What are best wedges out there?



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    I've got two sets of sm6, a set of md forged, and a set of Cobra king Pur. I just traded a set of T7, they felt clicky to me for being forged. The Cobras are my favorite right now. I've got the versatile grind in 52,56,60 and also a 60 wide-low. Distance control is perfect, they're soft feeling and they spin like crazy.
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    Lefty431 wrote:

    mahonie wrote:

    Wilson Staff PMPs are doing it for me...real spin machines and a lovely feel.

    I agree, not enough love for the pmp’s! Just put a 56 and 60 in my bag and pulled my sm6’s! The pmp tour grind is awesome, and they feel good as well! Totally under rated!

    Totally agree with both posts! Totally underrated and definitely will spin!! For the money, hard to beat, and I’ve got an extra bag full of nothing but wedges in the garage with all sorts of brands! Are the W/S the best, not in eyes round here I’m sure, and really there’s no “best” one brand for all. Good luck in your search.
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    dmeeksDC wrote:

    Miura Black series wedges are excellent.

    Yes. In my bag.
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    The ones I find easiest to hit are Cleveland CBX, Ping Glide 2.0 and Mizuno
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    I was between the Callaway 4s and Glide 2.0 stealth. Liked the head shape of the Callaway the most, but could not get the bounce/ camber options ( for my taste). Went with Ping because I could have them do the grind work. Best choice ever,
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    DavePelz4 wrote:

    Brand new ones with sharp grooves.

    Totally agree. If you have sound technique any wedge will do (even if they're generic clones), as long as they have deep and sharp grooves for maximum spin.
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    For the money - I would vote for whatever least years Cleveland wedges are at the time you're ready to purchase. Always last years wedges for my $$.

    Wedges are a preference thing - none of them move the needle too much in performance other than tailored grinds, etc. I'm willing to wager that if you have a "favorite grind" or have preference on such things - then you're likely not going to start a thread about "best wedges". image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Save the coin and buy last years. Purchase new wedges every season or two. The best wedges are the ones with sharp grooves.
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    I would say for me wedges are mostly about shape. I find that is what inspires confidence in me. I love the SM7's. The grinds, shape, and grooves work great for me.

    I have also considered Cleveland wedges for similar reasons. The RTX 3's have been around for a while and are still getting praise.

    I would also give the Mizuno T7's a try. Best feeling wedges ive used and had great spin. The shape is a little more compact but they come in more lofts than most manufacturers.
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    The Nike Engage wedges with the Toe Sweep grind are the best wedges I've tried. Really versatile and can be bought really cheap now. The raw finish looks great too.
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    pkn17003 wrote:

    The Nike Engage wedges with the Toe Sweep grind are the best wedges I've tried. Really versatile and can be bought really cheap now. The raw finish looks great too.

