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Share your stories of the nicest or most memorable prize you've won at a golf course (or just golf related), whether that be from a raffle, hole in one, winning a tournament, silent auction, etc...

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    Biggest was $5,000 check. Most memorable was 4 clubhouse badges to The Players when I was 11. My family never would have been able to afford something like that at that time.
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    About 20 years I played in a net tournament that was run by a big oil company. Borrowed clubs, played lights out and shot a net 61 to beat a field of over 150 players. At the awards dinner, I'm preparing to pick up a huge gift certificate, set of clubs or something of true value. The first place prize was the ugliest golf clock you could possibly imagine with a value of about $7.00.<br />
    <br />
    Still have that and now it's a treasure.
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    Most memorable...about 10 years ago I won one of these in a charity scramble for closest to the pin. A M&M dispenser. One of the tournament sponsors was the Mars Corp., so a lot of swag was given out. Normally I would not complain when it's a tournament for charity, but they had a second closest to the pin contest on another hole as well, and the prize for that was a 5-pack of free rounds at the course the tournament was at. So it was not quite fair IMO. Actual photo not available as I threw it in the trash when I got home.
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    Won a $500 Aimpoint Pro Rifle red dot optic for my M4 from a golf tournament put on by the SWAT team.
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    About 20 years ago, at my company's outing, I won a small TV (kitchen counter size) in the after round raffle and gave it to my "would have been" mother-in-law.
  • marmooskapaulmarmooskapaul Members  1455WRX Points: 230Posts: 1,455 Platinum Tees
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    A basketball signed by one of the Pacers.....but I can't for the life of me remember who it was...lol. ..traded it for an MP3 player...suckerrrr!!..me that is.<br />
    <br />
    Edit: I actually won a nice Nike stand bag and at our Indiana WRX outing won a mini driver built to my specs by Tom Wishom...so I got that going for me.
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  • sheldonjhackersheldonjhacker Members  3800WRX Points: 203Posts: 3,800 Titanium Tees
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    A huge engraved crystal bowl for winning a member-member tournament. <img src='http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blind.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':blind:' />
  • PaullyPaully Members  876WRX Points: 88Posts: 876 Golden Tee
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    $100 raffle ticket. Won a trip for 2 for 3 nights at Spanish Bay with a round at Pebble, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay. Also came with a $500 gift card each to the shops at Pebble!
  • MadGolfer76MadGolfer76 MaineMembers  20334WRX Points: 903Posts: 20,334 Titanium Tees
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    Bragging rights.<br />
    <br />
    Put a price on that...

  • RayGormanRayGorman Members  174WRX Points: 74Handicap: 13Posts: 174 Fairways
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    At the end of what was then known as "The Pub Classic" on Long Island (mostly restaurant and bar staff), I had about $7 in my pocket. Walking into the dinner they had a $5 raffle.. <shrug> "what the heck" and bought a ticket. Wasn't even first prize, but I won a set of original first year Hogan Edge's (1984/85 or so?). 3-SW full set. I got home and noticed there were 2 6 Irons and no 7I, I called the pro shop and arranged to exchange the following week or two. I showed up and made the switch (matching serial#) then fell in love with the 2 Iron, so I dropped coin to grab one... Played those for 10-12 years until they were stolen out of the car...
  • MoonlightgrmMoonlightgrm MassachusettsMembers  1010WRX Points: 179Handicap: 2 (index = 2.3)Posts: 1,010 Platinum Tees
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    About 30-years ago, I won a set of Wilson irons that I gave to my nephew. He was 12-years old at the time and was overjoyed with the clubs.
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  • JDW3JDW3 Members  650WRX Points: 106Handicap: 4.5Posts: 650 Golden Tee
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    I won a voice caddie SC200 in a US Open pool thanks to JT.
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    Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 16
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    About 12 years or so I won the following here on the board in a "design a driver" contest.<br />
    Brand new Callaway Razor fit Driver with a Graphite Design DI-6 shaft in it.<br />
    Callaway Staff bag<br />
    Callaway hat signed by Tommy 2-gloves.

