 4 tee that reached nearly 300yds. I actually out drove my 50 something buddy who hits it good. I wasn't doing that or even averaging 250+ with my prior HZRDUS 6.0 shaft. The more I hit it the more I am seeing surprising results. At first I wrote declining distance off to my age, but then decided to cough up the $$$ for Ventus in driver and went with an ultra-lite profile and stiff handle for the first time. Sure glad I did. Turns out some shaft technologies make an amazing difference while others are just there. Even my not so good drivers are as long as with my prior shaft.

    If you have no idea where the ball is going, sounds like swing mechanics are a bit wonky and or "X" and or heavier weight shaft may have become problematic. I don't believe X is the problem as much as maybe the shaft weight combined with X profile. Try a lighter mid 60s weight shaft in X.

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    One of my playing partners hits a 910 d3 with the stock made for 72s ahina. Plays to a 3 handicap Doesn't care about shaft flexes or weight, just kills it. 174mph ballspeed with this thing. Also still plays a vsteel spoon with an 75g nv, no problem carrying the spoon 265. Going on ten years with that driver and 22years with the spoon.

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  • clinkinfoclinkinfo Members  884WRX Points: 208Posts: 884 Golden Tee
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    Yeah, some x flex are soft, some s are stiff, profiles can be very different feeling. You can hit and control an R if it works for your tempo and swing.


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