    I switched to the Ping Glide 2.0 stealth wedges just recently but I'm debating on going back to my engage wedges that I'm glad I didn't sell. There is something about them that keeps me coming back to them, like you said the versatility is great on the toe sweep.
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    I don't necessarily have a brand preference, I just like what I play. I will say that it would be hard to change my GW from my CBX. My sand wedge is fairly expendable 54* SM5 M Grind, I can manipulate the face very well (hence the M), but if another company offered a similar grind in that loft and bounce I probably wouldn't be able to notice much. I really really like my 58* RTX-3 because not only is it butter soft and I play it well but also because I got it for free from Golf Galaxy after a Top Flite Tour wedge my girlfriend bought me for my birthday (laugh all you want, it was actually decent and had loads of spin) snapped after 3 rounds.
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    Happy with my Ping Gorge wedges. Not new but they work for me.
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    Scratch FTW. in extinction, tho.
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    I've always played some sort of Vokey wedge and made the switch to Nike. After trying a bunch of wedges, I'm now gaming SM6s. The SM7 felt and looked the same too me and new SM6s are $50.00 less so it was a no brainer. A lot it is just preference as well. 10 years ago, Cleveland were the wedges to have and there are still many people who swear by them. The consensus "best" wedge seems to be the Callaway Mack Daddy Forged. But there are plenty of great wedges out there that not many people know about. Fourteen makes some great wedges, but are geared more towards the better players. Scratch wedges are really nice. Since I'm playing mostly TM clubs now, I wanted to switch to the Milled Grind, but they felt super hard when hitting them and my spin numbers weren't all that high. My buddy plays a set of Nakashima Ninja wedges (just love the name) and those things feels incredible. I really wanted a set, but I didn't feel like driving to an hour and half to get fitted for them.
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    PM grind has been the best for me. Extremely versatile. I use a 60 and a 56 bent to 53. Love them image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    Agree with above posters- anything with new grooves. I've had Clevelands, Nike, Vokeys; they're all good. The wedges I've used have been far more limited by being in my hands then vice versa, and I have a pretty decent short game.
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    One thing he’d never considered was when he got his mp15s, they go about 1 club length further than Jack’s previous irons. Fortunately they matched up well with the t7 wedges he’d bought previous to the mp15s. It was just dumb luck on JP’s part tho...not all same loft wedges go the same distances...
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    I have one set of Scratch wedges left, and two sets of VIP forged. Not sure what I'll do when these wear out.
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    The ones that drop it in the hole and make putting a thing of the past.
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    Since I picked up my set of mizunos. Mpt11s I dont think I'll ever play anything but mizuno wedges. I have only ever played these and an old set of Adam's Tom Watson wedges. But the t11s are super nice. I cant imagine what the newest ones play like.
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    Hogan TK wedges here - having great relationship with them. If the Equalizers live up to the TKs - they will be great too.
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    Full line, I don't think the old Cleveland RTX 2.0 line can be beaten... the RTX3 line is probably just slightly better but without a wide sole low bounce option, it's not a full line as far as I'm concerned. Same is true for Vokey... as many options as they offer, you shouldn't have to go WedgeWorks for a low-bounce K-Grind.
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    Here is the reason why

    You learn one grind and you know it will be around in years to come. I have been playing the same grinds in my wedges for 8 years and i gives me a tremendous amount of confidence knowing that when grabbing it. It will preform exactly like it expect it to.

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    Callaway MD Forged 50, 56.........................AMT TI S400
    TI Taylormade Hi Toe 60.09..........................AMT TI S400
    Scotty Cameron 5.5M...................................Grip Master
    I would have to say that the best wedges on the market today are... the ones that make you deadly inside 100 yards lol. Im sorry I just had to say that, its all a matter of personal preference.
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    I usually play whatever I could find new at a decent price. Right now I have a rotex 2.0, vokey sm6, and md forged all ended up in black. I have always liked Cleveland and Vokeys equally, but that Callaway is no slouch either.
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    Regarding wedges and spin, Tom Wishon had this to say:

    "So the bottom line is that the grooves can add a very small amount of spin to the shot, but by far the vast majority of spin comes from the other elements not related to the grooves - clubhead speed, loft, face roughness, angle of attack, balltype, point of impact."

    By face roughness he means the area between the grooves. If it is smooth, less spin, if it is roughed up either by the manufacturer or with sand blasting you will get more spin.
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    I buy them every year.

    I can game any named wedge on the market.

    So, cheaper is better to me.

    That is why I bought pmp this time.

    New condition less than 50 buck. Hard to beat.

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    Taylormade  P790 4-G Irons w/KBS tour S+
    Mizuno        T7 56/10 Wedge w/KBS tour S+
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    It's just impossible to tell what the best wedges are.

    I'm used to ping tour-s, but recently restored a set o 588 I used in the past...everyone would say 588s perform better, but I'm used to the look of pings and find the 588s worse..

    remember when I first picked up the pings, it took a couple of months to get used to...

    definitely, practice and confidence are the best wedges!
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    WooPig wrote:

    Loving my Mizuno T7's, but I'm the only one I know playing them for some reason...

    You're not the only one.

    I have 8 - T7 wedges, they are fantastic. I think the replacement is about to drop.
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