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    PUTTER -   PXG Gunboat H 
    BAG -         PXG Staff Bag
    BALLS -     Snell MTB Black / Pro V1

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    Worked a job last summer at a steel company as a summer intern. The CEO and CFO heard that I was a pretty good golfer, and invited me to play in a few events. During one event, I took home the individual long drive prize, the individual closest to the pin prize, and our team won the overall prize. It amounted to about $500 in gift cards on top of the money I was paid for a full day of “working”. <br />
    <br />
    That was a good job.
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    This little plastic trophy is one of two given to the winning team in our course's first member-member tourney in 2011. I have one, my oldest daughter has its twin! After I hit OB off the tee on 18, she had to par the 18th on her own with a bunch of folks watching to seal the victory. Will always be the nicest prize.
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    In 1988 my dad got a Hole in one in a charity golf event and won a Red BMW 325I Convertible. I was six years old at the time and still remember sitting at the dinner table when my dad called and my mom saying "Call me when you are sober, you are drunk". He said it was a horrible shot and he walked away after he hit only for his buddies to see it and start screaming.
  • elwhippyelwhippy Members  3468WRX Points: 356Posts: 3,468 Titanium Tees
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    A new bag, which was perfectly timed as my old one was falling apart. Non Golf related...a bottle of 12 year old Bowmore Malt.
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    20 lap dances in Vegas....but then again it was a charity event for retired strippers.
  • Steele47Steele47 Members  1833WRX Points: 988Posts: 1,833 Platinum Tees
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    2 large ceramic lamps.
  • Zz24hoursZz24hours Members  117WRX Points: 75Handicap: 10.1Posts: 117 Fairways
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    A bagcart, recently - that was nice<br />
    <br />
    A paid round of scotch for the tournament when I made an ace was great too 😋
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  • nowitski41nowitski41 Members  357WRX Points: 0Handicap: 7.8Posts: 357
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    An amazon Alexa after the round during the raffle at an orthodontist scramble.
  • FourTopsFourTops Banned  1676WRX Points: 13Handicap: 5.7Posts: 1,676 Platinum Tees
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    nowitski41 wrote:
    <br />
    An amazon Alexa after the round during the raffle at an orthodontist scramble.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Take Alexa with you on the course..."Alexa, what club should I hit?".
  • lchanglchang Members  769WRX Points: 191Handicap: 11Posts: 769 Golden Tee
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    These. But without the whiskey in them. :-)<br />
    <br />
  • GreenieGreenie Members  3540WRX Points: 162Handicap: 13.7Posts: 3,540 Titanium Tees
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    I won a Sun Mountain Four5 bag for closest to the pin at a scramble. Closest to the pin got you a $50 gift card from Golfsmith. Inside a 12" circle around the hole got you the golfbag. The only problem was the the bag was in baby blue and white North Carolina college colors. I mentioned to the sponsor of the hole they needed Maryland colors instead of that baby blue and they were nice enough to let me order one through Golfsmith of my color with free shipping. It came UPS and I believe the driver ran over it LOL because the bag was smashed. After the return I finally got my prize in the color I wanted.
  • tocinotocino Members  2388WRX Points: 150Posts: 2,388 Platinum Tees
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    I won an odessey putter and a sleeve of Prov1s for a closest to the pin hole at a work scramble event. I think I ended up flipping it for $70 on the BST. I still have the sleeve. I don’t plan on ever using them
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  • mcputtermcputter Members  1048WRX Points: 229Handicap: 0.9Posts: 1,048 Platinum Tees
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    Won a replica Colt 45 six-shooter as the trophy for winning a tournament in Prescott, Arizona. It came with lead balls which are powered by small blasting caps and actually shoots. My buddy who won one another year has shot his, but I never have.
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    Vokey SM6 Black 54 S-Grind Steelfiber i110 CW
    Vokey Oil Can 58 V-Grind Kuro Kage TiNi 105
    Scotty Cameron Pro Plat Newport Mil Spec

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    This year I was playing in a charity event and made an eagle. Won one of three skins for $800. By far the most I have ever won in an event.
  • flip flappyflip flappy Members  1017WRX Points: 195Posts: 1,017 Platinum Tees
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    I played in a charity scramble a few years ago and bought a $10 raffle ticket. I won a 60" TV. It was right before my wife's birthday. I came in the house with the TV and told her I stopped on the way home and bought it for her birthday. She responded with, "You're too cheap to buy me a present like that, you had to have won it!" What can I say, my wife knows me pretty well.<br />
    <br />
    A friend of mine, who is a pastor, won a car on a hole in one prize. He sold it and gave all the money to his church to go towards a family life center they were building. I hear the story on a weekly basis and it never gets old hearing it.
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  • golfgirlrobingolfgirlrobin Northern CaliforniaMembers  2386WRX Points: 427Handicap: 2.0Posts: 2,386 Platinum Tees
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    In a closest to the pin competition, I won a football signed by the entire team of the 1988-89 Super Bowl champion SF 49ers. Gave it to my Dad who’d been a fan since the 1940’s and immediately gained Favored Child status.
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